VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Monster from the Inferno, Werewolf, The Day the World Ended, Night of Terror

Chase - Posted on 19 September 2009



Writer-Rik Vollaerts

Dir-Harry Harris

Music-Leith Stevens



Seaview, trying to discover the source of a 1000 mile communication block out, is in the ocean near it--human brain waves are coming into the readings as well as radiation lights. In the water, Dr. Lindsay finds a stone resembling the human brain in two sections but one. He uses a laser beam on it but an electric jolt from it hits him and sends him drifting to the bottom. The jolt also shakes Seaview wildly (and in a rare shot we see the ship shaking from the control room into the nose--viewing the windows as the room rocks).


Act One

Ski and Crane swim to Lindsay as the thing revives him with more electric; it also shocks Crane away from it. Chip tells Nelson the reactor is going wild. The divers return--the bubble in the tube on the hatch showing that the water is clear of the tube entry. Lindsay declares the rock is alive--he didn't know. Crane wants to just destroy it but Nelson wants to control it with drugs (!)--nice guys, these two! Lee doesn't want it on board. The Doc (Richard Bull's doctor) looks at Lindsay. A light hits the scientist and a voice enters his mind--the voice of Dick Tufeld. At first it is cold and harsh but after awhile, the matching up of the brain voice to the Robot on LOST IN SPACE is too would have been much better if an unfamiliar voice did this. It wants Seaview as its body to hold its pure intelligence...which is what it claims to be. Nelson tells Crane perhaps the creature is from a separate Earth evolutionary line or maybe from another world. He also wonders if there are more of them out there. Lindsay comes to the control room in his robe and suggests they use a magnetic force shield to control the brain. Outside again, Ski throws a net over it as they use the shielding. It is brought to the lab. Lindsay if they cut the shield, the power increases and the brain grows. Nelson wants it grounded at 8527 volts. The thing blasts Nelson and attacks the two men! Nelson increases the shield, calling the brain a creature--to which Lindsay objects--it is an intelligent being. It makes Lindsay turn the magnetic shielding force down and wants more--others like him will come about and man will live only to serve them it says, calling it and its kind, "us."  The Seaview crew will be its first slaves.


Act Two

Nelson tells Crane that Lindsay has lost his scientific detachment; Crane agrees he's changed. Nelson wants divers--photographic and chemical experts to probe the area--the water, the rocks, and to find anything they can, including a vehicle if one exists. They hear a strange sound in the Control Room. Nelson thinks it is a telepathic thought probe from the creature, "It could be the most important as well as the most dangerous thing on Earth."  The brain wakes Lindsay up to begin draining the computer banks of all its knowledge. His energy probe will make Lindsay able to contact the Seaview computer. He goes to the Circuitry Room-2nd Deck-Aft Section and with a wave of his hand, the computer sparks and goes out. It has now made Seaview its body. Lindsay pushes a checking Chip into a forward computer and shocks him down. Nelson and Sharkey race to the room and find Chip hurt, sending him to Sickbay. Light probes hit Nelson. Lindsay asks the brain to free him. The brain has learned of the sub's titanium hull but now it wants someone who knows how to use the sub for movement--Capt. Crane. It orders Lindsay to lure Crane to the lab and at first, Crane cannot hear it but after it zaps his neck, he falls and a light scans his face--then he can hear it. With the nuclear reactor used the correct way, the brain can have limitless power. The brains energy corona knocks Crane down again and taps the reactor. Seaview shakes violently. The being says, "All power will be mine!"


Act Three

Seaview tilts. The being stops it and orders Crane to get the sub underway in the morning. Morning-Chip and Nelson work on repairs when Crane voices he wants back to Santa Barbara--saying that because of that thing, "...a clear and present danger to Seaview and her crew exists in the area."  Chip and Nelson find that the coarse the thing made Crane set will take them to Australia--280 degrees. The energy build up doubles. Nelson in the lab wants to double the shielding; Lindsay protests but finally does it. Sharkey calls Nelson to the Reactor Room and when he leaves, Lindsay is forced by the thing to turn the shielding down. He tries to fight it, calling to it, "You're dangerous...evil."  It stops him from destroying it--his will to resist is taken and now it will make him destroy for it. The sub encounters a 15 percent power loss. We see a Recharge Loading Port in the Reactor Room. Nelson figures the power must be going somewhere. Crane tells Sharkey to build the power output--and that he wants to be notified before the Admiral if anything is found out about the area they are in. Pat and a crewman check the Circuitry Room (and this other extra actually talks a bit). Pat leaves. Someone in protective gear walks in and punches the man down, then pulls a main wire--the figure removes his head is Crane. Nelson wants a coarse change but there is no response to the helm, no plane control. They are at 100 feet, 280 degree coarse. Chip and Nelson in the nose talk. Nelson says, "I think Seaview has been taken over"  and "with help from Lindsay and Capt. Crane--they've been taken over too."

Nelson will try to short circuit the sabotage and orders all away from Port Side corridor B and the Lab. Nelson and Ski go to the Machine Shop on the second deck. The brain orders Lindsay to kill Nelson and if he cannot do it, then Crane is ordered to. Lindsay sneaks into the Machine Shop when Ski goes out. He begins to choke Nelson with a chain but Nelson fights him off. Lindsay then picks up a torch but Nelson breaks free again and hits him. He tells a crewman to lock Lindsay in his room and to use whatever means needed to do this. A light knocks the crewman down in the hallway and Lindsay escapes. Chip finds the computer working again. The brain sends Crane to kill Nelson and destroy the two counter probe devices Nelson has made. Crane closes the crash doors in the nose and orders them to put the devices down, holding a gun on them. Nelson fires his device at Crane as Ski jumps Crane and they fight. Nelson helps Ski but Crane comes round to himself again. The counter probe device will neutralize the thing. Seaview shakes (there's a surprise) and Nelson runs to the Lab and fires the probe at it but it blasts him out. Crane warns all hands to brace themselves as the sub is out of control. Nelson is shaken out of the Lab. Seaview heads at the bottom.


Act Four

Seaview heads into crush depth and the bottom. Nelson tells Sharkey to pull the reactor dampening rods. Sharkey tells him (amid great new action music here) that is like using gasoline to put out a fire! They pull the rods and it is too much energy for the beast. Seaview shakes badly again. The light shines into the control room and knocks the navigator and pilot out. Ski takes two men to go into the Lab which is shut--he has the other counter probe but as Seaview hits bottom nose first, all three fall and a water leak rushes out of a valve pipe. The door, Ski finds, is jammed shut. In the Reactor Room, Nelson warns Sharkey and two crewmen to get down as the brain's light attacks them all. Sharkey tosses the counter probe to Nelson and he uses it to rid them of the light. The brain, angry at Nelson's tenacity, blasts the intercom off. Nelson smiles to Sharkey, "We're getting to him."  Nelson figures they must cut their way into the Lab using a torch laser. The brain tells Lindsay, "We were created to rule. No creature in the universe has been able to stand against us. Even the galaxies bow to us."  Lindsay tries to open the door but the brain says, "Die!"  It blasts him into oblivion. Sharkey and Nelson break in and blast it. Nelson closes the shutters over the cell it is in and ejects it from the sub. Lee and Ski put the reactor rods back in as the reactor reaches critical mass zone--it could unchain at any minute!



Nelson tells them to push the reactor rods in, then hold the reactor button on full emergency power for 5 seconds (Ski calls this suicide). The first attempt doesn't work so Crane tries it again. The power falls to safety level and Seaview goes up 10 degrees and all ahead full as the brain blows up. Seaview shakes again!!! There are some leaks but afterward Chip informs them there is no sonar contact--the thing must have been blown completely apart. Nelson tells Crane, "Let's go home...we've had a busy day."



"This is Richard Basehart, stay tuned for scenes to our next episode."


Narrator voice: Next on VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, you are invited to a weird strange tropical island to witness a wild exciting story about the werewolf!"


Nelson: We don't know what we're dealing with...he seems to keep changing from human being to werewolf and back again!"



Narrator voice: Next week on VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, here on this channel.


NOTES: Didn't anybody seem to care about Lindsay? I felt kind of sorry for him. Of Rik's six scripts, the last three he wrote--INFERNO, DEADLY CLOUD, and SHADOWMAN are pretty dull, with the last two quite out of control and silly. This one could have been served better as a half hour episode--there seems to be much filler--and talk and talk about the same things--creature tells Lindsay its plans, Seaview power drains, Seaview hits bottom, shaking several times first, creature takes over Lindsay, then Crane, two attempts on Nelson's life, etc. Not up to almost any first season episode and not up to most of the second season as well. It is a much better drawn episode than CRADLE OF THE DEEP--which may have had a better script but wasn't as action filled as this. Both are about giant blob like things. Sharkey and Nelson, teamed in the past season, are teamed up much more this season---with this episode just being the beginning. More would follow. They made a good team and made some comical moments. Sharkey was always a bit comical but teamed with Nelson made the two almost a comedy team...quite welcome in this season and in this episode in particular. Good thing they didn't kill Sharkey off as planned in THE SKY'S ON FIRE. Their humor was not thought of fondly by Irwin Allen it is rumored; however it makes the worst episodes bearable (see THE FOSSIL MEN). The sound effects came from FANTASTIC VOYAGE and we also used in LOST IN SPACE quite often in many episodes as background sounds to the alien spaceship interiors (see or rather don't see MUTINY IN SPACE) and as the Jupiter II exterior (see CONDEMNED OF SPACE). Lindsay uses the word SCUTTLEBUG in this episode.    


Importantly, the Reactor Room takes center stage in this episode. It was mentioned a great deal in Season Two (in such both early and later episodes as THE MENFISH, THE MECHANICAL MAN, AND FIVE OF US ARE LEFT, and THE PHANTOM STRIKES). "A"  reactor room was seen in THE DEATH SHIP but it wasn't really exactly like the reactor room in season three. THE DEADLIEST GAME had a Nuclear Reactor Room which is very like the Reactor Room in seasons three and four! It looks like the same set, redressed a bit differently. 



















Writer-Donn Mullally

Dir-Justus Addiss



Seaview approaches what Crane calls Nelson's island-really Macora Island. A two man team of Dr. Hollis (who radios Seaview) and Dr. Witt, who is moving closer to the volcano, are on this South Seas island already, the Flying Sub not far off shore. Both men are in radioactive protective gear and have geiger counters. The radioactive core of the island, if exploded, could blanket one fourth of the world in radioactive ash. Witt calls and Hollis and the men on Seaview hear the growls of an animal-possibly a wolf! Witt comes face to face with a large fang bearing wolf which is on a rock near him.



Hollis goes to the raft on the beach and gets a rifle but tells Nelson he won't stay there. The volcano blows fire and rocks rain down. Hollis finds Witt down and bloody. Witt cuts Hollis's hand. Hollis shoots at the wolf and then sees his own hand is getting hairy. He takes the raft to the Flying Sub and goes to the top hatch. He comes in and is a full werewolf-wolfman who attacks and brutalizes the pilot, killing him. Nelson looks at the Flying Sub on the viewer; Hollis answers Crane's call while the Flying Sub rocks gently from side to side on the surface. Crane and Nelson arrive and find the signs of the fight with a wild animal. Crane wonders how a wolf could be on a South Seas island and how it could get into the Flying Sub! Hollis tells them he was sure he hit the wolf on the island when he shot at it. Chip is to have men pick up Witt's body. Hollis out of his radiation suit must have some exposure, Nelson figures. When Hollis uses the geiger counter on himself--there is no reading. On Seaview, Patterson figures that if there is no work to do, somebody always makes some up. Missile Room: Sharkey and Pat discuss the scuttlebug on the death of Witt and why there is a team going to the island. Sharkey asks him how long he's been on Seaview and Pat tells him three years. Sharkey claims the Admiral and the Skipper have their reasons for giving orders and when the time is right, they'll reveal those reasons. Chip calls them and is in a hurry, scaring Sharkey. Pat asks how long Sharkey has been aboard Seaview. In protective suits, Hollis, Crane, Sharkey, Pat, and other men experience tremors and see the lava. Sharkey cleans and bandages Hollis's hand. They hear a wolf. The tidal effect from the last tremor hits Seaview (music is from the older movie IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE); the island has gushers coming up from the ground, and the radio is broken. Hollis moves off and Crane goes after. Hollis's hand is hairier and is now clawing up more. The werewolf is soon on a ridge of rocks waiting behind Crane to pounce! The real wolf is also on the ridge!



Crane moves off as Sharkey finds the sonar pack tape of Witt's and other equipment smashed. Sharkey says of Hollis, "That egghead's cracked."  He tells the other crewmen to look alive--they have a one hour hike ahead. Seaview is repaired and moves at flank speed to the island. Through the scope they see the signal fire on the beach. Seaview surfaces (the con tower lights are on as it is night). Crane and the others meet Hollis at beach fire. Hollis apologizes for moving off, telling Crane he realizes that the Captain has never run away from anything. The sonar pack tape reveals the volcano has a shallow crust. Crane and Nelson hope the volcano is not like Vesuvius--Nelson claims if it is the radioactive ash will wipe out all life on the Earth surface. Hollis has no theory even though he is the expert. Nelson's plan: blow the volcano fires out the way you blow out an oil well--trigger it to blow the volcano inward, starting a chain reaction to destroy the volcano from within. Implosion warheads are readied. The entrance in front of the Doctor's desk is used in this episode to get into sickbay. Behind Doc is a wire cage not usually seen. There is also a corpsman. Doc feels iodine on the Hollis wound is like using a horse and buggy. He looks at the slide of a sample from Hollis and from Witt and calls Nelson urgently. The disease has the family resemblance to rabies. Sharkey dismisses the Reactor Room guard Johnson and puts Pat there. They have some more comical banter. Pat tells Sharkey he is from Kansas and mentions he used to swim in the old sump near the Salt Licks for the cows. Hollis is near the reactor room later and goes in, pushes Pat and puts his arm in the reactor. Pat gets up and then sees the wolfman werewolf, getting only seconds to call for help over the mike. The others hear more growls. The werewolf grabs him and downs Patterson.



Seaview's water tight doors close and the reactor room door is shut as the ship shook. The werewolf turns the wheel lock on the door. Crane tells them they can't flood the reactor room (since Pat is inside). The werewolf gets on the mike. Nelson, Crane, and men go in but must retreat. Nelson orders two stun gun rifles from the armory and they open the door, shoot it, and it falls out of the room (which is one of the few actually scary scenes). It turns into Hollis. Nelson was afraid it was him--the radiation factor made him change. Doc puts Hollis in restraint ward--that wire cage behind Doc's desk. Four torpedoes are to implode in 55 minutes--if they fail it won't matter about Hollis's problem. Doc says, "I'm sorry, Admiral, I don't know how to cure a werewolf."   Witches' brews and incantations aren't a part of his background. Doc says he will try. He needs to take blood from Hollis and will use a lab animal, put in Hollis's blood, and try to prepare a vaccine. As a werewolf, Hollis breaks out, hits the corpsman, and throws Doc. He also rips Nelson's shirt and skin, choking him down. Doc helps as does the corpsman. It is clearly not really Richard Bull in the fight sequence but a stunt man. The werewolf hides into the hallways, then in Missile Room where it jumps on a crewman--twice. It goes into the diving tube and leaves Seaview! It is really very odd to see its face at the small rounded window in the diving tube as water fills the tube. Doc's prognosis is he must head off the virus--he has no way of knowing if he can for Nelson. Hollis's changes were rapid. Nelson says, "If I'm going to change into a tortured creature like Hollis--I want to know why."  They need 50 CCs of Hollis's blood. With only 40 minutes before the torpedoes go off, Crane will lead a team of 8 to 10 men to the island. Nelson orders Doc to lock him up in the Restraint Ward. On the island now, Crane and the men have 30 minutes as well as enough stun power in their guns to stop an elephant. Crane warns them all about the wolf that is roaming about. As they move off, the werewolf watches them.



Crane and the others walk about with their visors up! Sharkey sees Wolf tracks and claw marks--which are as big as his fist. Hollis's wounds didn't heal and Nelson's now burn but he warns Doc not to let him out. Doc turns around, worried. The real wolf is on the ridge. The men move downwind and don't want to shoot and spook Hollis--who jumps on them in the fog and smoke of the island. The werewolf chases Crane across a ridge and they fight. Crane tosses it off the ridge and the real wolf jumps on the werewolf. Geysers and tremors make Crane fall as well.



Animal brutality: Crane shoots the wolf dead. The werewolf comes at him and falls. It changes back to Hollis in one very effective change. "I'm sorry,"  he says. The flying sub moves back to Seaview. Chip tells Crane, "You sure cut it fine."  The volcano implodes. Nelson has the vaccine and Macora Island sinks. Nelson tells Crane his report will have less of the real facts in it--no one has to ruin Hollis's reputation--he was fine, brilliant, young (?--young compared to Nelson maybe) scientist. Crane trusts the crew not to talk: no one would believe them anyway.






The scenes which follow this give away the entire ending as the man says, "I've been in control not only of my mind, but yours."  This gives away the entire reason for the mystery in the next episode THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED.


REVIEW: Perhaps this time, less said the better. A werewolf on a submarine is a pretty scary idea but the monster mask used is best left to the shadows--it is much scarier that way. Seeing a shadow on a wall of the hallway is also scary as the crew of KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER learned in their WEREWOLF tale. The wolf swimming out to the Flying Sub is a bit much but having the wolf dog on the island is a bit far out--how did it get there? Was it a supernatural creature that just went where it wanted? Were there natives on the island that turned into werewolves? The virus thing is interesting but down played. The Doc seems a bit ineffectual this time out. It is said this is the first episode where Chip begins wearing a ring--a wedding ring.



Writer-William Welch

Dir-Jerry Hopper



1980: Nelson and Senator William Dennis of the Armed Forces Committee are in the Flying Sub en route to Seaview, which Nelson describes as being run pretty informally. Sharkey tells Ski not to allow anyone inside the X4 component room not even for Dennis, whom Ski describes for Sharkey who acts as if he knew all about the election Dennis is ran in. Kowalski tells him that Dennis is his Senator. The whistle is blown for Dennis as he comes up from the Flying Sub berth and he shakes hands with all the Seaview officers--there are several but aside from Crane, Chip, and Sharkey, we only see one other officer but Dennis moves along and says, "Nice to meet all you men."  He is then taken past the component room where he shakes hands with Ski who cannot let him inside. Nelson explains Seaview is not under the armed forces and the X4 is not yet ready to be turned over to the US so Dennis cannot see the components yet. After the tour group leaves Ski, Kowalski hear a growling sound and then sees a gelatinous blob coming at him from the hallway. He shoots into this monster three or four times!



Ski really shot Patterson as he realizes when Crane and Sharkey arrive and question the shocked Kowalski. Sharkey knows Ski would never shoot Pat. Nelson opens a curtain wall to a wall sized map of the X4--precise locations of every nuclear sub in the world. Green stands for the US, amber-the Allies and neutrals. Nelson has Sparks call to the SSN Thomas Payne to verify its location of lat 41 degrees, 59 minutes, longitude 160 degrees. At the nose, Crane looks at a great deal of large fish as Seaview stops at a depth of 500 at a dead stop. Crane questions a sweating Ski, then sends him to sickbay for Doc to re-examine him and then for him to sleep. Sparks confirms the Payne's position. Nelson tells Dennis he has to test the X4 some more and then he will turn it over to Washington DC. Dennis notes the Thomas Payne's light has gone out. In Sickbay, Ski apologizes to Pat who tells him he always was a lousy shot. Sharkey talks to Doc (Richard Bull), "I know these guys, I work with them, live with them."  Doc thinks Ski is fine now--it was some delusion brought on by a shock of some kind. Sparks cannot get the Payne, then almost all the lights but one on the board of the X4 go out. Nelson makes Sparks send out emergency messages. Dennis looks as Nelson comments that it seems as if every nuclear sub has vanished. Dennis tells Nelson the last one has gone out.          


Circuits of the X4 are checked out in the engine room. No one answers Sparks' calls. Chip shows Crane that there are no fish in the waters outside Seaview's nose, no contacts. Chip cannot get any locale TV stations even though their antenna is working. Sparks tells them every radio station in the world seems to have stopped. Seaview goes up to 90 feet and Crane jumps to the periscope--even though there is a main shipping lane above, there is no traffic, no planes, birds, or movement of any kind. Nothing on radar or in the sky. In the Map Room, Nelson meets with all the ship's officers. They are two hours from Norfolk Naval Base. Nelson, Dennis, and Sharkey take out in the Flying Sub. Ski reports for duty and gives Chip a pink duty slip. Crane whispers to Chip, "Keep your eye on him."  Flying Sub flies over the Virginia Coast--the National Airport Tower doesn't come in even though the Flying Sub radio works and contacts Crane on Seaview which has Cape Charles starboard. Ski is on the computer but that and the fathometer don't match. Crane thinks Ski is still sick but finds out he is not wrong after he checks both readings himself. Seaview goes to dead slow and 5 degree up bubble to 90 feet. Crane looks out the periscope again and sees San Francisco--thousands of miles in the wrong place--off coarse! Chip gasps, "We're not only off coarse--we're in the wrong ocean!"



Chip and Crane notice the city is deserted with nothing moving. In the deserted city of Washington DC, Sharkey returns to Nelson. "We all seem to be in the same boat,"  Nelson said. Dennis returns and found his office in the same shape he left it in. Nelson wants a look at the Pentagon but Dennis urges him to get out of the city. Nelson wants to check NY City. Chip tells Crane that their navigational satellite tells them Seaview is still off the Norfolk, Virginia coast. Nelson on Flying Sub reports in, "Since we left Seaview we haven't seen not a living thing--man, fish or foul!" This was used in the promo to this episode. Seaview heads for NYC Harbor at flank. Crane tells Ron to take over for Ski. Not making his not request an order but a favor, Lee wants Ski to guard his corridor and puts corridor A off limits. Doc told Ski he had a nervous collapse but is fine now. Flying Sub is over NYC and we see it from the window and will set down in the East River as Nelson says. Crane tells Ski to stay on watch and in 15 minutes report to his cabin. Lee takes out a gun. This scene seems almost lifted from THE MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE but isn't. He waits on his bed. Ski hears a noise and the blob knocks down Crane's door inward and attacks him, covering him. He yells for Kowalski. Flying Sub flies low over an ocean. No one is in sight. Dennis tells Nelson some catastrophe has hit the Earth and the sooner they surround themselves with the safety of the Seaview, the better. In Sickbay, Crane recovers--Ski found his door locked from the inside, not knocked down. He heart shots firing when he knocked on the door just within the 15 minutes he was to report. Sparks calls Crane. Nelson is in NYC Harbor--the streets are empty. Nelson orders  Crane to take half the crew and spread out through Manhattan and meet at the UN. Seaview makes good time moving their way. A sonar contact comes--a large object dead ahead. Lee goes to look at the nose and sees a giant red squid monster there!



Crane calls Chip to see it but it is gone. Lee: "I feel like I'm losing my mind."  Chip explains it away as some thermal layer or electronic feedback affecting their sonar--perhaps from the X4. Crane takes this up and figures the X4 is the cause of all their troubles. Some emission from it is acting directly on their brains. He wants it dismantled and tells Chip not to question him. He will have the X4 set adrift on a raft. Nelson and Sharkey with Dennis walk the empty streets of NYC, wind blows papers, a phone is off its hook at a pay booth. Sharkey has seen enough as has Dennis. Dennis leaves as the other two check out the clapping of an audience. They go to a theater and inside is a movie screen---it is off but they hear an audience. If you look closely on the movie theater or play house's poster--there is a poster of the TAMING OF THE SHREW, a play Basehart is sure to performed in at one time or another. Sharkey says, "Let's get out of here."   Nelson says, "You're reading my mind."  Seaview surfaces; Doc calls Crane to sickbay. Pat has on an ear phone to a portable radio the corpsman got out of his locker. It is working. Crane puts it on and doesn't hear a thing. Then he figures out why--Pat never met Senator Billy Dennis--he was covered in grease, working on the ballast pumps, when the Senator came aboard. He is listening to a newscast about Dennis right now. Patterson figures he was the only one aboard who didn't shake hands with Dennis. Crane tells the repair crew to belay his order about setting the X4 adrift and to reassemble it. Dennis in the Flying Sub is sabotaging it when the other two return. He hides in a cabinet and pulls a gun on the two men when they climb into the cabin. He makes them drop their weapons. He tells them he has been in control not only of his own mind but of everyone else's too. Some form of advanced mass hypnosis--he can exert control of everybody he meets whether present or not. All the stuff was there--only they couldn't see it. Dennis makes Sharkey sit and buckle in as he prepares to blow up the Flying Sub. Dennis hits Sharkey out as the man tries to get up. Nelson and Dennis fight for control of the gun and it goes off.



Dennis is shot and falls. He was after the X4 and, as he dies, he tells them they are free. "We're free,"  Nelson looks out at the NYC harbor (which is supposed to look busy now but doesn't), "Free."   In the map room, Nelson and Lee discuss Dennis. Dennis wanted to be President and perhaps more--he has a fanatical ego and wanted to cause the biggest scandal in history. Crane, rightly so, feels it would never have worked. (WASN'T DENNIS'S POWER MORE POWERFUL AS A WEAPON THAN THE X4?). Nelson will turn the X4 over to Washington DC. The higher ups will keep everything about Dennis a secret. There will be a state funeral for Dennis and Nelson tells Lee they will both have to attend. Crane says, "Admiral, in this case, I don't think I'll mind."  Shot of Map, shot of Seaview sailing on.                


NEXT WEEK ON VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, on a strange and mysterious island, the men of the Seaview encounter ancient treasure guarded by a primeval monster a million years old. NIGHT OF TERROR on VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA on this channel.


REVIEW: A good atmospheric build up with either the X4 or Dennis or some other alien reason causing the phenomena--or perhaps a war or plague. Lots of reasons. It isn't really too logical if you think about it--how can Nelson and Sharkey walk among the streets and not bump into people? It might have made sense if Dennis controlled them so entirely that they never left the Flying Sub...but apparently they had. Why did Crane test his theory in the way that he did? That made some sense but what was his theory?


Seaview and VOYAGE may not have had a Dr. Smith or Mr. Fitzhugh to mess up its fine crew or get them into trouble so often but they certainly had more than their fair share of trouble makers as visitors and sometimes even among its "guest"  crew (especially during season one in such episodes as SUBMARINE SUNK HERE). The "experts"  such as Sprague in NIGHT OF TERROR, Capt Gantt in MONSTER'S WEB, Dr. Turner in FIRES OF DEATH, Alex Holden in SHAPE OF DOOM, Brent in DEADMEN'S DOUBLOONS or Naval Lt Commander Peter Van Wyck in CAVE OF THE DEAD, Lindsay in MONSTER FROM THE INFERNO, Hollis in WEREWOLF---turn out to be cowardly or susceptible to the powers that attack Seaview or in Van Wyck's, Brent's, and Turner's cases--THE power attacking Seaview. Add to that out and out murderers like Brock in FATAL CARGO and spies and the like (RESCUE, THE DEADLIEST GAME, RESCUE, THE MACHINES STRIKE BACK, NO WAY OUT, HOTLINE, SECRET OF THE DEEP, etc) and you have quite a group of pains in the you know where. TERROR ON DINOSAUR ISLAND gave us the murder-minded, revenge-minded Benson. Rather than that bunch of trouble makers---give me Smith and Fitzhugh at one time--at least we knew where we stood with them! Just kidding. 






























Writer-Robert Blomfield

Dir-J. Addiss



Nelson, Sharkey, and geologist Elton Sprague are in the diving bell descending from Seaview to find beryllium but find that and more. Sprague is interested only in minerals for intergalactic fuel for space flights. The bell goes from 900 feet down to 2000 feet. Crane finds out from Ski about a tidal wave or an earthquake that caused it. While Elton dreams about putting a space flight toward Jupiter, the wave impact hits the bell and it snaps off.



Seaview shakes and is at one half power, with frames 33 and 34 in need of repair. Exterior repairs also have to be made. Welding parties have to go out. Crane activates the sail, bridge, and nose cameras to search for the bell. "We'll find him,"  he tells himself. Nelson wakes up first (naturally the stout lead character always wakes up first), then Sharkey and they see the island through the port hole. Sprague wakes up also, they figure the tidal wave threw them up onto the island after scooping them up. Elton and Nelson see something moving in the trees when they open the door. They hear roars. In the night, this is extremely effective as a scare scene--something moving around among the bushes and trees, something big and powerful. Chip is with the repair party going out to fix Seaview (filler?). The creature, some kind of large lizard, another dinosaur supposedly (but really just a camera enlarged lizard with attachments on its head again) comes out of the forest. Most of these scenes with the lizard are new--not stock footage as in TERROR ON DINOSAUR ISLAND (from season two) and TURN BACK THE CLOCK (from season one). Sharkey hasn't been able to fix the radio; Nelson uses a laser rifle on the dino and it crawls away. Chip's repair party is attacked by sharks--we don't see this, we only hear his cries to the party to return to Seaview over the loud speaker as he talks to Crane. As he and Nelson start out toward the beach, Sprague feels the island is frightening. Nelson tells him he is not too happy about it himself. They will look for a beach and make a signal fire for Seaview to find them. Gas from the ground spurts up at the doctor and he starts acting funny. The repair team from Seaview returns with one man hurt but not badly. Crane is anxious to start the 120 degree arc search for the diving bell at 5 minute intervals. Sprague tells Nelson the creature is probably harmless and then wanders off from Nelson. Nelson sees Crane in the forest after drizzle effect hits his eyes. Sharkey fires a warning shot but he is shooting at the giant lizard who hits the bell and shakes it. Sharkey falls against the pole and seems unconscious.



Sprague avoids the searching Nelson and sees a pirate buccaneer, following the quiet entity. Nelson goes to the Bell, lasers the dino away again and calls it antediluvian. Nelson calls Seaview through the repaired radio. Chip warns Lee about more secondary tidal shocks in three hours. Crane won't stop the search even though Chip reports frame 34 hasn't been repaired. Nelson contacts them and tells Lee he saw him on the island, "Never mind about that now."  He also tells them about a "giant lizard."  The creature returns on cue and the two men run and watch as it smashes its tail into the bell, crushing it and rolling it. Sharkey and Nelson make way through the dense jungle (and for once it really looks very thick). Sharkey comments, "This ain't no Coney Island. I've been to some strange places and seen some strange things but this..."  The dino roaring scares both of them (this is the first of several roars which make Nelson and Sharkey act and react to them and to each other in a comical way, almost like Abbott and Costello reacting to the monsters they faced). Nelson figures the monster and his ancestors survived on the island for a long time. The pair find Sprague who tells them he didn't hear them calling him. He also sees the pirate again but the other two do not. Nelson asks, "What's the matter--are you seeing things?"  Crane and Ski in the Flying Sub leave Seaview and fly up into the air. Sharkey finds a Madrid 1578 sabre which Nelson says is exactly 400 years ago (which puts this episode in the year 1978! while DAY OF EVIL is in 1980!?) There were once heavy sea lanes open between South America to Spain and pirates used the islands, perhaps this one. Sprague finds a doubloon and wants to look for treasure. Sharkey stops the insistent doctor from doing that and he takes the sabre. In the forest, Sharkey shoots at a spiked man thing that moved right at him! A really terrifying monster suit and mask (not sarcasm here). Nelson and Sprague run to him but they didn't see it. When Nelson suggests he may have imagined it, they hear the dino roar. Sharkey asks, "Am I imagining that?"  Nelson nods, "No, no, you're not."  Sprague slips off and follows the buccaneer to a treasure chest. The Seaview men find out that a new tidal wave is due in 2 hours. Crane and Ski in Flying Sub spot the island. Sharkey sees the spiked monster man following Nelson, ready to grab him from behind! Sharkey fires his gun but it is empty! (thank goodness too--he would have shot Nelson in the back!).



Sharkey tries to stab the thing with the sabre but Nelson is there, not the monster. He flips Sharkey away from him. Sharkey tells Nelson, "You know me for a long time..."  Nelson tells him there is something in the atmosphere that is causing these hallucinations--a gas probably. They hear the roar. Nelson takes the sabre and gives Sharkey the rifle. Crane is using the binoculars to look down at the jungle. Ski is tired and vapors are coming in through the vents. Sharkey and Nelson hear the Flying Sub overhead. Sprague falls into quicksand near the treasure and the pirate who smiles as Sprague is about to die and throws jewels to Sprague, then the apparition vanishes. Nelson and Sharkey with great effort and time, begin to pull Sprague out using a vine across the pit. At one point, Nelson and Sharkey tried to use the laser rifle to pull him out! Good move. Suppose it went off? Crane views wreckage from the diving bell lying in the jungle. 1000 feet up, he orders them to move closer. Ski suddenly sees snow covered mountains and moves the Flying Sub up. Crane levels off finally, fighting Ski for the controls. They are now 10,000 feet up and in clouds. The dino comes at Nelson and Sharkey as they are pulling Sprague up. The vine breaks but Sharkey grabs the doctor and they pull him out, Nelson holding onto Sharkey. They drag Sprague away as he rants about the treasure. Crane is tired now and he sees mountains and heads Flying Sub up. Ski hits him to stop this but the Flying Sub crash lands into the water and sinks to the bottom. The dinosaur cuts off Nelson's group from the beach. They hide at rocks and it comes at them! (reminding me of a similar zoom in scene as Inspector Kobick came at the little people in the ending of GENIUS AT WORK on LAND OF THE GIANTS).   



More running: the trio flee into a small cave and it looks in at them. Seaview is off the island at periscope depth with little time to go until the tidal wave. Crane orders Seaview to leave the area in 50 minutes. Sprague shoots at the dino. Sharkey finds another way out and the three go to the beach. Nelson says, "Indeed I do,"  to one of Sharkey's reminders of the tidal wave--it will hit the island and sink it most likely. Sprague insists again on going to get the treasure and shoots at Nelson's feet to stop him from following. Crane comes to the island in a raft--the Flying Sub is off shore (it is?). The last we saw of Crane he was getting out diving gear to leave the sunken Flying Sub to go to the island. A lot has obviously happened since that! Sharkey prepared to shove off the raft while Crane and Nelson go after Sprague--Crane punches him and then helps him to the raft. Nelson stops to order Chip on Seaview to fire a short range missile at the dino. In a fantastic effect (again which reminds me of what would be common on LAND OF THE GIANTS--great special effects), the dino blocks Nelson from the raft and the other three in it!



Nelson orders them to go and yells to Chip to fire. Nelson runs to the cave and hides in it while the dino is blown up. Crane orders the raft back to the beach and Nelson comes out. Soon, the Flying Sub is going up back into Seaview as the surface is stormy. Seaview shakes. Crane erases the island from the table map--it's gone, "No great loss, I'd say."  Sprague says, "Right, Captain, between that creature and the horrors we all hallucinated we were all lucky to get off alive."  Nelson gives Sprague the doubloon--compliments of the Seaview (perhaps he remembers what happened in DEADMEN'S DOUBLOONS). Sprague examines it in comical fashion.


Next Week--the TERRIBLE TOYS!


REVIEW: Wellllll. Not only another dinosaur but another bell being snapped away as in TURN BACK THE CLOCK (only in color this time). We also get another illusion-hallucination tale right on the heels of the much better THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED. New footage of the dino wrecking the bell was interesting. The story, taken apart from other and better VOYAGEs is just okay, somewhat lackluster and not terribly exciting, despite the runaround it is. The man-creature that attacked Nelson looked like the later THING FROM INNER SPACE. The whole thing is a bit boring. Also--how on Earth can Nelson survive a nuclear missile blast by hiding in a cave? I suppose it is possible but really a stretch. The third season was usually considered the low point of VOYAGE and this is for the most part true. But some gems do crop up (THE LOST BOMB, THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED, DAY OF EVIL, DEADLY WATERS, and even THE TERRIBLE TOYS). This, NIGHT OF TERROR, wasn't one of the gems, nor one of the worst either. Of course, Henry Jones helped enormously, as he adds to whatever he is in. The comedy team of Basehart and Becker also did what they could with this episode.



















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