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DarthSkeptical - Posted on 21 September 2009

In a cheeky bit of casting, Reggie Yates ("Leo Jones") and Trevor Laird ("Clive Jones") have again been cast as son and father in the new ITV2 show, Trinity.  Laird's overall contribution to the eight-episode series is unknown, but Yates is one of the central characters.  The show is a somewhat novel admixture of elements seen across various genres, may not be to everyone's liking.  Nevertheless, it provides a much better look at Yates than was had in his somewhat abbreviated turn in Doctor Who.  

The first episode is directed by Colin "Tumbling" Teague, the first man to direct for all three BBC Wales Whoniverse shows.  In fact, he directed Yates and Laird in their last DW outing, "Last of the Time Lords".  Of additional interest is co-star Rod Arthur, who played the last surviving original teacher ("Mr. Parsons") at the school featured in "School Reunion".

Somewhat like Hex before it, Trinity examines the seedier side of a British institution of higher learning, and includes some nudity, drug use, language, defecation, incest, depictions of mild homosexual acts, and fairly strong anti-Christian views.   Which means, of course, there's something for everyone.  Tongue out

It's a bit hard to tell after just one episode exactly how to classify this program, but the series does have an overall plot, a central mystery or two, and these seem to be pointing towards a supernatural or super-technological conclusion.  Ultimately, it seems likely the show will be seen as a genre show at least in the sense of Lost, or a grown-up version of Dark Season.  It's riddled with clichés from various obvious sources, but the particular combination of those clichés — not to mention an interesting central mystery — will probably leave some wanting more.

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