Thank You Louis!

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daveac - Posted on 01 June 2009

New and returning members please post in this thread to add your thanks to Louis for a great deal of hard work to get this new & improved Gallifreyan Embassy site online.

Thanks Louis for all your hard work.

Hopefully - myself included - we will soon all be clicking on that 'Donate' button at the top of the page.

Cheers, daveac

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Thanks Dave. There are still plenty of bumps to be ironed out though. All in time, I suppose.

While there are plenty of features that the new CMS offers we are using now here, there are still some that our previous offered not present here which I miss. In the end the pros are outweighing the cons, and who knows where things will go from here.



Looks great! Clearly lots of hard work have already been put into it.

Perry (formerly "rocko" on the old site)

Cheers, PerryG

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The new site looks glorious -- I love everything about it. Well done, Louis, as usual.

I especially love the new masthead. I think when we all saw the photo of the three of you in the TARDIS we hoped this was where that photo was headed -- so thank you for obliging us. :)

If you're interested in some nit-picking from a curmudgeonly old professor... you currently have the Embassy forum section headed " about to celebrate it's 25th anniversary..." The possessive form of "it" does not have an apostrophe. Despite what one often sees on the internets.

It will be fun to see how fast these forum categories fill up now!

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Thanks for the heads up on the "it's" - It's a common mistake of mine. I have corrected it now. If shows up elsewhere on the site, please let me know.

Thanks as well for the feedback on the site. Yeah, the header was a natural. If only we knew when we took the photo that it would be so popular and we would use it as our default cover art and elsewhere, we would had better prepared ourselves for the photograph. It was a quickly posed shot, as 'candid' as it could be for a non-candid photo.


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Well done Louis!
Now just have to slowly work out how all this new fangled stuff works! Looks great.
So, I'm interested in the Blogs section. Who creates the Blogs: You or us? How?

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Thanks Idiom. The blogs will be (initially) created by the staff and crew of the website and podcast (i.e. James, Ken, Dave, Taras, myself, etc.), but we have been discussing opening it up to select others that are interested. So I am glad you mentioned it is something that interest you.

Do you have a blog elsewhere now or have you written elsewhere before? Email me and let me know.



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When I made my first post I didn't have and avatar at the new 85x85 size.

I do now - so I wonder if it will magically appear in the earlier post of mine in this thread :-)

Cheers, daveac

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Yes, the first post or the originating topic for a thread won't have the avatar attached to it. This is because the forums are essentially similar to how the CMS handles articles and comments elsewhere. The first post in a thread can be seen as an 'article' and all the replies under it as 'comments'  Right now, it is set up so that only comments have the avatar. Otherwise ever article I post to the site (new podcast episodes, news, etc) will have my sorry face attached to it as well.

We could perhaps try it out and have the avatars appear on all posts and see how it looks. I just fear it may look too cluttered on the front page with the listing of all the articles there. Unless we made them smaller perhaps. I don't know.

Unlike our 2.0 website, in which the forums used a 3rd party module, this one is part of the core CMS software, that is why it behaves so similar to the rest of the site.


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Nice one Louis! This site is a lot easier to read and seems more accessible. Best of luck with it!

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Looks great Louis! Easier on the eyes, good streamlining and better navigation. I was formerly IRTDWT, but wanted to go with this username - no disrespect to daveac of course!

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Hear, hear!

I concur, congratulations on the fantastic new site Louis.

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Fantastic new site Louis. Great work.

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It does indeed look rather nice.

Very web2.0 - or should that be 3.0.

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I think everything looks great! I really appreciate all the time and effort put into the revamp of the site!


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This new site is fantastic! I can't even begin to imagine how much hard work you put into it. Now that Outpost Gallifrey is leaving us, this will, hopefully, become the new hub of Dr. Who fandom.

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

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Now that Outpost Gallifrey is leaving us, this will, hopefully, become the new hub of Dr. Who fandom.

Filling the shoes of Outpost Gallifrey are some pretty big shoes to fill. It will be interesting to see what happens in the wake of OG going away. As Shaun said, the community is there. That is not going away. Where it congregates will change. I am not so sure there will be a central hub that will replace it. Instead, there may be many smaller hubs throughout the net that will take on the role. Anything is possible though. I am not sure any one site could serve the needs of everyone, not our site or any other. It would be like having only one channel on our TV.

Thanks for the comments about the site and the work that went into it.



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thanks for making the new site look great. keep up the great work with podshock.

cheers archer

The forums don't feel sufficiently "forumy," as has been discussed elsewhere, but the whole place looks much cleaner, much more professional. Good job. Which CMS is this?

Louis Trapani's picture

Thanks Chip! Yeah, the forum here as I noted elsewhere is really part of the core CMS (Drupal) which behaves more like the rest of the CMS's article/story or page with comments system tweaked to be more like a forum.

There is a 3rd party module that will make it look more like a traditional forum. Though I don't see any actual 3rd party forum modules to replace it. Our previous site didn't have any built in forum as part of the CMS, so it was entirely a 3rd party forum module for it.

The advantage of using the core system is just that, it is part of the CMS itself, so there is no compatibility issues, no patches to the CMS to make it work, one user account for everything, themes are designed to work with them, systems already in place to deter spam will work within it, and so forth. There is truly a host of benefits.

On the other side of the coin is that it is not a full feature forum with all the aspects and functions one usually expects from one.

Now there are 3rd party modules that will enable stand-alone forum software packages to work within the CMS. So in a sense it would be dealing with two 3rd parties to achieve a forum that would be like a traditional forum that most people are accostumed to most likely. But it is two 3rd party software code and the original CMS code you are now dealing with - three pieces of software working together as one.

The problem there is making it all work, making it so that visitors can access it using their existing accounts, making the look of it fit into the existing theme, incompatibilies (it could break when the CMS is updated which happens on a regular basis), other 3rd party utilities in place to safeguard against spammers may not be able to work with it, there may be 3rd party costs involved, and so on.

So I have been looking at options to see what might work best for the site and not make me pull more hair of my head in the process.



the site looks great. everything is easy to find and it's nice and clean looking. thanks for sending the message out on myspace..... i would have never known LOL. have tried to stay away for the fear of too many spoilers HAHAHA. trying to be patient and wait for the specials coming to bbc america..... so *blepping* hard to do LOL.

Louis Trapani's picture

Thanks Brigid,

thanks for sending the message out on myspace..... i would have never known LOL.

Well, I am glad the message did some good. We hope you can spend more time here without the fear being spoiled. We try to label everything as "Spoilers" if we feel they are spoilery.

Thanks for your feedback on the site, it is appreciated.


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