Ken's Scarf day 3

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TARDIS_Tara - Posted on 03 October 2009

Hi y'all!

I am ashamed to say that I didn't get all that much done on Ken's Scarf today.

I was having way too much fun at the Taos Wool Fest.

I did manage to get about 5.5 inches knitted when I was actually sitting down. Most of the rest of the day 10/3was spent looking at yarn, fiber for spinning into yarn (I bought a few ounces of a merino wool/ silk blend in a beautiful TARDIS blue), fiber processing tools, sheepskin hats, coats, slippers, dyes, spinning wheels, looms, patterns, finished wool garments, rugs, blankets, oh, and sheep.

I had some fabulous lamb ribs for lunch and ate three (3) fantastic homemade hard cider cupcakes brought by a fellow Ravelry knitter.

Tomorrow will be more productive.

Tonight's stats:

7 hours into the Scarf.

Total length; 17.5"

Amount knitted today: 5.5"

12 out of 44 stripes




I have never seen a partial scarf WITH the tassles already!!  Dont they go on last??

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Well, I will have to wait until the end to put the other set on.  :)

I think scarves look nekkid without fringe, so I always put on the fringe ASAP.

Besides, then people know what it is that I'm working on.

Once it gets a little longer, I usually throw the end I'm not working on over my shoulder.

I guess it's an asethetics thing.

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I am going to a Wool Tour in Antrim NH this coming weekend. Went last year and found all sorts of lovely wool there. I would love to make a Doctor Who scarf from the wool I can get there. Do you have any suggestions for use of hand dyed wools?

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If you go to my website-- -- there's a tab on 'Color Matching'.

There you can get the information on free color chips that are dead ringers for the very expensive Pantone color cards I matched to the Shada Scarf.

You should be able to match these color chips to just about any yarn.

I prefer using commercial yarns for a Doctor Who Scarf as they tend to be more robust in something that is more than likely going to get tugged on, draped over everything, have pins stuck through it and have multiple people loving on it.

Hand dyed wools might be too delicate and expensive for a Doctor Who Scarf.

My favorite luxury fiber for The Scarf right now is Rowan Pure Wool.


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