RTD Lost in Space?

Chase - Posted on 04 October 2009

Russel T Davies, the producer of DOCTOR WHo 2005 to 2009 has moved to the US and has a series he is making/pitching or doing for Hollywood. He has kept it secret as it may fall through and yet...a few years ago he was talking about how he was asked to do LOST IN SPACE. He also mentions LOST IN SPACE in a comment about conventions in the newest DW Magazine. Is he trying to tell us something?  He mentioned in an interview the cramped space on the Jupiter 2 would make lovely stories. Should we be worried? Probably. He brought back DW in 2005 with greatness and many of his stories were excellent but some were...shall we say campy, over the top and downright boring and silly.     Others had no point and almost said< We didn't happen and weren't meant for you to be watching. His characters usually fell into a love/sexual thing which, while right for DW, might not be right for LOST IN SPACE. I can see his Judy and Don falling into sex very quickly and wondering if it was love and perhaps dallying with aliens instead. I can see there being subtext as to whether or not Dr. Smith has a thing for young Will. ANd he might try what the terrible LOST IN SPACE movie tried: a very dysfunctional family. Or he might be given THE TIME TUNNEL. I can't see him interested in VOYAGE at all but he did like POSIDEN AVD and TOWERING INFERNO, His extra long DW story VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED is  practically a remake of POSIDEN ADV but set on a space ship that was made to look like the Titanic. He also threw in a few TOWERING INFERNO bits too in that story. And it was mostly entertaining but not the strongest episode of DW. Anyway thought you might be interested in this. Then again, he might be doing another show altogether.


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