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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-The Terrible Toys, Day of Evil, Deadly Waters, Thing From Inner Space

Chase - Posted on 04 October 2009


Writer-Robert Vincent Wright

Dir-J. Addiss



A wave hits Seaview and just after, the men see a man named Sam Burke on a piece of wood in the water with a burlap bag. The men call the wood a raft. Doc (Richard Bull from now on) claims Burke swallowed a good bit of the Indian Ocean. Kowalski ordered to store the burlap bag in the lockers, hears a clicking sound from it. He finds toys inside and laughs at them: a drummer clown, an Indian elephant with rider, an executioner, a tank, a knight, and some kind of bird. Ski drops the Knight by accident. On its back, its chest opens up and fires some kind of sound weapon at Ski!



Ski, shaking, hits an alarm. Chip and Nelson get to the locker room and a delirious Ski says, "Watch out for the toys."   Seaview is at 40 fathoms with a large object dead ahead. Doc brings Nelson to Sam Burke to question him. The bird toy opens a vent and climbs up and then down into the room to listen. Sam tells them the craft he encountered was huge and sank his ship--he was alone except for the rats and some cheap stuff in his bag--of all the things to save. They were toys he used to trade with the natives. One toy is in the Control Room listening to Sam, Crane, Nelson, and Chip. Seaview goes down 30 fathoms. Ski gets up but the Knight comes and shoots sound at him again, falling him. Something probes Seaview. Starboard engine room--Patterson is spied on by the toys. The alien ship is seen on nose and sail cameras (we hear music from LOST IN SPACE's BLAST OFF INTO SPACE cliffhanger and WILD ADVENTURE). Sparks gets gibberish from directional antenna. It could be auto speed valve feedback. In the Circuitry Compartment Deck 2-the Knight sends a wire down with the parrot on it to sabotage Seaview. Seaview heads full flank, then stops near alien ship--a massive one (which looks like parts of such craft from LOST IN SPACE's CONDEMNED OF SPACE and PRINCESS OF SPACE). The alien ship hits Seaview with some kind of force ray.



Seaview is shaken by the ray as collision screens are closed. Seaview is being slowly dragged to the alien ship. Crane opens the collision screen a few inches to see the ray. They use Seaview's magnetic force shield which holds Seaview in place. The executioner cuts a wire. Nelson figures the Flying Sub has more power for it weight than Seaview--it can be used as a diversion. Gas leaks start. Chip checks Flying Sub. Nelson and Sam put on their goggles--Sam insisting he go with Nelson in the Flying Sub. The toy executioner is in the Flying Sub. This is the first time and most likely the only time we see the launching of the Flying Sub from inside the Flying Sub---in front of Nelson and Sam we see what the interior bay dock of the Flying Sub looks like as they descend. Pat reports the overheating of the reactors. Steam leaks in the engine room. Nelson will use laser on the alien ship. The alien ship hits the Flying Sub with another ray! Executioner cuts a wire in the Flying Sub and control is lost. The Flying Sub heads right at the alien ship and goes into the hull--passes right through it. In Seaview, the toy drummer drums--loudly; Seaview shakes wildly from this as it short the reactor circuits. Ski falls out of bed in sickbay. The drumming is heard without any background music and is very effective. There is also an odd, uncanny zoom in and close up on the drummer. Nicely done. The sound of drumming leads into the commercial break.



Brief music as act three starts. Then more drumming. Ski finds the toy and crowbars it apart. Seaview levels off. Full reverse thrust will give them 30 minutes longer to hold out. Flying Sub--out the windows they see mist and white smoke. They are in some kind of airlock. Nelson figures the molecular solubility of the hull allowed them to pass into this airlock. It is cold but breathable. Nelson tells Sam to splice the control cable. In a snow jacket, Nelson goes outside the back door of the Flying Sub into the mist. The mist has a strange windy sound to it--a sound used in LOST IN SPACE occasionally--in GHOST IN SPACE and THE GALAXY GIFT as well as others. Nelson in an effectively weird scene moves about a totally white, mist shrouded world, calling to the aliens for peace, friendship, and cooperation (a first for VOYAGE). An old man appears behind out of the fog--he knows Nelson's name and has a long flowing white beard. The aliens' nuclear fuel, he says, has become contaminated and had to be jettisoned. They need fuel from Seaview. Nelson tells him he can give them some and he is allowed to go. Before he leaves, Nelson is frozen in his tracks or in time and an alien voice from the mist asks the old man if Nelson believed their tale. The old man reveals that metalizatianiam is the fuel they use---this can only come from the pure titanium in the Seaview's hull--melting it down will only just give them enough fuel. Nelson is allowed to fly the Flying Sub out. Ski tells Crane about the toy drummer and both he and Crane worry about Nelson...who is with Sam...who they suspect of something. The toys were his. Seaview is leaking. Crane orders an unarmed missile fired, hoping the recoil will spring Seaview back and free of the beam. Bulkhead 5 is beyond stress level. The knight hears the plan to fire the missile and goes to the Missile Room. Sharkey is worried about Nelson. For some silly reason, instead of firing the missiles like they always do--manually--they do an auto countdown which can't be stopped in time as they fire---and the Flying Sub is spotted returning from the alien ship. Sparks yells that Nelson's radio's dead and he can't hear Crane's warnings to veer off. The torpedoes move at the Flying Sub!



Sharkey tells Crane the torpedoes are still in their tubes--the propellant blew but all six didn't fire. Crane takes the toy (Hong Kong made) from the cabinet and orders the crew to destroy any toys they find. Nelson returns and finds a control device inside the drummer toy Ski destroyed. Aliens found these toys and gave them control devices. Number 3 hull is ruptured and sealed off. Nelson grabs Sam and forces the truth out of him--he tells them about the fuel--the real fuel need. The aliens had him and told him they wouldn't hurt anyone if he cooperated. Nelson says it looks like they meant to destroy them all the time. Music briefly comes from BENEATH THE 12 MILE REEF during this scene. Four toys come up to a guard and attack his throat with the beams. They open the Circuitry Room. Crane, in scuba gear will put a heat pack on the alien craft which has a sub zero environment--the pack might stop the aliens. Nelson worried about Crane as he leave--trying to warn him not to get caught in the heat. Nelson is obviously not happy with this risk. JONAH music plays as Crane swims out sliding hatch (a big improvement over the first season diving hatches). A tank toy kills a guard and opens the door to let Sam out (the room he is in is obviously not the brig of Season Two or One). Sam reaches for the guard's gun, upset they killed the man, but backs off as the toys threaten him. The tank armed itself. Crane puts the pack on the craft's hull (didn't they know this?) but there is an electric shock and both Crane and the heat pack fall to the ocean bottom. The heat pack has a five minute timer. Nelson sends out divers to help. An alien voice in the mist orders someone to drop the net on the divers and destroy them. Another, silly voice, says, "Yes sir."  The toy tank opens a door and moves at Pat. It makes Pat rock up and down and he falls. Huh? Why not kill him like it did the guard--perhaps because Pat didn't attack it as the guard did. A clawed long extension of an arm (the spider arm from THE MONSTER'S WEB) comes at the divers in another silly stock footage fit in. Nelson sends a diver out with a heat torch to help the divers off the web. They get off and back to Seaview. Crane plants the heat pack and gets a shock again but it stays in place this time. The parrot and the executioner attack circuits in engineering. Seaview shakes. They blow forward air tanks. The heat pack burns the alien ship away.



Seaview levels off. Missile Room--Sam asks for Nelson and Chip. Sharkey wants to belt Sam who talks roughly to them all. The toys move up on them. Sam tells them they should cooperate--otherwise the aliens would destroy them all and still can. Sam jumps in front of Nelson as the Knight fires the weapon at the Admiral. Sam falls. The men--Crane, Chip, Sharkey, and Nelson destroy the remaining toys. Sam, on his back, apologizes, stating he tried to help but, "It wasn't no good."  He said he wanted to scare the men off Seaview to save their lives.  Nelson tells Sam he will be all right--an old windbag like Sam. Sharkey, more soft hearted now, tells Sam he will even bring him a present as he recuperates. Sam says that is fine as long as the presents are no wind up toys. Nelson laughs and makes corpsmen take Sam out.



Crane: Patterson, he says he saw someone sabotaging the reactor.

Nelson: Who?

Crane: You.

Alien Lee: Oh, too late Admiral, the missile's on its way, the fleet's as good as destroyed.

Atomic bomb blast.



REVIEW: THE TERRIBLE TOYS--one is likely to say TERRIBLE but it really isn't that bad. It certainly isn't boring. The effects are nice, Paul Fix makes for a good guest star in the "Smith-Fitzhugh" mold of working against the crew but also helping them, the Flying Sub berth is seen from inside the Flying Sub before and as it lowers out of Seaview, and the alien ship--inside and out--is really quite odd looking. The atmosphere is set up perfectly and the tag is suitably weird as grown men are tearing apart tiny toys! The episode could have done without the spider stuff from THE MONSTER'S WEB. There is also music from THE TIME TUNNEL's RENDEZVOUS WITH YESTERDAY and LOST IN SPACE'S A VISIT TO HADES (where Smith followed the advice of his non-fans and went...oh, never mind). This is heard when Crane orders his crew to find and destroy any toys they might find--what a hoot of a line! There are many such lines in this episode and it is enjoyable without becoming too silly. The aliens were certainly different with the old Francis X Bushman as an un-intimidating alien---certainly not physically a threat but menacing just because he is not menacing if you know what I mean. The aliens were very HP Lovecraftian in feel and somewhat powerful. If so, why couldn't they stop Crane from putting the pack on their hull?































Writer-William Welch

Dir-Jerry Hopper



1980: Seaview at 60 knots. Chip says, "What do you make of it,"  then says, in my copy of this episode anyway, "...and rising."  Seaview is to rendezvous with the fleet. A flying saucer descends and hits the sea. Ski tells Crane the reactor reading is rising to critical and won't stop. The auto control won't work and it can't be shut down from the control room. Sharkey elects Pat to go inside, wear a radiation suit, and shut down the reactor by hand. Gee, why does Pat leave the Reactor Room door open? A figure inside pulls off Pat's visor as Pat tries to get the figure out--it is lethal to be in the room without protection. The figure uses his hand to burn Pat's face. The Reactor Room blasts. Seaview shakes violently and heads down for the bottom. Pat slides from side to side on the floor, unconscious. From the smoking reactor room, walks the figure: a smiling Admiral Harrimin Nelson!



Seaview hits bottom. Fire in the Control Room. Crane has the emergency generator prepared. Nelson arrives in the Control Room and orders a nuclear missile prepared for firing. Crane reminds him they need Washington clearance authorization. When Crane turns to talk to Chip, he then misses Nelson's seems as if Nelson has just vanished. Doc tells about the mark on Pat's face as if a branding iron made it. Pat is terminal and all Doc can do is make him comfortable before the end comes. Pat tells Crane that it was Nelson in the Reactor Room. Crane finds the real Nelson on the floor of his cabin where he landed when Seaview hit bottom. Crane tells Nelson that Pat was murdered, "He caught someone sabotaging the"  Crane tells about the order in the Control Room but Nelson denies having ever made such an order. He also claims Pat is lying even though he knows he is dying. A missile is activated already. The plan--flood the Reactor Room from the outside. Ski and another man are to swim out, cut a three inch hole along the hull (we hear JONAH music). An electric shock on the hull knocks Ski to the bottom and also shocks the other diver. They call and come back to Seaview at Crane's order. Sharkey calls Ryan to the escape hatch to help divers return. The temporary generator may go soon. In ten minutes time they will have no power and no air. The dampening pile could be shut down if someone could pull the dampening rods by hand but that would mean a death sentence to anyone going into the reactor room. Nelson tells Lee, "Patterson is as good as dead already."  Crane calls to Sickbay to Doc on the intercom---Pat is sitting up. Crane then goes to speak to Pat face to face to ask him to do this mission. Nelson or something that looks like him, appears in sickbay and makes Pat comatose. Crane comes in and sees this, he gets desperate. Doc is sure he can't bring Pat out of it yet and not in ten minutes. Crane puffs, resigned, "No body can help now."  The rods are pulled out--(but in other episodes didn't this blow it up?)---by Crane himself. He

comes out and passes out onto the hallway floor.




Ski calls Chip--the radiation levels have dropped. Nelson tells them that Pat saved them all. Doc tells him that Pat never left sickbay. Nelson gets Sharkey to follow him and they find Crane, get him to sickbay, and hear bad news: in one to two days, Crane will die. Doc says, "No power on Earth that can save him."  Nelson starts to say something, "I'd make a deal with...the stars if we could save him."  It sounded as if Nelson was ready to say, "a deal with the devil."  The main generator cuts in and Seaview lifts off the bottom. Nelson is called Admiral Nelson by himself when he returns to his cabin. A figure that looks like Nelson is lying on his bunk. The being tells Nelson his real image would frighten is too horrible for humans to look at. It amuses him to take on various appearances but the psychological advantage is in assuming the exact form of the person he will speak to. Nelson says, "I'm alone in this room."  The alien is here to take him up on his offer and on the screen in his room, the alien shows Nelson the offer he made in sickbay. Nelson figures the being is from the stars...that Unidentified Flying Object. The alien tells him Crane need not die--he and his kind can arrest death and he can save Pat and Crane for his silence about the aliens and also another favor. Nelson demands to know what the other favor will be but the alien will not tell him. The alien says, "Oh well, than plan a burial at sea."  Nelson cracks under pressure and shakes on the deal. The alien's hand burns Nelson and Nelson passes out.



Seaview surfaces and cracked hatches will be fixed. Chip calls Nelson and sends Sharkey up to Nelson's cabin. Sharkey helps Nelson up from his desk and notices the strange mark on Nelson's hand--a kind of pitched spear or star. Nelson hides it from Sharkey who claims he has been walking around in a daze since the news about the Skipper. Nelson stops Sharkey from telling Mr. Morton about Crane's imminent death and is told not to tell anyone. Sharkey calls the death that will come a bad shock and Nelson snaps at him. Doc calls for them to come down in a hurry. Sharkey says, "Some things...don't just have to be told."  At SickBay, Doc tells them Crane and Pat are all right! Sharkey is overjoyed and tells Crane he wasn't worried at all. Doc tells Nelson that he's seen a burn like the one on Nelson's hand...on Patterson's face. Pat is in his blue jumpsuit outfit. When Doc removes the bandage from Pat's face...the burn mark is gone. It will take four hours via surface once Seaview is underway to reach the fleet. Nelson returns to his cabin and finds the alien Nelson in his desk chair--the being shows Nelson the Pacific Fleet on his screen. Then he shows the future: an atomic blast, "One picture is worth 1000 words."  He calls Nelson bright and tells him it takes but one button to push. The retaliations will cause world devastation. Nelson asks, "Why?"  Other worlds have population explosions. The radiation from the blast will feed the minds and bodies of his people. The alien tells him he has found a way to circumvent failsafe but he cannot fire the missile himself. "Unhappily we are so psychologically oriented that we, we cannot kill. We are dependant on other, yes you."  When calls failsafe tamper proof, the alien shows him that failsafe is ready for him to fire. "Tampering is our specialty."  It needs only one more key to launch--Nelson's. The alien has the key from Nelson's neck chain already and he puts it in and says, "Your turn, Admiral."  He warns him that he cannot refuse his will--they made a pact. Nelson is nearly forced to turn it...then he does, opening the firing button covers. The alien begins to force him to fire. Nelson says, "If you know anything at all, you know I can't touch that button."  The alien sneers that the real Admiral is no longer in control. "PRESS IT!"



Nelson runs from his cabin. The alien will reverse the power he did to save Lee and he will die. Nelson says, "Lee Crane made his decision to die when he walked into that Reactor Room--I happen to  think that any man on Seaview would make the same choice."  The alien says no man's will is stronger than his. He warns Nelson if Crane dies---even he cannot save him. "Press it and he'll be saved."  Nelson tells him he already made his own decision and slams the door shut--leaving the alien in his cabin. Crane has pains in the control room. Ski notices failsafe activated and whispers to Sharkey to join him. Sharkey loudly comes over and shouts at Ski to blurt it out. Ski tells him he thought Sharkey wouldn't want everyone on the boat to know this, "We must be at war."  Sharkey snaps, "Keep your mouth shut about this!"  Ski says, "That's what I was trying to do."   Sharkey calls Crane, "I just saw this, right Ski?"  Ski confirms Sharkey, "Right."  Crane tells Nelson, who is in the nose of Seaview. In the missile room, Crane gets another pain and asks Patterson if he is okay. Pat says he feels fine. Crane orders him to get the men out and does work on the failsafe--checking it out. He is in more severe pain now. The alien, now looking like Crane, comes out from behind the missile tubes. He tempts Crane and Crane refuses but takes the alien's hand--which smokes up his own. Crane falls. The alien Crane tells Chip failsafe was sabotaged and the only one aboard that could do it is her designer...Nelson. He orders Chip to put Nelson under arrest, Chip orders Sharkey to do it. Nelson tells Sharkey he won't give him any trouble. The alien goes back to Crane in the missile room. In the hall, Sharkey stops Nelson from going to the missile room. Nelson tells him, "Oh, that wasn't Captain Crane, that is an alien from outer space."  Sharkey agrees with Nelson--he fakes this-and then says, "I'll tell you what...we'll fool him...he expects us to go to the Missile Room but we'll go to the brig instead."  Nelson flips Sharkey and runs, hides and trips Sharkey with his foot. He then helps Sharkey up, "I gotto get to the Missile Room, okay?"  "No okay,"  Sharkey says. Nelson kicks him but Sharkey gets a punch in to Nelson's face. The alien, admittedly, uses Crane's weakened condition to make him fire. Sharkey picks Nelson back up and then Nelson hits him again. Sharkey falls again and Nelson moving past, pats him on the back in friendship. Nelson runs into the missile room through the back door just as Crane fires the missile and falls down. The alien, looking like Crane, gloats loudly, "Oh, too late Admiral! The missiles on its way! The fleet's as good as destroyed!"  Nelson hits switches. The missile blows up. Seaview shakes wildly.



Crane joins Nelson at the Reactor Room entrance way where the alien says, "Sportsmanship is not one of our stronger suits. You've beaten me in a battle of wills. My superiors don't like it. I'm being recalled. But time is on our side. They'll be others who will visit you, other wills to battle. Sooner or later the nuclear holocaust will come. Farewell gentlemen. Perhaps...we will meet again!"  With that, the alien vanishes as do the identical marks on Nelson and Crane's hands. Seaview sails on.                           



scenes include: The Flying Sub nose ramming another sub, a warning to brace for collision, Crane saying, "The admiral's trapped in the Flying Sub."   Stan Kowalski--Ski's brother--saying, "I won't go out there for you or anybody."  Then Stan yelling at Nelson, "Lookout admiral!"  Stan is caught under a burning control console.


In the copy of DAY OF EVIL I saw, the credits start about three seconds before the music played.


REVIEW: The much maligned third and fourth seasons had some real stinkers HOWEVER this one is not one of them. It did save costs to have Nelson and Crane's image as the alien but Basehart and Hedison do such wonderful jobs of acting in this episode. It is also stunning to have both Crane and Patterson under some kind of death sentence. The alien seemed almost like a demon or a devil, relying on a pact and a burning handshake to close the "deal"  he and Nelson spoke of, having armageddon as an agenda. The end sequence is quite nice as the alien waves goodbye, wondering if they will meet again--perhaps and the two leaders of Seaview are dumbfounded to say much. The music from JONAH is used to good effect here as the hands of both men are free from the mark. This alien stands out among the later ones as being more serious, deadly in his subtle manipulation of both Nelson and Crane, claiming his psychological conditioning cannot allow him to kill directly. Interesting even in this season of later outright alien murderers. And again Basehart and Hedison make all the alien scenes work tremendously. I wouldn't have minded one brief look at the alien's real form though--I kept picturing it as something that looked like a meaner version of the red alien on the ANIMATED STAR TREK crossed with a larger version of the aliens' true forms in STAR TREK-CATSPAW--kind of tripod like with squid like appendages and a squashed face, a beak maybe and inset red eyes. Still, I imagine that leaving the alien to your imagination is far more creative, inspiring and stimulating.      







Writer-Robert Vincent Wright

Dir-G. Mayer  



SSRN Seaview is in rough seas. Crane stands near a plaque that tells when Seaview was commissioned and when the keel was laid--unreadable on my copy. He looks out the nose. A hurricane has wrecked an atomic sub and trapped a diver from Naval Research Ship A 37 who was trying to investigate it. Sparks actually stands up out of his chair for once. The vessel he dove from cannot reach him due to the hurricane like storm on the surface. Commander of the research vessel, Finch tells them they are his only hope--he's a good man--Stan Kowalski, Ski reveals his older brother, a diving specialist with the navy. Nelson says, "We'll get him out Kowalski."  Chip and Nelson, at the nose, see the atomic sub wedge in between two rock mountains. Crane dives outside with a torch and sees Stan caught some wreckage--not very apparent to viewers however. Crane wonders if he is unconscious or dead. Seaview moves ahead (we see the 8 windows). Torpedoes from the sunken sub begin to load--they are timer activated and have started. Crane refuses to leave Stan; Chip tells Nelson they must leave the area but Nelson waits for the two men to get back aboard. The 8 windowed (stock footage from the movie) rushes away past the firing torpedoes which chase and blast into rocks.



Seaview is slowly sinking, no pop sound heard outside it, dead in the water. Engine power failure. They may go beyond crush depth into a deep trench. Ski asks for permission to see Stan and in Sickbay does so. Seaview descends past 4500, below crush depth and lower to 5000. They hit bottom; Stan nervous, wants to leave, he claims to say hello to the guy who saved him. Doc will give him clothes, "Maybe none of us have much time left."  Sparks reports communications not good and he can't reach the Navy vessel with portable radios. The tele-buoy can't be launched--the storm snapped their cable. Ski introduces Stan to Nelson and Crane. Stan tells Lee he should have let him die out there. Nelson and Crane feel that is a strange way of acting. With their air purification wrecked they may all die soon. Nelson tells him he is Navy and to stop crying. In the engine room, Stan talks about Nelson later--Nelson wants them to be ready to die and to be gung ho about it. They have two hours air left. Nelson plans to launch Flying Sub since Seaview's front end is clear of the bottom thanks to some rocks nearby. In the engine room, there is steam leak and Ski hurts his arm as Stan just watches. Crewman Krugar (Freddie? Captain Bernhardt? No, just kidding.) yells at Stan but Ski makes him lay off his brother--he's been through a lot. Chip and Sharkey report they don't have power to launch Flying Sub and must use a transceiver for communicating. They launch it manually; Nelson telling Sharkey he doesn't want him with him-he doesn't want the extra weight. As the Flying Sub is launched we see the model shot of the inner bay but not as we did from the viewport of the Flying Sub as we did in THE TERRIBLE TOYS. Nelson moves it out past rocks and the atomic sub but the sub shifts and slides out--toward Seaview.



Emergency doors on Seaview jam; Nelson shoves the Flying Sub nose at the atomic sub, moving it aside from hitting Seaview but this makes him lose power and descend to the bottom ridge in front of Seaview. The sub hits bottom again, somewhat lower than Seaview. Ski tells the others that Stan is not all right, not himself, seeming cowardly--he was underwater for hours and this could have caused it. He was also out of air and Doc feels he may have been psychologically affected. Traumatic shock could have changed him. Nelson only has 20 minutes of air but this deep the only suit that can reach Nelson with the replacement part (stabilization electrodes) from Seaview (why isn't the replacement part in the Flying Sub, huh?) is Stan in his special deep sea pressure suit (which is made from parts of the LOST IN SPACE space suits). Nelson's engines are okay. Chip tells Crane the other sub's atomic reactors are rising--radiation is spilling into the water and they may blow soon. Crane goes to Ski and Stan and requests Stan's help with getting the Admiral. Stan tells him no--"I wouldn't go out for anything or anybody."  Ski gets mad and goes to punch him, brother or no brother. Crane stops Ski. Sharkey returns to Missile Room to find Crane in the Deep Sea Suit. Sharkey wants to force Stan, "I got a little problem about him!"  Sharkey confronts Stan. Crane uses a transceiver to talk to Stan so the man can instruct him on the use of the suit but Sharkey says Crane can't trust him. Stan tells Crane about the depth sensor, the balance and gravity control, and the pressure control. In the Control Room, a man passes out so Chip has the men take him to SickBay. He and the others watch Crane diving on the Control Room monitor. Sharkey tells  Ski to get Stan to do his job. Inside suit pressure builds but Lee adjusts it as per Stan's instructions. Crane walks on the bottom past plants and uses the electrodes in the boots to do so--Stan calling him a real fine hero thus far. Stan tells him to adjust his Depth Sensor, the top control. Lee gives Nelson the part, coming up the bottom hatch. Crane starts back (why not go in the Flying Sub with Nelson? Less air maybe.). The helium valve shows too much inner suit pressure. Seaview seems to be falling apart as Chip notes a hull brace buckles and steam comes out into the room. Stan loses his nerve and runs out of the control room, leaving Crane out of control on the ocean floor, not sure what to do to save himself!



Ski pulls Stan back and Stan tells Crane about the helmet's helium valve. Crane gets back but falls, "having a little trouble getting my breath back."  Sharkey looks up at the air indicator, "Yes, sir, we're all having a little bit of trouble."  This scene is sensitive and moving. The Flying Sub's thrust tubes are stuck with sand in the cells. Nelson orders Crane to clear them with a laser shot from Seaview, riding up the sand, which at first, makes it look like Crane blew up the Flying Sub. With just enough power, The Flying Sub makes it back to Seaview. Sharkey tells Chip and Crane, "It could be worse"--the repair parties say the engine room and the pump room need work but there are no new leaks. Chip adds to that--the air supply is running low, the hull almost crushed, and the radiation from the sunken sub is near critical. Lee says, "Let's hope the Admiral has a few ideas."  Nelson comes up from the Flying Sub hatch, telling Sharkey not to worry about the Flying Sub, "We're not going to bother repairing things we know can't be worked when we can use something that's working perfectly well."   He rushes off, followed by Chip. Sharkey looks at Crane, "What's he mean when we don't even have anything that's working?!"  Crane tells him to follow him. This is a humorous moment worthy of Sharkey. In the Circuitry Room, Krugar insults Stan over and over and calls him the gutless wonder, taking their air. He rushes Stan with a wrench but Ski punches him and then helps Krugar up, asking him if he is all right now. Stan just sat there. Sharkey comes in and asks what's going on, telling them Nelson will use the suit to go up. Nelson arrives and asks if something is wrong also. Ski and Krugar tells them Krugar was dizzy and had some bad air. We hear some out of place goofy music reflecting Sharkey's knowledge that they are lying or something. Nelson sends Krugar to the pump room and also snaps at Ski to go there also. Nelson, left alone with Stan tells him he needs his help. The suit could be loaded with high pressure tanks and he can ride it to the surface. As far as fear, Stan tells the Admiral he doesn't understand but Nelson does-"You think that men who risk their lives aren't scared--that they don't know what fear is--they do."   The ship shakes and Nelson tells him that it scares him, too. Stan saves Nelson from a falling burning flaming circuit board but ends up under it, trapped so that Nelson can't move it.



B 24 has collapsed and there is flooding in Seaview. Nelson tries to lift the flaming board off Stan but puts the fire out and burns his hands. Crane puts Control Room fires out. Even though they lost some men, Sharkey reports, they managed to keep the collapsing hull to hold. Stan calls Crane from the Missile Room and tells him Nelson is suited up and he is sending him out. Crane calls back and tells Nelson to wait but gets no reply--he hears the diving tube flood. Ski and Lee cannot find Stan either--hiding? Phil turns on the Control Room monitor and they see the diver in the Deep Sea Suit. The air tanks blow up and the diver seems gone. Chip blames Stan Kowalski for Nelson's death--it didn't have to happen he claims. Crane orders all hands but work parties to lie on the deck--no moving, no talking--the air purity is in the danger zone. Someone comes down the nose ladder--Nelson. "Seeing a ghost, Lee."  Stan was the one outside--he hit Nelson with a spanner wrench (ouch!) and went out. Lee wonders, "Self sacrifice? Panic escape?"  A diving bell settles onto the top hatch--and in comes Stan, asking for permission to board. Only one tank blew and it blew him 50 feet starboard. The crew start to evacuate via the bell. Ski and Stan reunite. Krugar and some other men go up and the bell is a square one (the one used in THE CONDEMNED and THE SHAPE OF DOOM). Lastly, Crane, Chip, Sharkey, Ski, and Stan go up with Nelson as the computer alarms ring out. the atomic sub will blow in seconds. Nelson and Crane jump into the bell and it lifts off. They watch as the sub blows apart!



In the touching epilogue, Crane tells them that if they were 50 feet lower, they would have had it. Sharkey, looking out the window blankly, says, "I guess the Seaview's done for, lost."   Nelson says, "No, a team of divers will salvage it."  This will be done once the radiation levels taper down (how long would that be?). Stan tells Nelson he will need some pretty good men on a job that large--and he volunteers for it. Ski tells him, "C'mon, Stan, you're in no shape for a job like that."  Stan smiles, "Kid, I never felt better in my life."  Nelson smiles as Stan slaps his brother's shoulder.




REVIEW: Although there are some problems in this episode as far as the stock footage matching the direction of the torpedoes the sunken sub fires and how they manage to move right at Seaview (heat seeking maybe?), this episode is really quite good, as good as SUBMARINE SUNK HERE. For once, we see a relative of the men (Nelson's sister in THE TRAITOR wasn't really his sister and he only talked about her). While Stan gets a first name, Ski never really did! In the context of seasons three and four, DEADLY WATERS is a masterpiece, focusing on fear, survival, and courage as much as anything done in the entire series. As Stan, Don Gordon is very good, making him the most likeable of Seaview's "problem"  character visitors. His acting is quite good and the end result is satisfying. Future survival episodes include RESCUE and BLOW UP.


The interaction between Stan and the crew is very good. Chip, Sharkey, Krugar, and the rest get their say in against him as well as their stares. Nelson though makes history as giving Stan the notion that brave men are scared. I always liked his character--he's flaky and cranky at times but very warm at other times.















Writer-William Welch

Dir-A. March



Bainbridge Wells, a TV host of Science on the Move part of a filmed series on TV, is on B Atoll called Murro Atoll, an island 800 miles due west off the coast of Chile (one source said Morocco but this is not correct). He uses a device which has ultra sonic sound coming from it as bait for a local sea monster-man which materializes out of the water and charges. Bainbridge throws the sonic device into the area of his TV cameramen and crew and hides. The monster attacks them and kills them and goes back into the sea.



The GRAVEYARD OF FEAR opening music--a calm piece--is used as we see the dock area of Seaview (dock A). Patterson overhears Wells talking to Nelson. Nelson doesn't like what Wells stands for and dismisses him--Wells is in it for exploitation, not science and Wells admits his credentials are not scientific ones. He is in the business of science for his own good. He shows Nelson a photo of the monster which Nelson wants to examine for authenticity. Sharkey obtained emergency shore leave for Patterson but Patterson cancels it himself and stays on Seaview as it sets out. Sharkey shrugs, "Nobody tells me anything."  Wells lies to Nelson and Crane: he tells them his crew panicked and ran and the monster attacked them but he stood still and it left him alone. He tells them the film vanished beneath the ocean. Ski and others load tranquilizers. Sharkey tells the complaining Ski to write his congressmen. Pat comes in and asks for requisition for camera developing fluid. Sharkey shows Pat a picture of a gorgeous girl and wants Pat to develop it. Pat says he could make one from Kowalski's print. Sharkey takes it back and we hear the "Dr. Smith"  music from LOST IN SPACE. Seaview is 100 yards at Murro Reef. Pat asks Crane to dive to Murro Lagoon. Patterson calls himself the best underwater photographer on board. Nelson states Pat is not lacking in self confidence. He and Crane question Pat about the dive and his reasons for going: he knows more than he is telling. Patterson tells them the camera man didn't panic--he'd swear to it--the camera man was Patterson's father. Sharkey wants a man to go with Pat; Chip says Sharkey is right and tells the Chief to ask for volunteers. Sharkey tells Ski he just volunteered. Ski and Pat go out. Wells wants to use his device to attract the monster. As Ski and Pat swim we hear JONAH music. Ski finds the camera tripod. Nelson and Crane get a sonar signal of something thirty times a man size object. Crane calls the two divers back. Pat finds the magazine of film. The creature doesn't show on Seaview's instruments now--a thermal layer or a rock formation blocking the monster. The sonar man is the stocky stunt man they call Ron or Bron in this episode. They get a third blip--a smaller mansized creature. Crane looks at Nelson, "You mean they come in two sizes."  A roaring creature attacks Ski and Pat. Ron checks relays. Chip calls as a giant version of the beast looks in the nose window at them! The collision doors close Crane, Nelson, Wells, and Chip in the nose area as the beast tosses Seaview around and to the bottom.



Luckily there are no casualties. Crane orders no noise. Seaview's air is okay. Crane calls Ski--both are still on the bottom. Crane tells Sharkey that Pat and Ski are not answering and must be dead--Seaview has to get up and out of here. Sharkey wants to search but accepts they may be dead. Crane tells him, "Kowalski and Patterson aren't coming back."  Sharkey suddenly hears them on the hull in the missile room and calls Crane not to rise yet. The two come in. Crane shouts at Ski, who remains calm but Pat confesses it was his fault. The camera he had is gone due to the attacker. Crane sends him to his quarters--he'll deal with him later. Seaview blows ballast and goes up. Nelson in his cabin is smoking and drinking coffee (double yucko!). Wells wants them to stay, admitting he was pretty scared before and wanted to leave without the two divers. Nelson says, "We're all pretty scared."  He tells Wells they have to go home and prepare themselves for the next time man and monster cross paths. Wells talks about responsibility, that he is not a real scientist, and appeals to Nelson who is a real scientist. He wants to catch the new species and uses Nelson's love of science to get him to get Seaview out of deep water and to the island. Crane brings Nelson the film from the lagoon. Wells asks to keep it and takes it--it is his. Nelson gets Crane to go back to the island area but Crane will turn Seaview around and go if they pick up that giant again. Sharkey catches Patterson in "Officer's Country" and Pat refuses to leave. He asks Crane, who appears, to let him develop the film. Pat will find out how his father really died. Sharkey pulls Pat below, having already tried to cover for him. Sharkey, Ski, Wells, and Nelson go to the beach in a raft. They have tranquilizing darts that can pierce 2 inch armor at 50 yards. Wells starts the device signaler and the others put their dart guns down and secure the raft. The thing surprises them by coming out of the island jungle, not the water! It cuts them off from the tranquilizer rifles!



After a fight, the creature gets Nelson cornered and Nelson falls, cringing from it, having distracted it from the rifles and the raft. Sharkey shoots at the creature to save Nelson. Patterson goes in Wells's cabin and gets the film. In the lab, the thing is in a glass bunk-specimen tank. Nelson doesn't know its metabolism yet and wants Wells's device forgotten about--it could stimulate the monster to consciousness. Crane gets the giant on sonar and Nelson recommends running, "Sometimes it's smarter to run than to stay and fight."  Crane tells them to change coarse and go flank at all costs, adding to a bemused Chip, "...uh, unless you want to go another round with that thing out there!"  Chip agrees, "We'll hold flank till the reactor blows!"   Pat, in the lab, uses the screen to see the film he developed in the dark room off to the lab's side and the door to it is in the lab. Wells comes for Patterson's exclusive show--his father, he tells Wells is named Derek Patterson, did not die the way Wells said he did--Wells was the coward who hid while the monster killed the other men including Derek--in fact, Wells tossed the device in the middle of his men to make off while they were being killed. We hear some LOST IN SPACE-WILD ADVENTURE music. Wells then tossed the film into the water so no one would find it. He bribes Patterson with money, then attacks Pat and they fight. In the fight, the device goes off and the creature gets up. Wells punches Pat and flips him over a table. Pat is out but so is the creature which breaks out of the glass tank and rushes Wells, who backs into a corner. It moves at him!



Seaview outruns the giant monster. The other men get a specimen tank alarm alert. Nelson finds Wells dead--he paid for what he did already, Nelson tells Patterson, who wakes up. The door to the lab is off its hinges. Sharkey and Ski with weapon tranquilizers hear growls in the hallway in a tense sequence. Sharkey tells Ski to aim for its throat but one hall is empty. It comes at them from another way, they shoot it, but it continues. They shut the door so it cannot follow. It bangs on the door. Nelson helps Pat out of sickbay and finds the device which is still on. (QUESTION TIME: why did the monster leave if it is lured to the device--well, why did it leave without the device?). Nelson shuts the device off and goes out into the hallway. The monster comes at him. He runs and it follows and bangs on the door he shuts behind him. It comes through the wall. Nelson goes to the control room, angry and cranky. He says its immune to the tranquilizers and all water tight hatches should be closed. He orders them to raise the mini sub over its exit hatch. He runs down steps and creeps along in the hall. Nelson goes back to the device in the lab and gets it. He turns it on and goes into the vent. Crane clears the Missile Room and Nelson comes out of the vent into the Missile Room (which is pretty high up). The thing is in corridor 6, headed for the Missile Room. Chip tries to stop Lee due to the Admiral's orders not to follow him down or come into the Missile Room. Lee says, "You think I'm going to let him be killed because of an order!"  The thing tears the Missile Room door off and bangs it to the floor. It walks right toward Nelson!



Nelson throws the device into the sea down the mini sub hatch and the thing follows. Crane comes in, "Admiral, are you all right?"  Nelson answers, "Well, I am now."  Sharkey asks them if Patterson is still under arrest or what. Crane tells Sharkey to put him back to duty. The captain worries that there at least two more creatures out there. Nelson tells him someday they will come back for them--to study. Wells, after all, did leave a legacy to science. Crane says, "Let's head for home."


REVIEW: A really good action oriented episode. Yes, it had a monster but the monster sequences were fairly well handled. One thing noticed was that the monster didn't take the device when it was left on in the lab nor did it stay with it--it just left the lab. Not much about the monster is known and this is not always a bad thing. Richard Carlson was in some of the classic monster movies of the 1950s--IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA, EARTH VS THE FLYING SAUCERS, and THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, among others. He made this episode much better. I also like the fact that Patterson's father has a first name---even though Patterson himself doesn't seem to! Lee, in THE HEAT MONSTER, calls Patterson by the name of Malloy when telling Nelson about the heat monster's attack on Patterson and Ski. Malloy was a crewman in the first season as was someone called Malone (one source wrongly states that Crane called Patterson Malone in THE HEAT MONSTER--this is not true--Crane called him Malloy) so perhaps Malloy is Patterson's first name. In any case, this one showcased Patterson more than usual and Paul Trinka did a fine job in it, very believable. It is really the only episode where he gets to have center stage. The monster actually coming from the ocean, rather than outer space, is fine indeed and makes for a nice change in this aliens from space type season. In all, THING is much better than most alien and sea monster episodes. Sharkey's scenes with Patterson and Ski are very touching and funny...and he really does care about them.            





























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