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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Shadowman, No Escape from Death, Doomsday Island, The Wax Men

Chase - Posted on 04 October 2009


Writer-Rik Vollaerts

Dir-J. Addiss



ETA is 18 hundred hours as estimated by Space Control Station. Crane thinks Seaview was not meant to be run by only six men. It is also not meant to guide the launching of interstellar probes---but 3 others were sabotaged on land, thus Space Control wants it controlled from sea. Engine room has one man, Reactor Room has Sharkey, Chip is at master flight control room. Only Chip and Nelson were briefed on the control operations. Nelson tells Lee, "You see, everything's going to be all right."  They get a strange sonar bounce ahead. Something absorbs the sonar signal but something is moving at Seaview at three times its own flank speed. Nelson cannot turn down the volume on the sonar. Crane orders all back full. Seaview shakes as we hear WEREWOLF music. The lights go out and a shadow in the shape of a man appears near the nose ladder.



The control room vibrates and sparks (vibrates is up and down while shaking is back and forth). The shadow man vanishes. Crane gets up and puts fires on the radio shack and on the radar scope out. Nelson calls Master of Arms and Chip--who is on the floor in the Master Flight Control Room. At the nose viewports, Nelson and Lee see nothing but darkness. There is no light from the surface; even when Lee turns on the flood lights--they see nothing but pitch black. Nelson comments, "It doesn't even look like water!"  Shadowman awakens Chip and Chip does something to the controls to the radio to Space Control (one of many, many, long boring times Chip does do something to the master flight radio!). Nelson comes in and reminds him they have one hour and 45 minutes until the space probe they are to send up from Seaview control to Centauri system. Nelson receives the rocket on the pad via the three view screens in Chip's Flight Control room. When Nelson leaves, Chipper calls Space Command--and tells them all is well! Ski and Lee are in diving suits but they must go out using manual--no auto controls work. Lee asks Nelson about how Chip is--he's all right is Nelson's reply. Lee and Ski go into the tube but water won't fill it. They can't flood the hatch manually. Seaview is sealed in and they will be out of air before they could cut through the hull. A man at Space Command calls--Chip lies and cuts the radio again! Boring! We hear LOST IN SPACE music as well as heavy doses of DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. Shadowman talks to Chip--Chip will do what it says all by himself, he needs no one. It tells him no and then vanishes, laughing after it goes. Nelson fixes the intercom; Sharkey assesses the reactor--its output is dropping and fuel level is 98 percent. Something is sucking the radiation into thin air. Nelson wants a surge in two minutes. The Shadowman watches Sharkey in the Reactor Room. Nelson believes Seaview drove inside something. He makes Lee close the crash windows and calls Patterson to reroute all power to the nose laser. Nelson also asks Sharkey to give all the power he can--to pull the reactor rods if necessary. Lee fires the laser--Seaview shakes (argghhh!). We hear ENEMY BELOW music. The screens open--there is still blackness. A shadow comes on Lee's back and the Shadowman appears and vanishes. Lee gets a laser handgun from the locker and points a gun at Nelson's back as Nelson talks--about the dark mass absorbing power and energy. Nelson realizes something is wrong as he turns. Lee says, "Nothing's wrong, you've just got to die, that's all. Everyone on this ship's got to die."  He fires at Nelson, who ducks behind the plotting table and the pilot chairs!



CYBORG music as Nelson stands up and reasons with Lee as Kowalski slips down the nose ladder and jumps Crane. They all fight and Crane falls--unconscious? Nelson tells Ski, "One thing is for sure--the captain was not himself."  Nelson stops short in his talk and tells Ski to look as the shadowman appears. He believes it inhabits the mass surrounding Seaview. Nelson fires a hand laser gun and it is blown away. Nelson says, "Let's get the captain back to Sickbay (back? He wasn't there in the first place unless he meant back further into the ship). Lee, who's been faking, jumps up and runs up the nose ladder, kicking Ski away from it. Nelson and Ski go to the work-storage room where Nelson enlists Ski to make a device with a negative charge. Ski gets nervous and one device blows. He reversed the polarity. A full charge can destroy the Seaview. Shadowman takes Sharkey over in the Reactor Room and makes him turn it up. He is to kill any humans that come in. Good stock music as Sharkey is told and takes out a gun. Patterson comes walking in, talking, but ducks quickly as Sharkey fires at him. Pat ducks around the reactor and pushes Sharkey, then runs out. Crane, hiding in the armory, sees Pat pass by, so hits him down from behind. Sharkey tells Nelson Pat flipped out and pulls the rods, attacking him in the process. Nelson tells Ski not to let anyone into the work room. Ski figures 10 to 15 more minutes for the devices to be finished. It is one hour to ignition Space Command claims and it will turn over controls to Seaview in one hour and 16 minutes (what does all this mean? Who knows?). Chip cuts out the radio as Nelson knocks; then lets him in--he had it locked with a bar. Nelson explains what is happening to Chip while checking the system. Chip raises a wrench behind Nelson's head and back to hit him but Sharkey calls--the reactor is going haywire. Nelson turns to Chip, "Get the transmitter fixed!"  After he leaves, the alien appears and tells Chip he's done well. Taking over each one of the men depletes the energy of the shadowmen--they must join us, it says, or die. It tells him two minutes after Nelson reaches the reactor, he and all others will die (then why worry about taking them over at all?!). Pat, apparently recovered, begs Ski to let him into the workroom. He tells Ski that Sharkey is one of the aliens and tried to kill him. Ski lets him in but holds a wrench first. Pat tells Ski, "you blockhead" to warn the Admiral--he's walking into a trap. Pat runs to help Nelson. Nelson finds Sharkey pulling the rods and orders them back in. He goes to controls to check and turns to Sharkey, "What is wrong with you? Where do you get these ideas?"  Crane comes from behind the reactor and hits Nelson down. The reactor will blow and all will die. Ho-hum. The room shakes and explosions hit.



Nelson rolls on the floor as Seaview shakes. SKi is thrown around and starts to run out but Chip is there and Ski tells him what's happening (another "what's happening"  scene is all we need--NOT!). Chip closes the door and lies that Nelson is all right. Ski explains the thing outside sucks energy (kind of like this episode). Ski is good with his hands, he claims, but for planning---you can't beat the Admiral--he's 1000 leagues ahead of me. Pat finds Nelson and thought the reactor blew--it did Nelson exclaims. Seaview and the land area around it would have been blown up. Nelson claims the mass around them absorbed all the energy. The two push the rods in. Shadowman appears--he is from Centauri he says--the target that their interstellar probe was to reach. The alien bawks when Nelson tells it he and the Earth people are friendly.  Shadowman explains he and his kind have observed Earthlings for a long time and seen their manmade disasters, wars, and careless destruction. The aliens want none of this to infect their "peaceful civilization."   Nelson bawks when the alien claims they are peaceful. They act in self defense it says, then adds, "One by one you shall kill each other."  It moves at Nelson with its hand out. Nelson tells Pat to push the rest of the rods in and to stay back when Patterson wants to let it come after him. It raises its arms and hands as it corners Nelson but vanishes. With the reactor shut, it lost its source of energy. Ski tells Chip things are not normal, "What with the Skipper being the enemy, the Chief running wild, Patterson just being here..."  Nelson and Pat come in. Chip lies (sigh--again). Ski has one device finished and is working on the other. Nelson wants one for each of them and orders Pat to get four lasers. Chip asks if Nelson would use the lasers to kill Captain Crane and the Chief. Nelson's answer: "Yes, yes, yes, I would." Nelson, between this scene and the next one he is in, must have put on a dark black vest of some kind which will contain Ski's device. In one of the most cold blooded scenes in the entire VOYAGE series, Patterson runs right into Crane and Sharkey in the hallway--they emerge from a room they were hiding in. Pat tries to talk himself out of it and runs. Crane shoots him in the back. Crane: "The Admiral will tell us how to destroy the space probe."  Space Flight Room: Nelson turns a switch and hears the Space Command voice trying to call. He turns, knowing full well it is Chip, "There's nothing wrong with their transmission--but there's certainly something wrong with you."    As Chip lies some more, Nelson says, "Come off it, Chip! It's you!" Nelson calls Space Command and issues a red alert and starts to say, "The Seaview has been taken over..."  but Crane shoots him from the door. Nelson falls; Chip pulls the radio out. The Shadowman appears--he will now take over the mind of Admiral Nelson and success will be "ours."



As it moves to integrate itself with Nelson, the Admiral turns and hits a switch. It vanishes and the three men falls. Nelson tells Space Command but the automatic controls will be turned over to Seaview. Space Command tells Nelson if he cannot get the probe going from Seaview, they may lose the race to the stars. Crane shoots the radio (thank goodness--no more radio filler), Nelson hides in an alcove (?). He knocks the gun from Lee's hand and hits Lee out (again). Ski comes in and helps. Nelson tells him the bullet proof vest saved his life and tells him Ski's gadget drove the alien away. Nelson risks keeping the three men here--dumb move. Some planner he is. Tie them up or something! To make more work, Ski needs mini batteries--but they've all been wrecked (Chip probably). The pair find Pat near the deck ladder--badly hurt. Nelson makes Ski carry him to the Missile Room. Sharkey and Chip come to the hall; Lee also. Nelson shoots at them and runs. The three get more weapons from the armory-arsenal. Nelson figures the nuclear warhead torpedoes can blast Seaview out of the mass. Ski gets the first aid kit to help Pat. Chip asks, "Do we have to kill the Admiral and the others?"  Crane says, "Nelson has to die now, he's too dangerous."  The door lock is in the process of being blown off the Missile Room door. Ski moves Pat out of firing range and helps Nelson load the torpedoes. Shadowman appears and moves over Ski. Nelson works the controls and talks to Ski with his back to him. When Nelson turns, he sees Ski with a gun, "Oh no!"  He hides behind the control box. Chip blows the hatch off. From behind the control device, Nelson tosses a gas bomb--the alien vanishes. Crane fires the gun. Blasts shakes Seaview.



Nelson tells Crane they have been through a long nightmare (and us too!). Nuclear energy killed the Shadowman--overloaded it. The spaceship--the mass around Seaview absorbed most of the blast. They hear water fill the tubes. Seaview has some power back. The probe will still be launched (?). Why do that now when we know there are aliens there who are hostile to us and who will attack us if we try? Nelson gives quick orders--Chip must contact flight control and tell them about the Centauri aliens, Ski must get Pat to Sickbay, Sharkey must restore full power, and Captain Crane, Nelson says, "Take charge Captain."  The men who were taken over don't remember. Nelson, after the others leave, starts to leave also, but looks at the outline of the shadowman on the wall where it was blown. He nods, shaking his head and goes out.


REVIEW: This is most boring episode. Perhaps not the worst but the most tedious. Chip sabotages the radio three times, Crane knocks out or shoots Patterson a few times, not to mention Nelson. Characters explain over and over what we've already seen. The only real menace comes from the Shadow creature itself, an interesting concept and design, much better handled on LOST IN SPACE-THE GALAXY GIFT and WRECK OF THE ROBOT. On both of those episodes, the aliens wore hats and capes---and in THE GALAXY GIFT were called Saticons. In WRECK OF THE ROBOT, they were not. Are they the same aliens in both episodes? Are both of these episodes linked in any way to SHADOWMAN? Maybe. Maybe not. Fans have interesting ideas about all of this but the shows themselves did not have any real link, story wise, just a mention that they are from Centauri. The voice sounds like Jim Mills who voiced or played the creatures on LOST IN SPACE. If the alien mass can absorb energy, why didn't it absorb the torpedoes? I guess it was too much power for it to absorb. Then if it didn't absorb the power--wouldn't the excess have destroyed Seaview...or maybe just shaken it up like it. We also get long drawn out scenes of shaking, explosions, and gunplay. None of this amounts to anything exciting. The entire episode is filled with morbidity--people lying, shooting, fighting, etc. It makes for a very negative atmosphere, one which the show nearly excelled at here--to bad effect. Add to that the confining (although nice) sets of just being on the Seaview--how many times can you watch the Control Room, the Circuitry Room, etc--and you get a very claustrophobic show, especially and mostly when the worst stories take place entirely aboard Seaview! The original concept of Seaview as peacemaker and as an explorer vessel has been lost on this episode and others like it--these horrible episodes include DOOMSDAY ISLAND and DEADLY CLOUD. Along with THE HAUNTED SUBMARINE, THE TERRIBLE LEPRECHAUN, NO ESCAPE FROM DEATH, THE HEAT MONSTER, NIGHT OF TERROR, and a few others, they comprise the absolute worst of VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. Still it is a small handful of episodes (about 8 or 9) among 110 shows. Not a bad record but one sometimes feels as if one will not get through such terrors as the awfully boring SHADOWMAN.



































Writer-William Welch

Dir-Harry Harris   



Kowalski, Crane, and Chip have picked up a sub which ignores and plays tag with Seaview, running silent. It may be a sub supplying materials to a sea lab Seaview is looking for. Nelson calls Crane. Seaview rigs for silent running--no movement aboard allowed and the computer lights remain still. The other sub closes in at range 100; no hydrometer sound. It drifts close as Seaview drifts toward it (cheaply enough, we don't see the other sub drifting at Seaview). They have no room to maneuver so Lee wants to warn the other sub and stops silent running. The sub bears down on Seaview. Crane starts to warn the crew, "Rig for collision!"  Seaview shakes. Nelson falls from his desk in his cabin. Everyone shakes!



This episode is not the first to use ENEMY BELOW music but this is the first to use an extensive amount of it--almost the whole hour is filled with this great score--one of the best things about NO ESCAPE FROM DEATH, which is filled with stock footage. Nelson falls to the floor; the Missile Room detail is cut off from the other part of the ship; Chip orders fires out; the Engine Room is taking in water. Crane tells them to evacuate forward. Chip says, "That sub deliberately rammed us."  Lights go out. Water is filling aft. Crane wants to check the main generator and leaves. Nelson gets up, falls against his door as the ship is slanting. His room is red from the power failure and emergency lighting. On his cabin screen Nelson watches SUBMARINE SUNK HERE, a bit tinted in other colors! Men close a hatch on a man who yells, "Let me out!"  It seemed as if he could have been saved. Nelson sees another man trapped and banging on a hatch as he turns the viewer to another channel (?). Nelson leaves his cabin. Two men (one wearing a sailor's hat from season one) get out of another door as water comes in; Seaview continues to go down. Chip watches SUBMARINE SUNK HERE on the control room screen as men are getting other men out of the lower hatches which are to rooms that are flooding. Nelson and men help others out but one falls into the room and it seems he cannot be saved. He drowns. He is left and the hatch closed. Chip winces. Seaview drifts now. Nelson says, courtesy of SUBMARINE SUNK HERE, "Brace yourselves everybody, we're going to hit bottom!"  Seaview hits a rock and scraps it bottom from the other side. The main generator is okay. Intercom out. Chip gets Ski and Patterson to work on it. Engine room is flooded Sharkey tells him and they lost two men. Three compartments between the Missile Room and the Engine Room are flooded and the number four bulkhead companionway is weak. Crane wants to find Nelson--he hasn't seen him since they hit. Two men turn past fires, one puts a fire out. The other turns a valve and to turn off the steam or gas (?). Pat and Ski are in a slanted hall, then they check a room that is on fire. They get extinguishers and begin putting it out. Crane finds Nelson's cabin empty. Nelson finds Ski and Pat finishing off the fire. Crane moves down the slanted deck ladder and opens a floor hatch. In a hall, men use wood (?) to wedge the bulkhead. Crane moves by. Sharkey tells him one of the engine room crewmen told him that he saw the Admiral when Nelson helped him out of the engine room. Crane moves on as lights blink red. Nelson goes to rooms and looks in. Smoke comes up and seems to follow him. He gets an extinguisher and uses it on the fire in a huge storage crate room. Seaview begins to shake violently, shaking two men near steaming gas. They move past it. Nelson is hit by water which is coming in and boxes fall on him and he falls between two crates, water pouring over him! (SUBMARINE SUNK HERE).



Pat and Ski put the fire out. Seaview vibrates up and down, settling on the bottom, Ski says. Pat says it sounds like they are breaking up. Ski doubts the other sub rammed them on purpose. Pat asks, "You think we'll get out of this one?"  Crane passes and they tell him which way Nelson went. Crane moves on and looks in the room where Nelson is. Crane rushes in and saves Nelson. He gets the wet Admiral to Ski and Patterson, calling for their help. Ski tells them there is a short in the main intercom. Pat can splice a new wire into it. Frame 40 will hold, Sharkey claims. Later in the control room, the assess the damage: Crew Quarters is tight and dry, 12 men are missing--presumed dead, four injured. Crane tells them the ballast tank pumps and the engines are out. Nelson figures for six hours of air. Ski finds sonar jammed by interference. Chip asks Ski who seems tired if he needs to be relieved. Ski says, "No, I'm okay, Mr. Morton."  Pat, on the radio, hears static. They cannot send or receive. Nelson and Crane inspect the whole ship. Sharkey figures the jammed gear in starboard (from frames 51 to 53) tanks need to be fixed. Crewman Clark--the best electrician's mate in the crew--volunteered--he will have to crawl past high voltage wiring, water, and dividers. No problem--he did this in HAIL TO THE CHIEF but no one seems to remember. Via stock footage from HAIL, Clark crawls through the duct and to an interconnecting passageway, gets to the jammed gear and has quite a time trying to un-jam it. He drops the wrench and gets his arm caught in the gear. Crane jumps into the duct and frees him. All this in between Nelson and Sharkey exchanging worried looks. Two men and Sharkey leave Sickbay's door and go into the hallway--we don't see Doc but Sharkey reports to Nelson and a wet Crane--Doc gave Clark something for the lacerations; Clark's arm is not broken. Nelson asks Crane what he was saying about the induction valve and Crane tells them the main induction valve is cracked. Nelson asks Sharkey to see how good his machinists are--they must make a new induction valve. Chip asks Lee, calling him Lee, to level with him, "What do you think?"  Crane figures they have one hour of air, 20 minutes after that, they all die. He wants to open the collision screens. Chip tells him damage repair advises against it. On the Control Room screen, they see the other sub, crushed on the bottom. Off starboard, the see the sea lab--it must be they who are auto jamming Seaview. Crane thinks with the new helium mixture in the tanks of divers, they can dive at this depth--they will be okay. Nelson wants them to tap the air supply of the sea lab using a hose. Pat, Ski, and Lee dive outside. Sharkey and Nelson see divers on the screen in the Missile Room. Lee suddenly warns Pat and Ski. Something is all around them! Nelson watches the screen--seeing a giant jellyfish--its arms reaching out for all of them! Via GRAVEYARD OF FEAR.



Nelson knows what the sealab was developing. The air hose is not strong enough to pull them back. Chip comes in and sees the monster. Inside the monster via JONAH AND THE WHALE, Lee, Ski, and Pat crawl past hairy vines which are inside the creature (hey, wait, this is supposed to be inside a jelly fish, not a whale)?!?

Sharkey says if we can't reach them--they are all dead. Nelson nods, "We don't know that."  A vent alarm goes off; Chip asks what the verdict is (a movie with Paul Newman--sorry). They have less than one hour (what again?). The diving party has one hour of air. Nelson tries to raise spirits with, "At least we'll all go together."  Crane tells Ski and Pat to stow the knives. Chip gets the new induction valve from engineering. Nelson says it should work but they will have to be careful installing it--one more fire will use up what little oxygen they have. With it, they can blow ballast. Nelson orders Sharkey to load missiles one and four. "If the divers are alive," Sharkey tells him, "...and we fire the will kill the divers. Nelson yells, "Will you just load them!"  In the blubber of the jellyfish, Crane checks ahead and tells the two not to move for 5 minutes. The induction valve is being put in by men in the Circuitry Room---holdo, stopo! Didn't Crane see it cracked while he was deep inside the duct when he reached Clark?!?! How could it now be installed in the Circuitry Room? The crewman, tired and overworked, asks for a wrench. Chip wonders if he should stop. The man is sweating as are all in the Circuitry Room. The man drops the wrench, a fire starts, controls spark. Chip rings the fire alarm but falls as fire spreads.



Two men put the fire out as Nelson helps Chip out (others dead?). Nelson brings Chip to the control room and gives him oxygen. Chip says, "We've had it."  Nelson orders no talking, no moving around and then calls Sharkey, authorizing him to use oxygen in the locker on himself, not the others in the crew. Sharkey asks about the men but Nelson reminds him if they are to get out of this, he, Chip, and Sharkey must remain on their feet. He calls the Circuitry Room--the valve will go ahead and be put in when the fire is totally out. Patterson's foot gets stuck in the jellyfish-blubber (OK, I'll stop). The ultrasonic gun won't work thus Crane uses the laser. The dialogue here is really bad as it has to fit the motions from the stock footage of JONAH AND THE WHALE. The thing shakes. Circuitry Room calls Nelson--the fire is out and the valve in. Nelson and Chip go to the pilot seats and Seaview shakes but goes on up. Chip opens the view screens and they see the monster at the viewport (WEREWOLF music heard). Nelson tells Sharkey to stand by for firing. Chip tells Nelson, "Lee's still inside that creature alive."  Nelson says, "Don't you think I know that?!"  Sharkey reminds him of it also via the intercom, "What about the diving party?"  The screens are closed again and Nelson orders Sharkey to fire. Sharkey's hand reaches up to the firing button--slowly--he tries not to fire but continues to move his hand up.



Sharkey can't fire. He tells this to Nelson who orders him again. Sharkey calls Nelson and asks if they can pull the air hose to get the men out or if they can pump something in through it. Nelson thinks--air might irritate it. He orders the air hose to be attached to the air revitalizing pump. Chip warns they may use up what little air they now have. Nelson and Chip go to the sonar, putting Seaview on automatic. Chip says, "We're too late--we've got to fire."  Chip then sees blips--the divers. The divers get into the hatch (ENEMY BELOW music). Sharkey fires the torpedoes and the creature is blown away. Seaview shakes. Crane and Nelson watch on the screen and see the lab was destroyed by the missiles and the monster. Nelson figures the lab was working on some new form of Portuguese Man of War and the experiment got away from them. Crane isn't complaining that they will never know for sure--he never expected to know anything again.


REVIEW: Clever use of stock footage--in fact most of it is stock footage. This alone doesn't exactly endear it to me. The music from THE ENEMY BELOW is marvelous but hardly makes up for the really silly non existent plot. One of the reasons VOYAGE is my least favorite Irwin Allen series is that it used so much stock footage--which in and of itself is not too bad--but the stories where this was done...began to be built around the footage, not the characters. This is a big no-no and is why LOST IN SPACE, THE TIME TUNNEL (yes, I know they used stock footage but not so much from their OWN episodes as VOYAGE did), and especially LAND OF THE GIANTS (almost no stock footage in all 51 episodes--with the one exception being GRAVEYARD OF FOOLS--the last one!) all stand out as better than VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. It did last longer but the tales told were not about the sea and its possibilities. In addition, the crewmen, who remain mostly nameless (there was a Ron in many episodes) are not drawn out--almost non-entities, there to just die and many seemed to be played by stunt men. The fire sequence, while exciting, is plain old incompetence on the part of the characters. The episode must have been very cheap to make since it used no guest stars and reels and reels of stock footage from the listed episodes: SUBMARINE SUNK HERE, HAIL TO THE CHIEF, JONAH AND THE WHALE, and GRAVEYARD OF FEAR. Linking the innards of the JONAH whale with the outside of the jellyfish from FEAR was just too much, especially since we saw outer whale footage in THE SHAPE OF DOOM and had a first season whale tale in THE GHOST OF MOBY DICK as well as a first season jelly fish tale in MUTINY. Whales and reels and reels of stock would return to plague SECRET OF THE DEEP, much better episode than NO ESCAPE FROM DEATH.









Writer-Peter Germano

Dir-Jerry Hopper


Chip and Ski bring up a net, during routine specimen collecting. Nelson and Sharkey are in the Flying Sub and look for an uncharted island. The fly low over the ocean. Calling Crane, the confirm they are where it should be: L54, M32, vector 7. Seaview's net brings up an egg. Chip posts Ski in the hall outside the Missile Room. Ray is left alone inside to do work. There is a neat zoom in on the egg which moves. A red faced, beady eyed monster, shaped like a human with arms and legs, bursts from the egg and crushes Ray's head, moaning like the alien monster from LOST IN SPACE's WISH UPON A STAR as well as the cyborgs in SPACE DESTRUCTORS.                 


Ski hears noises in the Missile Room. He goes in, checks Ray, and turns as the monster attacks him. The monster is moaning and making odd sounds, clicking sounds above all its other noises. It fights Ski but knocks him out against the bell winch. The music we hear is stock and is used often in THE TIME TUNNEL (see MERLIN and others). The Flying Sub flies up into Seaview. Nelson and Lee find Ski alive and Ray dead (Nelson checks). He warns the Master of Arms, "There's a dangerous creature aboard."  "Aye,"  a silly sounding voice replies. Nelson wants to find the breeding ground of these eggs. Chip orders a search of the ship to find the monster. On the upright clear map in the Control Room, Nelson shows Lee where sighting of the monster took place: a giant one at an atoll five weeks ago; again near an island two weeks ago, and another ten days ago. All centered around where the island they were hunting should have been. Sharkey get coordinates from the computer. The monster's face is at the Reactor Room window, watching Patterson, who spots it and calls the Control Room. Chip calls, "Get out of there, Patterson, that thing's a killer!"  The music used here is very good. Patterson tries to open the door after it comes in and he hid behind the reactor but it throws him. It also tosses two men who shoot it with tranquilizers. They both fall (dead?). It moves aft and toward engineering and maneuvering. Ski and Lee go out of Seaview in the Flying Sub and fly up past Seaview's nose window. It also flies in the sky. Crane sweeps it south. Ski spots the island. They just were over that area and it wasn't there. Crane calls Nelson. "I believe it but I don't quite understand it,"  Nelson says. At 500 feet, the Flying Sub is pulled down. The control panel bursts; the Flying Sub hits the water and keeps going down--the depth is critical and the controls don't respond. They patch in the emergency reactor but there are more blasts. The Flying Sub hits bottom side first. Depth: 1200. The two men hear a noise. Suddenly, they are frozen in place, still. One of the creatures rises up from the bottom hatch!



It unfreezes Crane and Kowalski. "I have no intention of harming you,"  it tells them, its words slow and deliberate. Lee takes out a gun but it freezes him and Ski again. It makes them vanish along with itself. Nelson relieves engineering of duty and posts two guards. There is an electrical disturbance and they lose the Flying Sub on radar and sonar. Nelson orders them to head to the island at flank. The alien, Lee, and Ski appear on the beach. It takes Lee's gun from his hand, then un-stiffens them. Crane says the rest of what he started to say before he was frozen. The alien tells him the things it does are force ray power from Scorpius--its home planet. Ski says to Crane, "They almost look like most human amphibians."  The creature tells them his people and he have been here a long time and speak many languages. The two men try to run but it freezes them again. In the last freeze scene here, the bit of brief music is used in LOST IN SPACE-FLIGHT INTO THE FUTURE. We also hear a great deal of music from THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. The thing on Seaview beats guards up. One shoots it (DEADLY INVASION alien music). The thing is clicking away and chokes one guard against the wall, the other banged hard into the other wall. It goes into the engine room. Another crewman (who I think was killed by THE MUMMY) finds the rifle of the guard (that was banged) on the floor and attacks it in the engine room. It falls into circuits. Seaview shakes and the crewman with the rifle, falls into the back wall--hard. The engine room is most unlike the one seen in THE HEAT MONSTER and other episodes. It seems to have a different door and the circuits are a great deal like the Circuitry Room panels. This sequence is extremely violent but perhaps not as bad as the outright gore used in today's films and TV shows (like the disgusting THE X FILES). The engine room and engineering are damaged and maneuvering is shorted. The planes on the main rudder propulsion (whatever) do not have control. There are no more repair crews to work on other areas. Sharkey finds the steering locked. Seaview is dead in the water. Nelson goes down a hall and finds the three men--calling for help--saying there are 3 more casualties (does this mean they are dead or badly injured?). He walks out--just like that. Two alien in a cave-lab have Lee and Ski. The alien with his deep voice approaches the screen and orders them to do so. Eggs are all over the island beach on the screen. There is an embryo in each egg which will produce a fully mature creature of their race. Turbulence tore lose the egg that Seaview found. The alien explains that it was Seaview that gave him the clue to what he has really been seeking (bright alien?!?!): he wants the nuclear reactor which will enable him to hatch the eggs quicker--overnight there will be millions of them using the low grade (hey, don't knock it fella!) radiation from Seaview. The aliens have been waiting centuries for the eggs to hatch (talk about devoted prenatal care!). With the hatching, they will take over Earth as they have taken over other planets but first they will take over Seaview (don't all alien races make their first objective? maybe its a matter of owning a symbol of power). The monster on Seaview walks down the nose ladder. Sharkey sees it first, "Mr. Morton."  Chip orders all the men not to move. Then he tries to move at it. Sharkey stops him, "No, sir, that thing'll kill ya."  Chip wants Sharkey to distract it so he can get to the arms locker near the nose ladder. Sharkey wants to attack it so Chip has some kind of chance. Chip orders him to do as he says. The beastie freezes all

the men and makes them all vanish.


Odd but good music here as the monster inspects the Control Room, touching the computer. It fits in well and sounds like stock music. Seaview shakes and vibrates. Nelson falls on the deck ladder. Pat tells Nelson the Amrak computer has shorted out--he could tell this from the Reactor Room. Pat couldn't raise engineering. Nelson and Patterson walk in to the back door of the Control Room (good alien music from MONSTER FROM THE INFERNO) and see the creature in the nose. Nelson tells Pat to make for the arms locker. The two walk but...right into an invisible field---Nelson hitting his head. Pat says it is some kind of force field but without any electrodes or generators. The pair go out to try to get at it from another way. Ski asks what the alien has done to Mr. Morton and the others. They must have been watching this all on the cave alien's screen. The alien tries to calm their notions of getting even, "Revenge is certainly one of the weakest human characteristics."  It will destroy Seaview and recover the nuclear reactor for the hatching. Crane tells him not to count the Admiral out yet. Nelson and Pat go down the nose ladder. They do not see the creature anywhere. Nelson gets a laser hand gun and the monster attacks from behind the brown screen wall--why wait until Nelson took out the gun? Pat jumps the monster and there is a big fight. Nelson lasers it and it vanishes in a blast. The crew reappear. Chip is rushing at what he thought was the creature when it first came down into the control room, "It's you, Admiral."  Nelson says, "Hmmmhmmm, who'd you thing it was."  Chip answers--the thing was here. Nelson says, "And you weren't."   He explains to Chip that they all under the influence of some kind of forcefield. The alien wonders what Ski and Lee's phrase, "...don't count out...,"  means. It tells another of its kind to prepare the Flying Sub--which was in 1200 feet of water--for use by Lee and Ski. The aliens can transport solid objects easily. They will bring the Flying Sub to the island. Crane hits the alien as Ski runs. Lee finds his punch has no effect; Ski runs into and hits the forcefield and falls. The alien makes them walk to the Flying Sub. They see the Flying Sub control room but the whole bow is missing! The control room is within solid rock! Two guards move Lee and Ski into the seat of the sub. There is 30 minutes until Seaview can get full maneuvering. Pat gets a reading of something moving at 60 knots and coming at Seaview. It is like a missile but the sonar bounce indicates it is like the Flying Sub in size. There is some kind of fuzzy homing beam. Chip checks and thinks it is the Flying Sub. Nelson orders, "Prepare torpedoes of immediate launching."  Chip protests so Nelson yells, "Chip!"  Chip orders them prepared. Nelson asks Pat to use the telescopic lens to see the object--they see the Flying Sub. Pat makes the image get closer and they view Lee and Ski at the controls but they are stiff. Chip continues to protest as Nelson orders the torpedoes fired. Nelson gets the mike and orders the Missile Room to fire. Two torpedoes blow the Flying Sub apart!



Blast bubbles hit Seaview. Controls burst and more bubbles hit and shake the sub. Fires are put out. Chip is mad that Nelson blew the Flying Sub out of the water. Nelson explains, "We are under attack by what--how do I know--aliens, amphibians."   Chip agrees that, "There's something going on we don't understand."   Nelson figures the Flying Sub was an illusion; Chip catches on. Nelson looks in the periscope. The alien unfreezes Lee and SKi who had their images in the fake Flying Sub control room used to try to fool Seaview. When the alien says the word IMAGE, the voice sounds different as if it was dubbed in or dubbed over, perhaps by someone different! It moved the image of Lee and Ski to Seaview. It sets off a blocking forcefield and moves off. Crane and Ski hit it. Nelson and Chip see the island now. It materialized, Nelson says, when he was looking at empty sea. Why? The alien hits a switch and Seaview moves at the island. Perhaps the forcefield of the alien (the field being used to block out the sight of the island) had to be turned off for him to move Seaview at the island. Why didn't the aliens just do this from the start? Then there would have been no episode. Good! With no power on, Seaview heads at the island--at full. Nelson orders Sharkey to prepare more torpedoes. Chip questions Nelson who knows Captain Crane and Kowalski are still on the island. Nelson readies to blow it up anyway. Ski and Lee find hand lasers in the floor cabinet of the Flying Sub--Lee reckons the aliens are so advanced they probably don't know what guns are since handguns are in their far past (but since the aliens have been on Earth for centuries---shouldn't a quick study have told the aliens what guns are?). Also--if the alien was monitoring the Seaview--wouldn't he--at the very least---have heard Chip and Sharkey talking about getting the laser guns? Maybe not. Dough! Ski wonders what will happen to them if the forcefield reflects the lasers. The two men fire and the forcefield breaks---and we hear it shatter and break as if glass has! Crane says, "Let's go find our friends and stop them!"  Sharkey will have to fire missiles manually. Nelson tells him to cut the time in half. Sharkey yells at the men to do so. Seaview is in 250 feet of water, moving at the shore; soon 163 feet and will soon be aground! Nelson says, "Then we'll fire when we're aground!"  He calls Sharkey, "Fire when ready--don't wait for the order!"  63 feet of water! Seaview shakes and all fall down. Nelson calls from the floor, "Chief, you get those missiles away!"  The Missile Room firing board sparks and the control devices spark, the men on the floor! Nelson calls over and over!



On screen, the alien see Seaview in shallow water (really just a shot of the large almost gold-gray-silver model on the surface). Crane lasers the alien control device. The monster roars, angry. Crane stopped the force ray that would make Seaview his. Ski and Crane fire lasers and he blows up, too. The pair run for the beach. Sharkey and the men in the MR get up. Nelson calls, "Missile Room, what's wrong? Fire the missiles!"  Sharkey does this by putting gloves on and putting a cable into the board, telling the other man to push the button and hold it in. The missiles fire and the island blows up. Chip asks, "Do you think Crane and Kowalski could have..."  Nelson cuts him off, "Chip, we have enough to salvage Seaview...."  In the conning tower, they hear a noise and Crane and Kowalski come down. They made it to the sail (?) when the missile blew up. Nelson says, "We thought we lost you."  They rejoice and the two wet men are taken for dry clothes. Nelson turns and ponders his luck it seems. Seaview sails away.


REVIEW: Yuck! Really bad episode. The only thing going for it is the wildly well made outfits for the monster aliens. NO ESCAPE FROM DEATH had lots of stock footage but compared to this, it is much more viewable. The monster designs may be the best on the entire series and indeed, best of all the Irwin Allen monsters; however, a good monster doesn't make a good episode. We had less stock footage but there was some: the Flying Sub hitting bottom for one and other Flying Sub footage. Pass on this island vacation. Next.


MORE NOTES: For some reason, some references state the leader alien is named Lars!?










































Writer-William Welch

Dir-H. Jones

Music-Robert Drasnin (an excellent score!)



At a dock, Seaview has crates loaded onto it. Ski checks the crates for metal. 1437862 on the manifest. Sharkey wonders if Seaview's become a cargo ship. Chip says, "I just follow orders."  (Isn't that true--and mostly with little fluctuation in tone, personality, or expression).Sharkey asks what the cargo is and is told wax statues supposedly from Lost Atlantis being shipped for a Washington exhibition. Nelson is upset that Lee is not back yet. Ski leaves the Missile Room and when it is empty, a crate opens up--and diminutive man--dressed as a clown, emerges!



We see the clown, freeze framed. Cut to Sharkey and Ski returning. Ski tells him they don't expect trouble on this trip. Sharkey tells him, "Place it in your hat, when you don't expect trouble, that's just when you get it."  Ski jokes, "Sharkey's law."  They find the crate opened and the statue gone. Sharkey says, "A statue just doesn't get up and walk away."  On this ship? Who's he kidding? Ski wonders if the guys are playing some kind of prank or joke. Sharkey sees the clown resting behind the missile silos--in a little seen section of the Missile Room. He and Ski pick up the metal piece the clown is resting on and find it very heavy. Is this filler? After they put him down and leave, he starts to breath and smiles. Soon, the clown (yes, that was filler) walks in the Seaview hall (where are all the men?). Ski and Sharkey go to Nelson in the hallway. Nelson just walks away. Nelson, the real one, is in his cabin and he calls Mr. Morton, asking about Captain Crane. The clown and the fake, pasty faced Nelson enter Nelson's cabin door. Nelson shines his light at the wax figure--it is him, holding a dart gun which it fires at the real Nelson. The clown makes the other Nelson sit. Soon, the whole crew is wax in the Control Room. Lee comes down from the conning tower and asks Chip where the deck watch is. He finds Chip quieter than ever and odd. Sharkey, Ski, and the other men don't talk either. Crane takes the chart from Chip and checks the course, then relieves Mr. Morton of his duty. The clown comes to Lee, "Welcome aboard Captain Crane."



Crane ducks as the clown fires a dart at him. Using the closing safety doors as a distraction, Crane shoots the wax Chip who fires darts at him---after being shot. Crane runs out and to Nelson's cabin, telling Nelson the crew has been turned into zombies. The clown is listening on a radio and voices the wax Nelson's words with his own lips. Lee asks, "Who's that little man running around dressed like a clown? He tried to kill me."  I'm not sure he's right--the darts did not seem to be death darts. Lee looks closer at Nelson and hears water--alerting him to the realization that Seaview is underway. He asks Nelson, "Did you give the order to get underway?"  The clown tells the crew to dive Seaview. Alarms sound and the sub does dive off the surface. The clown calls Captain Crane and demands he surrender. Crane appeals to all hands on the intercom. The wax men listen to him including the pilots at the steering helm. Crane tells anyone who isn't taken over to report to him in the Missile Room, "We're taking back our ship!"  Wax crewmen with darts walk all over the ship. Crane goes to the Crew's Quarters and sees men still at the table. He goes out to the Missile Room. Sharkey comes in. Lee asks if he's all right now. Ski and the others come in--all wax men. One appears to be a Hispanic crewman. Crane warns them to keep back--he'll shoot. They surround him into the missile control area. The clown laughs, coming in. He takes Crane's gun. Lee is told the small man was a circus clown. He talks in circles, "Every plan has a flaw. I neglected to provide for you, Captain Crane."  The real statues were taken by the clown and his put in. Crane gets irritated, "You're talking in riddles, just say what you mean."  The clown says, "Like you I respect that plain talk saves time. So Captain, to be blunt, I propose to kill you---now!"  He moves the real gun up at Crane.



Lee pulls a cord from the missiles and Seaview shakes (the shaking for once giving Lee an advantage--he's used to it!). Crane runs out. The clown, mad, order the wax figures to find and kill him! Crane hides in a hall as men shuffle past. He goes under the deck ladder as wax men pass. He sneaks around the halls which are empty. In the Crew Quarters, which is now empty, he takes his formal jacket off and gets a crowbar, then hides as Ski, Sharkey, and two other men walk in slowly--wax men--searching if you can call it that. They round the table from different sides. They go out. Lee goes out to the Reactor Room. Sharkey-waxman-comes at Lee as Crane attempts to open the reactor room with the crowbar. Lee knocks down the dartgun and bats at Sharkey with the crowbar. Sharkey continues to attack him! Lee runs down the hall and to his cabin. He opens the bathroom door, washes his face, and then sits behind his desk. He drinks some water on his desk. He hears a sound. The clown opens the hatch and closes it outside the door to the cabin. With the dart gun the clown comes into Crane's room--Crane is gone. The clown can't open one closet but opens the bathroom and looks in. He moves behind the desk and examines the water, "You're here somewhere. Come out, show yourself."  He tells Crane he has been, "...clever to elude us but you'll be the first to admit, it can't go on forever."  He asks Crane to surrender and he will give him his life. Then the clown gets enraged (and quite scary), telling Crane he had his chance, "They'll be no mercy now. The next time I set eyes on you, you are dead, dead."  He leaves. Crane comes out of the vent. Ski talks to Lee in the hall near the Reactor Room. He tells Lee he is not armed and wants to save him. He looks different but the clown, listening is happy. Oddly, the clown is not voicing when Ski talks as he did with the wax Nelson's vocalizations. Ski tells Lee to go to the Missile Room and get into the diving gear. Crane is using the door to the Reactor Room to block Ski from him, "I won't follow anyone after what I've just been through."  Crane comes out of the radio shack--which appears to have a door in it that leads right into the hallway. Four crewmen are lined up at the computer wall in the Control Room. They follow him. He runs down the hall, up the deck ladder. Men follow. Crane runs down the nose ladder---the wax men don't see him at first. Then they spot him and he flees to the Flying Sub hatch, opens it, and gets inside. Ski fired a dart at the hatch, missing Crane. (The music during all of this is grand and exciting and a fully original score by the excellent Robert Drasnin). Crane can't start the Flying Sub. He gets a torch welding gun and starts fixing the control panel. The back hatch door (rarely used anymore) opens and the wax Nelson emerges. Lee senses this and hits the dart away from the wax monster. They have a long fight which is well filmed. Lee jumps Nelson but falls and is thrown. Lee kicks him away from him, using his feet while on his back. Nelson falls onto the lit torch which flames onto his face. Crane gets frightened and horrified. He moves the torch away from the face and finds it partly melted.



An arm opens a crate like DRACULA. Nelson wakes up and leaves the room. The Flying Sub Nelson is wax and melting. This sounds more grisly than it is depicted as such in the episode--it could have been much more gory (say if the X FILES crap depicted it).  Crane goes up to the control room using the torch to keep the other wax men-Chip, Sharkey, and the crew waxmen away from him. The music here is a variation of the Run to the Flying Sub music used in act three's near end. Robert Drasnin produced one of the best full scores on the show and the best for this season--which had very few new and original scores. Crane sees the hatch under the deck ladder open--the latches move--and Nelson comes up. Lee says, "Hold it!"  Lee yells at him. Nelson wonders, "Has everybody aboard this ship lost their minds?"  How did he know? Crane says, "If you knew what I've been going through."  He begins to accept this is the real Nelson. He explains about the clown. Nelson is not sure how he feels--he just awoke from a deep sleep and felt a stabbing pain in his temples---and heat--in the area the wax figure of Nelson was torched. When he awoke he thought he was in a coffin and then realized, "...somebody had put me into one of those crates! What's this nonsense about a little clown?"   Lee tells him about the clown again, "He's turned the whole crew into wax dummies."  If they raise the temperature by shooting a charge through the hull, it could melt the wax men without killing the two of them. They go to the Reactor Room-the screen on the reactor glows red, blue, and yellow, alternating. In the Flying Sub, the clown finds the dead wax man; enraged the small man takes a machine gun out from the Flying Sub storage. Chip leads the wax men toward the nose ladder but he falls and folds up. So do the others. The clown grabs the mike, then the rifle. Nelson and Lee stop raising the temperature and go out. In the Control Room, the wax men are now merely piles of wax inside and outside uniforms and shoes. Sharkey wakes up, then gets Chip up and both get Ski up. Sharkey says, "Take it easy, kid."   The whole crew must be in the crates. Nelson and Crane come into the control room. Nelson asks, "Where's that, ahh...little man...the clown you were telling me about?"  Crane looks around, "I don't know but I'm sure he must be around here somewhere..."  The clown comes out of the radio shack and fires the machine gun at them!




The firing of the machine gun sparks the controls and shakes Seaview in what looks like new footage. The clown falls in the radio shack and hits electrical circuits which are blasting away and sparking. He is electrocuted. Seaview stops shaking (amid more great music in this tag). Nelson checks the clown--he's dead. Nelson and Lee sit and talk about this. The clown's darts were being analyzed. Lee says, "He was completely mad."  Nelson said, "Mad certainly but also an authentic genius. His plan was probably to capture the best minds of the world individually or in groups and grab power for himself."  Nelson tells him that the men, himself, and Lee were just guinea pigs of course. Seaview leaves.


REVIEW: What a weird episode, liked by even non fans of the series. Remembered as one of the best episodes and rightly so. It certainly stands out in the third season. It has some link to THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED as we find out the scheme of the villain after he died--and even then we're not sure that really is the scheme. If there is any motif in this mad season--that is it--finding out what the enemy is up by only speculating--as in NO ESCAPE FROM DEATH and THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED and this one. It is really surreal having a clown laugh as he comes into the missile room, sits a bit, and then comes up to Crane, amid wax dummies. In many episodes, the characters are confused as to what is going on. In  SHADOWMAN, the aliens took over the bodies and minds of three of the men; in WAX MEN, the men weren't really the men--they were wax copies--the originals were in the crates in the Missile Room---I find it difficult to believe the clown could do this to the whole crew and in act one!


Other episodes are sketchy at best until it is revealed that the men aren't really the men or the men are being taken over by something else as in DEADLY CLOUD and SHADOWMAN. Drasnin's score mentioning again--it is really wild and scary as is the entire episode. Being stalked on the ship by a madman who seems little but has all the odds (and I do mean odds) in his favor for reasons you don't even know by friends whom you cannot trust--is really very frightening. Mike Dunn, the excellent Dr. Lovelace villain in the WILD, WILD WEST series, makes the whole clown thing work rather well without losing his dignity--an almost impossible feat that only he could pull off. Dunn was fantastic in almost anything he's been in (or anything's he's done!). He makes a most menacing villain, almost likeable at times, downright enraged to the point of murder at other times. And for once, Crane was one of the only ones not affected by the force taking over! Hedison is quite good in this one. One TV book, which is loaded with false info, wrongly states that the gun the clown used was a "fear gun" which fit in with what the writer was trying to say about VOYAGE--that it used plotlines which revolved around fear and emotional causes (a valid arguement in some cases). This is wrong--it was just a gun. The same book stated there was a LAND OF THE GIANTS episode about a boy who set fires due to his father not paying attention to him much and that the little people helped the boy. This, too, is wrong. Perhaps the writer was referring to A SMALL WAR but the error is so blatant it cannot be overlooked.   












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