VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Deadly Cloud, Destroy Seaview!

Chase - Posted on 04 October 2009


Writer-Rik Vollaerts

Dir-Jerry Hopper



Volcanos, hurricanes, and other stock footage ravage the world. The Flying Sub is in the air with Crane inside, watching a cloud. Nelson calls--no one else in the control room with the Admiral. Chip comes from the radio room--Washington DC has called--the cloud is the cause of the disasters hitting the Pacific. Shock waves are hitting the world. The man, Jurgenson, in Washington DC tells Nelson via screen, that they've sent a dozen ships and planes into the cloud and they never came back. A quake hits Jurgenson and his aide Bill in the Washington building. Seaview has a skeleton crew aboard on this suicide mission. The planet has 24 hours before it is destroyed. An undersea quake hits Seaview with force 8. From the Flying Sub's viewpoint we see the cloud (some kind of atomic blast filmed from above). Lightning occurs and the Flying Sub goes out of control. Lee calls Nelson but then has to grab onto the seats to hold on (or not--it appears Hedison is shaking himself). Sparks fly and then Crane is unconscious. There is some kind of drizzle effect and a silver suited alien appears in the Flying Sub.



The alien looks a great deal like the possessed John-Quanto alien in LOST IN SPACE's first season FOLLOW THE LEADER. It also has the same voice. Pat, Chip, Ski, and Nelson shake in the Seaview. Lee can't answer their calls. Sharkey is in the pilot's seat in Seaview. The major cities of the Southern Hemisphere are in ruins. Seaview shakes into the cloud, then is dead in the water. A sonar and radar scan of 360 degrees turns up nothing. Seaview cannot reach DC. Chip and Nelson go to the nose and open the screens--they see a misty, gray-white cloud. Chip asks, "How can that cloud be underwater?"  Seaview seems to still be outside the cloud. Ski tells Chip there is no damage. Chip yells at him, "No damage!?"  Ski calls after taking readings, "You might say everything's working but nothing's working."  Nelson is cranky and irritated, "Will you tell him to get back up here,"  he snapped to Chip. The Admiral orders Sharkey to make scans. Sharkey asks about Captain Crane. Crane is in his seat now, eyes open but unmoving. He is stiff but suddenly unfreezes and grabs the controls. Pat gets the Flying Sub coming in on a homing beacon. The music has some good variations and mixes that sound nice. Chip wonders about how Lee will get out of the cloud. Nelson says, "We'll worry about that if...if it happens."  Chip asks if Lee is all right when he comes up from the Flying Sub hatch. Lee doesn't answer. Chip asks him how he got out. Nelson questions Lee, who says the cloud is just a whirlwind. Nelson insists there must be something more. Chip asks about what is causing the quakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, volcanos. Crane yells at Chip to believe what he wants--there's nothing more in the cloud but mist and wind. Crane says he forgot about the film but he will develop it. Chip tells Nelson after Lee moves to do that, "There's something wrong with him."  Ahh, for once, they notice! They learned after almost two full seasons! Sharkey calls Mr. Morton and the Admiral to check the heat sensors---they are getting dangerously high readings. Crane takes the film off the Flying Sub front ceiling attachments and puts it down on the cabinet counter. He stares at it and the film flames up (good music into commercial).



Volcanos and quakes continue to hit the mainland. DC: Jurgenson asks aide Bill to continue to try to contact their last possible hope: Seaview. The alien drizzles into the Flying Sub with a loud pop in effect (accompanied by DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL music). It wants to study some small scientific property or attribute of the humans that his kind do not know about (we also hear LOST IN SPACE-INVADERS FROM THE 5TH DIMENSION very briefly). The alien, unlike the aliens in DOOMSDAY ISLAND, does not move his mouth when he speaks but this can be overlooked as being some type of telepathy. Crane has been given weapons the humans cannot cope with--he is told to employ these powers. It is 50 thousand degrees outside Seaview. Chip wonders why the sub hasn't been turned to flaming gas by now. Nelson figures there is some buffer protecting Seaview (what?). Crane comes up. Nelson tells Chip soon the cloud will vaporize the earth's crust and again, wonders if all there was inside the cloud was wind, dust, and mist. Sharkey asks Nelson what they are going to do about it. Nelson says, "Simple, we go inside the cloud and find out what's going on."  He adds that four heat seeking torpedoes will be fired. The heat in the cloud will pull the torpedoes into it and then Seaview can follow. Chip checks on Lee in the Flying Sub--he tells the other two, "He didn't seem right to me when he came aboard."  Sharkey worries about what will happen to Seaview and goes to the Missile Room. Filler? Chip is in the Flying Sub when bubbles hit Seaview and a fire starts in the Flying Sub. Pat tells Nelson as smoke rises from the hatch. Pat gets an extinguisher. Nelson gets Chip out but Lee isn't in the Flying Sub. Pat puts the fire out. We hear ENEMY BELOW music. Crane hides from Ski in the hall and hits him from behind. He goes to the Circuitry Room. Chip tells Nelson the film was burning before the quake and the fire. Nelson tells Patterson to try the Circuitry Room as power fades. Lee is there and waves his hand over the panel. In the missile room, the torpedo almost loads itself onto Sharkey who is in the way of it. Sharkey turns, "Francis, you better watch it,"  he goes on talking to himself--not recalling loading the torpedo on auto, "You'd better remember or it'll be a long, long shore leave for ya."  Pat finds Ski who doesn't know what hit him. They wonder if it was the quake. Ski asks, "Quake?"  The hall shakes. Chip checks the controls--they are all right now. Pat and Ski meet Crane in the hall where Pat tells him about Nelson's order to go to the Control Room but Lee insists he is going to the Missile Room. "I said to the Missile Room, sailor,"  Lee snaps at Pat. Lee belays Nelson's order to fire the torpedo. Nelson is just coming into the Missile Room and asks, "Are you countermanding my order?"  Lee says, "That's right."  Nelson tells Sharkey to arrest Capt. Crane and put him in his quarters. Crane pushes Sharkey and then fights Pat, Ski, Nelson, and a recovering Sharkey. Nelson asks who he is--"'re not Lee Crane."   Nelson gets a gun. Crane turns, raises his arms and hands, and blasts two of the torpedoes away--out of the holding pens! Nelson shoots but Crane just shoves him and the fight goes on again; Nelson ends up on the floor. Crane gets the gun and stops the fight. He makes Pat and Ski leave, "Get out before I kill you."  He becomes the alien and waves his hand over the prone Nelson. The alien and Nelson vanish in a blast effect--sparking smokes and an explosion sound.



Chip checks the computer. Ski and Pat rush in to tell him something but can't remember what. Chip orders them to get arms and follow him. Sharkey recovers in the Missile Room. Chip, Ski, and Pat come in without Sharkey realizing it. Sharkey is on the intercom mike, requesting Mr. Morton to come down to the Missile Room when Chip walks up behind him, making him jump, "Mr. Morton, get here on the double as fast as you can."  Chip is behind him as soon as he's done saying this. Chip asks about the torpedo. There is fog, gray white mist. Amid this and DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL music, Nelson comes out of the fog into more fog. He calls to find out where he is and what the cloud people are. A voice says, "You are with us Earthling. You are here in our domain. I am visible--it is only your eyes that do not wish to see. If you want to see---look--wish it so."  Nelson sees the alien pop in after a drizzle. When Nelson asks if this is their true form, the alien says it is as close as to what human beings' minds can stand. Nelson asks, "You want to destroy the Earth--why? Why are you so considerate of my feelings?"  It tells him they want to study him before their disposal. Nelson says, "Thank you."  He finds out why also--on an alien screen (semi circular like that of Morbus in A VISIT TO HADES on LOST IN SPACE) he sees the alien home world blowing up. The alien extracts metals from Earth to save his planet (a concept which was used later in 1974's THE TOMORROW PEOPLE-THE VANISHING EARTH with equal improbable results!). The alien egotist says, "It will be interesting to see you battle with the Masters of the Universe."  Nelson asks about Lee who is really on a flat table which appears to be floating in the fog--or the legs just cannot be seen. Nelson wants Crane returned, "At least you might let us all die together."  The alien sends Nelson back to the Control Room where he calls all hands. No one hears--all the rooms are empty--we see the Missile Room, the Circuitry Room, the deck ladder--all devoid of human life. Nelson gets a hand laser and runs out. A drizzle effect and Lee pops in and follows him out. Nelson checks Circuitry. Lee meets him at the Missile Room. Nelson asks him questions. They find Sharkey in the Missile Room, loading the torpedoes. Pat and Ski are suddenly there as well. Nelson begins reliving the immediate past as they all say and do things they did before Crane went berserk. Nelson asks if Lee is countermanding his orders to which Lee says, "That's right,"  again. But then he moves to the torpedo control device and says, "They can't be fired until I lock the auto timers in place."  Nelson, this time, is holding the laser gun the entire time--holding it at Lee. Nelson leaves. Crane seems to look suspicious. Nelson goes back to the Control Room and finds Chip. He asks him about a time lapse. Chip doesn't think there was any. He felt dizzy but chalked it up to the quakes. Chip asks, "Whatsamatter--is something strange going on?"  Nelson says, "More, I think we are being..."  This talk indicates, that, again in the episode, for twice in the series, Nelson and Chip have learned from past experiences--weird things happen on this ship and in the past they have experienced odd and unexplained things. Sharkey calls and tells them the torpedoes are ready to fire. Lee fires one and three, then two and four. Seaview shakes, Nelson falls into some wiring and gets hurt--unconscious. All the others fall over the Missile Room with the exception of Capt. Crane. He stands there as the deck tilts. Sparks fly as the room shakes. Pat, Sharkey, and Ski fall unconscious from the shaking. The alien drizzles into effect and appears. They now have the torpedo weapons. In 20 minutes there will be irreversible damage to the planet. It doesn't want them to interfere before that, "Destroy them."  The alien vanishes. Lee says, "I will."



Jurgenson remarks to Bill as quakes continue to rock the world as well as worse volcanic action and eruptions also do. He asks Bill to get a report and the man asks about the Seaview. He calls Seaview over and over, "Cmin! Cmin!"  The natural disasters chain reaction from the force continue. There is a quake that hits DC. Jurgenson says, "There can be no more hope."  What a dope. Chip checks Nelson, calling the Missile Room. He uses the periscope and then gets to the pilot seat. Lee comes in and Chip tells him the Admiral has acute electric shock. He explains Nelson had an idea about what to do about the cloud. Chip looks as Lee tries to strangle Nelson! He pushes Lee off Nelson. Lee hits the control panel and yells, "Don't touch me!"  Chip sees under Lee's ripped shirt--"Metal! You're not Crane, you're that thing from the cloud!"  Lee tells him, snide and upper crust, " and your puny think you can hurt me."  Chip proves he can---he lasers the alien Lee's arm and it forces him back, hurt. In retaliation, he blasts the computer with a wave of his hand. Seaview shakes. Lee leaves. Chip wakes Nelson up--telling him they are in the cloud now. Nelson tells Chip he recalls what happened now--they tried to wipe his mind but failed. He remembers what happened before. Lee goes back to Circuitry Room (sigh! They all go there eventually!). The music is good. He hears Sharkey on the intercom, telling the others that Pat is hurt. Kowalski gets up. Nelson wants all missiles fired into the cloud. Pat's arm is hurt but he gets up. Seaview vibrates (as opposed to the back and forth shaking; nevertheless--SIGH!). There is a fire in the missile room. Ski puts it out. Nelson runs in--the auto firing is burned out so he orders them fired manually. Chip gets the jump on Lee in the Circuitry Room and lasers at him and uses a gas bomb. Lee-or rather the alien that looks like Lee, tears the electrical box off the wall and tosses it at Chip, who comes in with his gun drawn. Lee hits him down. In the Missile Room, Nelson welds devices that will enable them to fire the missiles, bypassing circuitry it would seem. When Sharkey grabs the cord to connect, Nelson warns him to be careful--there is 25 thousand volts in it. Sharkey tells him he will handle it like his grandmother's egg basket. He plugs it in. Sharkey wonders about them all being so close to a nuclear detonation--those are nuclear missiles, not cap guns. Nelson doesn't answer and Sharkey finishes, "I guess we've all had it."   Nelson is looking at the monitors, "Let's hope the Earth hasn't."

Sharkey puffs, "If it'll stop the cloud people, it will be well, well worth it."   Lee comes in and explains--where he comes from there are no nuclear missiles-such things don't exist-the aliens wanted to study the missiles. LAME. All four men attack the alien but are Lee knocks them down and then tries to reverse the missile devices. The blast hits and everyone, including the alien Lee, falls. A huge mushroom cloud rises up!



Nelson, Ski, Sharkey, and Pat see the alien appear where Lee was lying--the fake Lee. Suddenly the alien form is gone and the real Lee appears in its place. To be sure, they look at the ripped shirt---it is flesh and blood underneath. Lee only remembers being in the Flying Sub, "What's happened since?"  Nelson tells him they should go and round up Chip--Lee may believe him but Washington DC certainly won't believe the truth--if he puts it in his report.


REVIEW: Whoa. Silly, boring, non-involving, irrelevant, contradictory to itself, and just plain odd. It might have been good but it took some parts of THE TERRIBLE TOYS, DOOMSDAY ISLAND, FOLLOW THE LEADER from LOST IN SPACE, and others and mixed gently. Too gently. Once again, as in DOOMSDAY ISLAND, the alien design is rather grand and very nice to look at--it looks positively alien in every respect. That they are not able to appear in their true form to human minds and that they call themselves, "The Masters of the Universe (no He-Man jokes please!), makes them seem like HP Lovecraft types--which is fine for menace and such--but their interest in nuclear missiles is beyond me--it certainly doesn't have to make them so curious that they waste time, allowing the humans to win out and their home planet to be destroyed. The dialogue is somewhat campy, especially when Nelson meets the alien in the misty cloud center---just read some of it or watch it---it is really bad and makes one laugh when it is not supposed to. Chip gets more to do but mostly seems a bit too different, considering this season he merely seemed like Mr. Spock in his non-emoting, although he did worry a lot. Chip has some good scenes as when he attacks Lee in the Circuitry Room and he also seems to be the one who catches on quick about something odd going on. The Control Room Lee vs. Chip sequence is laughable in many ways but is also enjoyable--probably because it is so laughable. Skip this murky, cloudy episode if you can. Crane voted most likely to get taken over as in: Season One's THE SABOTEUR and THE ENEMIES (note that almost no one was taken over in season one), Season Two's THE MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE, THE RETURN OF THE PHANTOM (but NOT the first Kruegar story THE PHANTOM STRIKES--he was never possessed or taken over in that one!). This leaves two from season one; two from season two. Now tally up Crane's being taken over in season three: MONSTER FROM THE INFERNO, THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED, DAY OF EVIL (to a small extent), DEATH WATCH, THE CREATURE (II), THE MERMAID, THE MUMMY, SHADOWMAN, and DEADLY CLOUD!!! Total for season three: 9 times. Total for the first 3 seasons: 13!



Writer-Donn Mullally

Dir-J. Addiss



Nelson, Crane, and a Dr. Land are 1500 feet below the surface. Crane feels it is a "fool's errand that can only end in disaster."  Crane is told by Nelson that the attacks on the lives of both Dr. Land and the Admiral himself are attempts to stop them from getting the Zycron 143--an element which can give unlimited power and energy to whoever controls it. Nelson also mentions attempts to subvert and brainwash the crew have failed. It can also be used to wipe mankind off the face of the Earth. Nelson says, "That's why we have to control it."  There are some quake tremors. Nelson goes to get the radio and get the sonic cutting tool. Crane spots Nelson tossing a bomb at himself and Dr. Land! The blast knocks Land and Crane down!



GRAVEYARD OF FEAR music--calm music. Chip and Sharkey worry--the team was supposed to contact them every 30 minutes. Nelson uses the sonic gun to take some of the element. Crane mumbles, still alive; Nelson sets a cave in which buries Crane and Dr. Land in. He then calls and fakes that he was nearly buried as well. He tells Chip and Sharkey that Lee and Dr. Land are both dead. Chip orders Sharkey to go down to check--Lee may still be alive as well as Land. Chip adds, "If not, maybe we can recover the bodies."  Nelson is in his white-gray wet suit. Sharkey and Patterson are in diving gear. Pat can't believe the Skipper is dead. Sharkey gets mad at him and won't believe it. Nelson returns and lies to all of them in the Missile Room: the pair are buried under tons of rock. Chip wants Doc to check Nelson but the Admiral says no. Behind them, a viewer may notice a Hispanic, possibly Cuban, crewman. When Sharkey and Pat dive out, the hatch doesn't have the usual electronic sound added. Sparks calls Chip. In the Control Room, Chip is walking near the computer and goes flying---and if a viewer is quick--they will notice he falls forward before the actual (and usual and by now mundane) tilting of the deck trick was employed! The result--Chip falls and  shakes before the Seaview does! The quake was a force 5. Chip tells the others the damage is already done--Lee may be dead. In his cabin, Nelson opens a suitcase which is really a radio ceiver of some kind. He checks the hallway before opening it and then calls the enemy. The voice sounds like one used many times on LOST IN SPACE for an alien voice (and has been used in a few VOYAGEs I'd imagine). The microfilm taken from Dr. Land's lab was correct. There is 100 tons of the element below. Nelson tells the enemy leader voice that Crane and Land are dead 1522 feet down in the cave. Sparks picks up a signal and tells Mr. Morton--the signal is coming from Seaview (again--see THE MACHINES STRIKE BACK and THE LOST BOMB, among others). It is not a high frequency leak. We hear a sound employed on LOST IN SPACE quite a lot--an alien machine sound which originated from the FANTASTIC VOYAGE movie. Chip sets Ski out to track the signal with the signal analyzer. Nelson tells his contact Zycron 143 is the greatest energy potential ever. He gets an interference signal warning as Ski reads the signal is coming from Nelson's cabin. Nelson unlocks the door and makes Ski try the analyzer again---nothing. Ski apologizes but Nelson makes him search the cabin---some device, he says, may be planted on the sub and in his own room. The only new thing is his attache case. Nelson opens the locks and orders Ski to open it. Ski goes and a gas comes out and knocks him unconscious. Nelson gets a gas mask and turns a switch on the case, then checks the hall. He calls the Mission Command and reports. He wants off the sub. His mission: destroy Seaview (and therein hangs a title). Pat and Sharkey duck from a quake--but it collapses a wall they are close to!



Sparks tells Chip the signal is gone. Chip calls Ski. We hear ENEMY BELOW music. Sharkey sees through the hole he and Pat made in the cave blockage. He calls, "Skipper."  Crane moves some. He tells them, "Dr. Land's in a bad way, the explosion nearly killed him. The Admiral set it off."  Crane tells Sharkey to warn Chip to confine to the Admiral to his quarters. Pat gives Sharkey the light and then digs while Sharkey radios Chip and explains. He tells him to get Nelson to Sickbay. Chip calls all hands--the Admiral is ill he says. Four men listen (gee, it looks like Seaview is occupied again after DEADLY CLOUD). Nelson is armed and dangerous, Chip warns. Air Revitalization Room, Nelson uses a wrench on a crewman and another comes in during the fight. Nelson knocks them both out. He puts the suit case of gas coming out by the vent and puts his mask back on. Crane is unconscious again. Sharkey and Pat dig as more tremors occur. Gas knocks out the Missile Room crew and the Reactor Room crew. Soon, the Control Room personnel are out. Nelson checks Chip, roughly. He puts the mike to his throat, calling his masters--he tells them the nerve gas Methadon X is being used on Seaview. He also tells them about CPO Sharkey and Patterson sent as a rescue team. The voice will send a landing team. Nelson asks if their sub is going to pick him up--the reactor in Seaview will be set by Nelson to run wild--there will be nothing left of Seaview but nuclear dust. Nelson pulls the reactor room rods. Sharkey and Pat carry Land out of the cave. Sharkey uses anti radiation shock gear on Land. Pat calls and Nelson hears this, continuing his sabotage in the Reactor Room. Sharkey spots a diving party of three coming up from the water. Pat thinks its Seaview's men but Sharkey realizes it isn't. Stupidly, they rush the scuba outfitted trio of men--who have laser rifles! Two men shoot Pat and Sharkey down! The three men rise up out of the water.



One man has a moustache and is called Scott. The other is called Bron or Don or something. The other man is the leader (Jerry Catron?). One goes to kill the two Seaviewers but the leader stops him. He seems very confident but not arrogant and seems to be a good leader. Only the mustached man looks foreign. The leader is a definite American and the other seems like one as well. Nelson takes off his gas mask in the Missile Room. The enemy sub's rudders were damaged in a quake and they cannot pick up Nelson now. The reactor will blow in 25 minutes. The voice gets irritated with Nelson's irritation over their deal. "Whatever understanding we had has been implanted by our techniques. We will contact you again."  Nelson puffs. We hear some first season music, fitting in nicely. Crane, faking he is still knocked out, throws a rock on the enemy man's (Don? Bron? Some other name?) head. He then uses the laser gun (which they later call a stun gun) rifle to shoot him at close range. The man falls. Crane checks Land, Pat, and Sharkey. He revives the two Seaview men and finds the radio jammed. He slaps Sharkey up and Sharkey tells Crane about the other two men, "There are three all told."  Crane tells him Land's only chance is to get him aboard Seaview. Sharkey slaps Patterson up but the two other enemies return. Crane tosses a bomb at them and the rocks fall and bury the two men. Sharkey figures that's it for them. Crane and he get Land into a wet suit. On a small radio on Nelson's belt, the enemy voice calls him. Blast set for 9 minutes. The enemy is concerned their landing party hasn't reported in--they may have been defeated and the other Seaview people may stop the reactor blast. Good music as the other dive toward Seaview, Crane helping Dr. Land. Nelson sees this on a screen and gets a gun and a yellow box grenade. When Sharkey and Lee arrive and see the crew passed out, they both guess the same reason, "The Admiral."  Land tells Crane that Admiral Nelson was 24 hours late meeting with Land. He must have been brainwashed. Crane orders Land taken to the decontamination chamber. Nelson calls over the loudspeaker, telling Lee that by coming back aboard he has leapt from the frying pan into the fire. Lee pleads with Nelson on the mike, "Admiral, Admiral, it's Lee."  He asks him to stop this and wants to talk to him. Nelson claims, "There's nothing to talk about. All of us here will be part of the cloud of dust that was Seaview."  Sharkey claims, "He couldn't do it, Skipper."  Seaview shakes and they all fall! Seaview slides down and skids into the sand on the bottom. Everyone shakes and there are explosions!



Sharkey recovers, "Well, we're still here."  Crane tells him the safety valve force the explosion up into the sea but the power is still building (foul play here! This safety valve was not really discussed before this!). He tells Sharkey they must stop it and, "If we have to, we'll kill the Admiral."  Nelson sets up a grenade trap on the Reactor Room door. Pat and Sharkey are to take Land to the chamber. Nelson hides as Crane opens the Missile Room door carefully. Nelson fires at Crane who fires back. Sharkey tries to ask Crane something, "Sir, maybe I could...well, with the Admiral being like he is..."   Crane orders him to take Land to the chamber. Pat helps Sharkey. Good use of stock music as Nelson roams the halls. Lee falls from Nelson's trap at the Reactor Room door. Sharkey comes running and he and Nelson end up holding guns on each other. Nelson tells him, "I've received my orders--Destroy Seaview!--and I'm going to carry them out."  Sharkey claims he is going to shut down the reactor even if he has to kill the Admiral. Nelson doesn't hesitate--he shoots Sharkey who falls in a very shocking moment. "It's the end, Chief, for you, me, Seaview."  Sharkey looks as if he has been shot in the heart!?! Yet, he is still conscious--when everyone else in these later third seasoners are knocked unconscious all the time! As Nelson points the gun, Land and Pat arrive--Land is "all better"  and fires a laser hand gun at Nelson! Nelson falls. The shock treatment from the laser (?) could cure Nelson or...kill him. Sharkey crawls over, apparently not hurt that bad. As the Reactor Room begins to blow smoke and sparks and blasts, Crane gets up and runs in, asking Patterson for a hand to shut it down. The room seems to go up in smoke and fire!



Land, Pat, and Sharkey fall and are out of commission again. Lee begins to push the reactor rods back in. Nelson awakens, "No, Lee, no, you can't!"  He takes the laser Land had and runs into the Reactor Room, "Get back, Lee!"  He throws Crane aside and shoots the reactor. He shorts it out (?). Okay, all is safe now. Nelson is irritated, "How did all this happen?! Who's responsible?!"  Crane drops his arms and in astonishment repeats part of Nelson's question, "How did all this happen?"  Nelson doesn't care right now---he wants to get Seaview back in shape and goes out, calling Lee to follow! Nelson, Lee, and Land talk in the nose, later. Seaview is on the surface, having gone up again. Nelson tells them the element is an unlimited power source which can devastate the Earth or find the limits and mysteries of outerspace."   Crane says, "Let's hope we don't find oblivion instead."   Nelson adds, "Amen, I had a little taste of my own personal oblivion thanks to that."  Land's left eye seems partially closed for some reason. He tells Nelson since the enemy didn't have him long, the effects of the brainwashing was only temporary---and the shock of the laser reversed it (how? That's not possible!?). Sharkey comes in with a message from Washington DC. Nelson asks about how he is--Sharkey's arm is in a sling (his arm--he was shot in...oh never mind!). Sharkey tells him Doc says he will back to full duty in a few days and adds for the Admiral not to give it another thought. Nelson looks at him, "I'll give it many thoughts, Chief."   Nelson tells Lee and Land that DC knows the nation that was behind the attack on them. There will be diplomatic discussions, verbal wrist slapping on the executive level, and the "world and Seaview will sail into the future as though nothing ever happened."


REVIEW: An apt episode to end on and not at all bad. It is one of the best of the season, if a bit run of the mill--I mean Nelson will return to normal at the end, we know that. The diving party attack was a nice bit of surprise--very first season-ish. Pat was beginning to get more air time than Kowalski. Despite some last minute and not very convincing explanations, this episode stands up rather well. Dr. Land was a bit bland but for once, it is nice to see the guest star scientist not be evil or weak willed...and it is also nice to see the character survive to the end of the episode...which rarely happened those days (THE HEAT MONSTER, THE MONSTER FROM THE INFERNO, THE PLANT MAN--although one brother---the good one survived, THE CREATURE II)! The last sequence in the tag reminded me a bit of the tag on ELEVEN DAYS TO ZERO when Curley delivers a message to Lee. This tag also seemed to echo the fact that Seaview might not be back with Nelson quote at the end, "...and the world and Seaview will sail into the future..."  Perhaps they were using this to end the season, thinking it might be their last.


All in all a very uneven season but good episodes such as DESTROY SEAVIEW! did come round once in awhile--DAY THE WORLD ENDED was a bit illogical but interesting. Other goodies this season--DEATH WATCH, DAY OF EVIL, DEADLY WATERS, DEADLY INVASION, THE LOST BOMB, the classic THE WAX MEN, and THING FROM INNER SPACE---with very serious overtones and intricacies, even character wise--we saw Pat's father Derek, Ski's brother Stan, and Sharkey's old diving buddy in THE LOST BOMB. A few, such as THE WAX MEN, were very scary. Note that two of the alien episodes--DAY OF EVIL and DEADLY INVASION (both with some problems) were on the "good" list. Aliens on VOYAGE have been given a bum rap but to be fair some of the stinkers of season three also had aliens. The problem: you can only do so many aliens from space attack plotlines before they get boring---just look at DOCTOR WHO. 


Some real stinkers too--DOOMSDAY ISLAND, DEADLY CLOUD, THE HAUNTED SUBMARINE, WEREWOLF, SHADOWMAN, MONSTER FROM THE INFERNO, THE HEAT MONSTER, and NO ESCAPE FROM DEATH. Of these, five were aliens attacking the Earth, so maybe there is some validity to the aliens ruined VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA notion.


Somewhere in the middle of good and somewhat run of the mill is the rest of the episodes--THE MUMMY, THE MERMAID, DEATH FROM THE PAST, THE FOSSIL MEN, THE TERRIBLE TOYS, BRAND OF THE BEAST, THE PLANT MAN, and THE CREATURE II. While these episodes contain relatively old material-story wise and have minor to major plot flaws, they can be enjoyable on their own level.                                  




















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