New Doctor Who Logo to be Revealed Tuesday

Administrator - Posted on 05 October 2009

Doctor Who logo introduced with Jon Pertwee's eraA new Doctor Who logo is to be revealed on Tuesday at 8am BST (UK time) on the BBC Doctor Who website. We had been expecting this to come with the new series starring Matt Smith. Internally the new series is being reset to series 1. It is a fresh new start for Doctor Who once again, a new logo seemed only natural.

Classic Diamond LogoThe logo has changed numerous times over the last 46 years. We seen changes from the Hartnell era to Troughton to Pertwee (first time in colour and instead of just standard type, it uses a custom font). The final season of Jon Pertwee introduced the diamond logo which was used through Tom Baker's era until John-Nathan Turner refreshed it with a neon style logo. It was updated once again several years later when Sylvester McCoy took the role.

2006-2009 Doctor Who logoThe 8th Doctor, Paul McGann saw a return to the Jon Pertwee font logo, though rendered in 3D metallic. 2005 introduced the logo we are familiar with today. It was slightly updated in 2006, but has been pretty much the same since 2005.

The BBC Doctor Who website has posted a video documenting the logo changes over time (note: this is unfortunately locked down to UK website visitors only): BBC - Doctor Who - New Logo Coming Soon

See all the logos on the BBC Doctor Who site.

Thanks to our own Benjamin Elliott @bfelliott (This Week in Doctor Who) for the heads up on it.

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According to BBC America's web site they will also unveil the the new logo tomorrow. The site is on this page:


it say "check back here tomorrow"(Oct 6). It's starting to look like that some things will be done on both websites at the same time - now what about airings?

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When I first saw the new DW logo back in 2005, I was very underwhelmed.  Over the years, I've become accustomed to it, but thats all.  It never really did anything for me.  In the end, its really the theme tune that stands as the signature of DW, and not the logo.

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