Wow! Outpost Gallifrey and the Doctor Who Forum are closing!

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daveac - Posted on 02 June 2009

Big News tonight!

Shaun Lyon posted:-

All good things...

First, the big announcement:

At the end of the day on July 31, 2009, Outpost Gallifrey and the Doctor Who Forum are closing their doors for good. will be solely the convention home page as of August 1, 2009.


Good timing for the new Gallifreyan Embassy.

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Louis, can you handle the traffic? ;)

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The news about Outpost Gallifrey and the Doctor Who Forums closing is pure coincidental to opening of our new site now. I suppose we really need to iron out whatever issues we may be having with the forum by the end of July now. Surprised

My guess is that many of the existing Doctor Who based forums may see an increase in traffic. I also suspect as much as OG has been a central hub for discussions relating to and around Doctor Who since it began, that many people participating in the forums there are already active in other forums. So they may find themselves participating more so in the forums they are already registered in than looking for new ones.

Who knows (no pun intended).

But if you are asking if we can handle the traffic that OG gets, especially during high traffic news events (i.e. a new Doctor is announced or something to that nature), I don't know. The CMS we are using here now does have allowances to handle high demands, but the server itself may have issues.


For those who remember the Doctor Who Alliance Newsletter (1998 to 2001), This Week In Doctor Who was included as a segment in that newsletter. The day I finally created a Yahoo Group to have my own distribution besides the Alliance and newsgroups, the Alliance Newsletter closed.

Good timing on my part, though for years I heard from people who were shocked to learn I was still around - they thought TWIDW stopped with the Alliance. Learned something there.

You're much better prepared than I was in 2001, Louis.

Everything has its time and everything dies. Thankfully everything lives first. Outpost Gallifrey has had a great life.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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In a sense, Outpost Gallifrey will never die. As Shaun said, the community is still there. The conventions are still there.

We owe a great deal of gratitude and thanks for the community that Shaun and the forum staff at the website built over the years. No small accomplishment.


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Looks like when I start a thread my avatar doesn't appear.

But with this reply - I'm guessing it will be here.

Cheers, daveac

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I have to admit that I will miss Outpost Gallifrey but the Forums not so much. Signal-to-noise ratio was in the maddening category.

This has been another random act of nonsense. Get WONKy. Check out the Whovians of Northern Kentucky

The good news is - we have 2 more months to enjoy Outpost Gallifrey a little more and remember the good times.

And we have time to make new plans for the future. Very thankful Shaun is giving this large amount of notice. Many places just close immediately and leave people in the lurch.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I've got go against the grain here and say that in my opinion I think Shaun is being bit selfish in totally closing the site. He talks about being proud of the community he started but then he's closing it. Why? If he doesn't want to be involved then why not simply pass the forum on to somebody else to run and have no more to do with it, I thought that was part of the reason for spinning the forum and news sites off separately and giving them new URL's.

As a result of this, I hope that the forum here has a big boost and the community here grows further.

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I felt the same way when I firts read the announcement, especially since there's so much fantastic content on the site that has nothing to do with the forums.

But, having been a part of running a big forum for a while and then passing my responsibility off to others, I can say with experience that passing things along is a mixed bag. After I left, the person I handed my administration responsibilities to just...didn't do the job, and things began to fall apart. I don't know if they ever picked back up again, but I'm STILL getting emails daily from forum members asking me for help, and it's been more than a year now.

So whatever his reasons, I don't believe it was completely selfish to choose to shut things down altogether rather than give it over to someone else. It might be better for the community to "go out on a high" as the announcement put it, especially since there ARE very valid and acceptable alternatives out on the web now for Who community and discussion, and it's not like shutting the doors to the only library in town, you know?

Still, I can see where you're coming from, and I feel a bit like that myself. Everything's so well organized and there's so much stuff on there that we're losing a great source of information, and that's rather sad.

(Still, at least the convention is going strong! Glad to see there's no plans for anything to happen to that <3 )

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Every cloud has a silver lining, it's got me to get off my lazy, nowhere near toned enough bottom and finally get round to registering here after listening for the last few years.

Admittedly as silver linings go it has more of a tin hue than you'd hope but hey, it's something.

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