Ken's Scarf day 9 -- Done!

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TARDIS_Tara - Posted on 09 October 2009

While it was a beautiful fall day in BroomfieldMe & Ken's Scarf, I spent most of it inside.

Alright, I did take the dog to the dogpark.

But the rest of it, I spent working on Ken's Scarf.

Alright, that's not technically true.

I spent about four hours on Ken's Scarf today, but I did finish it!

Now, before everyone gets all worried about how short Ken's Scarf looks, let me explain that once a Doctor Who Scarf is knitted, it must be blocked.

So, right now, it's wet from being washed and is hanging to dry on my scarf rack.

Tomorrow it'll be a good two to three feet longer than it is now.

And it'll be exactly the right length to wrap once around the neck, and dangle to the floor on both ends.

So, the final knitting stats are:

Total knitting time: 37 hours

Time spent knitting today: 4 hours

Total length (before blocking):97"

Length knitted today: 10"

Louis Trapani's picture

Congratulatoins Tara! The scarf looks wonderful! Ken is going to be very happy (and warm when he goes to Chicago TARDIS).

Spendid job!


Cant wait to see it in person....  and compare it to mine!!   Tim

Kristine Kochanski's picture

I  can't wait to see it, too.  I am about to start my own scarf tomorrow, Season 12 scarf, my first Doctor Who Scarf. I am excited. I have been making moebius scarves for a bit for friends and now I make something for me.

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