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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Fires of Death, The Deadly Dolls, Cave of the Dead,

Chase - Posted on 10 October 2009


Writer-Arthur Weiss

Dir-Bruce Fowler

MUSIC-most of THE ENEMY BELOW score as well as stock from     LEVIATHAN, THE CYBORG, MONSTER FROM THE INFERNO, DEADLY    INVASION, and others)    



A volcano blows bubbles into Seaview (THE ENEMY BELOW music effectively used). Seaview in new footage is whirled around end past end. The volcano is five miles away (not very far). In three hours, it will blow. Dr. Turner is from the Pentagon and here to help. If the volcano blows, the whole Southern Hemisphere will blow with it. Nelson thinks Seaview can take the shock waves but another hits, whirling Seaview around all over again. There are fires, sparks flying (and Sparks flying--get it, hahaha), and steam breaks. Turner's hand shakes and he has to leave to "get something in the lab"  while Crane feels another shock wave like that will break them in half. Another is coming. Turner, in the very dark lab, takes a crystal that glows out of his case and puts it in a machine (amid very effective CYBORG music). Crane sends Kowalski to get Turner who starts the device and holds the rods. As Ski bangs on the door, calling his name, Turner has turned into a very, very old man, practically ancient.



Seaview is hit again and turns round and round. Chip runs on the tilting deck (a flub?). Ski goes for a torch and will begin to cut through the door. The rock Turner used is sand by now, gone. Before Ski starts on the door, Turner opens it--his young self again. Nelson needs Turner to plot a new course into the volcano. The gold cylinder marked Primary needs to go with him and Nelson. Ski asks Sharkey about Turner as they load and store the cylinder (and apparently just seem to be touching it--not really doing anything--they obviously haven't checked inside). Ski thinks Turner is a strange guy. Nelson and Turner are heat gear, protective suits and are standing under the heat refractor light in the nose. The Flying Sub can sail under into the cone. Turner has been charting this volcano for a long time. They have one and three fourths of an hour to complete their stopping it. Flying Sub goes out and we see a model of Nelson at the window--very good effect even so. Out the viewport, Nelson and Turner see the opening to a cave; Flying Sub heads at it (stock now--from THE SILENT SABOTEURS) as it glides near a rock wall. They have one hour and 30 minutes now. Amid new footage now and also very nice to look at The Flying Sub goes up to the surface amid red hot water and surfaces into the dry chamber of the volcano's outer cavern--they see rocks and water in front of them. Nelson beaches the Flying Sub stern first for a quick getaway as the Flying Sub bops in the water up and down gently. Turner opens his dampening device and inside is a golden skinned man in a sailor's uniform (minus a hat). Turner calls him Adam. Nelson mistakenly thinks it is a robot but Turner tells Nelson he has changed the molecular structure of this man over a century ago. In a twist on the horror thunder motif, the volcano blasts replace the cracks of scary thunder. 100 years ago, Turner did this to Adam. Nelson is upset--all he wants is for Turner to stop the volcano. Turner admits, "I'm not going to use him to stop it, I'm going to use him to start it."  Nelson calls emergency to Seaview but Turner makes Adam stop him. Turner tells Nelson he is an alchemist--having the ability to change one element into another, different element, making him able to change the molecular structure of matter. Turner is amazed that Nelson isn't amazed or interested in the fact that he is an alchemist. He has been mining the elixir stones for five centuries--they keep him alive. He needs a partial eruption. Nelson tells him it will kill millions. Turner says, "Unfortunately that is true."  Adam destroys the radio with his hand (a high pitched whistle comes from it) and knocks Nelson down. Turner immobilizes the Flying Sub and he and Adam go out the back door. For the first time, we see the back of the Flying Sub and the small door exit (nice set). Chip and Lee argue over sending a team of divers outside. Chip wants to move in closer with Seaview but Lee can't risk that. Blasts awaken Nelson, who gets his gun and a protective face mask from the cabinets. He follows Adam and Turner into the volcano inner pit (good stock music). The volcano set is impressive and wide. On the side across from Nelson, Adam and Turner prepare the canisters. Turner gives Nelson permission to try to blast Adam but the gun doesn't do any damage. Turner throws one canister into the pit. Nelson shoots Adam some more but Adam punches him out. Turner waves to Adam, "He has about two minutes to live."  He and Adam go to the Flying Sub and hold onto the rafters as blasts threaten to begin. Nelson finds his foot caught under a rock as the cave shakes and the lava bubbles blasts upward.



Nelson manages to reach his fallen gun and blasts the rock holding his foot. He gets free. In Missile Room, the heat refractor light is working on Sharkey, Ski, and crewman Reg. Sharkey makes jokes about it, feeling like a hard boiled egg. The machine will make head run off their bodies like water off oil. Sharkey jokes to Ski, saying if it doesn't work the first time, come back and we'll give you another one. Blasts continue to shake the cave and the Flying Sub. Seaview is hit again as well. Bubbles blast onto it in new footage. Seaview begins to whirl around again. Chip and Pat hold onto the diving tubes; the three divers already inside. Crane spots a live wire from the control panel in the control room and it is on a crewman. He uses his clipboard to remove it but a shake throws him into the map table and he falls, hurt badly. Pat and Chip, after the shaking, discuss how the three divers would be...if they were outside when the shock hit. Chip is called...Crane is unconscious and to be taken to sickbay. In sickbay, a corpsman tells Chip that Doc had an emergency call from engineering but the corpsman will relieve Doc. Chip wants a report from Doc soon. Turner tells Adam the rocks glow but are cold (cold? in a volcano) to the touch. They cannot find any stones that came up. They need something more powerful from Seaview. Three divers come up; Adam hides Nelson while Turner lies to Sharkey--telling him the Admiral got lost in the volcano. Ski is in a yellow scuba outfit. Sharkey is not happy, "The Admiral's gone and you tell us that the volcano is still going to blow."  Sharkey and Turner use scuba gear (another suit is in the Flying Sub) to get back to Seaview while SKi and Reg use heat protection suits which are also in the Flying Sub (hopefully also heat protected by the machine in Seaview). Ski and Reg (sounds like Ski also calls him Brent or Brant at one point; so imagine his name is Reg Brent--and Brent is also listed as his name in promo material and other sources) are to go into the volcano pit. Adam is about to throw Nelson into the pit when they get in. They shoot at Adam and firing at his head seems to knock him face down. The two men get Nelson to the Flying Sub. Ski asks, "This Dr. Turner is an alchemist and he can live forever?"  Nelson wants Ski to rig the laser into a portable one and fire it into the pit so he can sink a nuclear implosion device into it, "Take some stun guns in case that golden boy of Turner's comes back and tries to stop you."  Seaview--Turner makes Chip hold the device rods and then go into another cylinder chamber after the process. The door closes and then the process continues. Nelson returns and gives orders to Sharkey for a replacement part from their atomic reactor, an L type timer, four 12 inch graphite rods, plutonium trigger charge, and enough wire to put them all together. Pat helps Nelson out of his wet suit. Soon, Nelson enters the lab and finds Chip coming out of the chamber, "Chip!"  Chip puts Nelson's hands on the device and Turner starts it up. Turner orders Chip to get an A-12 warhead from the missile room. Turner tells Nelson, "Don't try to resist Nelson, another 30 seconds, you won't feel anything--except what I want you to feel."  Nelson struggles to get free.



Nelson kicks the wires from the side of the device, punches Turner down, and calls the Master of Arms, ordering Commander Morton stopped and put in the brig. He wants a security team to the lab to pick up Turner. Nelson holds a gun on Turner who claims he can survive the volcano blasts--"I'm immortal"  but Nelson counters that he is immortal only if he gets the elixir stones, trying to reason with Turner to cooperate. Turner thinks he will take his chances that his transmuted body will withstand and survive the eruption--well, why doesn't he try to withstand the gun Nelson holds on him? Turner tries to tempt Nelson, telling him he will make him immortal. Sharkey calls from the Reactor Room, the stuff he wanted is ready. Chip knocks down the two crewmen who are taking Turner to the brig. Ski and Reg Brent set up the laser rig on a tripod in the cave. Adam returns and Ski shoots. Adam throws a rock and knocks Reg and the laser down, smashing the laser. As flame and rocks fall on Adam, the two get the laser outside. A rock slide covers the entrance to the inner cave and some rocks hit the two Seaview men. The cave is sealed off from them now. Pat calls Nelson and Sharkey--Mr. Morton is busting through every hatch. Chip is told by Turner time is short so Chip must use pure energy on the Missile Room hatch. Chip holds his hand over it and a whistling sound makes a fire appear and destroy the hatch wheel. Chip enters and knocks Pat and two crewmen out. He gets the center charge from the A-12 warhead. Nelson gives Sharkey a diagram to finish the device and goes to the Missile Room, helping Patterson up, Pat tells him he is sorry. Nelson calls Sharkey to get down there on the double with the device. Ski and Reg discuss plans. They can use the laser to get inside the cave again and knock out that golden man but there won't be enough power in it to bore the hole (what hole in lava?). Reg would like another crack at that golden man. Ski suggests they use the Flying Sub to bore the hole--he can fly it through the bottom of the pit and come up from the bottom up. Ski finds the phase X-2 connector on the Flying Sub control panel gone. Reg jumps the cable. Commander Morton comes in and Ski calls out his name, "Commander Morton!"  He begins choking both men down, one with each hand.                     



Turner makes Morton stop and turn them loose. Ski asks what's happened to Mr. Morton, then, "What's happening to you, Dr. Turner?"   Reg lasers Mr. Morton, downing him. They stop Turner. Ski thinks Reg killed Chip but Brent (or Brant) tells him he turned it on low voltage. Nelson and Sharkey in heat gear and scuba gear leave. Ski and Reg fly the Flying Sub into the cave. Ski is asked by Turner to get the stones but Ski tells him that can wait, first they must stop the eruption. Turner is loose--why? He tries to tempt Ski into getting immortality if he will get the stones first. When Ski doesn't accept, Turner, incredibly old now, accidentally causes the controls at the pilot seat to go awry, sending the Flying Sub into a spin in the red water. They shake. Reg straps Turner into his seat and holds on--I guess the third seat is gone from the Flying Sub in this installment. Ski says, "Now you stay put--we're gonna to have enough trouble just getting out of here alive."  Nelson and Sharkey use their small hand laser guns (so much for using the big laser rig) to blast into the cave. The heat is getting to Ski and Reg; Turner is ancient now. In the lava pit, it must be 1000 degrees. Ski and Reg's heat suits must be breaking down. Turner says, "I'll die. Without the elixir stones, I'll die, I'll die."   Shocks occur every minute with only ten minutes before total eruption. Sharkey keeps asking Nelson questions, annoying him (and making us laugh). Nelson will sink the charge into the pit themselves (what? How? Didn't they need the laser to bore a hole??!!?). The device implodes downward but they will need to get out of here--it will be like standing in the middle of an exploding H-Bomb. Adam attacks again, knocking Nelson down, tripping up Sharkey and readying to smash Nelson with a boulder. Thanks to Sharkey, Nelson avoids Adam and uses the laser gun on Adam and the golden man falls into the lava pit. Sharkey and Nelson are trapped in the cave now as rocks close up the entrance they made. Fire and falling rocks cover the area, steam comes up, and the lava bubbles over!



We see the back of the Flying Sub coming up out of the lava and the model work is very detailed. Turner, loose again (why?), runs out of the back of the Flying Sub. Ski calls to him, to come back. Nelson calls also and moves to go get him but stops and also stops Sharkey, who was going to get him to come back. The bomb will go any second. They get in the Flying Sub and leave. The Flying Sub goes into the pit and gets out the way Ski got in. Nelson looks at Mr. Morton and tells Sharkey he can untie Chip now--he is becoming himself again (why? Turner wasn't dead yet but maybe Turner needs the rocks to keep Chip that way). They will be out in 45 seconds. That gives them 15 seconds more before the bomb implodes. Turner is in the pit, searching for the stones. There are blasts and steam. He falls, smoke rising and rocks falling. There are huge blasts. Nelson on Seaview again, sees the blast through the periscope, calling it the end of the volcano. Crane, okay now, says, "It's the end of other things too--Dr. Turner, alchemy."  He wonders what the power was. Nelson figures they may never know. Chip arrives, "Here's one fella who knows all he wants to know about Dr. Turner and his alchemy."  He is okay too. Ordering "down scope"  Nelson is happy Crane has a clean bill of health too and asks Lee to head them home.    


REVIEW: This episode is far from perfect but it is entertaining. The idea of casting Victor Jury as an aged alchemist is genius. This season had two major guest stars--Vincent Price and Victor Jory. This episode is particularly memorable for Jory, the fact that it's the first aired from the fourth season and there is some new footage rather than a great deal of stock footage. The volcano set is fun and rather interesting and the Flying Sub, Seaview sequences are a brilliant bit of special effect wizardry. Alchemy is not another threat from outer space and is interesting in and of itself and we have Chip having an expanded part. The music from THE ENEMY BELOW sounds great as does all the stock music from other episodes including LEVIATHAN as Adam fights Sharkey and Nelson in the fourth act. The logic of it all is somewhat or more than questionable--a laser to drill a hole for a bomb into a lava pit? When that can't be done, Ski and Reg use the Flying Sub to bore the hole? When Nelson sees the laser hasn't been used, he wants to sink the bomb himself? What? Mere hand guns will open the rock slide that covered the entrance but I guess Ski and Reg either didn't realize this or didn't have any handguns on the Flying Sub. They also keep Turner free at first, then Turner gets free again after they resurface. A nice touch is having Ski, Sharkey, and Nelson want to save Turner in the tag but they can't. Other illogic: how can a volcano be stopped? Why did they need a Pentagon person like Turner when Nelson seemed to have everything he needed and the knowledge to use it aboard Seaview? Reg, the new crewman, was as interesting as any of the other minor characters and would have been a good continuing character but he didn't show up again, at least not in a speaking part. The fourth and third season lacked Stu Riley, who began in season two, his only season. Riley was a good character and should have stayed on for season three and four but the actor was drafted during the Vietnam War. VOYAGE's loss. While imperfections abound, FIRES OF DEATH, is a very enjoyable episode, one that makes you think and makes you entertained. FIRES OF DEATH was featured in a FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND issue with some nice photos of Chip as the golden man and Victor Jory as aged as he can get. In real life, volcanos cannot be stopped at all, by the way; however, there are many research and volcano watch stations around the world. These have begun to save lives whenever one erupts.


Writer-Charles Bennett

Dir-Harry Harris

MUSIC-Harry Geller (music used again in RESCUE and other ep.s),    ALSO, stock music is added to the episode mostly during the     fights. Some fight music from DEADLY INVASION.



Seaview is at the dock while its crew watches a puppet show. The puppets are Crane and Nelson dolls passing insults at each other in a fight. Nelson doll says, "Seaview's my baby."  The Crane dolls quips, "That's why we're never out of trouble."  All laugh as the two dolls hit each other. A Chip Morton dolls arrives and Professor Multiple, the puppeteer appears and ends the "war"  by putting them all in the brig. Sharkey calls in, all stores are aboard. Crane and Nelson look at the dolls--the faces are all blank now. Multiple tells them he uses wipe off make up. The officers thank him for entertaining the men in the Crew's Quarters. After Nelson and Crane leave, the Nelson puppet picks its head up, "The time is soon."  Multiple echoes this, "The time is soon, very soon."



Nelson checks engine room circuits while the others bid Multiple good bye. Sharkey tells Crane the circuits near the Armory are the ones giving them trouble. Nelson's voice calls Lee to the Circuitry Room. Before he goes, Multiple tells Captain Crane, "I'm sure we'll meet again."  Nelson claims he never called Lee to the Circuitry Room. After Nelson walks out, Crane asks Patterson, who verifies this. In his cabin, Nelson is hit down by Multiple (which, played by Vincent Price, isn't giving away much--we just knew he was the bad guy). Multiple opens the closet and gets the Seaview plans out. In Armory, Sharkey sees dolls in the locker cabinet. One is dressed like Ski. Ski tells him Multiple's crate went to the dock. Chip tells Sparks to contact Multiple. Sharkey hears a heartbeat from the dolls; they move; a blast knocks him down. Chip finds Sharkey but Multiple is there also and another Chip knocks the real Morton down. The Nelson doll wakes the other dolls up. Shadows on the walls indicate dolls marching forth through Seaview. No one answers Crane's calls. Multiple makes the prone Chip and Sharkey vanish and then lies to Crane about getting stuck on board. Locker 5 now contains no dolls. Multiple acts innocent, "I can't lose my puppets."  Having heard from Inter Allied Headquarters, Sparks calls in, "Professor Multiple's been murdered."  He was found in his apartment ten minutes ago. Multiple continues his deception, "I thought that I was Professor Multiple. If I'm dead, then who am I?"  Huh? A fake Sharkey, Ski, Chip, and Patterson take over the Control Room. Pat asks Sharkey-the doll--about the locker with the dolls, teasing. Sharkey doll hits him down, angering SKi, who comes to Sharkey and yells until he sees the fake crew. Sharkey makes the real crew vanish. The doll crew now takes their place. The Nelson doll oversees all this, then vanishes. The fake Sparks tells Crane they cannot contact Inter Allied HQ. Electric blasts hit Seaview. Nelson, in his cabin, falls and hears Crane's efforts over the intercom. Crane tells the helmsmen to level off but neither they nor Chip and Sharkey respond to his orders, "What's the matter with all of you."   Nelson, having learned his lesson from the previous dealings with strange beings, arms himself and gets out. Multiple tells Lee the ship is in an irresistible current and the ship is "ours."  This proves true when the engineering team do not answer Lee. Nelson doll appears on Multiple's shoulder and taunts Lee, then vanishes. Multiple tells Crane, "You can't fight us. You will know us later when we are through with you."  The doll crew move at Crane. Nelson sneaks behind the map table and throws a gas bomb (which oddly doesn't bother Crane in the least). This allows both he and Crane to make for the nose ladder. Before they go up it, Lee stops and sees the doll Crane, "It's me!"  They run. The Nelson doll appears and says, "The time has come that we kill them. All, fellas, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead."



Multiple orders Nelson and Crane arrested. The two get to a storeroom as Seaview shakes and descends--ten minutes they will crush depth. Multiple, Nelson comments, sounds like a company commander. Crane asks of what; Nelson replies, "Dolls, puppets."  Crane tells Harry that the real Multiple has been murdered. In the Crew's Quarters, Nelson finds the real crew sedated and he talks to himself. The Nelson dolls appears on the top of the door. Nelson wants it to answer some questions but it vanishes before he can get it. He meets Lee in the Circuitry Room which shakes briefly. Sharkey and SKi dolls come in and fight them. We hear some of the older stock music for this fight. Crane flips the Ski doll, Sharkey throws both Crane and Nelson aside but fire from the sparking controls kills both dolls. Crane and Nelson get out. Heading for Harry's cabin, Nelson knocks a doll crewman out. Gee, they don't go down for bullets but a blow to the neck will put them down--on explanation as to why or how. Just as Crane and Nelson enter his cabin, the dolls of Crane and Chip pass the door. Nelson figures  a laser beam blast will free them from this current. Crane sneaks to the Missile Room and hits a doll crewman down. He calls and distracts Multiple, telling him he will blow up Seaview from there. Multiple asks for a truce but when Crane denies him, he sends the dolls all down to the Missile Room. Lee gets out the vent (how else?) just as the Crane doll leads the other dolls in (the music, new here, is particularly good during this and all the search scenes and would be reused a bit in RESCUE). Nelson goes to the nose, closes the doors to the Control Room, and begins to lower the laser device to fire. As he prepares to fire, Multiple comes from off screen somewhere and throws Nelson off the device, "I think not, Admiral!"  Nelson tries to reason with him--Seaview will be crushed. Multiple says, "You mean my deadly dolls will die? Since dolls don't really live, they can't die."  They could care less about dying. Nelson shoots Multiple but finds he is one of the dolls. Seaview is needed, the doll leader claims, by the "Masters of the Future."   He explains--out in the galaxies greater machines than what mankind has made, were made by other beings. The machines became greater than the creators. Out the nose windows, Nelson sees a glowing, growling multi-colored light sun-like force--what Multiple calls the heart of the control of the machine. Upon entering the upper atmosphere, it has lost is outer shell like a hermit crab loses its. The outer shell dissolved coming in from space. Seaview will now be its shell. The Nelson dolls sits on the laser device but Multiple tells it to allow him to try to shoot (changing his tune again!?). Nelson tries and an electric shock thunders through the control room nose, knocking Nelson down. The Nelson dolls appears on him, "How foolish, how headstrong. Too bad, too bad, too bad, too bad."



"Don't give it another thought, he's not dead,"  the Nelson puppet vanishes. Nelson gets up. Multiple calls what knocked him down the faintest zephyr of power; he wants Nelson's knowledge, then the doll will take his place. He is taken to his cabin and locked in. The Nelson doll warns them, "Watch him, he's a smart cookie, that one, slippery."  Multiple wants Crane put to sleep. The doll agrees, "It'll be good for him-a long, long sleep."  Good music as Crane and Sharkey doll lock Nelson in with the key in the lock--he won't be able to open it from inside but they don't count on Nelson getting a gun and another key from his safe. Nelson tries one key, then another and gets the door open. Doll Chip orders dolls of Pat and crewman Burns to find Crane. Pat and Burns hear someone in the vents (guess who?). Ski goes with Chip. Crane comes out and Burns and Patterson attack him but he fights and kicks them away, getting back inside the vent. The music here, another fight scene and quite good, is older stock from previous episodes, which fits fine. Patterson and Burns follow Crane into the vent. Crane, in the storeroom fights another doll crewman who is at the door. Pat and Burns come in and fight Crane again which is a good fight also. Crane swings wrench at Pat doll but hits a pipe of steam. He throws the Pat doll into the steam. Burns tries to stop Crane from getting into the vent but Lee fights him back and dumps a shelf on him. Nelson calls Crane who tries to get to Nelson's cabin--I guess the vent he was in doesn't go directly to Nelson's cabin as Lee has to leave the vent and skulk around the hallways. He gets there and he and Nelson view the force on the TV scanner. Nelson proposes the Flying Sub could laser into it but then would be caught in the current. If Lee can replace the Lee doll somehow, he would be able to hit the remote power control which would send a charge to free the Flying Sub. Later, the Doll Chip finds Nelson's cabin empty. The Nelson doll tells Multiple, "You're not running the store, better get on the ball."   Crane calls Captain to Captain, luring the Doll Crane to the Armory. Crane arms himself with a flame thrower gun which looks like a bug spray can with pipe attachments on it! Multiple orders D and F details to the armory. Ski doll goes and is flamed up (the music sounds like the Americanized musical theme to KING KONG VS. GODZILLA--it could be that movie used stock music--it did--that may have been done by the same composer--well, it could be!). Crane looks and sees the tiny puppet Ski has turned back into. The Crane Doll comes in and fights with him in yet another well done fight scene (cue the old but effective fight music stock). The fight is heard from the control room. The dolls leave for the Armory. Nelson hits the only remaining one--Chip Doll. It falls. As the Cranes fight, one Crane gets the flame thrower rifle and it is swung around as they fight. One Crane gets it to fall, then throws a box--some kind of food container (?) at the other. Finally, in a gruesome scene, one Crane gets the flame thrower and flames up the other Crane, who sinks against the boxes, his hand over his face. Pretty gory stuff for TV back then. The viewer is left wondering who is who--c'mon, we know the real Crane had to survive---but there is always that thought lingering, what if... A Crane comes out to the hall where Multiple is. Multiple wonders what happened to the real Crane and sees nothing left of the Ski doll and the Crane doll. Can't Multiple tell the difference between the Crane doll and the real Crane who is out in the hall. Nelson launches the Flying Sub, is seen by the Chip doll. He sees it fly at the monster outside. Multiple arrives and sees it, "Whom the gods destroy, they first drive mad."  The thing hits the Flying Sub with short bursts of blasts. The Nelson doll comments on this.



Flying Sub continues to be hit but it fires a beam and gets through the flaming electrode like tentacles of the multi colored beast. But it is held. Crane asks, "What now?"  Multiple tells him it is not for "us"  to say. The doll goes to and taunts Nelson in the Flying Sub. During this we hear the sound of the monster more (it sounds like the second and third season Jupiter II from outside that ship; this sound is taken from the source--FANTASTIC VOYAGE, the movie). The doll tells him the crew and mankind will sleep forever. Nelson will stuck here for all eternity. Nelson calls Lee and tells him to open Box NC5-the master control switch. Multiple doesn't want him to do it but Crane bluffs his way to do so. Crane has locked all controls on dead ahead flank. As this happens, we see a black and white, electrified Seaview (season one stock?) head at the Flying Sub and the monster. Crane tells Multiple he sent a nuclear charge through the hull and Seaview is moving at flank speed and can't be stopped. The box is now locked. Multiple, then all his puppets, in unison command him, "Open it, open it, open it,"  over and over in an unnerving scene. Crane tries to ignore them. Nelson doll tells Nelson the sub will hit the Flying vessel first, "You'll be dead...and so will I. Whoops!"  It vanishes. Nelson calls Lee again (pushy isn't he? He wants Lee to do stuff while surrounded by enemies---stuff he yells out loud to Lee, letting the enemies know what Lee's next move will be???!!!). He wants Lee to throw the remote control power switch (another switch!). Lee tries but the puppets pull him back and seem to beat him to the floor...almost to death!



They pull Lee up. Crane moves toward the box to unlock it but fools the puppets and jumps the opposite way...hitting the right switch. Everything turns into negative glow. The Flying Sub now moves and we see a man at the window--not really special effects, probably a model toy of looks very good and we see it in long shot. Seaview goes into the thing and the thing is blasted away. In Seaview's nose, Crane is stopped from hitting the real Chip and Sharkey by Nelson. He talks with Nelson, Chip, and Sharkey. He asks about Multiple. The real crew woke up when the thing vanished. They look at the dolls on a table...all the faces blank. The Nelson doll says, "Too bad, really too bad, too bad, too bad, tooo bad, too bad."  There is some cutesy music. Crane asks what to do with the dolls (Multiple doesn't seem to be among he really dead or is a sequel being thought about). Nelson waves his hand, "Burn them."


REVIEW: Vincent Price adds wonderful qualities to this almost redo of THE WAX MEN. I prefer this one, although liking WAX MEN a great deal. Price has a long list of credits, my favorites include HOUSE OF WAX, THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, MASQUE OF RED DEATH, DIARY OF A MADMAN (based on the book THE HORLA), THE HAUNTED PALACE, THEATER OF BLOOD (with Diana Rigg) and both DR. PHIBES films-- THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES and DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN! (a third was planned). Not having seen it, but seeing the scary makeup on him from it, MADHOUSE. The original and best THE FLY starred David (then Al) Hedison with Vincent Price (complete with sound effects of the LOST IN SPACE robot for the devices) so this is a reunion of a sort for the actors. The entire background to the monster force is as HP Lovecraftian as VOYAGE ever became and is quite eerie. Crane once more uses the vents, prompting MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE to joke on one occasion (TIME OF THE APES). The new music is very good and is mixed with some old music, mostly during the fight scenes. The new stuff is reused in RESCUE and contains some very good stuff for when the hallways are being searched--quite chilling and mysterious. Some of the rooms, seen before (such as the Armory) look a bit different than they were before. The Armory looks bigger. Storerooms reappear (as in the first season--SUBMARINE SUNK HERE for one and its stock footage use in season three's NO ESCAPE FROM DEATH). The Nelson doll idea was great and Basehart carries on like a trooper even though he couldn't have been fond of this episode. He also does a great impression of having Nelson be annoyed at the whole thing--or is Basehart annoyed and using it to act! Anyhow, Richard Basehart is wonderful in this and in almost everything else he's been in. Every fight sequence is well planned and exciting, not always possible in every VOYAGE but here the action is definitely worth it. Having the dolls shout at Crane the way they do is very effectively weird as is Nelson shouting commands to Crane who is surrounded by the dolls in the control room, command which should be secret to the dolls. That didn't exactly make it easier for Crane. The beating scene at the end of act four is quite scary and looks as though they beat him to a pulp to the floor. Multiple didn't seem as bent on death as say the clown from THE WAX MEN did--Multiple didn't order them killed, just stopped or put to sleep. The clown in WAX MEN ordered Crane shot on sight. Multiple was almost reasoned with by Nelson but couldn't be swayed. One felt he nor the Nelson doll was in charge but some higher force...the thing outside, growling like a rock monster from LOST IN SPACE's THE CAVE OF THE WIZARDS and other monster episodes. At times, though, the Nelson doll and Multiple seemed to be in charge but not of each other. It was odd. Also, of note, Multiple is not the Professor's name anyway, nor is he a Professor, probably just another doll of the force that used the real Multiple's appearance. Quite an episode which could have been more campy than it was but played straight by the regulars and semi-straight by Price, who is, when all is said and done, excellent in anything he does. Why can Sharkey make the control room shift vanish but can't do the same when he comes close to Nelson and Crane later in the Missile Room? How come the electric shocks cannot stop Crane wherever he is? These and other questions will not be answered same sea time, same sea channel (channel, get it? Uh, sorry.)

















































Writer-William Welch

Dir-Harry Harris



Four large Navy ships have been lost. The Flying Sub with Admiral Nelson and Naval Lt. Commander Peter Van Wyck, is flying in a dark filled sky. A storm is all around them in what amounts to great effects. Lightning and thunder reign. Wyck tells Nelson the Navy will not allow him to give up the mission of finding out what happened to those ships but Nelson is about to turn back, telling him they won't have choice about it. Van Wyck hits the controls but Nelson hits him away. They both see a old square rigger out the window (cue THE LAST WAGON music) that seems to shoot them down.



The Flying Sub is on the surface bobbing up and down on a calm sea, the storm gone suddenly. We hear stock music that was used often in THE TIME TUNNEL. Flying Sub is dead in the water, no radio contact. Nelson and Van Wyck break out the raft and go to the island but on it, there is no installation that could sink those ships. Van Wyck finds a webbed up entrance to a cave and they find Dutch writing--cursed be those who venture through this portal. Nelson says this is interesting as they go in and survey their surroundings. Van Wyck pulls Nelson back from a falling ancient booby trap--a sword coming straight down. The island-cave set must have been used many times and was probably used in THE TIME TUNNEL-PIRATES OF DEADMAN'S ISLAND--music from there is used here as well as familiar "shock"  LOST IN SPACE music as Nelson finds a skeleton in webs. Van Wyck points out a dagger to Nelson who pulls it out. They hear a voice say, "A curse on your head, a curse now and forever."  The cave shakes and the two run out, rocks raining down. Van Wyck, Nelson finds, didn't hear the voice and also claims not to see the square rigger. Nelson won't give the dagger to him, "One of us is losing contact with reality."  They push the raft off. Sparks gets a message from Washington DC to Crane: the whole 11th fleet is coming to the area on maneuvers. The Admiral is one hour overdue. Crane tells them they must continue on. Sharkey asks Chip, "What'd you think?"  Chip bluntly says, "What is there to think?"  This sums up Chip's character to a tee. Nelson and Van Wyck find the Flying Sub in working order, Van Wyck suggesting it was always working. Nelson calls Lee who didn't get any signs of a storm near Seaview. Nelson figures it was a local squall. He tells about the island but Chip verifies there is no island in the area on the charts. A new shot shows the Flying Sub going toward a waiting Seaview. Nelson climbs up to a red lighted control room and sees the crew--as skeletons--all of them are skeletons! We hear JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH music as he investigates...and each skeleton is naked! A skeleton is at the periscope and other at radar, sonar, the computer, the helm. A skeleton hands touches Nelson's shoulder as he backs up. Nelson turns to face a bone head.



Nelson awakens to see skeleton face which becomes Crane as he fully opens his eyes. He is in Sickbay with Crane and Doc, the later telling him he has had a severe trauma. Van Wyck is okay and in his cabin, probably asleep. Nelson says nothing is wrong. In his delirium, he spoke of a curse. Crane asks Nelson to tell him what is wrong. When Crane asks Nelson what to tell Washington, Nelson waves his hand, "If the ask again tell them, tell them I'll get in touch."  This is a cleverly funny answer, probably ad libbed by Basehart. Sharkey finds the Circuitry Room door open and sees Van Wyck in full uniform, fooling with the wires. Sharkey chases him as the man pushes out past him. Sharkey runs down a hall, rounding on Van Wyck but suddenly, he is face to wall with a dead end storage shelf! A good trick of the set. In his cabin, Nelson is asked for the dagger by Van Wyck. Nelson checked Van Wyck's cabin before--it was empty. Nelson wonders what an 18th century dagger has to do with four units missing from the 11th fleet. Van Wyck tells him the story of the Flying Dutchman, "An ancient square rigger, lost in time, a ghost ship, sailing aimlessly and endlessly on the seven seas."  He wants to end the curse with the dagger. Nelson puts it in his safe. Sharkey comes in and when Nelson refers to Van Wyck, Nelson sees Van Wyck is gone. Sharkey tells Nelson about Van Wyck. As Nelson sleeps, the voice (not Van Wyck) says, "Those who see the Flying Dutchman, never, never reach the shore."  There is a fire in Nelson's cabin. Crane and crewmen are looking for Van Wyck when Crane spots smoke coming from under the door of Nelson's room. Lee and two men pull him out. A fire detail, including one Hispanic crewman, put out the fire. Nelson asks Lee about the Flying Dutchman. Lee responds with, "I'm taking you to Sickbay."  Although there are heavy seas above, Nelson wants to look through the periscope and asks to go to that depth. Lee warns the Cape Weather can be tricky this time of year. Nelson insists and tells Chip who asks, "In this weather?"  Nelson puffs in disgust as Lee tells Chip, "You heard me."  Chip orders ten degrees up bubble to 90 feet. Crane says, "Up periscope."  Nelson views the square rigger and prepares aft torpedoes to fire. Crane belays it; he looks through the scope and sees nothing but heavy seas. He puts the scope down and tells Nelson, who responds it is there, "Sailing like a curse of death!"  Nelson tells Ski to check sonar again. Chip asks Lee what's wrong with Nelson. Later, Nelson is asleep at his desk when he hears a voice calling--surrender the dagger he stole. He opens the safe, puts the dagger back in it and hears the voice again. Nelson checks his closet, then opens the bathroom door--a skeleton is there!



While the efforts to find Van Wyck prove futile, Sharkey tells Mr. Morton that Seaview is back where they started from, sailing in a circle all night. Nelson knows they are "up against forces beyond our control."  Crane asks if he knew about the change in course, then asks how it happened. Crane belays Nelson's distress call from Sparks to Washington DC. Ski gets a reading. Crane looks through the scope and sees a freighter. He makes Nelson look...and the Admiral sees the Flying Dutchman. Nelson wants to talk to its captain. It is reported there is no malfunction on Seaview...the Navigation Officer checked it out and is still working to find out what went wrong. Van Wyck is in the Control Room and talks to Nelson, telling him he and the crew cannot contact any ship. He vanishes. Sparks cannot get the captain of the freighter. Nelson wants to surface to make a visual signal possible. Chip asks, "What about the storm?"  Nelson shakes his head in frustration. Seaview suddenly shakes. They call engineering but there seems to be no problem. Nelson tells Crane to look through the periscope--twice. Crane now sees the square rigger, "Dive...all..."  Seaview shakes from blasts and as it does, Crane yells to Nelson, "I think we'd better talk this over in your cabin!"  They do. Lee suggests volcanic gases are causing hallucinations (perhaps he is referring back to NIGHT OF TERROR). While they talk, in one of the most effective scenes in all the supernatural tales, Van Wyck's face, seen from behind the grating, is in the vent, listening. He is not crouched down but standing in the vent--only his head and shoulders are seen in the shadows--and clearly the rest of him is standing inside the parts of the sub that he couldn't possibly be standing in unless he was a spirit of some kind. Nelson suspects Van Wyck would like to kill him with that dagger. Nelson moves to find a book about the Flying Dutchman on his book shelf. As he does, Crane is possessed by Van Wyck's mind and raises the dagger over Nelson's back! Nelson turns and uses the book to block the dagger point. The two have a large fight with Van Wyck controlling Lee the whole time. We see the fight from Van Wyck's point of view--inside the grating. Crane attacks Nelson, pushing him back onto his bunk. As they fight, Sharkey comes in and punches Crane, who fights him now. Nelson flips Crane. Sharkey gets Crane cornered at the door but the captain seems to snap back to himself. Realizing this, Nelson stops Sharkey from punching Crane some more. Nelson pulls Sharkey back from Lee. Crane tells him he couldn't stop his arm from doing this! The dagger had a life of its own (shades of FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE SERIES with its cursed antiques). Nelson takes the dagger. Later  in Control Room, Nelson shows the others the circle they are going in on the map; the also shows them the positions of the other four lost craft. The center of the circle is the island. Sharkey reports the diving bell can be ready to leave in ten minutes. Nelson will take it to go hunting for the Flying Dutchman. Scotty and another crewman finish the check of the bell. It goes out on a 2000 foot cable but it won't slow down (cue X FACTOR and THE MACHINES STRIKE BACK action music). Nelson, in the bell, says, "Too fast, whatsamatter with them."  Crane and Sharkey cannot cut the power. The bell cable falls out of Seaview. Sharkey tells Crane, "We've lost him, sir."



Nelson calls as the bell does down and soon hits bottom. It tilts a bit sideways and the reserve air tank is smashed, leaving him 20 minutes of air. Crane wants to bring Seaview down but Van Wyck appears in the bell and blows out the radio. Nelson had some other plan but didn't have time to tell him. Van Wyck claims he is sorry for Nelson but has to do this. The Amsterdamer, the real Flying Dutchman, reached an island--the island they were on--the crew wanted to go home but the captain refused them this. The left the captain on the island and the first mate killed him. Van Wyck is the first mate. With his dying breath, Van Wyck's captain cursed them, never to find home again. The Flying Sub gear is ready to be used. Seaview cannot go can't blow ballast. Once Nelson dies by the dagger, the Admiral and Seaview's crew will take Van Wyck's place as the new Flying Dutchman. Nelson looks out the porthole and sees the Flying Dutchman--he knew he would. A blast shakes the bell but Van Wyck is not affected. The Flying Sub leaves Seaview and dips down. Van Wyck tells Nelson that the Seaview cannot dive or surface but will sail until the end of time. Only the man who removed the dagger could replace Van Wyck. The others from the other ships all died before they could be brought to the island. Nelson hits Van Wyck who attempts to get the dagger from him. It seems as if Van Wyck gets hurt before Nelson hits him though (a flub?). The new landing gear in the Flying Sub comes out the bottom and lands with the Flying Sub above, attached. Sharkey works the new Flying Sub claws and grabs up the cable (nice use of ENEMY BELOW music or a very similar variation of it). They put the cable back somehow and reel in the bell. We see the bell being pulled up from an above view shot. Van Wyck is no longer in the bell. Nelson refuses to go to Sickbay--again. They must destroy the island. As Crane moves for the firing controls he hears Van Wyck says, "Captain,"  then sees Van Wyck appear, gun in hand, "Touch that button and you're dead."



Sharkey sneaks out of the diving bell and grabs Van Wyck. Crane fires the torpedo and destroys the island. Van Wyck throws Sharkey, Ski, and Crane, still trying to kill Nelson with the dagger. When the island blows up the impact knocks everyone around. Van Wyck is turned over with the dagger sticking out of him. Suddenly, Van Wyck becomes a skeleton. Crane and Nelson at the nose, watching the surface water, discuss the legend of the Flying Dutchman. If four ships weren't lost (if they mention those four ships one more time...) they wouldn't believe it. Crane wonders what Nelson will put in his report. Nelson does also, "Good question."  


REVIEW: CAVE OF THE DEAD was everything THE HAUNTED SUBMARINE could have been. William Welch wrote both of these as well as THE PHANTOM STRIKES and RETURN OF THE PHANTOM. All deal with ghostly hauntings. While both the Phantom Kruegar (of both PHANTOM stories) and Shameus O'Hara (of the awful THE HAUNTED SUBMARINE) had their somewhat likeable qualities and were somewhat human in their frailties (love for the phantom, the desire for life and companionship), Van Wyck was not. He was more toward evil than the other two. The atmosphere set up in CAVE was not as good as either of the PHANTOM stories but was head and shoulders above THE HAUNTED SUBMARINE. At times, CAVE OF THE DEAD seemed almost a more serious remake of THE HAUNTED SUBMARINE, a better one. While some of it is redundant such as Crane and Nelson's banter about Nelson knowing something but not telling him and repetitious of that and other episodes, it is resolved in a more open way here than in THE HAUNTED SUBMARINE, where Crane is never told what was going on. There were more laughs in HAUNTED but in spots where they were neither funny or tension relieving. The atmosphere was better in CAVE than in HAUNTED and Warren Stevens, playing things completely straight is as always, wonderful. The entire first act is rather tense and well done as are several sequences later. Nelson awakening in sick bay staring at the skeleton face was rather surprising--we'd expect him to awaken from the nightmare and see just the regular face of Crane. Also very intriguing is the fight scene in the Nelson cabin. Rather well choreographed and filmed at new and innovative angles for the show. The new Flying Sub gear, new footage of it in a storm, as well as new footage of the diving bell were just icing on the cake. A good supernatural episode.


BACKGROUND ON THE FLYING DUTCHMAN: The legend concerns a becalmed Dutch shipmaster of the 17th century named Vanderdecken or Van Falkenberg, who swore he would sell his soul to the devil for a wind to sail by. The devil accepted this bargain and ever since, the Dutchman sailed the seas. The sightings usually occur south of the Cape of Good Hope and there have been 400 sightings, according to legend. Crewed by dead men, the ship is encountered in heavy weather and gales. Another source claims the captain, Vanderdeck, is under a curse, condemned to beat vainly against the wind forever because in a storm, he rashly swore that he would round the Cape if he had to keep trying to the end of the world.                    































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