LOST IN SPACE-Cave of the Wizards, Treasure of the Lost Planet,

Chase - Posted on 10 October 2009




MUSIC-ALEXANDER COURAGE--a good score a bit reminiscent of THE                        ADDAMS FAMILY TV series in spots.


NARRATION: Last week, as you recall, we left the Professor and Major West making a final check of the spaceship's control system. After months of repair, it appears the Jupiter 2 is at last ready to blast off from this forgotten world.


TEASER-recapped but several short scenes are snipped off and out; also a few seconds at the opening are longer--with Don at the astrogater and the astrogater moving! Gone are the comments from Don about flight corridors and Maureen checking safety harness. The sound of the astrogater is different and sounds like the door sound from this season. Will's comments are different and there is less dialogue about Alpha Centauri. The Robot poem is also missing. 


Daytime--John and Don are readying the Jupiter II. Don is back at the astrogater which is back in place and the mini Jupiter II on its center piece is moving. They check astrogater control, fuel injection, and computer system (the round electric radar like device). We see a number of the controls up close in several rare shots. John calls Maureen and tells her when Will and Dr. Smith get back they will have their final briefing. Smith, Will, and Robot are out near rocks. They discuss the trip and Alpha Centauri. Will tells Smith this is the last chance he will have to be active before they reach Alpha Centuari. They can check rocks together in flight--telling Smith they can make a geologic assay together during their flight. Will asks Smith to help him find ore samples in this area. Smith agrees to help, "Indeed, rocks are not of interest to me."  Will says, "But they are to me."  He hands Smith a chisel and tells him to check an area to the left of the area they are in now. Smith goes with Robot, "The things I endure for young William."  He calls Robot a robust rockhead. Robot tells him the outcrop of rock near them should be searched, "You will find it has an undercover stratum of geological interest."  He also warns Smith this is a highly gaseous area. Smith is up on a rock near higher rocks. "Ha!"  He chisels the rock but a series of explosions make him fall. Robot helps Smith to his feet. Smith asks, "Where am I? Who are you?"  He doesn't seem to know his name. Robot says, "I must assume for devious reasons of your own, that you are playing possum."  Robot begins to see the truth and asks Smith to return to the Jupiter with him. Smith has no intentions of returning to the Jupiter 2 with him, "...whatever that is."  NOTE: This is odd since the Robot only called the ship, "Jupiter"  and Smith, supposing to have amnesia, calls it, "Jupiter 2, whatever that is."  Clearly Smith remembered a bit about the ship, perhaps unconsciously."  Also of NOTE: the Robot seems to shake and waddle quite a bit during this conversation. Smith calls him a mealy mouth rogue. Robot leaves without Smith, going for help. Smith hears a beeping sound which affects his head and ears, "Beep, beep, beep."  He goes into a trance and says, "I hear and I will obey."  We hear organ music as Smith goes to a rock cave which has a cobwebbed up gate, the gate being half off and broken. Beyond the gate, inside, are naked statues (many we've seen before in the series) and...a bandaged up mummy. It urges him into the cave using its one good arm, waving it and its hand. The other arm of the mummy is bandaged to its side as if it were the Universal Mummy Kharis from the series of five films which followed the Im-Ho-Tep MUMMY played by Boris Karloff. Smith follows it inside.



Smith passes statues and busts of noblemen and warriors and aliens. The mummy vanishes to near a statue (FOR NO APPARENT REASON) and leads Smith past more poles and statues, then vanishes to his coffin tomb. A power sounds and whirs. Smith walks in. Will and Robot follow Smith to the double cave. NOTE: The Robot's legs are moving independent of each other in this scene. Robot warns, "Wait Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!"  Two rock men appear and growl (they use the growl of the original cyclops in the UNAIRED PILOT ONE). The costumes were used in VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-THE FOSSIL MEN this same season. The Robot relays to Will that the attraction of an alien force which he cannot compute is influencing Dr. Smith. This force is exerting external forces on Smith. Robot distracts the rockmen so Will slips by. Robot passes by them. In the second cavern, they see a multi colored TV screen. Smith is near a machine which has a spiked brain pulsating on top of it. Will comes to him, "You'd better come back with us to the Jupiter."  Smith says, "I am what I am."  Robot computes this machine is a computer or stimulator. "It's function is lost in the distant past,"  he tells them. Robot asks for Will to give him a rock. Will gasps, "You can't bob Dr. Smith with that."  Robot does. Smith yells, "How dare you strike me, you blithering blatherskite."  Will explains and tells him they should return to the Jupiter II. Smith says, "That dreadful Jupiter II and it's devil may care crew and it's destination of doom."  He dreams of a ship of his own. Will says, "Nice work, Robot, he hasn't changed a bit."  Robot corrects him and tells Will that he may have a reoccurrence. The brain smokes after they leave. It is now NIGHT. Smith complains about his back, telling Robot they don't all have the benefit of iron feet and an empty bubble head. Robot asks Will if he has ever been wrong before. Will starts, "Well, as a matter of fact..."  Smith insults Robot and leads them to a strange area, following the same trail as before. They pass what Smith calls a sassafras tree. Robot says, "Correction. It is not."  Smith claims himself a horticulture expert (as we hear some THE TIME TUNNEL music--possibly?). When the trio leave, the tree vanishes and there is smoke rising from the ground. They pass a crystal like shiny rock. They see the hydroponic garden outside--it shouldn't be since they will be leaving soon. The plants in it are purple and taste like clay or putty to Will but not to Smith. The Jupiter II lights are out and no one is around. A spiked plant is back to the spot it was in before it was moved to the other side of the ramp in THE SPACE VIKINGS. It looks stiff. The hatch is shut and won't open. Will bangs on it and it vanishes, making Will fall inside. Smith tells Will to go in first. They put the lights on and the control room is full of cobwebs! Will tells Smith that was not the first time he banged on that hatch. He goes to sit to wait for his father to arrive and they will explain. The chair vanishes underneath him and he falls to the floor. Something terrible is happening. Smith tells him the only reasonable thing to do is give up and return to Earth at once. Will finds a computer system on the console shouldn't be there but should be on the other side of the ship and the one there, should be on the console. Dad would never have switched those two--it would affect the equilibrium of the ship. Smith knows where the mike is--it is always in one spot--but it is gone. Smith goes to lean on the astrogater and it vanishes under his arm! "And in a moment, we will be gone,"  Smith murmurs. He rides down on the elevator. Will looks around and then waits for Smith to ride back up. Smith comes up, wide-eyed and in shock, "There is no lower deck."



Smith and Will come out of the ship, stunned and confused. Smith gasps, "Oh dear!" They figure an electric storm wrecked havoc on the upper deck. Smith tells Will, "Time is the great healer."   He advises they repair the ship and go home. Robot tells them it is not the Jupiter II---it is a simulated vehicle. Smith yells, "Why didn't you tell us this before, you pot bellied prankster?"  Robot believes an outside force prevented him. Will says, "We gotto back to the real Jupiter II."  Smith advises Will that they keep this discovery to themselves, "A second Jupiter Two could be useful."  Will wonders where he would sleep without a lower deck. Smith babbles he would sleep on the floor, a chair, a freezing tube or a bed of nails (like Uncle Fester in THE ADDAMS FAMILY) to get back to Earth. He calls Robot a confused compass.  In the real control room there is a table. Everyone of the Jupiter II ship synchronizes their watches. John tells them they will have a problem with fuel consumption until they switch to the ion propellant so at lift off all systems except those needed for flight will be off. Don tells them if they left anything behind, now is the time to get it. Judy tells them all is secure downstairs. Penny tells them the food storage units are secure. Smith claims he left his tape recorder at the ore site. Maureen doesn't want him to miss the farewell dinner in 15 minutes. Smith will eat first, then go. New music as later Smith and Robot return to the cave, passing the rock men again. Smith says, "Oh dear."  NOTE: During this scene, the Robot only has one of his eyes blinking. The other is off. Robot wants Smith abandon this, Smith calling that asinine advice. Robot claims the creatures are not hostile to Smith. Smith passes them. The screen comes on and a sun face (a rather neat looking alien face) bids him welcome. Smith screams. A geeky voice comes forth from the golden eye machine that opens a lid, telling Smith they were expecting him to return. On a base under the eye robot is a tiny Jupiter II model. Robot tells Smith, "You have just stated that they were omnipotent."  Smith thinks they have infinite powers. He sees a symbol of royalty--a metallic red skull cap which Smith tries on but can't get off! The brain calls the aliens who have left these things Draconians (or Androcians). The sun face wants Smith to pick a wand and when Smith does this and locks it back into place, coronation music plays--the Anthem of Draconus, the Music of the Spheres whose composer will rest in peace. Smith is given a diamond from out of thin air. Later, John and Don store stuff from outside into metal boxes and take it into the ship. They have three hours before they depart this planet Don said. John tells him two, "Anything not stored, gets left behind."  Robot returns to Will and camp all golden and singing, "Ganna Jump Down, Turn Around, Pick a Golden Nugget."  Will asks him questions. Smith can now command the wisdom of the ages. Robot tells Will to call him Golden Boy. Smith is now green with arched eyebrows, pointy ears, and has gold and jewels. He eats alien food on a couch as Will and Robot arrive. Will is shocked. He thinks the apricots Smith is eating are more like putty, adding, "...and Dr. Smith is clay by the looks of him."  Smith says, "No bless oblige,"  or something and something else about equity. He has the memory of 1000 generations. Will taunts him, "You're beginning to look more and more like an alien."  Smith gets up, his back is better. He says he will, "...cut a swath of glory across the universe."  Will tells him he doesn't sound anything like himself. Smith says, "No? Beep beep."  Smith seems to have a weakness. The fossil men appear from thin air. Will yells, "Dr. Smith! The rock monsters!"  Robot yells, "Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!"  They run as the monsters back them to the machine!


ACT THREE             

Robot would not blast the rock men who might spoil his gold. Smith is wearing silver gloves. Robot recalls the rock men are not hostile--they wish to serve their master--Smith. Smith makes them his body guards, calling one Gog and the other Magog (names from the Bible's Book of Revelations--demons). He snaps his fingers and they are gone. Will asks Smith to forget his omnipotence. Robot says, "He has lost you, Will Robinson."  Will leaves. The eye opens, telling him the youth could have been destroyed easily but it was a test, allowed to see if Smith's loyalty lay with the aliens or Will. Smith sits on the throne and agrees willingly. Robot says, "Warning! Warning! Warning!"  The eye uses a sonic blast to knock Robot out. Day--Control Room--John and Don are in their silver space flight suits as is Maureen who rides up on the elevator. Maureen asks them to stop this and go find Will. John and Don are checking the cabin pressure control and the orbital attitude system. Will runs in. John says, "Obviously that briefing didn't register."  Telling him it did, Will tells them what happened, "The Robot got himself all goldened up. But it's Dr. Smith I'm really worried about...he's got himself all mixed up with an alien computer in this cave."  Don asks, "Are you still with that cave bit?"  Will answers, "Don, I would've told you and everyone else about it last night but you wouldn't listen."  Maureen says (most likely lying), "Well, you can tell me about it dear."  Will does. John and Don will go to the cave, Don complaining about perhaps missing vital take off checks such as the fuel injection system. Will asks, "Don, don't you care about what happens to Dr. Smith?"  Don says, "As a matter of fact, Will, NO."  The two men leave with their laser rifles on their shoulders. Smith wants Golden Boy restored to his vigor--he is his chum. The sun alien tells him that is a weakness for personal relationships. The aliens must make Smith less receptive to these and more receptive to themselves. Smith says, "Oh dear."  The eye tells him he knows too much about them to turn back now. There is a blast. The eye closes. John and Don come in. Smith tells them, "I am many persons."  He claims to have the sum of all the wisdom of his ancestors. John tells him he belongs with them. Smith tells them, "Dr. Smith is not one of you any longer."  Don says, "He's really flipped out."  John says, "That Robot belongs with us. You too belong with us in another form."  Smith tells them his ancestors abandoned that form a million years ago. Don asks, "Are you sure the machine isn't the master of you?"  Smith calls that impertinence and is talking slow and like an alien in a deep low voice. John tries again to get through to the last of Smith's personality, "The Jupiter II is leaving. It is not coming back. That Robot belongs with us. When we leave, he goes with us."  They move to take the Robot but blasts and whines force them out of the cave (this scene and the sun alien on the screen was used in promos for UHF station on Long Island, New York's TV 55 along with still shot of the cast members taken from the third and second seasons and shots from WILD ADVENTURE-the opening shot of the cast at the window; FLIGHT INTO THE FUTURE-the robot blasting the alien machine, BLAST OFF INTO SPACE-Will and Smith flying in the underground hole, the planet blowing up; and the WILD ADVENTURE dust ball sequence). The sun alien tells Smith he is now called Oniak or Onak or Anaik or something. "Known as Dr. Smith in a former existence."   Smith is ready to take the Mantle of Mastery and gets a purple red cape, now becoming part of the cosmic brain. Smith tells the aliens, "I am ready."



The chronometer is being looked at by Maureen and Will (Will is now in his flight silver suit also). Will worries about the escape corridor. They see John and Don pass the window and come inside the Control Room. The door opens and closes. John tells Will, "I'm sorry, son, Dr. Smith is lost to us."  Will yells, "That's because you didn't try hard enough! I gotto go get them!"  Maureen takes Will to the elevator but Will cons her into going down alone. It is T minus 24. Will turns to the men, "I didn't even get to say goodbye to them."  John turns, "Would it have helped son, even if he didn't know who you were?"  Will sneaks to the door, opens it, goes out, and closes it. Ducking under the window he runs to the cave. Smith is in the machine, a part of it. A semi transparent door seems to hold him in. His hat cap is now silver. Will appeals to him as Dr. Smith. He asks about memories of the good times--hikes, rock hunting expeditions, chess games, picnics, sing songs, and stories about his family back home on Earth (gee, I thought from CURSE OF COUSIN SMITH they were all dead except for Jeremiah--unless Will meant the stories about the past). Smith tells him he has one family--the Draconian family. Will continues to try, he can't leave either of them, "The machine will let you go if you just tell it to let you go."  Smith claims he belongs as a part of it. Will pleads, "NO, you belong with us and with the Jupiter." Will extends his hand up, "Take my hand, Dr. Smith, I'll lead you out of here."  It doesn't work. "I guess dad was right. We've lost you. Goodbye Dr. Smith,"  Will cries. He asks to say goodbye to the robot. Smith says, "How tiresome you Earthlings are."  The Robot is activated. Will figures he could take the Robot with him but Robot tells him it is not possible with the alien force that courses through his computers with such strength. Will opens the small door on the Robot's lower stomach area and takes out a pen to autograph the Robot's gold. Robot tells Will, "I love you too in my own fashion."  Will shakes Robot's hand and moves off, then turns and waves. The brain calls Oniak but Smith says, "Not now."  He recalls the sentimentalities of his Earth and says Will cried. Smith weakens, "He almost made me cry."  The alien wonders about the power of the machine pitted against the power of a stripling's tears. Smith recalls the fun he and Will had together. Smith cracks, "NO! I want to go back!"  The machine blows out smoke and a blast. Smith and Robot appear outside the cave as the smoke shoots out. They are their normal selves. It is T minus 8 as the two run for the Jupiter, hoping to make the lift off. It is T minus 6 and counting but would have been and holding if Will didn't get back. John and Don are making final countdown checks. Smith stops the Robot, "Wait for me!"  Robot offers to have Smith get on his tracks and ride piggyback. Smith says, "What? Certainly not!"  He leans to Robot, "What is that? Piggy back?"  Robot tells him and Smith gets on the Robot, "Mush you ninny!"  Robot goes. It is T minus 1: Don opens fuel pre-valves. It is 30 seconds. John and Don uncage gyros and strap into their seats. Smith falls off the Robot, "Oh dear, oh dear, good heavens."  He calls Robot a klutzy clod. Smith finishes the countdown--they are gone, he surmises, "Oh dear, oh dear"  he says as he realizes he has no food, no shelter, "How could they do this to me? How could they break my poor William's heart?"  John and Don touch Smith's back and he yells, thinking they are apparitions. Will arrives. John tells Smith they gave up the lift off when they spotted Smith and the Robot on the radar screen...before they actually took off. Smith asks, "You mean to tell me had you been aloft, you never would have come back for me?"  John tells him to figure it out "by yourself on those long lonely nights your gonna spend out here till we're ready to go again."  NOTE: Does this mean Smith is somewhat exile again? Will offers to play chess with Smith, saying him,"...and I'll even let you win a few."  Smith tries to teach the Robot his operatic talent, calling him an aluminum canary.


CLIFFHANGER: Smith has Will and Penny sitting, placing bets on plastic numbers. Smith claims he knows French and used it in Monte Carlo. Will says, "Dad always taught me that gambling was..."  Smith stops him, telling him this is instruction (wearing a brim hat, Smith is sitting on a rock). Robot calls Smith a conman and a shill (?). Smith calls him a bellicose bumpkin and orders him to turn his upper body while holding a pointer out--a pointer which will land on a number. The Robot says, "This is the final indignity."  NOTE: This is something Smith says and used to say in the past. The Robot seems to be picking up some of Smith's traits and sayings--from hanging around Smith too much. Smith tells Robot to turn his sensors off, "...no peeking."   Smith declares Penny and Will losers but Penny finds something on number 8--a gold coin of some kind. Smith figures it is an artifact from an ancient civilization. Smith says he is only interested in it as an artefact, and is unconcerned about its value as gold. Robot laughs. When Smith gets annoyed and says, "Beware!", Robot says, "Sorry, I was just clearing my tapes."  Penny, Will and Smith search the area. Penny finds something and digs it up more. Smith finds it to be a metal ring which he figures could be an entrance into a treasure trove. He pulls it and tells the kids, "Stand aside--it's beginning to move."  He heaves on the ring and sinks into the ground on a platform. Smith screams.




REVIEW: This episode, apart from the Robot turning golden and making silly comments about it, is played fairly straight, even by Dr. Smith. It is very serious and examines the relationship between Will and Smith quite closely. It is also very moving without being coy or overdone. Bill Mumy does a fine job of keeping it all believable and sincere. Harris is also fine as the cold alien Smith becomes. The rest of the family gets little to do but it was nice to see Maureen, John, Don, and even Will back in their silver space suits--the first and last time this season for Maureen, John, and Will. Don wore his in WILD ADVENTURE. The girls, Judy and Penny never wear their silver space suits in season two. Don and John also try to get Smith out of the cave and it was nice to see John try so hard. Don was a bit too cold hearted here. He really seemed to care about Smith in other episodes, maybe not too much but in WILD ADVENTURE and THE GHOST PLANET, he was willing to risk danger to save or find Smith. He also wishes Smith good luck in TREASURE OF THE LOST PLANET. Don also stuck up for Smith against THE SPACE TRADER. Here, he was just mean to both Will and Smith, telling Will he doesn't care about Smith at all. Or was it just frustration Don was letting out? The aliens are not really explained that much which makes them all the more mysterious. Smith's conversion was similarly done later on in SPACE: 1999 when Helena Russell is made to become one with the alien force of nature on a planet that initiated WAR GAMES. She even says one of Smith's lines almost word for word but not quite, "We are what we are."  She also wants to go back to being human, despite the beauty of the alien conversion. She wants her John (Koenig) back as he was before. Smith wanted to be back as he was before. Both give up what they would have wanted. It is an interesting parallel which never struck me until I reviewed this episode recently. Both episodes are excellent. CAVE was a much needed boost to LOST IN SPACE during the worst time of the series worst episodes. CAVE stands out against almost all the other second seasoners as well as a few first seasoners (THE SPACE CROPPERS for one) and is much better than a few third seasoners (A DAY AT THE ZOO, TWO WEEKS IN SPACE, CASTLES IN SPACE). This is mentioned by Harris as one of his favorite episodes. One can never fail to see why. Draco is an actual constellation. Sigma Draconis is a star in this constellation.  







NARRATION: Last week, as you recall, we left Will, Penny, Dr. Smith, and the Robot playing a game of chance, unaware pirates were even now about to descend on their planet...


TEASER-not fully recapped, different opening shot--more of a long shot, some dialogue missing...


Smith has Will and Penny sitting, placing bets on plastic numbers. Smith claims he knows French and used it in Monte Carlo. Will says, "Dad always taught me that gambling was..."  Smith stops him, telling him this is instruction (wearing a brim hat, Smith is sitting on a rock). Robot calls Smith a conman and a shill (?). Smith calls him a bellicose bumpkin and orders him to turn his upper body while holding a pointer out--a pointer which will land on a number. The Robot says, "This is the final indignity."  NOTE: This is something Smith says and used to say in the past. The Robot seems to be picking up some of Smith's traits and sayings--from hanging around Smith too much. Smith tells Robot to turn his sensors off, "...no peeking."   Smith declares Penny and Will losers but Penny finds something on number 8--a gold coin of some kind. Smith figures it is an artifact from an ancient civilization. Penny, Will and Smith search the area. Penny finds something and digs it up more. Smith finds it to be a metal ring which he figures could be an entrance into a treasure trove. He pulls it and tells the kids, "Stand aside--it's beginning to move."  He heaves on the ring and sinks into the ground on a platform. Smith screams. Smith lands on the bottom of a pit. He puts his hand on a bone of something the Robot calls down and claims is, "not humanoid but a bone of an alien monster."  We see Will, Penny, and Robot from below as they stand watching Smith from the hole. As Smith recovers, we hear THE RELUCTANT STOWAWAY music--much of it not used in some time. He finds an ancient relic chest and opens it. Inside is a box with a skull and crossbones on it. Smith comes up with the box and opens it. Inside is a metallic skull. Smith is upset by it. He wants to resume their studies tomorrow and the three Earthlings leave. The skull's eyes turn red and open--it says, "Good evening."  Robot, watching it, turns and says to his friends, "Hey, wait for me!"  He slides after Will, Penny, and Dr. Smith. NOTE: This is another of Smith's sayings--the Robot is picking up habits from Smith.



Night--John, Maureen, Don and Judy sit around a table that looks like a ping pong table. They are drinking coffee, talking, and joking. Don asks Judy for a short walk around the planet. Judy bemoans the fact that for once it would be nice to have just one other offer. Don tells her if she'd rather not...Judy tells him she didn't say she didn't wanna go. Don laughs, "Like wow."  Maureen tells him to have her back by midnight. John jokes about giving him the keys to the Chariot. Don and Judy go and Smith and the Robot arrive, arguing, The Robot saying, "But Dr. Smith, I'm telling you..."  Penny and Will are with them and sit down. Robot explains to John and Maureen that aliens have arrived--four and one eighth--a nine inch disembodied head. Maureen says, "A disembodied head? Oh, John, what does he mean?"  Smith tells them the head is not alive it is just a sick practical joke of a sick former alien civilization. Smith retires, insulting the Robot. Robot sounds off about zapping Smith one of these days. John and Maureen look at Robot from the table with knowing and amused looks on their faces. Robot repents. Smith is asleep when his door opens and a whistling sound echoes out. The box opens and it is the skull which comes to life and says, "Good evening."  Smith gets up and screams. John, Maureen and Penny come to him. John thinks this is probably just a joke of Will's. Smith claims it is alive but Maureen thinks he was just dreaming. Smith asks Penny to take it outside. After they leave, Smith talks to himself about his having taken leave of his senses. Penny takes the box out to Will who is using a telescope to look at the stars. She berates him for leaving it by Dr. Smith's quarters, not thinking it funny. She goes off. Suddenly, Nick, a metallic bird of Captain Tucker's appears on Will's telescope and shoulder. Will, happy to see it, is lead by it to a tied up Tucker. Will unties him and Tucker, who has ribbons on each side of his beard, is glad to see the "little Nipper"  and they shake hands. Will says, "It's good to see you again, Cap'n."  They touch thumbs--the pirates' oath. Tucker tells him, "I've thought of ya often"  as he has now made an honest livin. Nick appears and whistles. Tucker was tied up by evil companions. Will asks a lot of questions so Tucker asks him if he is "mistrustin' me" to which Will replies, "Golly no captain."  Tucker claims to have been on a trading venture for the syndicate from the planet Bootes (which is an actual constellation, sometimes called Bootis). He was given a ship to trade with unexplored planets. His crew turned evil when they got greedy. Tucker told them about the nipper showing him the evil of his ways. Will says, "I sure am proud of ya cap'n."  Nick implies this is a good story--a lie which goes over Will's head. Tucker tells him, "The dirty bird hates me."  Nick alarms them as three aliens arrive, singing. One, Smeke, has a hairy face; another named Deke is reptilian in nature with a green face and claws as well as a patch over his right eye. Both wear pirate outfits. The third is Izrulan, a huge totally hair covered bigfoot type monster in an orange robe. He has two horns and his eyes are not seen. They are looking for Beely Bones's treasure. Tucker and Will, hiding, run off.



Lower Deck--John and Maureen talk about Will running off again. They talk to the Robot next. They are concerned about Will. Robot tells them his sensors identify the personality patterns of existing crew members only and that one of the two people coming to the Jupiter is Will. When Tucker rides down with Will, Maureen can hardly believe it and John laughs, "Tucker, what the devil are doing here?"  Will says, "His crew mutinied and Capt. Tucker was marooned here."  Tucker tells them his crew of aliens were not bad but got bad notions. Smith comes out of his bunk and screams at the sight of Tucker. Tucker takes it up to bunk with his old shipmate Smith. John tells Maureen after the others have gone, "Well, he certainly made himself at home in a hurry."  Maureen asks, "John, do you believe that tale he told?"  John says, "No I don't. You know how Tucker liked to tell a tall yarn."  The two turn in for bed. Smith can't sleep; Tucker yawns. The shelf on the wall opens (door sound is heard), there is whistle sound, and the box appears. It opens the skull says, "Good evening."  Smith wakes Tucker up. The head belonged to Beely Bones. Smith tells Tucker it has been pursuing him ever since he dug it up out of the pit. Tucker takes it outside. Smith says, "Oh dear, oh dear."  He calls it a dreadful box. Tucker opens the Jupiter II doorway and whistles for Nick. Nick appears to the Robot, calling him old iron pants. Robot recalls Nick, "You are a thing called a Nick."  Robot, for some reason, evaluates Nick a threat and tries to destroy him with his electric. He seems to hit Nick but the metal bird vanishes. Nick appears on the table and knocks the Robot out with a whistle. Nick appears on Tucker's shoulder. Tucker didn't want Nick to lark around with the Robot, just put him to sleep. There is a camp fire out in the wilderness. The three alien pirates (Izrulan is not singing in English only growls) are singing "Oh My Name Is Captain Kidd, As I Sail..."  Tucker arrives among the aliens. The head says, "Good evening."  Tucker says, "Ya scum"  to them. The head is tuned to Bones's personality so as to lead to Beely Bones's treasure. Bones died on a planet called Antares 6 (or sounds like Terrace 6) five years ago. The pirates are angry, believing Tucker lead them on a false trail. Tucker has in his hands a human who matches Ole Beely Bones's personality trait by trait, fault by fault: treacherous, cowardly, greedy glutton, as big a liar. Tucker says, "That's Zachary Smith by name...he be one of the crew of the Jupiter II."  The head is following Smith around. Tucker is told he was a fair dealing man when they kept a close watch on him. Deke says, "I still say we slit the gizzards of your friends in that there spaceship, then disintegrate this here planet and dig out the treasure from the space rubble."  Smeke will allow it to go Tucker's way but one trick and Tucker and his friends are cold meat stew. Tucker and Nick go to the unconscious Robot. Tucker knocks on the Robot. Tucker wakes Nick up and makes him wake up the Robot. Tucker and Nick vanish as the Robot wakes up. Robot thinks he is imagining something but then says, "...cybernetic  servo mechanisms do not imagine."  Tucker and the box are in Smith's cabin again. Tucker pulls the blanket off Smith.


Morning--Smith comes out tired and goes to the table with the box. Smith fears he will never eat again. Maureen, Judy, and Don are at the table, eating scrambled eggs. Smith does and asks for bacon. Judy asks, "What's in the box, Dr. Smith?"  Smith says, "A curse, my dear, a curse that has plagued me since I inadvertently trespassed on an alien tomb."  Don teases Smith who calls him a "cold, cruel man"  making fun of his traumatic experience. Smith plans on dropping the head in the radioactive lava pit. Don gets up, finished eating, and says, "Good luck, doctor."  Judy and Maureen clean the table. The box opens, "Good evening."  It tells Smith it is attuned to him...calling him master. Smith says, "Oh dear. Oh dear."  Will arrives, thinking the skull is not a creature at all but some kind of metallic electronic device--whenever it talks, the detectors inside the Jupiter II detect platinum electrode impulses. Smith still calls it a grisly thing. They go to the Robot who is at a machine, giving himself an overhaul. Smith calls him a nervous ninny. Robot is using his electronic simulator to check out each of his individual components and make an exact replacement part. He takes a part out of his belly and makes a replacement in the synthesizer box. The head says, "Good evening."  Smith says, "Cease and desist, you demented diode."  Robot calls the head a doodlebug--devices, if properly directed, which can lead one to water, oil, and other treasure. The head turn can lead them. Tucker and the aliens watch from rocks, hidden among the boulders. Deke wants to slice em up now. Tucker says, "The nipper's not to be touched."  Deke and Tucker argue. Deke stays behind when the other pirates and Tucker leave. Deke rushes at Will and Smith with his sword out and up over his head. Smith grabs Will in front of him but then runs with the boy. Smith yells, "No! No!"



John and Maureen talk to Tucker as they walk toward the spaceship. They discuss Deke. John says, "Here now, you mean to tell me what it was Will saw was a member of your crew?"  He also asks, "What in the name of the seven planets kind of crew do you have?"  Tucker calls the faults of his crew just fussy eccentricities. John, suspiciously, says, "Oh?"  Tucker repeats but adds that the crew are desperate. Judy and Don arrive back, having found tracks that were made by a large reptile---Deke as Tucker reports. Judy says, "They must be out there somewhere. What're we gonna do?"  John confines all to the area of the ship including Tucker. Smith is coming outside with a shovel and safari hat on, "Good morning, good morning."  He is going to investigate some ruins he found--he says. John says, "I think you'd better get inside."  Don grabs Smith under the arm and makes him circle back right into the spaceship when Smith starts to leave. Smith says, "Indeed, indeed, and indeed."  


Night--Smith sneaks out and hides at a rock from the Robot. Smith sneezes. Smith gets out of camp but the hairy alien gets Smith who screams over and over. Will and Tucker come out to the ramp; Tucker denying hearing Smith's continuing yells. He pulls Will back as the boy tries to go to the yelling Smith. Will pulls free and move to the Robot who is working on himself, thinking he is hearing sounds. Will asks about Smith, telling him, "But that was Dr. Smith's scream I heard."  Robot says, "Apparently I've goofed again."  Will is angry, "Apparently!"  Will tells Tucker, "It was Dr. Smith, Cap'n. He's still out there."  Will goes to find him now but Tucker pulls his arm and pulls him back. Will says, "Don't try n' stop me, Cap'n."  He makes a concerted effort to go off but Tucker pulls him back to him again. He tells Will he wants to explain THE FACTS OF LIFE TO HIM: greed and desire will make others steal and do things they normally wouldn't do--but one has to just step aside and let those kind of people get their just desserts." 

Will says, "Maybe Dr. Smith is all those things but I don't care--he is my friend and I gotto go help him! Let me go."              

Will pulls free again and runs off. Tucker follows. Robot rechecks himself, "going back to the drawing board"  again. Smith is up but faints from the hairy Izrulan. Deke thinks it is Smeke's looks. Smeke tells Deke that his friends tell him he's good looking. Deke tells him, "Then they ain't very good friends."  Will finds Smith...the aliens hide. Smith is waken up by Will, "I'm innocent!"  Tucker from afar says, "Blasted!"  The three aliens come out. Will yells, "Shoo! Get outta here!"  He waves a stick from the fire at them but only gets smoke. Tucker introduces him to the three. Will asks, "You mean you're with them. All I can say, Cap'n is I'm very disappointed in you."  The aliens laugh.


Morning--Smith still faints each time they wake him up. Smeke wants to make him drink gloog. Will, sitting on the head box, says, "If everybody would excuse me for saying this...I think you're upsetting Dr. Smith."  Deke wants to make sleemoth out of him. Will tells them to get outta sight and when they do get out of sight, Will is able to get Smith up and around. Smith says, "We must flee with alacrity."  Will explains what is happening. Smith says, "Tucker...that renegade."  Smith wonders if he can con them and tells Will so. Will says, "No time for games, Dr. Smith!"  Tucker comes out, "The little nipper's right, Smith."  Deke says, "Take us to the treasure...or else."  Smith repeats this.



John and Don go to Maureen and Judy. Don says, "Will, Smith, and Tucker."  Judy says, "I wouldn't blame Dr. Smith, Don."  Maureen agrees, "No not now. It's not the time for it."  Don answers, "I was going to say Tucker could be behind all this."  Maureen says, "Oh."  John says, "Darling, arm yourself and the girls, turn on the force field and don't let anyone through until we get back."  As the leave, Maureen says, "I'll take care of everything."  LIKE WE BELIEVE HER. Don asks the Robot to help in the search but Robot cannot--he has just rejected his power generator. Don tells him to guard the ship. John gives Don his laser rifle and they go. The Robot's electro force beam is low. Smith leads the group to the pit where he found the skull box which opens and says, "Good evening. good evening to all and good night."  Tucker tells Smith to make nice to it. The head moves; Will carrying it. Don and John find the alien camp fire now out and the logs and rocks the aliens were sitting on. They split up. Will says the box is awfully heavy so Smith says, "Rest indeed, give it here."  He takes the box. Tucker and Will hang back from the rest of the group. Will is upset with Tucker, "You lied to me."  Tucker claims he stretched the truth. Will says, "Gettin' mixed up with a bunch of bad pirates and all for some treasure."  Tucker explains: Beely (or Billy?) Bones is from a planet called Betelgeesee, a rich planet where the buildings are made of silver and gold and both elements abound on the planet as well as jewels that are as big as oyster eggs. The shovels, knives, forks, and frying pans are made out of silver and gold. Will says, "Well, it just seems to me that if all those things don't mean very much on Belegeesee than Beely Bones's treasure will be something much more valuable."  Tucker tells Will he didn't lie--his shipmates would slit their gizzards and Zac's too. Will wonders what will keep them from doing that once they get their hands on the treasure. Smith calls Captain Tucker to him, the other aliens, and a wall of stone. Tucker makes Deke hit the wall and Deke falls into a pit of smoke, screaming. A trap, it apparently kills him. Tucker says, "Rest in peace, Deke,"  and laughs. The box says, "Too bad, too bad, that way, that way. Over there, over there."  It leads them to a field, an open area. The three pirates choose to see which of them will go across. Izrulan has to and he goes over, stops and turns. He starts out again and blows up into vapors. Smith gives Will the box back. The box says, "Too bad, too bad."  Tucker says, "RIP."  Smeke calls Tucker "foul weather"--his nickname for Tucker. The box says, "Rest in peace, rest in peace. That way."  There are two rocks jutting up near each other, a small high square like rock with a flat top and bushes. Past this is an area that the box says, "Down here, down here."  Smeke wants to make the boy do the digging. Smith thinks it an excellent idea, "You're such a small target, William, anything would miss you."  Smeke says, "The boy's the most useless of the whole lot of us."  Smith goes to Will and holds Will by the shoulders. Will digs and Tucker will dig with him. John continues looking for them. Will finds a chest. Smeke makes Will get up, ordering him to. Will says, "Yes sir,"  looking at Smeke's gun. Smeke makes Tucker disarm. Smeke and Smith get the chest out and open it. It contains pig iron. Nick appears but won't disarm Smeke. John arrives and fires his laser rifle beam at Smeke after ordering, "Drop your weapon!"  Tucker says, "It's no use, Professor--Smeke he eats lasers for breakfasts--cold steel is all he can't stomach."  Smeke shoots at John which makes John drop the laser rifle with the shot. He then pulls his sword and moves at John, backing John toward a rock. Will yells, "Dad! Dad, dad, dad, watchout!"  Will stops Tucker from running off. From his boot, Tucker pulls a knife and runs to Smeke, getting him from behind and putting the knife to Smeke's throat. Smeke drops his sword and pistol and runs off. Music used includes THIEF OF OUTER SPACE (when Will moves at the Sedan chair), WEST OF MARS, and BLAST OFF INTO SPACE. Later, Smith suggests they hang Tucker from the highest tree. Don says, "That's not a bad idea."  Will defends Tucker, telling them when the chips were down, Tucker came through--he is his friend. Tucker tells John he has his ship hidden in the hills. Don surmises, "...to go on pirating I suppose."  Tucker gives his word on the articles not to--he will be an honest trader. The pirates in real life had articles and six rules, one was about not manhandling women, not killing a crewmate, and there were many others. The captain of old could not discipline his men unless they broke one of the Six Rules of Conduct. Tucker knew by Will's figuring that if there were no iron and steel on Betelguese, the treasure must be of what there was none of on that planet of gold and silver. Tucker says goodbye and say to Will they will meet again. Will hopes so, "I like you." John and Don say goodbye also. Smith is glad when Tucker is gone, calling this whole ordeal a NIGHTMARE. Robot got rid of the box but it appears. Robot says, "Back to the drawing board."  Smith calls him an insipid ineptitude, "Be gone!"  Robot goes. Smith sits on the table, moaning about the box, "Oh dear, oh dear."  The box opens and says, "Good evening."  Smith says, "Oh the pain, the pain of it all."


CLIFFHANGER: Amid sand and high rocks, Smith finds a ruby. In the background there are also clay brown, green, blue, purple, and reddish patches on the rocks. A white creature roars and jumps over him from above. Smith runs and finds more rubies. DERELICT music used. The monster arrives and pulls Smith's bag and dumps the rubies. Smith runs as Will and the Robot arrive. The Robot tells him, "The rubies belong to him, Dr. Smith."  Will says, "The monster's like a squirrel, Dr. Smith. I guess it gathers up the rubies and saves em to eat during the winter."  Smith yells to be heard over the monster, "We don't have a winter here."  Will says, "Oh, well yeah."  He suggests they look somewhere else. They move on to another area but find nothing. Smith says, "Oh dear. We could be so rich."  Will smiles, "We?"  Smith feels that it is high time he consider his future, using "dear boy" in his statement. He will set up a trust fund for Will. Will isn't sure--dad put the area of the monster off limits. NOTE: Behind them we see blue and orange trees. Robot tells Smith he is not programmed to become a jewel thief. Smith calls him an overcautious concoction. They move on. Robot yells, "Warning! Warning! Extra terrestrial life form approaching!"  Smith gasps, "Where? Where?"  Robot points, "There!"  A blue and red wearing android with a silver face and head plate blasts into existence near by.              




REVIEW: Will calls Gluge Sluge instead of Gluge at the alien camp. Drinking gluge and making Sleemoth is similar to lines in HIS MAJESTY SMITH also by Wilbur. This episode is not as bad as first thought. On a recent showing it was tolerable and not at all bad. It certainly shines over THE TOYMAKER, THE SPACE VIKINGS, MUTINY IN SPACE, THE GIRL FROM THE GREEN DIMENSION, THE CURSE OF COUSIN SMITH, WEST OF MARS, A VISIT TO HADES, and many of the other second seasoners. TREASURE ISLAND IN OUTER SPACE is not a bad idea and the title of a 1986 RAI Italian channel TV mini-series was just that--a eight hour romp serial through space with pirates, a doctor and a boy. This was made by Antonio Margheriti who also made the Gamma I series of films: THE WILD WILD PLANET, WAR OF THE PLANETS, PLANET ON THE PROWL, and SNOW DEVILS. He also made YOR, HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE--originally two and a half hours long. He also made many other horror and science fiction movies. Margheriti is just about the Italian Irwin Allen-Gerry Anderson. Where the LOST IN SPACE version of TREASURE ISLAND falls down is that it is stuck on one planet for the entire quest.     








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