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Rild99 - Posted on 02 June 2009

Took my daughter to the Brattle Theater in Cambridge for Hooked On Who III. Saw two David Tennant (the Library). Lots of people, a few in costume. Had Capt. Jack, Astrid, a Tom Baker Doctor complete with scarf(although hers was cooler. Had a pocket in it where she keeps her jelly babies) and a beautifully handmade 10th doctor doll.
It was really nice to see it on the screen with a large audience. They're going to do it again in August so we'll be there. (just don't tell the BBC)

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I'm in Minneapolis, MN (USA) and the closest I can get to seeing it on a big screen is with our local DW Meet-Up group. Once a month we view episodes on a large wall screen in a Celtic pub. It's fun, but hard to appreciate it like in a theater.

Thats one of the reasons I have a 16mm projector and a tv projector. we set up a sheet of white plywood outside and watch old movies on film and new ones on DVD. We even have a real popcorn machine!

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You haven't lived until you have watched Doctor Who (or any of your favorite television shows) on the big screen with an auditorium full of apreciative fans.

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I remember watching Doctor Who on a big screen full of like-minded fans way back in February 1985 at a Doctor Who convention in King of Prussia, PA with Colin Baker and John Nathan-Turner (JNT). As JNT was known to do back then, he brought over some new never broadcast in the US Colin Baker stories. This was new material for everyone there, so it made it even more exciting. It was shown in a large room projected on a big screen with every seat taken of course. It was very theatrical. 

Of course there have been plenty other times since then, but none captured the same exact vibe as that time being that it was all new fresh new material and having Colin Baker and JNT there at the con only added to it.




For Davis and Tennant to create a big screen movie at this point is akin to Jay Leno turning over the reigns of the Tonight Show and then starting up a brand new show an hour earlier.  It just a little crass.

I hope Tennant continues to make animated adventures and guest appearances but the work of previous doctors should never overshadow the current doctor.   That's just bad form.  Tennant is running the risk of becoming that lovable relative who stands with his hand on the door knob and talks for another hour after saying his goodbyes.


Okay I hope Tennant DOES NOT make animated boredoms or even return once unless it's for something like the 11 Doctors. I also hope this movie plan falls through like the dozen that have in the 1990s. Truthfully I won't miss Tennant at all. He's overstayed his welcome just like RTD and have outlived all the good they've done and outdone undone all the good stuff.

Also frankly, if they were going to make a movie ARMY OF GHOSTS/DOOMSDAY would have been the one to go with. I'm afraid now we'll just get a bunch of crap.

I also quite like RTD's New Adventure novel (can't remember the name so that speaks volumes) but it's very good and could be a movie easily...

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