LOST IN SPACE-The Astral Traveler

Chase - Posted on 10 October 2009





NARRATION: Last week, as you recall, we left Will and Dr. Smith trapped in a mysterious cave, unaware that inside a space warp was about to open a ghostly door to an incredible haunted world.


TEASER-NOT FULLY RECAPPED-no Judy and Don; missing dialogue 


Lightning blasts from the sky. Will, Smith, and Robot run away from the drillsite as a lightning storm arises. "C'mon Dr. Smith!"  Will holds Smith' hand as they run to the cave wall and a hole in it. Lightning picks up. Smith looks in, "Such a crevice can only be the lurking place of vicious aliens."  Will looks in and finds it gets bigger on the inside. Robot can't fit in. Robot tells him to get Dr. Smith inside before he melts (a reference to THE WIZARD OF OZ perhaps). Smith pushes Will to go first, "I shall fight a rear guard action against the elements."  They go in and the cave is very dark. Lightning picks up but only makes it more scary and Smith jumpy. Smith tells Will he has claustrophobia--a fear of confinement in small places. A blast and he screams. Lightning blasts outside. Rocks slide and cover the hole, sealing them in the total darkness of the cave. The hole is totally covered over. Two torches appear out of nowhere. Will takes on, "Golly, a landslide sealed up the cave entrance."  Smith calls Robot an incompetent walking ingrate."  He goes on to complain about being entombed and doomed and sits down to face the end bravely and with composure--then cries out, "But I'm too young to die! William don't leave me here alone! Oh sadness, oh sorrow."  Will finds a turn in the rock wall and a dead end. Before he can leave, a strange revolving door appears with lights--right in the wall. Will checks it and goes inside. After he is gone, it vanishes.  



Lightning hits. Don and Judy call for Will and Smith. Judy thinks they went back to the ship. Maureen and Penny at the hydroponic garden. Maureen says, "We better get back to the ship."  Robot arrives, panicking, "Emergency! Emergency!"  but eventually he tells them, "Will Robinson and Dr. Smith are trapped in a cave by a landslide!"  Don and Judy arrive; Don asks about Will and Smith. Maureen says, "Oh Don, the Robot says they're both trapped in a cave."  They run to prepare to go. Maureen says, "I'm coming with you."  Smith is in the dark, afraid Will may have fallen into a crevice, "...perhaps hurtling to the very center of this horrible planet."  Will opens a door and sees some kind of lake or loch at an old castle he has just emerged from. An orange swamp man comes out of the water, at first looking like seaweed floating on the surface. It roars and screeches like a banshee and comes up out of the water at Will! Will runs, shuts the door on it and flees into the castle halls. The monster-man bangs on the door. Will runs to the corner of the hall, afraid, holding the torch he had. He bangs on a door to a room to hide in. He gets in as the monster gets into the castle. The boy shuts the door and trembles in fear. The monster searches for him, screaming an unearthly wail. When it  finds the door he is behind, leaning against, it bangs on it. Will shuts his eyes. Will hears it as it walks away. He opens the latch to the door and goes out to look. As the creature's sound is lower, Will sneaks along to another room and finds a cage with shackles. He hears the creature as it stalks the hallways. From the window on the door the boy sees as it pushes over a large candle holder and passes his room. Will searches the room and sees a rack and an Iron Maiden.


Taking up his torch, Will sees a plaque and reads it out loud: "In this place in the year 1497 Anno Domini, Hammish Lu Glamis, ninth Laird of Glamis was executed for high treason against his liege lord and master James Stewart king of Scotland." 


Realizing his on Earth, Will looks out a window of bars which he can't move. He sees a large body of water and leaves on the window. He picks on and puts it in his pocket. We hear various stock music in this scene, bits of which are used in VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA (THE MUMMY and many others), THE TIME TUNNEL (many), past LOST IN SPACE episodes (THE LOST CIVILIZATION and a few others), and even some bits were used in LAND OF THE GIANTS (BRAINWASH, GENIUS AT WORK). A bit of the music from RETURN FROM OUTER SPACE is used to show Will's elation at being back on Earth. It night outside and the water appears to be an ocean of some kind.


Don, Judy, Maureen, and the Robot find loose rock and shale. Robot is carrying off a boulder from the area. Don opens a hole in the rock wall. Smith calls. Maureen calls in, "Smith, is Will in there?"  NOTE: Unless the dialogue was partly edited or spoken too low, this is one of the first times Maureen calls Dr. Smith without the "Doctor"  at the beginning of his name. Smith calls, "Yes, we're both in here."  Don goes in; Smith helps Maureen ("Uh, thanks you") and Judy in. Smith sneezes. The four find a dead end rock wall. Smith was sure he saw Will's light vanish down a passage. Judy gasps that there is nothing here  but solid rock. ODD NOTE: Maureen's hair looks very short now and seems like a new hairdo. Don says, "Well, we know the magnetic field of this planet's unstable, Maureen..."  Maureen asks him, "And..."  Don continues, "...and I think the storm created a warp in that field and Will went through it."   Maureen asks, "You mean he, he passed through into another dimension?"   Don continues to explain. He finishes with, "If Will stays in the same space continuum, yes, I think there's a good chance we can get him back."  Don runs, followed closely by Judy and Smith. Maureen remains behind a bit longer to touch the wall with her hand, "Ohhhh."


Split seconds after we see Will asleep in the "torture"  room, a heavy axe hits down on a block, awakening the boy with wide eyed fear. Will also sees a rack turn, the cage with handcuffs inside it rock and shake, and another rack pulling upward and downward to a loud scream of a man (which sounds suspiciously like a Jonathan Harris Dr. Smith scream-shriek). A few notes after the axe hits this is all played out to no music--rare for LOST IN SPACE and all the more chilling for it. Will moves near the Iron Maiden which snaps closed. A tray of hot coals flames up quickly. A branding iron floats into it and moves right at Will's face. We see a closer zoom in (also a rare LOST IN SPACE camera movement). Suddenly, it falls down and the flame goes out. Another door creaks open in the far reaches of the room. An executioner in a mask comes out, followed by knights in armor, and a prisoner in chains and rags and another knight. This procession moves past a point in the room and vanishes as it does. The door creaks closed. Will comes out of hiding and walks to the door. He flings it open and sees nothing directly behind it but a thick stone wall!


NOTE: All of the above is played straight and serious. It is the closest LOST IN SPACE ever comes to pure horror. Although ridden with "haunted castle" cliches, the fact that Will is alone and not really too sure where he is or when he is (it also appeared that he may have traveled back in time although this is later proved not to be the case), makes it tense and scary. The monster is one of the scariest ever made for LOST IN SPACE and any Irwin Allen series as well as most of the other science fiction shows. It is simply a swamp man with dangling tendrils. The shriek it makes is truly horrific when added to this visual image. We have heard the shriek before but not for as long and the effect here, is much better (it was heard in THE TOYMAKER). The monster outfit may have been the one used in VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA's episode THE CREATURE (the one from season three not to be confused with THE CREATURE from season one!). In any event, most of the above is well made, directed with flare and style, depicting Will's fear (Billy Mumy is terrific in these sequences) and the direction is well guided. The castle sets, seen a great deal in THE TIME TUNNEL are new to LOST IN SPACE and add that much of a new dimension to it. Unfortunately most of the terrifically scary atmosphere is lost and drained by acts two, three, four with the appearance of the silly Hammish ghost. Act Four recovers somewhat with the plight of Smith against Hammish's vengeance but the first act remains one of the most fearsome images from LOST IN SPACE and the Irwin Allen series as a whole.


ACT TWO       

Will calls out to whomever or whatever is making strange laughing sounds. A Scotsman appears in a kilt and with a club. He tries to scare Will, who, now, is not afraid. The Scotsman makes his face appear in the hot coal fire. Will thinks that is a pretty good trick. The Scotsman tells Will he is a ghostie. Daft, Will says, "Take me to your leader." 


As the ghost moves around and pops in and out, Will almost entreats him to tell him what he wants, "You aliens are all alike. Never come out n' say what's on your mind, never same time and trouble. You're always trying to scare somebody."


Will wants to think, so asks the ghost to leave him and stop screaming. The ghost yells at him. Will tells him he is not afraid even though the ghost tells him this is the haunted ruin of Glamish Castle. He is Hammish. Will tells him his name. Hammish tells him "Robinson is a goodly name"  and also adds that "he knew a Robinson once--a surgeon who took care of me gout."  The gout is on his leg. Could this be either Robinson Crusoe or the father in SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON? Most likely the later. Years ago, Hammish's head was cut off. Hammish makes his leg vanish--Will's finger trying to touch it. Will looks at his own finger. When the creature yells, Hammish explains that is old Uncle Angus. Hammish uses his bagpipes which appear at a wave of his arms to make Angus calm. Hammish pops out. Will says, "I'd sure wish you'll stop popping in and out like that."  Will goes to the lake which is bubbling. Hammish explains that Angus is THE CURSE OF GLAMISH and Angus is part human and Hammish's great great grand uncle or perhaps his great, great, great grand uncle and also THE THING THAT GOES BUMP IN THE NIGHT. He also eats people which makes Will gulp. He likes fresh meat, it makes him uncontrollable though. Hammish sends Will back inside, continuing to play the bagpipes. Don was planning on coming back with explosives and taking this cave apart, "Will's gotto be in there."   The door appears and Will comes out of it and into the cave on the planet, "Don? Mom?"  He runs out to the two, Judy, Robot and Smith. The door vanishes.


NOTE: Something seems wrong--earlier, Don explained in great length if not detail, to Maureen about getting Will back from the space warp if Will remained in the same continuum. Now he is suddenly talking about blasting the cave apart to find Will "in there"  and does not think about the warp at all. Was the earlier scene added in at a later time after this scene was filmed? It certainly doesn't fit continuity very well.


Will isn't sure where he was or what happened to him but tries to explain. Later back at the ship and on the lower deck at night, Will tells them what did happen and is sure he was back on Earth. The others' strange silence makes Will realize they don't really believe his tale. "I was back on Earth. I was there."  Maureen suggests he go to bed. Before he closes his cabin door to go to bed, Will asks, "Doesn't anybody believe me?"   After he closes the door, Don whistles about the incredible tale. Judy sticks up for Will again, "Oh now, that's enough of that."  She thinks instead of everyone doubting him that Will's story should be investigated. ATTA GIRL, JUDY! For once, someone realizes Will's stories are just as incredible as the past 55 or so adventures they just had! Maureen also seems to partially stick up for Will against Don's claim that Will imagined it all, "Oh no Don, Will doesn't imagine things."  Well, that one I am not sure about--Will and all children do imagine--it is part of their imaginations! Smith agrees that something did happen to Will that bears investigating. Don goes to bed. Maureen tells Penny, "Don't worry, dear."  Smith wonders about all of this as the females go off to bed. Later, he knocks on Will's door and Will turns on the light from his bed. Smith comes in with milk for him but Will doesn't want any. Smith tells him that sometimes the truth is not believed. Will is in a blue night shirt and sweats. He jumps up and pulls his shirt down as it rode up with wear (two thoughts here: riding up with wear is part of ARE YOU BEING SERVED? and pulling down shirts when getting or standing up is part of the ridiculous movements of the officers in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION and follow up shows). Ah well, just mention that. At least here it all makes sense and is fitting for bedtime wear as Will's uniform never rode up with wear. Am I getting tired here or what? Will takes the weed out of his clothes and gives it to Smith who will test it. Smith goes out. Will goes to back into his bed and moves to shut his light. He hears the sound of bagpipe music. Nice atmosphere to this music--however, Hammish, to have his ghostly music heard in the lower deck of the Jupiter II (which is supposed to be immune to the confines of outer space when shut up and locked up) must still be a ghost. Perhaps this is as he passes through the warp and is still a ghostie.   



Smith examines a slide. Will sneaks out past him. Smith finds the weed to be Scotch ivy found in the British Isles in the Areshire District of Scotland. "Oh joy, oh bliss,"  the doctor says. Robot sees Will at the garden table and tells him that Will's father (John) ordered him to patrol the area while he is away. Will goes off and find Hammish asleep. Hammish hides from him but then comes out to Will. Hammish's gout is back after 400 years. Will touches it and Hammish yells, "Ow! Wretch!" Hammish is not a ghost anymore-he is flesh and blood again. He cannot remove his head. It must have happened when he passed through the space warp (so how did we hear his music on the lower deck of the Jupiter 2? Maybe it was very loud or maybe it was coming out of the space warp when Hammish was not yet turned into a full human again). The gout hurts some more. Will tells him, "My mother's awfully good at doctorin'."   Hammish lies down. Don and Maureen are there LATER--after Will went and alerted them. Don still doesn't believe it. Maureen has a needle to get a sample of Hammish's blood, the needle called, "Yon dagger,"  by Hammish. When he is stuck by it, he yells out, "Vampires! Demons! Ghosts!"  Smith arrive and assures them Hammish is human. Maureen suggests the radio John whom Don knows can explain how to set up the magnetic warp apparatus. STILL LATER, Judy and Penny are there and John is on the radio (we only hear him and do not see him at all). Only one besides Hammish can go back to Earth. Judy volunteers but John says, "No chance Judy, not without knowing what's beyond that warp."  HUH? DIDN'T THEY ALREADY KNOW WHAT LAY BEYOND? Didn't Will already take the trip? Smith proposes he go. Don asks, "You?"  Maureen smells one of Smith's tricks (GREAT! BUT SHE STILL DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT!). Smith explains in his brief case he has star charts which will enable a relief expedition to return to the planet in a few months. Don asks, "How do we know this isn't one of your tricks, Smith?"  Smith tells him to trust him which Don quips is like "trusting a fox in a hen house."  Smith says, "Spare me your poisonous barbs--they fall on deaf ears."  John tells Don to do it (GOOD MOVE, JOHN!), "No buts!"  But John is a butthead. Don has to go back to get equipment (super chargers) and the others follow. Robot sings, "You Take The Low Road and I'll be In Scotland before Ye"  and other bits from the same song include Loch Low-mand (or Loumond). Hammish calls this singing horrible. Robot says, "Hmmmm."  Smith calls him a bubble headed booby. The bagpipes bother Robot. Smith tells Robot, "Farewell--our association has been most unpleasant. I will not regret its termination in the least."  Robot tells him, "The feeling is mutual, Dr. Smith!"   Smith calls him a tintabulating tin can. Hammish doesn't like Smith who tries to get to know him better since they are going to be companions on the journey through time and space. Smith claims to be a student of the occult and a psychic investigator extraordinaire as well as a sophisticated man of the world. Hammish calls him treasonous and treacherous, "You have no intention of sending a rescue back to your comrades once you are safe."  He calls another Smith move correctly: there are nothing but dirty shirts in his "wee bag."  Smith gives in and tells him it is "inconvenient for them to return to Earth to bare witness against me."  Hammish tells him that in his time or this time there were and will be self seekers. Smith asks him, "Do not betray me to the others."  Hammish believes in having men find "their own just desserts."  Don arrives and gives Smith a device which looks like a black book or tape, "Make sure the Space Authorities get this."  Smith says goodbye to Will, telling him to cherish the wisdom taught to him and then says goodbye to Penny, "How I shall miss you, dear Penny."  Penny says, "We'll be seeing you again real soon."   Don turns on the machine he made to John's specifications. The door appears for 20 seconds. Hammish goes in and Smith follows but drops the "charts"  either Don gave him or the ones he supposedly had in his brief case. Will grabs the charts and follows into the door. The door vanishes and the power goes off. Penny, Judy, Maureen, and Don run to the rock wall where the door was.



Don finds a power pack has blown and has to get another one. It will take one hour. What? Why? A long walk back to the spaceship? Maybe it has to build up power once it is installed. Penny says, "Don't worry, Mom. We'll get Will back--I hope."  Hammish hears Smith looking for him. Hammish wants to frighten Smith a bit. He vanishes. Angus comes up to the lake surface for Smith, who wonders if it is Hammish. Smith drops his bags and faints. Will is in the halls looking for Dr. Smith and Hammish. Smith wakes up and we hear new music (new for LOST IN SPACE but possibly from some other source). Hammish's head pops out of the rock wall Smith is near. As it appears there is a glare coming off of the lake (nice atmosphere again). Hammish takes Smith inside after they pick up his bags. Angus comes up. Smith and Hammish are in the torture room with a chopping block and a chopper axe. Hammish tells Smith to open the door that Will opened earlier (and we think we know what is coming). Amid new music, Smith opens it and a suit of armor falls out at him. Smith cries to get out of this place. Hammish says, "Do you think THEY'D make it easy for a man to go from one world to the next?"  Smith asks who they are. Hammish tells him little. Smith asks to be sent back to "his friends."  Hammish mocks him, telling him "the friends you were so eager to leave behind?"  Smith shouts. Hammish will make him into a ghostie and he will be a good companion (?) for 100 years. Smith asks, "A ghostie--me? An EARTHBOUND spirit-me?"  Smith argues about this and mentions that his family never turned traitor to the king. The two argue about family. Smith tells him that on his mother's side--the noblest of Scottish families--he is a direct descendant to the noble Ruthven family. There is lightning and Hammish calls that name accursed. Ruthven was the traitor who sent Hammish to the block and he calls Smith THE SPAWN of Ruthven. Hammish will now gain his revenge through Smith. The room shakes and there is lightning. Hammish will find his everlasting peace now. There is a blast and a trap door appears. An executioner comes up with a mask and a tunic on his upper body this time. Music here sounds like THE TIME TUNNEL-NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES which actually came from a movie called KING OF THE KHYBER RIFLES. "Zachary you're to die,"  Hammish claims. Smith gets up from the executioner but is pushed down (WILD ADVENTURE music) by the killer. The executioner misses due to Smith moving again. Will comes in and stops the second attempt. Hammish tells Will, "Once his miserable head rolls in the dust, I shall be free to enter upon my eternal rest."  Hammish tells him that poor Angus will be free also--think of him that way for 900 years full of slimy, crawly things over his body. Will won't let Hammish do this. He runs out to Angus to implore the man-monster not to let Hammish do this. Hammish fears for Will's life and makes his bagpipes appear and runs after Will. Will is outside already and calling Angus. The manster comes up out of the water.


Will doesn't know what Hammish and Angus did but both deeds must have been pretty bad for this to happen to them. Will goes on to try to save Smith, "Dr. Smith isn't a good man but he's not a bad one either."  Will asks Angus if he remembers when he was a man, trying to do good but causing things to turn out bad because you were human, "Angus please ask Hammish to let Dr. Smith go."  Hammish hears this and calls him brave, putting Hammish himself to shame, he declares. He lets Will take Smith. The executioner vanishes. Smith gets up, "Sir? Am I dead already?"  Will unties Smith who asks him if he is dead. Will says, "No. With your luck you're not going to be."  The pair run off; Smith pulls his way as Will thought to go another way. They appear out of the door. Don says, "Ta Da."  Judy is helping operate the machine. The door vanishes. Will is sure sorry for Angus and Hammish back there. Smith says, "The back of my hand to the both of them,"  then he softens, "...however, perhaps it is the time for charity to outweigh justice."  Hammish plays his bagpipes, making them appear and says, "Thank you,"  to someone. Angus roars. A voice stops Hammish--his father calling from above. The voice-the father tells Hammish he failed to take his righteous revenge. Hammish feels the fool and admits he is a fool. He is guilty of charity the voice tells him and for that "there can be only one judgement---come home, Hammish, ye earned your eternal rest."  Hammish is instructed to take Angus along with him. The music gets quaint (and is used later in LAND OF THE GIANTS-OUR MAN O'REILLY when O'Reilly first is told by Fitzhugh about the little people being leprechauns). Both Angus and Hammish hold hands and vanish. Lightning occurs in soft light and thunder quietly rolls over the sky.

CLIFFHANGER: Will wears a cowboy hat, vest, and outfit over his space uniform. He begins direction on a play. Penny is dressed as the young maiden in distress and the Robot dressed as her mother (?). The play is about them being in the middle of winter and they have no food. We hear hammy silent movie music accompany this. They have no friends and are surrounded on all sides by hostile Indians. A mock set wall with wooden door is supposed to be a door to their cabin home. They wait for Dr. Smith to knock on the door. Smith, dressed in long black moustache and cape with top hat, comes out. Smith knows his part. Robot says, "Know it--you live it! Perfect type casting if you ask me."  Smith calls his asinine ad libs unwanted. He goes in. The piano music starts again. Smith, as the dastardly villain is to kick the family out. Penny acts, "Please don't kick us out...."    Robot hams it up, "...because baby it's cold out there."  Smith argues over the Robot being so bad and resigns, calling the Robot a metallic ham. Will thinks this play needs a referee. He quits as director and leaves. Robot calls, "Come back. We need you Will Robinson."  Smith feels they don't need a director or a writer...just him, the star. Smith goes back behind the door. Penny and Robot wait for the knock. Penny opens it and a red faced alien monster marches through the door! It has eyes that aren't on the same level, a dripping, hairy mouth, bumps all over its distorted, over large head, and black outfit. NOTE: the face looks exactly like the Mister Keema true form alien face, leading viewers, perhaps, to think Mr. Keema has returned.




INFO: The tunes Hammish plays sound like Scotland the Brave and Loch Lomond. He sometimes talks more as if he is Irish than Scottish. Glamis Castle is supposedly a real place and is supposed to be the most haunted house in Scotland. It is in Glamis, Angus, Scotland. Built in the 14th Century, Glamis is the oldest inhabited castle in Scotland and is home to frequently sighted ghosts and spirits. The castle was originally the residence of the lords of Glamis, who lost their family fortune after which the castle passed into the hands of Patrick of Lyons in the mid 17th century. He built up the place and was made the Earl of Strathmore. According to legend, in the 19th century, the first son of the 11th Earl was born terribly deformed--large, hairy egg shaped body with no neck and tiny arms and legs. According to Peter Underwood in A GAZETTEER OF BRITISH GHOSTS, a group of young people visited every one of the more than 100 rooms and hung sheets out the windows to mark them. When they gathered outside, they noticed that seven windows had no sheets hanging from them. They had been sure they visited every room. The castle chapel has been the sighting place of the ghost of a small woman, even in broad daylight. A female figure appears above the clock tower, enveloped in reddish light. She is thought to be Janet Douglas, wife of the 6th Lord of Glamis, who was suspected of poisoning her husband. In 1537, she was accused of trying to poison King James V and was burned at the stake. Unusual and frightening noises are heard within the castle walls--stamping, swearing from the tower and hammering and loud knocking sounds are also heard. A door opens by itself every night no matter how well locked or secured it is. This info comes from THE 25 SCARIEST PLACES IN THE WORLD by Phyllis Emert. Take it with a grain of salt.                          

REVIEW: Most of the above notations make clear the faults of the episode as well as the strengths. The whole first act is competently horror and while not terribly gory (thank goodness) it lacks the silliness which robs LOST IN SPACE of any would be tension. In short, the first act is quite nerve wracking and scary. We can even overlook Don telling Maureen he will blast into the cave after already explaining about how Will vanished down a space warp. The hauntings Will encounters before Hammish are quite scary and well filmed. Even Angus and his attack on Will is well done. It was also nice to have Smith not want to send a rescue mission for the rest of the family since they would "bear witness against him."  This made me wonder if all the other times he made this claim (that he would mount a rescue mission or send help for the others--ISLAND IN THE SKY was a lie for sure) that it was false. He also made a claim like this in ROCKET TO EARTH. This time, he wouldn't send help, or so we are told by Hammish and Smith himself. The Robot act quite deft in this episode. The space warp could have been more elaborate instead of just a revolving door. That was a bit odd. It is also never explained how torches appeared in the cave Will and Smith were in nor who the THEY were that Hammish spoke of. Whoever, they weren't going to make it easy for one to travel from one world to the next. Where did Hammish's father call him to? Or from? Heaven? Another planet? Both? What did Angus do to get what he got? All the questions just make the story a bit more interesting, after all we do not have to have every answer to every question in every episode (a bit like STAR TREK in all its forms tries to do, aye?). All in all, an entertaining episode and a bit different. It might have been better if Will went back in time for a bit to find out what happened to Hammish and Smith's ancestor but then it would have been too like THE TIME TUNNEL I suppose. Or more like the BEWITCHED episodes where Sam goes back in time!      


This episode also proves the Bill Mumy--Will Robinson--could hold a story together without Dr. Smith. Too bad more solo adventures weren't in order for Will...it certainly made things more action oriented than Will, Smith, and Robot.











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