Chase - Posted on 14 October 2009

This is signposted from the word go. What has EIGHT LEGS? What is on the picture of the direct second part to this on the cover of the cd? What DW monster has people focus on crystals and is cult like? What? The back of the CD has a listing for someone who plays the Queen? Just what monster can this be?

In any event, there's one really good scene where the Doc tries to prove to a journalist ally (the new companion? if so, minus five points for unoriginality) by leaving, spending about two hours to get to the TARDIS and reappearing in her room just two or three seconds after he left! The only impressive bit actually.

The plot about Lucy is a good one: the cult is manipulating her by making her think the Doctor has manipulated her. But how did they do this? How did she fall for it so easily? Not sure. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention. The story moves at a snail's, not a spider's, pace.  ANd I keep saying this--it's not terrible but it's not terribly great either. It has some good music and some good acting and an okay plot but the spider monsters need to be seen to be really creepy and to be honest on audio they're not all that.

Additionally, just for once I'd like to see the spiders be the heroes of the piece, maybe killing insect monsters that would have taken over the world if the spiders didn't kill them and maybe the Doc has to protect the spiders so the spiders can do their job. Alas, this has them as villains. Oh and it has Karen back too but played by someone else and you probably won't notice because Karen wasn't a particularly memorable villain or character. I think the equally dull Headhunter is back too but who cares, right? She seems to be an ally of the spiders and some bitaching goes on between them. Is this a Batman team up? Paul is good, Sheridan is good taken over by the spiders but this fails as so many audios do really. It's not bad but not great either. Maybe part two will be.    

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