Chase - Posted on 17 October 2009

Part one

Wow. It's good to see the cast back and doing what they do so well. And...that';s about it. This is basically a poor story, a poor man's TOMORROW PEOPLE and not a good one at that. Sarah Jane insists on being called SARAH JANE and not just Sarah as she was called several thousand times by the Fourth Doctor and she has an elitist attitude and somehow it's kinda creepy that she runs off with the kids, avoiding the adults. Rani's (did they have to call her that?) parents are even more annoying than they were in season two with an unamusing sub plot about plants. The Judoon is somewhat interesting and dangerous and Liz Sladen does a great villain. The monster make up/masks, costumes are very well done but this story is just lame and dead in the water. Sarah's sonic lipstick makes no sense...who made it? a routine story about a space cop chasing a criminal. Mr Smith taken over or used. We've seen this all before and done better. It's not even a good runaround. A really poor story to start a season with.  

Why'd I bother? Wow. Mind numbingly boring, sleep inducing. Nothing in this show has any significance whatsoever. I mean the cast is great and why don't they just go the whole hog and cast Tommy Knight as the Doctor in a YOUNG DOCTOR WHO or as the 12th Doctor or something. Yet in this RTD world, aliens are no longer NEW or UNUSUAL to Earth people. Liz Sladen goes from great to poor as a possessed Sarah Jane. The Judoon who seemed so terrifyingly law abiding don't even get to kill anyone as it is a kid's show (as DW isn't) and Rani's parents sub plot is just annoying and not needed. The entire thing has little to no threat or urgency and it's just boring boring boring. Wow. Very poor story, poor music, poor script. poor dialog.  

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