Benny Audio: Secret Origins

Chase - Posted on 17 October 2009

A great theme song, adventures in time and space and the future and a sidekick, a Time Ring, and messing about with the timelines. Yes, I'm talking about Benny! This installment is just as good as all the others and does not dissapoint. The ending gets a bit convoluted but unlike other DW audios and DW novels, the explanation is laid bare and makes a sort of strange timeline sense. Even if it doens't, it sounds good. The actress playing Robin isn't the girl from Hex but she sounds a lot like her and she's pretty good. The acting is again strong and I can't praise Tom Grant enough for playing Benny's son. Lisa Bowerman is terrific and the first half of this is a strong funny story with enough saracastic quipping to last a lifetime but it's all very very funny and filled with action and adventure...and a bedside vigil. I can't praise these audios enough. Was the Benny audios always like this? There's more with an old enemy, a new enemy, and Buenos Aires and Benny makes a descision at the very end. I won't give anything away but I can't wait for the next one but I hope there is a next one as I haven't seen any on the schedule upcoming.

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