Chase - Posted on 19 October 2009

After the wholly dissappointing DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER, this is a  real treat. I watched this in a room full of friends, who have seen a bit of DOCTOR WHO (one ep of TALONS and almost all of Rose's first season, BLINK, and one or two have seen HUMAN NATURE/FAMILY OF BLOOD). They loved it and we also watched SHAKESPEARE CODE before it. They got the jokes, got the references and loved them, didn't mind the aliens, understood the plot for the most part, loved the witches, Shakespeare, the bee thing...and thank God it wasn't an alien out for world domination but just an alien trying to survive and it wasn't even that evil...yeah, it killed but on impulse.

Tennant and Tate are terrific, as always (well, Tate is always terrific even with bad scripts but with bad scripts Tennant can get...very bad indeed but here he's given a great script). Agatha is played by a good actress and again, the cast and characters make this work and are quite accessible. The humor works especially when the Doctor is poisoned and yeah, this is taken from YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN and probably ABBOTT AND COSTELLO. The setting is great, the location stuff wonderful and the sets just as great, the resolution unexpected and interesting. Everyone got the murder mystery thing, the Clue connection and the appreciation for Agatha.

Of course, there are flaws but this is still a 5/5 or 10/10 really. Oh and since this time the gay guy isn't selfish, evil, or ambivalent or just closeted (well yeah maybe he is), he gets to die. Thanks.

There are some curious bits such as the connection to the on line story about Charlemagne taken over by a computer and the Doctor in the far past with a bow and arrow...oh, and the ABBOTT AND COSTELLO bits are when Donna keeps asking "Then she did kill him?" and such while eating popcorn which also reminded me of I DREAM OF JEANNIE when Jeannie was eating popcorn while watching Tony Nelson trying to solve a mystery in the old west (yes, a time travel ep). During that she was also interupting and trying to figure out, "Then he did it?"

On top of that the non fans, also got to see previews of episodes set in the future with GRIDLOCK and SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY.

All in all, a great DW episode and very enjoyable and for once, not too too dark. Wish they kept in the scenes with the older Agatha...maybe. Donna and Tate do remarkably well...again!     And my niece liked it when she answered the Doc's question of "What do you mean?"  with, "I mean a wasp that's giant!"  


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