Location Shooting Photos Gives a Glimpse of the New TARDIS Interior

Administrator - Posted on 21 October 2009


One can glean a little of what the new TARDIS interior will look like through these shots taken on location while shooting at the Llanwonno Church today (21 October 2009) for upcoming Doctor Who story starring Matt Smith. The photos taken by "Scootyboy" are available on his Photobucket page here (slight spoiler warnings).

It is obviously only a projected part of the new TARDIS interior that can be seen here which is being used for location shooting. It seems to depict a staircase and the side walls can be seen of the what we assume to be the new console room.

Other photos taken are of a cemetery featuring a silhouetted figure in it.

(Thanks to "Scootyboy" and @RadioFreeSkaro for tweeting it.)

Bullitt33's picture

Either it's only a projected part of the new interior or the TARDIS really is bigger on the inside now! LOL


romana_II's picture

Really doesn't look that different... Kind of like a blend of new series and McGann
Looks good from what we can see

Love the staircase through... hopefully it'll lead to MORE ROOMS!! ^_^

~Hysterical Woman #1088~
The Wailing Fangirl Podcast

Louis Trapani's picture

I agree. It seems to be familiar to what we know to be the console room since 2005 in colour scheme at least. We still haven't seen the console itself. I too hope we get to see more TARDIS rooms in future episodes (budget allowing).


Bullitt33's picture

It's interesing how we're seeing it from the backside, actually a mirror image of what it should look like to someone entering the TARDIS from the other end.

Of course I agree with the similar color scheme, but beyond that it looks quite different and unique compared to anything seen prior.  Boo, and I was hoping we'd be returning to a more slivery or grey TARDIS interior again.Frown

Budget allowing!?  All I'll say is they better have the budget!!!  Something's very wrong if budget were the reason to hold back on showing us more of the interior.  I'm very impressed with what kinds of location effects they were able to pull off in Red Dwarf: Back to Earth and you can kinda of tell they were very limited on budget (much more than typical WHO nowadays).  If DAVE can do it, then the beeb has no excuse!

Louis Trapani's picture

Good point about flipping it. We must assume we are seeing it from the rear of the TARDIS with the doors opening on the other side. The image is being rear-projected presumably.


Troy Baker's picture



I found another picture that he has that is more interesting - this one:



The creature running away looks a little familiar. It reminds me of something from the 3rd Doctor's era. Hmmm, could it be???  Looks like it got new armor, though.

Louis Trapani's picture

The creature running away looks a little familiar. It reminds me of something from the 3rd Doctor's era. Hmmm, could it be???  Looks like it got new armor, though.

You mean Alpha Centuri has new armor? Wink

I saw those photos too. I couldn't make out the figure too clearly except that it looks alien. It almost reminded me of the villian in last week's Sarah Jane Adventures story, Prisoner of the Judoon in one shot.


Troy Baker's picture

I haven't been able to see Sarah Jane yet so I didn't even think of the them.

I was thinking of a more "Earth-related" creature since the setting of the episode appears to be Earth.

Aurelius's picture

I don't know what we are to make of this. I think we all are so hungry for anything, we're nibbling at scraps here.

I mean what are we looking at here? Familiar coral color and a staircase. That's it. I'll wait until we get something more definitive. Personally, I too had hoped for the return of the old silver or gray. Oh well, one can dream ...

Don't mean to poo-poo everyone, I'm just as exited and anxious as everyone else, just not that excited over this half picture of something.

"Gosh, that takes me back. Or forward. That's the trouble with time travel; you can never remember." (The Doctor, The Androids of Tara)
Wyldstaar's picture

I can't help but notice that the windows of the Tardis as we see them here are very different from those we saw from the location shoot on the beach.  In those pics, the windows were totally dark and clear, with the two lower outer ones frosted. 

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