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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Fatal Cargo, Timelock, Rescue,

Chase - Posted on 24 October 2009


Writer-William Welch

Dir-Jerry Hopper


Sharkey and Nelson are in the Flying Submarine using codes like Baker 4 and Zulu 20 to contact Nelson's friend Dr. Pierre Blanchard, in a tent VX406, in Africa. Pierre is doing a test on a white gorilla. Blanchard calls Flying Sub 1. Not long after, Blanchard tries to return his aide, Leo Brock, a pen which belongs to Brock. Brock insists the doctor keep it--he's made all his stupendous notes with it. Brock activates a device which makes the white ape escape his cage and attack Blanchard. Instead of helping the man, Brock throws his chair over and runs away. The white ape beats Blanchard down into the tent side.



The Flying Sub is over the jungle. Soon, Nelson and Sharkey are at the tent. Nelson covers his friend's body. Brock lies: he tells them Blanchard's work was a failure. Sharkey asks about the test subject--a rare white gorilla. Nelson finds Blanchard's rough notes and is convinced the man was on the right track. He wants to have this work continued in Santa Barbara at the Nelson Institute. Nelson wants his friend to get full credit. Brock volunteers to help in this effort and Nelson accepts. Brock tells him it won't be easy-the device was destroyed. He overhears Nelson talking to Crane on the walkie talkie and asks if it is Lee Crane. They know each other. Brock finds and gives Nelson the pen--which has a transmitting fluid in it of some kind--a pen which when the transmitter is activated, makes the animal home in on in a mad frenzy. Nelson and Sharkey are back in the Flying Sub, making preparations to capture the white ape. Crane tells Nelson he will tell him the whole story about Brock when he gets aboard--it wasn't a happy association. Later, Nelson and Sharkey are sweating in the jungle, looking for the gorilla which could be miles away. A shore party arrives with Ski, Pat, and other men. Sharkey calls them over, "Hey Ski."  They are wearing blue fatigues for once and are to use tranquilizers only. Ski asks, "How will we know if we have the right animal?"  Sharkey and Nelson laugh at that; Nelson saying, "Believe me, Kowalski, you'll know."  As they search we hear music from JONAH AND THE WHALE. Pat's hair gets some hay in it as he passes a tree. He and Ski hear the gorilla. Pat asks if that is it. Weren't these guys briefed at all? What's the deal? As he and Sharkey feel the ape close by, Nelson tells Sharkey, "At the moment, I don't know who is hunting who."  They fire tranquilizers at it but it picks up a boulder and tosses at the pair. Nelson falls near the gorilla but drops the pen, causing it to leave them alone and wander off. When Sharkey asks about how they get it, Nelson replies, "I don't know, Francis, maybe we don't."  Sharkey finds the pen and gives it to Nelson. The ape returns, throws Sharkey and menaces a fallen Nelson.



Sharkey shoots more tranquilizers; Ski and Pat with the other men arrive and do the same. It falls. Nelson tells Sharkey, "Chief, it's your baby."  Seaview is on the surface, bobbing gently among the waves. The gorilla is loaded through the forward hatch deck. Brock is welcomed aboard; meeting Lee he tells him he is more mature and successful now. He asks where the Missile Room is and goes. Lee tells Chip about the gorilla: there is only one other like (that they know of). Crane wants to talk to Nelson about Brock and heads to the cabin. In the Missile Room, the ape is in a cage. Brock waylays Crane and hits him down, dragging him to the deck ladder. Crane awakens and they have a vicious fight on the steps. Brock punches him down the steps and against the wall. We view some of this from an above angle--unusually rare in this season. Brock knocks Crane out again and gags him, despite a brave fight from the captain. He then goes to Nelson (there is a mini Seaview model in the cabin behind Nelson's desk) and asks to collate and edit the notes of Blanchard's. Nelson tells him that won't be necessary and that the credit belongs to Pierre Blanchard and no one else. Brock admits he was a great man. Nelson says, "I couldn't agree with you more."  When Brock leaves, Nelson, suspicious, calls Mr. Morton to find Crane. Chip asks Sharkey to find Crane. Nelson finds the pen Brock gave him won't write (mirroring the pen I was using to write this review!). He takes another pen out and uses it. Sharkey questions Brock about Capt. Crane. Brock calls Sharkey a Sergeant but Sharkey corrects him--it's chief in the Navy. Brock asks, "There isn't anything wrong with the ship, is there?"  Sharkey replies, "No sir, not yet."  In light of all the past adventures and the usual shaking of the ship, Sharkey's answer is quite funny. Sharkey goes to the Missile Room and relieves Pat and Ski of their watch to help find the captain. He leaves and Brock goes in. He uses the device on the gorilla. It holds its head as if in pain and gets up. Breaking the bars apart and resisting the tranquilizers two guards shoot at it, it runs at them.


INTERMISSION: Each fourth season episode has an artwork piece of the Seaview and the Flying Sub with the VOYAGE logo.



The gorilla throws the two guards around. Ski and Pat return and "dog" the hatch on it. Ski calls Chip, "That ape--it broke loose in the Missile Room, I don't know how long the hatch'll hold it."  Chip calls men to battle stations, orders men to break out the tranquilizers. The ape bangs the hatch open and chases Ski and Patterson. They shut a hall hatch on it. Brock asks Nelson about what is going on if they can't stop it. Nelson says, "We've had it--every one of us."  The gorilla breaks down the hatch as men fire tranquilizer guns and rifles at it. Brock, worried, shuts off the device. The ape's eyes roll up and go white. It moves off with the fight gone out of it. Nelson orders the men, including a very young crewman (crewboy) to follow it. It goes to the missile room (the back piece of the gorilla--with an overhuge hunchback--looks terrible but the rest of the costume is adequate). The crewmen are all right. Chip has several search parties hunting for Crane. Nelson orders a watch over the gorilla at night with a man holding a high powered rifle which will enable him to shoot a high velocity bullet into its brain if it escapes again. Sharkey is worried--the Skipper has to be on the ship--their instruments would have picked it up if he left. Sharkey goes to Nelson and asks him why he won't call it off and get rid of the overgrown monkey (?!--gorillas, apes, do not have tails; monkeys do). Nelson wanted Sharkey's opinion even though Sharkey was hesitant to give it. Sharkey doesn't approve of continuing this experiment--it's too dangerous. After Sharkey leaves, Nelson puts his head down into his hands, tired. Brock lightly knocks on the door, finds Nelson asleep when he enters, and puts a refill into the pen in Nelson's pocket. Sharkey goes to the Missile Room to check on the ape and leaves--the water tight hatch door looks a bit flimsy here--not like usual--here it seems to shake with the wall like paper or something. Brock goes into the Missile Room after the Chief leaves and hiding a huge wrench behind him, hits the guard on the head from behind---probably killing him--in a brutal scene. Contact is of course not shown but the idea was quite violent. Brock then empties the rifle of bullets. Pat and Ski tell Chip they don't want to be relieved for sleep--they want to keep looking for the Skipper. Chip allows them to. Brock fires the crewman out of the Missile Room torpedo tube; Chip gets an alarm. He calls the room but runs toward it, meeting Sharkey along the way. Sharkey is worried when Chip tells him a torpedo was discharged. Chip feels it is a good way to get somebody off the ship. Sharkey gasps, "The Skipper."  Brock leaves the room as Sharkey and Chip come running and go into the room. They check the torpedoes but Brock awakens the gorilla and it moves at them. Chip tells Sharkey, "Put a bullet threw its brain."  Sharkey tries, "It's empty!"  This scene with Chip in the action for once and with Sharkey--as the two are hardly in any action sequences together--is nicely executed.



Sharkey uses the rifle butt to defend them but it knocks the gun down and the two men soon follow the rifle. He throws them into the cage, knocking them out. Chip gets up and calls a detail with rifles to shoot to kill the gorilla. Alarms wake up Nelson from his desk. Men go to the arsenal (which looks different from the arsenals we've seen on Seaview in the past). Men run down the deck ladder. The gorilla blocks the corridor C, cutting Chip and Sharkey off. Using the inspection hatch, they get around it and find Crane in the smaller compartment. Sharkey climbs up over a wire fence using a ladder. Nelson walks up the deck ladder right into the gorilla which has a hatch door. Nelson jumps; Sharkey arrives and tosses a fire hose at it and ducks into a room. The ape goes after Nelson who hides in the Circuitry Room (perhaps hoping to kill it there). Chip and Lee come up from the smaller room, Lee telling Chip he is all right. He tells Chip to go up to the Control Room. The gorilla in the Circuitry Room makes the Seaview shake, hit a giant rock formation, and a mountain. Halls shake with Brock in them. Chip orders auxiliary power. Brock tries to stop the gorilla but Seaview hits more rocks; his device falls and breaks. Nelson and the gorilla in the Circuitry Room shake as Seaview rocks. The gorilla pushes a whole circuit board over and jumps over it to go after Nelson, who ran out. Steam in the control room is stopped from coming out. Chip pulls Seaview up from the pilot seats. Nelson finds Brock, who is terrified, and finds his sending device.  A byproduct of the fluid produced an uncontrollable rage in the animal. Nelson realizes it is the pen that is filled with the fluid. "You've been trying to kill me!"  He puts it in Brock's upper shirt pocket and moves back. The gorilla runs at them near a high voltage room which has a warning label on it. The gorilla knocks Pat, Ski, and Crane down, then rests its hands on Ski's back (?!)--certainly a mistake or something as the weight of the ape would have severely hurt Ski or killed him. It walks over the fallen trio. As it faces Brock, Nelson moves from Sharkey's side to Brock, grabs the pen out of his pocket and tosses it into the high voltage room, "Get back, Brock! It's after the pen, not you!"  The gorilla roars and beats its chest.



Brock and the gorilla fall into the high voltage room and sparks come flying out as well as several blasts which kill them both. Crane's cabin: Crane was going to tell Nelson he doubted Brock's sanity. He was an ego maniac whose only talent was to fool people who really were talented. He fooled Blanchard. Nelson adds, "And most of the rest of us."  Nelson puts Blanchard's notes into his safe, what he calls, "Cold storage,"  and adds the world may be ready for this experiment but, "I'm not."


REVIEW: Brock was a nasty piece of work, played by the same actor who played the goofy Col. Fogety in LOST IN SPACE-THE HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE--Woodrow Parfrey---he is almost unrecognizable as Fogety in this one. He played a person that knew Captain Crane and the acquaintance was not a good one. the gorilla in this episode is not bad, certainly better than the gorilla used in LAND OF THE GIANTS--COMEBACK and THE MARIONETTES. The only bad thing about it was the seeming hump on its back. That it was white was interesting. There was only one other like it in the whole world, Nelson tells Sharkey. Brock was off his rocker, allowing the beast to terrorize Seaview, not realizing it would threaten his life, too. Nelson puts the pen in Brock's pocket--a pen which filled with a certain liquid--would make the gorilla attack the person holding it. But Nelson then tries to save Brock's life by taking the pen out and throwing it into the Circuitry Room. For once, the circuitry room sequences are pretty good with the gorilla trying to get to Nelson amid the always shaking Seaview. The best sequence has to be when Sharkey and Chip find the guard missing (the murderer Brock has fired his body out the torpedo hatch!) and the gorilla awakens, brought on by Brock. Sharkey finds the rifle he just picked up is empty and the gorilla moves at the two men. I felt sorry for the gorilla---it wasn't evil---Brock was. If only one is left, it will not be able to propagate itself--unless Nelson was wrong and there were more about. Covering the same territory earlier: THE WHITE GORILLA-a 1945 film about a white gorilla tangling with an evil black gorilla and made, in part, with stock from chapter serial PERILS OF THE JUNGLE (1927). Sharkey, as usual, has some very nice scenes with Nelson, who wants the Chief to tell him what he thinks. There is an interesting note in the fact that the gorilla is never really looked at as a rare animal to be saved instead of used and caged. One does feel a bit sorry for it, not due to the script or the characters, but for the fact that it really wouldn't have attacked anyone if not for Brock.


ITEM: SOURCE: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC-JUNE 1997: Snowflake is the world's only known albino gorilla. He has arrived in Spain's Barcelona Zoo 30 years ago (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC-MARCH 1967 and a follow up in October 1970) after his capture in Equatorial Guinea. Snowflake shares a cage with a female named Ndengue. He is healthy except for the weak eyesight associated with albinoism and is about 32 years old and has sired 21 offspring. All offspring are black in coloring and only six are still living as of 1997---five in Barcelona Zoo and one in a Tokyo zoo.  











































Writer-William Welch

Dir-J. Hoffer

MUSIC-Lenny Hayton



Seaview is on the surface (doing what is anyone's guess). A light beam descends and a telephone box like device appears and two silver coated human shaped beings appear inside it--all within the lab. Ski is picking up interference (sound effects from LOST IN SPACE-THE HUNGRY SEA). Suddenly, everyone in the control room is made to be paralyzed where they stand--frozen stiff (not frozen as in frozen with ice and cold). They can move their eyes and see Nelson can move. They also watch, moving their pupils, as the two silver men come in, call Admiral Nelson and make him, with some power they have, walk to them against his will.



The two silver men leave and then the crew can move again. Ski guesses the electrical interference made them still. The silver men move Nelson into the timelock device in the lab, "You are going on a journey in time."  The voices of the two strange silver men sound very dubbed but rather than detracting from this bizarre scenario, that adds to it. A light on the transparent box shines and whines and Nelson vanishes and reappears in a dark place--a room with no windows. He sees a pirate like military man from a past time, other soldiers, and military figures--all statue like and these include Napoleon, a Nazi, a British red coat, a Hun or Mongol, a Roman soldier and an American Civil War Union leader. A voice talks to Nelson and asks to see him. A door opens in the wall and leads to a future-like passage way. Nelson hesitates so the statue like men move at him. Sharkey, Ski, and two crewmen move to the lab door, looking for the odd ball men that took Nelson. A forcefield is set up over the door which knocks Ski into the two crewmen. Bullets bounce off. Lee arrives to see this. In the future room Nelson was forced into, a man in a red outfit with a silver collar sits at a computerized desk-table. The man, wearing dark shades-sun glasses, claims Nelson is in the future. The man is Alpha and it is his own present--the year 2823--time and space--everything is relative he said. Titles such as Admiral  are a thing of the past, Alpha regrets. Among his zombies are Alexander the Great, Stonewall Jackson, Napoleon, and others. He wants to add Nelson to his collection. Sharkey tells Crane, Chip, and Ski, in the Control Room that as a kid he played a lot of sandlot football. Chip stops him, telling him this isn't time for his personal stories. Sharkey tells them, after a pause to react to deadpan Chip, that if you can't go through them, go around them. Chip tells Kowalski and the Chief to go back to their posts--not being very nice here. Crane wants to hear more. Ski and Sharkey will arrange to get into the lab. Chip acts stupid here--why? Alpha shows Nelson another Admiral from the past and tells him his name isn't important--wait a minute--didn't Alpha just show some desire toward the names of the past, now he won't tell Nelson this man's name. Nelson wonders what Alpha is doing to the poor man. Alpha is conditioning him, draining his intelligence--he feels nothing. Alpha looks at him, "And now sir, it's your turn."  Nelson tries to fight the pirate but it moves him over to the device.



Seaview is viewed from below. Nelson laughs at Alpha's comments and sarcastically thanks him for sparing him the wonder of when the time will come for his conditioning. Alpha laments that he wanted the Admiral in full uniform. He is repowering his machine. Sharkey is in the vents and sees in the lab. He climbs out, shoots them with no effect, and then his gun won't work. The two force Sharkey into the device and send him to the future--if it is the future. The reliefmen tell Crane about the shots they heard. Crane goes to the lab corridor. Alpha sees Sharkey arrive via a screen. Nelson gets away, using this distraction. The zombies follow. Nelson gets to Sharkey. Chip talks to two guards (the talking one is Patrick Culliton) and to see if the forcefield is activated, tosses a coin at it. It is on. Chip calls the Chief but gets no answer. The Roman and the Mongol come to the room, resisting Sharkey's gun shots. Crane, Chip, and SKi are outside the vent. Crane stops Ski from going in, "Where do you think you're going?"  Ski wants to help the Chief. Crane sends him to the lab door. They are one hour from Santa Barbara--Nelson Institute has equipment that can neutralize the forcefield. In the lab, Alpha's face image comes in loud and clear on the device box. He tells the two aides of his not to send more specimens but to keep the time bridge open. Alpha may want the weapons of war on Seaview. He orders them to occupy the crew. The two silver men walk out and knock out the guards. Ski checks them and finds the forcefield still on. Chip sends corpsmen to the two guards to get them to sickbay. Ski, with a gun and in the hallways, sees the two silver men's shadows moving about. The two open a box on the wall. One knocks a firing Kowalski down. The two men sabotage the box. Seaview shakes. Bubbles hit it? Hey, why? I have no idea why!!! Patterson is at the pilot seat and is credited as the helmsman. Why? I have no idea. The view in from the viewport as the control room shakes is seen from outside in a neat twist of filming. Seaview rigs for collision but the controls are jammed. Forward speed brings them on and at an underwater peak. Viewport screens close but not the control room second doors. Seaview heads down.



The nose shakes, the chair sliding. Ski gets up and stumbles. He pushes a lever on the box up and in. Pat gets control and can move the right rudder. Seaview misses the main peak but hits parts of it and scraps along it in what seems like very new and interesting footage. The back fins hit some of the rocks. Ski falls in the hallway. Alpha looks at Sharkey's gun. Nelson would demonstrate for him. Alpha tells Nelson he will give him no consideration now--he will be processed very soon but will not know just when the end will come. Nelson questions Alpha. He has no superior--he is not an official and not a chief of state and has none. He is a private citizen. Nelson controls Sharkey's temper and wonders if murder is now lawful. Alpha tells him there will be no murder--they will just be under his control now. He is acting under the Hobby Act. Since there was a five hour work week instituted, hobbies have become the most crucial to lives. To protect the interests of all, the government made up the hobby act. Alpha collects toy soldiers. Nelson and Sharkey are put in a cell with lines on the walls. Seaview engine room is fine. Lee orders Chip to take them upstairs (surface). Ski sees the two men in the Circuitry Room and  reports it to Crane and Chip. He tells Crane an armed detail won't help stop them. Ski tells Crane, "They aren't human."  The circuitry room looks a bit too small in this episode. The two men pull wires and Seaview shakes (ho hum again). There is no response from ballast and they go down 100 feet and hit bottom. Again, we see the same scenes used so many times in the third season. Just when we have new footage, we now also get to see old footage. For shame. Crane falls hard. Chip asks if he is all right. The air revitalization system is out (ho hum, again). An alarm bell rings--an electrical fire in Circuitry Room. A fire detail puts it out. Sharkey tells Nelson, "If you ask me, this character's a little ring ding."  Sharkey wonders what Nelson is doing as he talks to him. He is tearing apart a chair. Sharkey doesn't believe they are in the future--there are no windows. Nelson believes they are in the future. Human nature doesn't change from century to century all that much. Nelson figures they must call attention to the outside world--they will find help from those outside. Alpha watches Seaview on the bottom and tells his two aides to get Nelson's formal attire. Nelson and Sharkey set a fire; Sharkey wondering if they will be burned alive. We hear a TIME TUNNEL alarm sound. Foam falls from the ceiling---and puts out the fire--a few bubbles from it hit Nelson and Sharkey. The Roman and Hun come in and fear the fire. Nelson takes Sharkey's flashlight and makes them back away some more. The two Seaviewers run out toward the time bridge machine. Alpha shoots Sharkey in the shoulder and he falls. Alpha laughs--he didn't want an enlisted man anyway. He moves to shoot the gun at Sharkey to finish him off!



Nelson tosses the flashlight into Alpha's head (nice shot!). They fight and Alpha's shades fall off. Nelson, in the fight, steps on them. After a huge fight, Alpha gets the gun and makes the statue men take Nelson to his futuristic lab. Sharkey passes out. Crane orders no talking on Seaview and the smoking lab is out. He makes Chip take over and orders Ski to weld the two men inside Nelson's cabin where Ski found them. Sharkey is awake and uses HIS OWN BLOOD to write a message on a handkerchief in a particularly grisly scene. Napoleon moves his eyes down to watch Sharkey do this. Sharkey sends it into the time device to Crane in the Seaview's lab. The lab on Seaview is smaller than in other episodes--we don't see the larger side with the tables and lab equipment and test tubes (as in THING FROM INNER SPACE, LEVIATHAN, DOOMSDAY ISLAND, and others). There are also not as many tanks and almost no larger tanks. There is an odd TV monitor-scanner covering one of the walls. Crane calls  for a Mark 8 grenade launcher--which Chip tells him is the most portable powerful weapon they have. He cannot use it on Seaview though. Chip will send it to Lee through the vents. The two aides of Alpha move through the vents themselves now. Nelson is told his eyes will be able to move as the zombies he made can move their eyes. It is an unemotional reflex action--Alpha almost envies Nelson, who scoffs at this. Nelson tells him he knows what he is up to--this hobby of his is just a cover--in a civilization that has eliminated war, he'd have an advantage with the knowledge of the military minds he has stolen as well as their weapons. Alpha would soon start a war with such an advantage. Ski gives ten rounds of grenades to Crane via the vents--enough to blow up an army. Crane: "Good."  Ski gets out of the vent and warns the Skipper, "Skipper, those characters are in the vent."  Crane steps into the device and ends up in the room with Sharkey. The device over Nelson's head comes down and covers his head. Alpha rambles on about Nelson not really going anywhere but from Nelson's point of view--who knows. Alpha has viewed Crane's appearance and orders the Roman and Hun to get him. Sharkey warns Crane and gets the flashlight to ward off the statue men. Crane slips past them to get to Nelson. Crane's light goes out as he shines it on Alpha. Alpha gets his gun and moves to shoot Crane. Crane shoots the grenade launcher and blows Alpha into a cloud of light. But the blast throws him back into the wall!



Crane frees Nelson and they go back to the statue room. Nelson uses the rocket launcher's explosives to set the whole complex to be destroyed. The trio vanish in the box. In the Seaview lab, the two silver men come at them. Crane and Nelson get Sharkey out of the way. The two silver men move at the box device but the blast comes out of it and blows them down and open. The trio get up and see the chest of one blown open--with parts inside that resemble machinery--androids. Nelson says, "That means that Alpha was the only human in the whole operation."   Crane adds, "If  you can call a man like that human."   They get Sharkey to sickbay. Seaview lifts off the bottom.


NOTE: Some sources claim, and what is probably in one version of the draft and promotional material, that when Crane shoots at Alpha and destroys him, a hole is left in the wall of the complex, revealing a city of the future outside. This great idea was not used but one could guess the future city may have looked a bit like the future city in TIME TUNNEL-CHASE THROUGH TIME or some other painting. This type of thing worked in ATTACK! later on. Budget reasons probably wouldn't allow for this unnecessary bit. It would have been nice to see however.


REVIEW: I don't know what to make of this one. It is, at times, seemingly filling up time with all the radio calls, talks about what is going on--which we know already; but at other times somewhat original, despite the fact that the story was done on THE TIME TUNNEL with THE KIDNAPPERS and a much better LOST IN SPACE-THE TIME MERCHANT about the same year. John Crawford is quite good as the strange Alpha. This, even though, Crawford was unhappy with how it came out. Originally, he played Alpha as a fop, somewhat effeminate voiced. This was changed into the final dubbed voice which makes the episode all the more strange--he and the two aides are all seemingly dubbed and the match up to the lips is okay, if not perfect but it sounds odd. Alpha's original voice can be heard on the scenes to next week which were attached to the week before TIMELOCK's episode. It doesn't sound right and whoever made the change back to the more manly voice is probably correct to have done this. Not that a villain can't have an effeminate voice but this episode really didn't need that and wouldn't have been as good with it. Were they really in the future? If so, how do we know? Also, how does Nelson know Alpha was the only human in the operation? What about the zombie men--were they real--I mean were they taken from their time as in TIME TUNNEL'S THE KIDNAPPERS? Or were they robots like the two aides? None of this was answered in the aired episode. Also, how did Crane know what Alpha was like when he made his comment at the end--pure speculation? Chip acts like a real snide in this one, not liking Sharkey to talk, seemingly not liking Sharkey, or letting him finish his idea. Ski's desire to help Sharkey and try to go into the vent is a nice touch of loyalty. The sets are really very nice, the music fitting and okay, if not great. The story was a good one but could have been so much better with a bit more time and effort and thought put into it. Overall, it is not a bad one but not one of the best of the fourth season. Warren Stevens plays one of the silver guards from the future but is clearly dubbed.
































Writer-William Welch

Dir-J. Addiss


6000 yards, 500 feet down, Ski gets a sub reading on sonar and calls Mr. Morton who tells Nelson. Nelson looks at the electronic board (THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED) on the tv scanner and reports no sub should be there. Sparks patches Nelson in to Crane who is out in the Flying Sub hunting for an illegal undersea base using a scanner. Chip and Sharkey call general quarters when the sub gets to 5000 yards; men run throughout the sub. Engine room, damage control, and missile room call that they are manned and ready. Chief Beach is in the Missile Room. Nelson and Ski both guess the sub is stalking Seaview. Two torpedoes come after Seaview which is blasted and shakes a lot.



Seaview is on the surface; steam in the Control Room is stopped; all compartments have water tight integrity. Seaview's new electronic shield saved it. The enemy sub commander must be working on how to get around that problem right now so Seaview dives, the bridge cleared. Chip dives Seaview to 200 feet at Nelson's request and rigs for silent running. Everyone now whispers--which seems a bit ludicrous on such a modernized sub like Seaview. Nelson whispers to Sharkey who whispers to the baby faced blond Chief Beach. Tubes one and three are loaded. Beach, if you look closely, turns two nubs on the heat seeking torpedoes. Seaview's pop sound is gone. The sub, named the Vulcan (stock from THE LOST BOMB) is seen. We see a Puerto Rican crewman again on the Seaview. They fire the torpedoes and Chip does a countdown--but there is no blast. Ski reports the sub is gone--all contact lost. Nelson orders a stand down from general quarters and secure from silent running--the sub would have taken one hour to get out of Seaview's range, therefore the rumor of a sub pen in the area is true. Chip goes to the Missile Room to talk to Beach while Nelson calls Lee. The torpedoes  could not have both misfired at the same time. With some type of adjustment on the nose of the torpedoes' percussion caps someone could have stopped the explosion. Chip seems to suspect Beach (then why not act on it?). Nelson calls Chip and Beach listens as Nelson plans to knock out the sub pen as soon as he gets the coordinates from Capt. Crane. Beach, after Chip leaves, uses a wrist watch and antenna hidden in the turnstile to send a coded message. Crane finds the base (stock from THE MECHANICAL MAN) which fires a laser beam at the Flying Sub. Blasts shakes the Flying Sub and it hits bottom.



Lee is overcome by fumes in the Flying Sub. Ski tells Nelson the Flying Sub is on the bottom. Nelson sighs (me too!). He asks Sparks to call Captain Crane. Sparks tells of an electronic signal of dots and dashes--not morse--Sparks would have recognized that--some new code. Nelson listens, "Mmmmmm."  The direction finder claims it is coming from Seaview. Nelson says, "Oh, mmmmhmmmumph."  We hear CYBORG music as Sparks calls Crane who coughs in response. Crane gets up to try to raise the Flying Sub up but the power is out, the controls gone and there is not much air. He has the coordinates of the sub base but passes out. Nelson calls, "Hold on."  We hear ESCAPE FROM VENICE music. Seaview goes ten degrees down bubble. Beach goes to the Circuitry Room and relieves two men on order from the Exec--he is lying of course. He makes the lights on Seaview go off and then on by throwing a large switch. Engineering reports full power loss and the sub is tail heavy. Chip orders them to blow ballast aft and regain forward momentum. Nelson seems irritated with Chip again and tells him to raise the Circuitry Room. When he cannot, Nelson sends Sharkey down to check it out. Chip asks, "How long can Lee hold out down there?"  Nelson snaps, "Well, I wish that somebody would tell me."  Beach meets Sharkey in the Circuitry Room and lies, telling Sharkey he just got here and doesn't know where the men on watch are (why doesn't Sharkey find and ask the men). Sharkey calls Chip--there are no duty men here. Nelson tells Sharkey about the Main Power Cut Off--telling him to throw it--it is the left control panel. Beach makes believe he leaves the room but hides behind the paneling and listens. Before Sharkey can throw it, Beach shuts the lights and attacks him from behind. They have a knockdown, drag out (or is it a knock out, drag down) fight in the dark. If you look closely one of the punches seen in long shot, entirely misses the face of one of the stunt men (looks Sharkey DOES pull his punches! HaHa). One of them (probably that scum Beach) opens a locker door on the other during the fight. The fight causes short circuits and the control room and circuitry room shake--only this time they shake much more violently than ever! Blasts rock the entire ship. Beach runs out the door as the ship goes down, hits a rock off a mountain, and shakes violently as it settles on the bottom.



Seaview is on the bottom; Chip helps Nelson up. Basehart seems to be having fun when he delivers the line, "What did SHARKEY DO down there?!? Oh."  Nelson sends Morton to find out. The control systems are damaged and it will take ten hours to fix. Nelson demands a half hour or less--Crane cannot hold out ten hours. Chip finds Sharkey and gets him out of the room to the hallway. Sharkey tells him someone jumped him in the dark. Crane wakes up on the Flying Sub but passes out again. Sharkey and Chip tell Nelson about having a spy aboard. Sharkey uses the word fracata (Hebrew for nothing, nonsense). Nelson says, irritated with Chip again it seems, "Of course, we have a spy on board."  He figured it out. Lee calls the Admiral again and passes out again before he can give the coordinates. Depth is 946--too deep for conventional divers to go out and help Crane but divers with strong helium mixture can get to the Flying Sub (do they know where it is?). Chip sends Ski to help Beach with the special helium mixture tanks. Beach sends his aide to get the regular diving tanks and meet him at the locker. Beach in the storage locker room gets the helium tanks and puts the regular tanks in the locker instead (good use of stock music here). He has, in effect changed the tanks. Ski comes in to get the tanks and explains to Beach about them; Beach tells him it wasn't necessary for him to come down and do that--he already knew. Ski says, "That's the way Mr. Morton is--he likes to double check everything."  Beach smiles, "We'll take good care of his divers."  In the Missile Room, Nelson asks Beach about the mixture, safeguarding the divers' lives; Beach lies and walks off. The two divers go out and move away from Seaview. Suddenly, they cannot breath. Sharkey calls them and hears them calling about not being able to breath. Sharkey is too stunned to tell Nelson what happened but Nelson guesses it, "It can't be."  The Admiral then realizes it was the wrong tanks, "They were given the wrong tanks."  He calls Mr. Morton, telling him to round up Beach with some men. Sharkey also gets on this. Beach is the spy and just cost them two men, Nelson tells them. Sharkey tells searching men, "Beach is tough but he's unarmed."  Beach comes out of a room near the deck ladder (which Sharkey hid in in FATAL CARGO). He hides near the ladder and jumps a crewman, hitting him out with a chop and takes his gun. Good music as Beach drags the man to the hatch under the ladder (I would guess he is going to hide the man in this hatch--dropping him down the room--but we don't see this). Sharkey is near the storage room--ALONE and without a gun! He sees the shadow of a man holding a gun in Corridor C. He calls for an armed party to meet him there. An aide helps Beach get up to a vent and hide. Sharkey stops two big men who almost shoot him, "Hold it!"  He takes one of their gun belts. 25 minutes left to repairs. Nelson will go out to Lee himself. Nelson tells Chip the divers were murdered as surely as if they had been shot. Beach comes out of a vent and goes to the diving tube hatch--where he's hidden his watch code. He sends another message. Sparks tells Nelson who takes the portable detector--ALONE--and hunts for the coded sending device. Sparks continues to tape the code and tries to break it. There's this annoying beep as Nelson searches (and some excellent DEADLY DOLLS search music). Beach hides in the Missile Room as Nelson comes in. Why Beach doesn't shoot him, I don't know---maybe he was afraid it would attract other men to the room. Instead, he locks Nelson in the diving tube hatch when the Admiral went in to find the watch code device...and now Beach starts to fill it with water. We see a rare look inside the closed diving tube as Nelson tries to open the door. Beach disables the diving tube controls. At the window, we see Nelson's face as the water rises to his neck. He tries to swim up with it.            



Good use of ENEMY BELOW music throughout this act. Sharkey goes into the Missile Room and sees the Admiral. Chip arrives and sees Sharkey struggling to close the valve manually. Chip asks, "What's going on here?"  Sharkey tells him, "The Admiral's trapped in there!"  Chip gets an idea--the safety lock can be turned on the exterior hatch. It is outside so they will need a diver. Sharkey says, "Never mind a diver."  He takes the scuba gear and heads for the Pressure Room open well. Sharkey goes out himself. Beach goes to the Circuitry Room and opens lockers. He finds one locker locked and will shoot it open. He uses a shirt or rag to silence his gun. Opening it, he shuts off the electronic hull shield (the music goes into a TWILIGHT ZONE type sound, probably from THE CYBORG or MONSTER FROM THE INFERNO). Chip watches Nelson in the water and tries turning the valves himself. Sharkey is outside already and Chip hears the banging as Sharkey works. The valve is released and Chip turns it and calls Sickbay for oxygen. He gets the half drowned Nelson out--Nelson is passed out. NOTE: There is better life saving techniques shown on ANY given BAYWATCH episode than on any VOYAGE episode. Chip watches and waits for the oxygen from Sickbay. Beach runs in the hallway--he flees back to the Circuitry Room. Two men come chasing him--one is Beach's aide. Finding the door locked, the good one shoots the lock open and the two men come in. In cold blooded scene, Beach shoots the other, taller crewman from his hiding spot as the aide of Beach's pretends to circle around to cover the crewman. The crewman falls, apparently shot in the chest. The aide tells Beach they are both expendable--their orders are to remain on Seaview, "We stay, that's our orders."  "Alright, we stay,"  but Beach truly wants off so lies to the aide about having to move the crewman's body. When the aide leans over, Beach beans him with the gun from behind, "Maybe you're expendable but not me."  Sharkey makes his way along the Seaview hull and comes back into the open well in the Pressure Room. Beach is there and shoots at him. Beach tries to get out of the Pressure Room--why not just shoot again and try to get out from there? Sharkey comes up and grabs him and they fight. There is some good fight music as they struggle. Beach could have shot Sharkey twice but didn't--perhaps he wants the scuba suit without any holes in it (he does). Sharkey uses duffle bags and tanks to throw at Beach after losing his own gun (I wasn't sure he had one to begin with). Both end up on their backs, shooting at each other. Sharkey's wrist is shot at. Beach gets up and so does Sharkey. Beach puffs, "Well, Sharkey, you've given me a lot of trouble. It's gonna be a pleasure to square things off."  Beach tells him the electronic shield is off and he makes Sharkey take off the diving jacket--he doesn't want any holes in it (see, told ya). Sharkey is shirtless but Beach doesn't want the rest yet---he will get it later (later, when?). Beach means after he shoots Sharkey. "Well, goodbye, Sharkey."  Sharkey yells and kicks the air tank on the floor at Beach's legs. Sharkey throws Beach into the pressure well and he is drowned and crushed (off screen). Sharkey winces (giving the character a good sense of morality as he can feel bad for someone as evil and self serving as the murderer Beach). Mr. Morton goes to the Control Room. When Ski asks about the Admiral's condition, Chip tells him the Admiral refuses to stay in sickbay. Ski says that's good news. Nelson arrives and Seaview is underway finally. It moves over the Flying Sub in one great effect (new footage apparently) and the nose hatch opens (cue LOST IN SPACE second and third season hatch sound effect). Chip orders the magnetic recovery gear and the FANTASTIC VOYAGE sound effect (used for the exterior of the Jupiter II on LOST IN SPACE's second and third season) occurs. The Flying Sub comes up by itself. Chip runs down the ladder to check Lee, followed by two crewmen. One has oxygen; Chip asks the crewman if Crane will okay. When he comes up, Chip orders men to help the two men get Crane up and in his hands he has the coordinates of the base Crane found. Vulcan returns. Nelson says, "Chip, get us moving before she fires."  Nelson calls the Missile Room, "Anyone on duty there?"  Sharkey answers--he's just rounded up the men. Nelson orders torpedoes ready to fire. Sharkey okays this and adds, "Oh and Admiral, this time I guarantee they'll go off."  Vulcan fires torpedoes. Ski warns they are heading straight for them. The torpedoes pass over Seaview and blasts an area ahead of her. Blasts and bubbles hit Seaview. Chip and Nelson rock as the control room shakes.



Seaview fires one and three. Chip does a countdown and the Vulcan explodes. Seaview shakes a bit. Nelson calls Sickbay but Crane walks in, telling them according to Doc he is fit for duty. Nelson ask, "Are you out of your mind?"   Crane talked Doc into letting him, "in on the kill."    Nelson lets Crane order torpedoes two and four fired on the sub pen. The torpedoes come from the nose of Seaview this time and the sub pen falls over and apart. There is one major blast and it is gone. "Scratch one sub pen."  Nelson tells Lee, "You took care of that nicely, now let's go home."


REVIEW: Possibly the best episode from season three and four (although it has some strong contenders for that role--BLOW UP for one). Crane trapped in the Flying Sub without air, a traitor on board Seaview, this time one of the officers as well as one of the crewmen! An enemy sub, an enemy lab and base--we've seen it all before but here, it seems fresh. It is well made and woven together with Beach a nice guy until we discover what a killer he really is. He seemed unbeatable until he falls into the water after a fight with Sharkey. He shot Sharkey and his trap for Nelson--putting him in the diving tube and filling it with water, was quite unnerving. ENEMY BELOW music is used so well here. Beach would have made an interesting return character--he was so unlikable as a bad guy and very likeable as his fake self. I could have sworn Beach kills the crewman who is also a spy but perhaps he just knocked him out. Flaws: a few. Crane keeps passing out, Beach does not seem to have any type of plan for escape toward the end--he runs to the pressure room without a scuba suit (surely there were other suits in there at one time or another). Crane even admits in THE LOBSTER MAN that there are some old suits in the Pressure Hatch room but that's after RESCUE. The aide doesn't have a name and it is never clear what happens to the aide--did he wake up and get away from the dead crewman? Did Beach's hit to his head kill him? Or was he found with a dead crewman, shot---with him nearby as well? He may still be on Seaview, a spy, not found out--however, the sub base and his people are all dead. Also--we ran the sub pen and base--Russia, China? We are never told. Another flaw is the continuity---one minute Sharkey is warning men about Beach, then he is off alone and without a gun himself--later when he is in scuba gear, he seems to have a gun in his fight with Beach in the Pressure Hatch Room but perhaps he grabbed it from a shelf during that fight--it was easy to miss that--the fights here are fast paced and well done. This, despite all the flaws--is an entertaining and enjoyable episode which brings back some of the sub stuff from season one (the dive was much more complex than others in the last two seasons and there is more sub talk when being stalked.) 



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