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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Deadly Amphibians, The Return of Blackbeard, Terrible Leprechaun

Chase - Posted on 24 October 2009


Writer-Arthur Weiss

Dir-Jerry Hopper


Bubbles from an erupting grotto hit Seaview and knock it about. Frames 82 and 85 are taking in water while generators 3 and 4 are disabled. Sparks is not in the radio shack--it is someone else (a cabbage man, a daffodil man?). Sorry, just a bit overworked on VOYAGE at this point. It is another actor. Nelson gives us what info he can on this eruption, "I dunno."  Amrak Computer doesn't have any answers either. The radiation is up a bit. Chip finds no seismic disturbances and no undersea quakes--natural ones anyway. Nelson says, "In other words, all indications are that nothing happened but we all know that something did."  Crane wants to explore in the Flying Sub. Nelson agrees, "I'm not very happy about unexplained explosions knocking us about."  More shaking and blasts hit. Two amphibian fish faced humanoid shaped (arms, legs, chest, heads) monster men are on the bottom with a wild sonic cannon pointed at Seaview. Seaview is caused to hit bottom (hey, why not get right to the bottom hitting scenes as in SECRET OF THE DEEP and get it out of the way, right?). The amphibians watch in triumph. One even seems to shake his fists in satisfaction.



Front of Seaview is off the bottom as Chip relates one third of the bow is off the jagged bed of rocks that the rest of Seaview is on. Frame 85 is flooded; main power circuits are blown, and it will take two hours to repair. Flying Sub goes out (ENEMY BELOW music) with Sharkey, Ski, and Crane. They figure the pressure impacts are like depth charges but Sharkey notes, "Nobody is dropping ash cans on us."  The fish men fire at the Flying Sub and it shakes. Seaview gets some of it, too. Flying Sub nearly flips over. Nelson calls and Crane explains as he shakes in his seat. They've lost 60 percent maneuverability. Nelson orders the Flying Sub against Crane's wish to stay out and keep looking. The Admiral doesn't want to lose their mobility, too. The creatures fire again and the Flying Sub shakes some more, throwing Ski and Sharkey, who are out of their seats, trying to correct the problem, around. Nelson calls as the Flying Sub hits bottom. "What did that last pressure impact do to you?"  Nelson orders the 30 minute repair time cut in half to reach the Flying Sub. Chip orders this of damage control. Sharkey and Ski are on the floor but Crane gets them up and started on the controls. Crane goes to his seat and calls Seaview but gets no answer. He does spot an amphibian face at the window! He calls Sharkey's attention to it but it is gone. Sharkey figures if they can jump some circuit breakers they can get to the emergency power. Ski saw another problem--one of the mechanical claws sprung open and jammed open when the Flying Sub hit the bottom so hard. Ski suits up to fix it. Crane and Sharkey jump the circuit breakers. Ski swims past  the Flying Sub viewport, then past weeds, but an amphibian shows up, hiding in the vegetation. Ski calls, "There's something out here."  He is off starboard. Crane tells Sharkey, "You see, there was something out there. It could've been a man, a fish, or a little of both."   Another one chases Ski, who calls, relaying that there is a "mess" of them out there. They grab Ski (good musical cues). Crane wants to throw the emergency switch but Sharkey claims they aren't ready--it may blow up the reactor. Crane wants to go after Ski. They hear small pressure impacts from below the Flying Sub bottom floor hatch. An amphibian head rises up from the open hatch!       



Nelson calls damage control-they have one third power under temporary repairs. Nelson orders Chip to go after the Flying Sub and Chip orders them to blow ballast and set a course for 1.0.5 relative. The amphibian rises up to the Flying Sub deck. Crane calls it an amphibious mutation. He wants to try to communicate with it. Sharkey: With that?  The amphibian (in the credits called Proto) leader talks, the communication he says, "...will take the form of commands from us to you."  The mouth moves under the mask but on reviewing--it doesn't look too bad. The outfits of the creatures is outstanding despite the fact that they have no pupils on their large silvery-gray eyes. This race have been on Earth ten times longer than the human race; the first evolved being were the amphibians and at one time, on Earth, there was only amphibian life. The amphibians took on a different evolutionary path than humans (see also the first season THE INVADERS). They have a civilization deep within the earth underwater. They have analyzed the humans and regard them as animals, a subspecies to be used and discarded at will. Their lives are meaningless to the amphibians. Sharkey is not sure he liked the way the leader says all this. Using a red box like device, the leader makes Sharkey fall when the Chief moves to attack. The leader wants the nuclear reactor (who doesn't in this season?!?!) of Seaview for their sonic cannon to be boosted. This way they can blast a passage from the bottom of the sea. He knocks Crane down with the sonic box, "You will cooperate, I promise you."  Flying Sub--a second amphibian guards Sharkey and Crane which they see when they awake. The leader jumps feet first down the hatch to go to "the Great ship"--Seaview. Seaview is getting an unknown pattern on sonar; on the TV they see a strange device; Pat pipes the sound to the speakers (FANTASTIC VOYAGE sound effect). Nelson figures it to be a pressure mine that works on a sonar system--any sound vibrations can set it off and cause it to blow up. They move slow astern but blast and shake a bit--they find they can't move forwards or backwards. And they are too close to blow it up as Chip points out. Nelson will disarm it by hand. The sound effect of the mine as it detects the movements has been heard on LOST IN SPACE many times (INVADERS FROM THE 5TH DIMENSION, WRECK OF THE ROBOT, and others). Crane and Sharkey awaken and see the new amphibian working on the flying sub controls. They attack it and fight it but it is too strong for them. Crane pulls wires from the control panel board (which is open)  and electrifies the amphibian down. He asks the Chief is he is all right and the move to get the amphibian out. They hear banging and Ski is pulled up. The amphibian dives head first out the floor hatch. Ski tells them about the thousands of "things"  down there. He broke away but tells them about the amphibians "set up"  in the rock cluster: communications, caves that go down into the Earth, sonic guns, "They want to take us over."  Ski panics. Nelson is in scuba gear in the Missile Room with Pat and another man also. The mine  signals are increasing and Chip feels Nelson and the two may not make it. Nelson feels they have to. The reflecting shield is waiting top side for them--if they stay behind it, it will protect the sounds they make from the mine. Flying Sub comes toward Seaview. The claw is detracted but their radio is burnt out. Chip picks them up and calls them. Nelson, Pat, and crewman move at the mine with the shield but for some reason they are not all behind it! They hear a hum and Pat (who always seems to get the worst lines like Ahoy, below or something) says, "She's bucking like a bronco!"  In 2 to 3 minutes the flying sub will enter the area. Chip warns the Admiral. Nelson finds and removes the cap from the mine. The mine may be further booby trapped. Flying Sub moves in (again, we appear to see a model of a man at the window--adding to the effective model work of the Flying Sub). The mine intensity range is off the dial. Nelson has to disarm it he says, or, "...we'll all go up in smoke."  He gets a sonic capicitator which was connected to the detonating fuse. The mine hums and they drop the shield and swim off. Bubbles hit Seaview as it seems to go off in a blast.



Morton calls the Admiral. Only the mine detonator went off--the trio hid behind a rock formation. Nelson orders Chip to look for more mines and sends Pat and the man back to the sub. He picks up the shield (can't leave it lying about the ocean floor) and starts back but an amphibian swims out of the weeds and fights him. The creature tries to pull off Nelson's air hoses. Nelson drops the sonic cap but gets it up and stops the amphibian with the high pitched sound it makes. He floats the creature back to Seaview, "It looks more fish than human."  He ascertains it has a good brain. Pat and the men take it to the brig. Chip tells them to get Ski to Sickbay as the Flying Sub returns. Crane orders a salvo torpedo with nuclear warheads for passageway and the sonic cannon. Nelson works on neutralizing the device the amphibians use. Sharkey in Sickbay asks about Ski, telling him everything will be alright. The sickbay curtain is partially closed from Doc's office area. Crane calls Sharkey to the Missile Room; Sharkey takes this as proof the situation is well in hand. A corpsman tells Ski, "Take it easy, kid, be back in a minute."  He has to get refills of something that will put Ski to sleep. Ski tells him to take his time, he'll probably be asleep before the corpsman gets back. Ski gets up and leaves but comes back and hides as the corpsman returns. Ski argues with him to let him leave, he's fine. He ends up throwing the corpsman over the bed and punches him. Corpsman uses the bed to push Ski back and Ski chokes him. We see an overhead shot of this. Corpsman uses a chair to smash into Ski and Ski falls. The corpsman ties Ski's hands with tape. Ski tells him, "I'm okay now, you can let me loose."  Ski cries. Then he tries to talk the man into letting him out. The corpsman goes to give Ski a shot. Ski yells, "I don't need any shot!"  Ski hits the corpsman down and breaks his tape ties. Pat and Sharkey load torpedoes. Crane gives Sharkey the intersect vectors and coordinates. Ski comes to the Missile Room, unseen, he pulls units out and puts them into different places. When the torpedoes are tried to fire, fires blast over the room and blow Ski and the men down. Seaview shakes. Ski walks out of the alcove he was in as the ship shakes but now he is not affected by the titling deck. His shirt is ripped in the back near his shoulder blade--we see the skin beneath--amphibian scales!



Crane sends repair party to the Missile Room. Nelson in his lab is called. Ski lets in the amphibian leader--who comments that Ski's conversion process has worked well. Ski tells him that the cables can bring the nuclear reactor power to the Missile Room and the cannon can be brought in using the hoist. The leader sends Ski to free the one in the brig. Ski tells him how to find Admiral Nelson as he needs his knowledge. We hear DEADLY DOLLS search music. Sharkey tries to call the Control Room and helps Pat up. At the brig, Patrick Culliton is the guard. He tells the amphibian to stop shaking the bars or else. Ski arrives and asks how things are. The guard tells him this, "He's trying to shake the bars apart; otherwise he's no trouble."  What? Ski tells him he is here to take over the watch but the guard tells him he isn't authorized. Ski lies--the Chief told him to take it over. Ski calls him a Philadelphia lawyer, "Since when have you started goin' by the book."  The guard asks to see his authorization. Ski tells him he will call the Chief and prove it, calling the guard a meathead. Ski uses the mike but must be not be pressing the right button. He goes to hand the guard the mike but punches him back instead. Ski says, "Give me the gun."  The guard says, "I'll give it to ya, right in the choppers,"  or, "...right in the chops."  This whole exchange is unintentionally funny, hilariously overplayed in a kind of downplayed manner. They have a fight which is well staged. Ski pushes the guard into the bars and the amphibian chokes him down (dead?). SKi lets the creature out of the brig and it seems to hit him on the shoulder as they proceed down the hallway. Nelson tests his double barreled sonic gun of his own. He uses metal on the stand as a target. The lab is arranged differently from the lab in other episodes--it most resembles the lab in TIMELOCK as the huge TV scanner screen blocks out the area that used to house the specimen tanks. The leader arrives and uses his sonic box on Nelson's hand to prevent him from turning on his own device. He calls Nelson a useful addition to their amphibian community. The amphibians, the leader says, have superior technology and will risk destroying the world to free all the others below when they blast the ocean bottom, "We must be free."   Nelson manages to bluff the leader who shuts off his box device. Nelson gets to his device and wards the leader off. NOTE: Crane left for the Missile Room some time ago but never reached it. Nelson calls Chip, "We've been invaded by amphibians."  He wants Chip to meet him at the Pressure Hatch Corridor."  Missile Room: the crewmen are tied up and some are unconscious or dead (?). One is either Hispanic or African American. Crane runs in---finally. Ski lies to Crane who notices the torpedoes are gone. Ski feels his head as the Captain questions him. "The amphibians---I'm one of them now and we're taking over."  Crane orders him back to Sickbay ("I don't know what's going on with you, Kowalski.") Ski turns and shows him his scales through the ripped shirt. When Crane moves to leave, Ski orders the amphibian, "Stop him!"  Crane fights it by throwing a tank at it but it knocks him out. The leader, Proto (?), returns. They tie Crane up and start bringing the cannon aboard. Sharkey and Pat meet Mr. Morton in the hallway, "Mr. Morton, the amphibians are in the Missile Room and Kowalski is one of them."  They will blast a hole through the bottom of Seaview to blast into the Earth's crust. Nelson orders Sharkey and Chip to attack the Missile Room from the hall while he and Pat scuba dive out the Pressure Hatch and attack from the diving tube hatch in the Missile Room. Nelson gives Chip his sonic gun and tells them to attack at 1500 hours. As they move out in the hallway, for once, we hear very heavy footsteps on the soundtrack. Crane tells the amphibians the Seaviewers will not give up and surrender so easily, "Kowalski will tell you better than that."  Ski says, "Not this time, Captain."  Crane tries to get him to fight the conversion, "Fight it, man, fight it, c'mon!"  Chip and Sharkey try to come in but the box device weapon pressurizes them back. Chip tells Sharkey to get the MX12 explosives to blow the hatch door open. Nelson tells Pat he will go to the left and Patterson should move to the right once they reach the Missile Room; give them a moving target. Pat asks Nelson which to go after--the amphibian or the cannon. Nelson tells him to play it by ear, to give him a chance to get to the cannon or go for it himself if he can. They jump down the pressure hatch well. The cannon is aboard Seaview now. Ski tells Crane he is an amphibian now--it won't bother him if they all sink to the ocean bottom. The hatch wheel blows off; the box gun stops Chip and Sharkey before Chip can fire the sonic gun Nelson made. He and Sharkey fall to the floor. The diving tube fills with water; then unfills. Proto tells them the Admiral undoubtedly tried a two prong attack. Just before Crane rolls over the cable, we can notice one of the crewmen awake already, not apparently tied up and ready to shake! Crane rolls over the wire to the cannon as they fire the gun. He rolls over it again and again and it sparks. The cable and gun spark and blast. Seaview shakes.                   



Nelson and Pat enter. Crane yells, "Admiral, watch it!"  Nelson uses his gun he retrieved from the unconscious Chip to blast the amphibian back and destroy the cannon. The Admiral doesn't relent--he also destroys the amphibian. Ski was thrown back by the earlier blasts and the leader amphibian seems to have been blown up too--but we really didn't see it. Control Room: Crane orders firing of missile One, Two out the nose. The grotto blows up. Crane says, "Scratch one amphibian Headquarters."  Lee felt the whole world was blown up in the Control Room but he shorted the cable out by rolling over it (good trick!). How'd he do that? The firing mechanism blew only. The leader was destroyed by the same weapon he was going to use on them. This was totally unclear in the end of act four and the opening of this tag. One amphibian was blasted mercilessly by Nelson and the other just seemed to vanish before the blasting. Nelson says, "That's kind of an ironic gesture, sometimes I wonder if the world isn't well balanced in that direction."  Ski is okay now and on light duty--he's working mess now. Fish is on the menu. We hear a small cue of goofy Dr. Smith music from LOST IN SPACE and the episode ends.   


REVIEW: Having a menace that was from the ocean floor and no where else was a nice change--no aliens from space this time out. The actual masks could have been better around the mouth (you can see the actor's real mouth beneath, moving (and colored blue to match the mask just didn't work) but the fins were a nice touch. The action was on thick and heavy this time with more flimsy explanations and Nelson making yet another device that will work against the fish men. Nice use of ENEMY BELOW music and the underwater fight between Nelson and a fish man was well filmed (using some of this music as well). The fish men, underwater anyway, would rival THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.  Not one of the best VOYAGES but not the worst either. This is really the quintessential VOYAGE: menaces from the sea bottom, Seaview hitting bottom, the Flying Sub hitting bottom, Ski taken over, a master weapon from both the creatures and Nelson, a mine bomb, many shakes, silly dialogue which one must laugh at but enjoy just the same, and some good fight sequences, not to mention crewmen who seem to be attacked and may have been killed or just injured--never to be heard from again in the episode--as if no one thought the viewers would care.  
































Writer-Al Gail

Dir-J. Addiss



1982---Seaview is very brightly lit for once. It is at periscope depth and near the Shah's yacht. If anything goes wrong it could start a war. They pick up the chopper taking the President of the US to the yacht. On the nose camera, they investigate a humming sound and see a mound that could house a weapon's bunker or a silo. Crane tells Pat to send out a probe. Sonar blows, instruments indicate Seaview is under attack. Crane alerts the Missile Room to load torpedo one and fire. The torpedo turns and homes in on Seaview. Chip says, "It missed us by a seal's whiskers."  It returns again and Crane blows it up with the laser, head on. Seaview shakes, then stops. All become still. Blackbeard appears in the Control Room.



Blackbeard vanishes. Minor damage in frame 6. Crane helps Nelson up. He explains this used to happen in WWII--an electronic circuit goes wrong and the missile homes in on the mothership. Chip tells Nelson to go rest and Nelson does. Crane orders a ROBOT profile analyzer ejected to scan the mound. Sharkey responds, "Sharkey, here, sir, but just barely."  He is to check it out and prepare to fire. Blackbeard watches as the men check the electronic sensor. Blackbeard follows a crewman Sharkey sends to get another. The crewman sees him and hits an alarm, sending the crew into action and waking up poor Nelson. The pirate makes the man and himself vanish from frame 7. Ski and a big crewman (who was shot in RESCUE and seemed to die) find the sign of the jolly roger smoking on the floor (goofy music heard). Nelson opens his bathroom and washes his face. When he comes out, Blackbeard is behind him when he looks into the mirror. He claims to have come from the Queen Anne's Revenge and uses his sword to stop Nelson calling out an alarm. Nelson thinks he is a stowaway and that he could have picked a better man to impersonate: the pirate has been dead some 200 years and was a braggart, the most villainous, licentious brawling brute that ever sailed the seven seas. Blackbeard likes the cut of Nelson's chin or something and likes his manner. He wants the ship and the crew and sits on Nelson's bed. He wants one treasure in particular. He read Nelson's secret orders and knows that on the yacht is King Solomon's Golden Throne. Nelson calls him a lunatic but is thrown back by the pirate who leaves via the door. Sharkey, missing the crewman, mumbles, "I gotto do everything myself."  Nelson almost runs into Sharkey and almost shoots him, "Chief, have you seen Blackbeard?!"  Sharkey responds, "No, sir,"  then realizes exactly what Nelson asked after Nelson runs off. Sharkey in stores looks for the crewman--Yablonsky--and asks a young man behind the counter to give him the sensor. Sharkey is irritated and grabs the man's clipboard and hurries him along, telling him to check him out, and he runs out. Blackbeard appears and when Sharkey returns, realizing he was given the wrong sensor, he finds the man gone, "Look kid, you gave me the wrong..."  he does find the jolly roger sign on the floor. Nelson tells Crane and Chip about Captain Edward Teach. Pat tells them the interior of the mound has come up: the Queen Anne's Revenge. Chip calls it a fantastic coincidence. Sharkey returns and asks to be relieved of duty--he's having hallucinations of a bearded pirate. Ski tells what he saw--he thought it was a joke. Crane calls the Master At Arms and has armed men search. Blackbeard uses his cutlass to make men vanish in the hall, the circuitry room, the engine room after making two men who shoot at him vanish in the hallway. One of the men who shot at him was the Beach aide spy from RESCUE. Ski finds him in the Engine Room, comes in and shoots the pirate but the pirate touches him with his sword and makes him appear a proper first mate (changing his clothes to a pirates including a head wrap) for Blackbeard, calling Ski, "A face that would win a fair maiden's heart."  Ski laughs, evil, like a pirate.   



A forcefield is protecting the mound where Blackbeard's loot must be hidden. Nelson cannot alert the yacht--the radio is out due to the forcefield's electronic blanket. They will put a double charge on the torpedo but Blackbeard, listening, cannot allow them to destroy his loot. He sends Ski to the Missile Room. Search units will not report to Crane; the Reactor is out; Sickbay won't answer. Crane calls Doc but gets no answer. He gets a gun and goes up the nose ladder. Nelson goes to the lab to work on breaking the forcefield. Crane, in the hall, hears Blackbeard laughing. He sees Blackbeard's shadow on the wall of the storage room and he enters. Boxes fall on him. Lab: Blackbeard walks in. Nelson sighs. Blackbeard tells him he is the real thing--risen from the deep. His cutlass is his power but no man can take it from him. Nelson throws wires on him and he vanishes. Nelson thinks he's dead, "Immortal was he?"  Blackbeard appears behind him and tells him that trick was worthy of Blackbeard himself. He wants Nelson to be his equal on the deck, blast the yacht, and pick up the Gold Throne of Solomon. He needs Nelson's seamanship and genius--much has changed.  He needs his scientific knowledge. He can take over Nelson's body like he has some of his crew but Nelson must join him voluntarily for the knowledge to be of help to him. Why? It's certainly worked with Kowalski? "Either you strike your colors or you perish."  Blackbeard vanishes. Pat and a crewman help Crane out of the storage room. The torpedoes are loaded. Blackbeard comes down the steps of the control room. Chip aborts the firing (why?). The pirate makes the crew vanish and laughs. Nelson comes down and Chip says, "Strike your colors, Admiral,"  under Blackbeard's power. Blackbeard says, "Another strong body, Admiral, which I will trade for your mind."  The pirate makes Chip come out of it. Nelson asks, "You all right?"  He orders them to fire the torpedoes. Ski stops Sharkey who yells at him, "You're out of your mind and you're out of uniform!"  Ski fights two crewmen and Sharkey. One uses a sword at Ski; the other jumps on Ski from the torpedo tubes. Sharkey tries to fire the torpedoes but Ski punches him down again. Ski pushes the two men down and chokes Sharkey. Blackbeard orders Nelson and Chip lashed to the deck but Crane enters and shoots controls on the consoles. Seaview shakes, allowing Nelson, Chip, and Crane to get away. In the Missile Room a large canister marked  "dangerous explosives"  hits the floor and  rolls across the room, on fire. Crane yells out (to whom--the pirates): Take er up, we're gonna hit bottom!"  Perhaps he was saying, "Go up,"  or something. Blackbeard sends the men after the trio of officers. Ski runs from the Missile Room, laughing. The explosive can is on fire and ready to blow up.



Men and Sharkey are extinguishing the fire. They check the torpedoes. Lab: Nelson, Chip, and Crane plot. Nelson says, "That blackhearted, bearded pirate is actually the real, the original Blackbeard."  Chip says, "I believe it."  He's learning from the past adventures, too. Nelson tells Lee, "No questions, Lee, just accept it. We have to hit him from all sides."  Nelson figures his source of power is the forcefield on the mound (a sloop ship) as well as an extension of it on his cutlass. Chip is to go to the Flying Sub and attack the mound with lasers. Nelson work on stopping the cutlass. Chip and Crane hide in the hall. Crane asks Chip about the pirate's control. Chip told him he lost his identity and thought like a pirate."  Crane hoped he could break the spell but Chip tells him he can't--the crew would kill him. Chip and Crane split up and hide and sneak around. Crane hides in a room as pirates, the former Seaview crew, pass by. He finds Patterson hiding in a box. Pat tells him not to shoot him. Chip sneaks into the Flying Sub and launches it. He says, "Now with just a little luck."  Blackbeard appears, responding to that. He calls Chip scum. He also says, "Ye already felt me power."  He orders Chip to return to the submarine but Chip tells him he has to increase power to do that. Chip pushes Blackbeard back and grabs the laser device. Blackbeard makes him still and then uses his cutlass at the controls, "satan take you!"  He vanishes and the Flying Sub hits bottom. Ski bangs on the lab door and orders a pirate crewman to get explosives. Crane and Pat meet Sharkey and two men and they load atomic warhead on number 2 torpedo. Ski blasts the door off the lab. Nelson tells Ski to come to his senses. He uses the device to stop them from running him through with their swords. Ski tells the swabs to c'mon to Cap'n Blackbeard--Blackbeard will take care of this. They meet him in the hallway but Sharkey gets to the lab. He asks questions. Nelson has an ultrasonic anti forcefield device. Nelson says, "If it works, we're going to teach Captain Teach a lesson in modern science. It will change that pirate into a mass of loose atoms."  How--if he's a ghost or a resurrected spirit? Or is he a human again, just returned from the after life into his body? Who knows? Who cares? Sharkey asks about fall out and if it can blast right through to the sea (as he usually does when Nelson makes or Crane wields, some new weapon). Nelson says, "Possibly, we'll find out in a minute."  He blows up a lab jar. Blackbeard and men take the men in the Missile Room. Crane arrives--Blackbeard challenges him---if Capt. Crane survives--he'll take his place among the crew, if he drops, he will hang by the yardarm at sunrise. Crane calls Blackbeard, "a loud mouth, bag of wind."  He accepts the challenge and takes up a karate stance in a strangely  comical scene. Blackbeard takes his hat off and they fight. The crew calls--the yacht is on the horizon. Blackbeard orders Crane and men lashed to the deck. Nelson calls the Missile Room. Two men are on the floor unconscious or tied up or dead? Pat and Lee are tied up against the torpedo racks. Blackbeard sees the yacht in the periscope and they prepare to fire on the yacht. Crane yells, "The President is on that yacht!"  Ski orders a countdown to fire!



Sharkey and Nelson disable the missile power line from the lab (how? They could never do this before). Blackbeard says, "I'll stick me to a penny Admiral Nelson's at the bottom of this."  He will keelhaul him and make Crane walk the plank. SKi, laughing, says, "On a submarine?"  The power cell on Nelson's device is smashed apparently from the shaking or something. He tells Sharkey it is the only one, the original. Nelson says, "There's more than one way to catch a ghost."  Sharkey says, "Yes sir."   They have to opt for another power source. Ski tells Crane, "You're going for swim."  Blackbeard, angry, goes to the Lab and has his hat on and his cutlass with him. He smashes up the lab. Crane is in scuba gear and given one minute of air. Pat pleads, "Ski don't do it!"  SKi yells at him, "Shud up ya scum."  Crane is sent out (cue electronic Jupiter II door sound) the hatch. Circuitry Room: Blackbeard faces Nelson and Sharkey, telling them, "Morton is already on the bottom of the sea."  His cutlass is made to fall but he throws it at the circuits, shaking the ship. Circuits spark. When it is over, Blackbeard finds his sword cut in two. Sharkey is out. The pirate takes out two daggers, tosses one to Nelson, and makes Nelson fight him. We see the far side of the Circuitry Room, a rafter, shelves, beams, and a lot of other neat stuff we haven't seen before. Nelson flips Blackbeard over the console but the pirate ends up with his knife at Nelson's throat. Nelson punches him off of himself and jumps off the console at Blackbeard...and misses. The pirate hits Nelson into the circuit boards, sparking them. The crew Blackbeard down and he tells Nelson they will call this a draw. After he leaves, Nelson gets Sharkey up and snaps him out of it. Nelson opens all units and one sparks. Sharkey is worried the Admiral will get electrocuted. Crane comes up from the Pressure Hatch Room and enters the Missile Room, tossing a grenade at the firing mechanism stand, blowing it up. Blackbeard punches Crane down and the crew hold him. He asks Ski about the red silos and Ski who tells him they are atomic missiles which can blow up the yacht gleefully adds, "And more."   Ski fires one (hey, how'd they get around fail safe?). Bubbles hit infront of Seaview as it blasts there. Seaview shakes. Geeze.



Nelson and Sharkey stop Blackbeard from killing Crane who punches Blackbeard first and knocks him one good. The missile blew underwater--Admiral Nelson reprogrammed the missiles from the circuitry room and made them hit the sloop. Teach will be asleep for long time. Morton calls from the Flying Sub (cue no music but watery sound--this added to a nice shot). Crane tells him they will pick him up and swap pirate yarns over tankards of mullard."


REVIEW: The only really good thing about this one is the great new musical score. The rest is really awful. Not even Malachi Throne could help it much but there is a certain camp quality about it and a jokiness that pervades the episode. Seeing Kowalski as a pirate is a twist--usually when he gets taken over, he loses any personality but here, just the opposite--he has too much--and its sure not nice! For a supernatural episode, this is not scary at all, nor is it exciting in any real way. The fights may have been okay and well staged but memory doesn't really bring that to the fore. There are also lapses in continuity--what smashed the device--was I just not paying attention? That's possible with this episode. How did the forcefield work and why? Why was a ghost using a forcefield? If Teach could make everyone freeze still in time as he did in the tag, why not just do that to stop the men and-or take the throne? Del Monroe does a good job over the top in this one, which is as not goofy as LOST IN SPACE's worst episodes--THIEF FROM OUTER SPACE, THE SPACE VIKINGS, THE GIRL FROM THE GREEN DIMENSION, TREASURE OF THE LOST PLANET, and more, but comes very close. Basehart seems to have taken his characters advice, "Just accept it,"  and move on. He actually seems to be having fun with this story. Malachi Throne who was in a very serious first seasoner, is back here--acting quite silly with motivation except that its from old pirate movies--the character really has no motivation; oh yeah, and why does a ghost need to physically fight anyone? Is he a ghost or a body inhabited by the ghost? What is going on here? 


BLACKBEARD HISTORY LESSON: Blackbeard was Daniel Defoe's fictional British pirate which combined some facts from Edward Teach's life. To straightforward reporting of Teach's life, Defoe added lurid stories portraying him as a horrid monster. Many of these added anecdotes are not found in official records and newspaper stories written at the time. Blackbeard, in one tale, made his ship into an imitation of hell by closing up the hatches and burning brimstone. He had 14 wives, played dangerous pranks on his own men, wore his beard extremely long. The real Edward Teach did commit piracy and cheated his crew out of their share of the booty but there is no real evidence that he ever murdered, maimed, or tortured either his captives or his crew or that he raped his wife or other women. A ballad written about him, THE DOWNFALL OF PIRACY, describes him as afraid of women and perhaps impotent. Later authors embellished Blackbeard even more than Defoe including Robert Louis Stevenson (MASTER OF BALLANTRAE in 1889). Blackbeard featured in movies, many of them comedy or action movies for children such as THE BOY AND THE PIRATES. BLACKBEARD'S GHOST, a Disney fantasy comedy was released in 1968 (?!). Robert Newton also played BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE (1952) and there are many more references to BLACKBEARD in literature (ANNE BONNY in a 1977 novel, refused him because he didn't bathe).


The real Edward Teach died in 1718. Teach had a brief career--some 15 months only. He was tall, strong, and broad shouldered, was a literate and skillful navigator, with a strong sense of leadership and a charismatic air of authority. Colonial landowners and government officials associated with him easily and he with them. He was born in Bristol. He served on Jamaican vessels raiding French and Spanish shipping during the War of the Spanish Succession (1702 to 1713). 1716: he enlisted with Benjamin Hornigold at New Providence Island in the Bahamas. Hornigold made him the captain of a captured sloop. Their last voyage together was in 1717 where they parted amicably after dividing the cargo, gold dust, coins, and jewels. Teach took over the prize ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge and installed a 40 cannon. Soon, with 300 men, the ship took several sloops off Crab Island and Saint Kitts. He also burned a large British merchant ship after putting the crew ashore. January of 1718: Bath: Governor of the colony Charles Eden pardoned Teach and his crew, allowed them to keep their loot, and let them prepare for a new "cruise". Teach soon had a squadron he had captured, which included about four sloops. He burned vessels in Honduras Bay and one Boston ship because some pirates had recently been hung in that city. Each encounter may have had unrecorded events but all indications were he treated captives and prisoners very well, considering them guests and not killing any of them. May 1718: Teach blockade Charleston, South Carolina and took eight or nine vessels, some of them carrying prominent citizens. He demanded medical supplies in a chest, drugs (some historians think to treat syphilis), and he would release the prisoners--who became frantic when a boat carrying Blackbeard's envoys overturned. They were returned and the captives released unharmed. Teach apparently marooned the Anne and another ship, the Adventure, to avoid splitting his booty. When some of the crew (several dozen) protested, they were marooned on a sand bar. Teach gave the ship called the Revenge (not to be confused with Queen Anne's Revenge) back to Stede Bonnet. Teach left with 40 men and all the loot in an unnamed sloop. Back at Bath, Eden gave Teach a second pardon. Teach appeared to settle down with a plantation owner's 16 year old daughter whom he married and was given ownership of the sloop which he stole from British merchants. After some months at Bath, Teach went to Philadelphia and then on to Bermuda where he took two French ships. Virginia Governor Alexander Spotswood disliked the growing pirate community. William Howard, Teach's former quartermaster, was arrested in Virginia and testified to his crimes. Expecting to find treasure at Teach's hideout, Spotswood hired two sloops and the crews of two British ships were promised liberal rewards for defeating the pirates. One force went overland, the other force, by sea, was lead by Lt. Robert Maynard (of which there are rumors and ghost stories as well). Teach, according to Defoe raised a glass of liquor and said, "Damnation seize my Soul if I give you quarters or take any from you."  Teach had two dozen men including servants while Maynard had about 60. Teach fired broadside and disabled one sloop and about 20 attackers were killed or wounded. Teach's men threw grenades but did little damage while the crew hid below in the sloop (save the Helmsman and pilot). When the pirates boarded the ship, the crew attacked them from below. Teach and Maynard met face to face. Maynard's shots plowed through Teach with little effect. Teach's cutlass cut off Maynard's blade near the hilt. As Teach moved to kill Maynard, a British seaman wounded him in the neck and throat from behind. He fell after receiving five pistol shots and 20 severe sword wounds. Maynard cut off Blackbeard's head and displayed it on the front of his sloop. 13 prisoners were hung, one acquitted, and Isreal Hands, the first mate, was pardoned when a royal decree arrived at the last minute. Maynard confiscated the booty which was valved at 2238 pounds. Many have tried to find Teach's buried treasure but he never captured a prize with much gold or silver and spent everything he took. The type of JOLLY ROGER used by Teach was a flag that showed a full human skeleton, one hand holding an hour glass, the other a bleeding heart pierced by a spear.   














































TERRIBLE LEPRECHAUN (note: no THE in the title)

Writer-Charles Bennett

Dir-Jerry Hopper



The X nuclear counter weapon 17 (X-17 for short) in the Irish Sea has a leak. It is in charge of 17 satellite weapons which can warn about and destroy missiles. Nuclear diving team unit 4 (composed of men who should not be diving in the Irish Sea according to Sharkey) consists of Swenson, Krugar (from DEADLY WATERS perhaps?), Lopez (Perry?), and Yamato (an Oriental crewman aboard Seaview?). Sharkey mentions leprechauns to Ski who laughs at him. Sharkey calls him a knothead. Ski tells him to look for little green men. The four divers see the pipeline and a cap (how is this related to a satellite system?). They also see a light inching its way along the pipeline and ending at the cap. The cap blows off and there is a fiery blast. In the blast is a red vested, hat wearing, bearded and laughing leprechaun!


NOTE: One syndicated copy of TERRIBLE LEPRECHAUN had the radar at the end of the opening credits phase out and then return sonar bleep by sonar bleep with several additional musical notes (DUNT DUNT) and the narrator (Dick Tufeld?) saying, "Brought to you by..." 



The leprechaun appears in the nose and sits by the view windows. He watches everyone shaking in the Control Room but the nose doesn't shake! He mentions something about when he set fire to the peapods of Calnary on the Eve of All Saints some 500 years ago. Nelson can't contact Unit 4. The sail and nose camera are activated; the leprechaun vanishes. There was no nuclear blast but the ignition was destroyed. Nelson tells Pat to launch the Flying Sub; it has a remote control  that can handle the main installation. The leprechaun appears in the Flying Sub and talks. With Pat, Crane senses something. We also see the front rim of the Flying Sub in front of the pilot's seats. The leprechaun vanishes. He goes to Nelson's cabin door; two men pass, he moves out of their way. They don't see him. He opens the locked door and Nelson's safe. He unrolls the defense weapon complex layouts with a wave of his pipe. He materializes a treasure map of a mother load of gold which is under the base. He vanishes and the map flies back into the safe and the safe shuts. Pat and Crane rise over the main installation--the cap top is blown off. If the base goes, the Northern Hemisphere can go with it. They use big words like milrankins and firmature control. A change in the radiation up and down can set off the complex (what? why?). Sharkey mumbles something about the little people in the Control Room and mentions leprechauns. Chip is smiling, trying not to laugh. Nelson repeats, "Leprechauns,"  in amazement. Pat and Crane see the base (stock of the lab drill in THE MECHANICAL MAN). The raise the radiation level (what? How come?). Crane looks down and the installation blasts forth again. The Flying Sub is whirled around and shaken. The leprechaun appears, "Gold, my gold!"  The gold is erupting out of the blast.


Seaview is hit by the shock waves. The leprechaun vanishes and when he does Pat and Crane wake up. The nuclear pressure blew the cap opening but it is still running wild. The cap is still in the area, held by interlocking hinges. Telemetry might close it (what? how?--ALRIGHT, I'LL STOP). Pat tries but there is a blast and the controls spark fire and sparks. He puts it out. The telemetry must have bounced off a forcefield of some kind. Crane wants to use a non-explosive charge torpedo and Seaview is called. A torpedo is fired from the nose of the sub. More blasts, more Flying Sub shakes and as Nelson calls them, the Flying Sub hits the bottom (well, surprise, surprise, surprise!). Ski reports a shock wave which Seaview cannot get out of the way of. Chip warns all hands to brace for it. Seaview shakes (ho hum). Nelson checks the Amrak Computer. Crane and Pat check the Flying Sub controls. In Seaview, we see a Hispanic pilot at the Helm. Sharkey helps crewman Somers (who is credited in the end credits!) up (they were thrown down in the Missile Room when the shaking started) and orders him to Sickbay. Sharkey's head hurts and he sees a green vested leprechaun, who looks just like the other one but kinder and garmented in green. This one summons up some milk for Sharkey who doesn't want it. To prove he is Patrick More O'Shannesey, the brother of the evil Leprechaun who is named Mickey, makes the milk turn into his ID card. Patrick is a shoemaker, all leprechauns are mostly good--except of Mickey--every 1000 years one bad seed leprechaun shows up (see the long running movie series LEPRECHAUN where one even attacks in outer space). Normally leprechauns are kind--they make rain for the crops and play with the little children in the fields. Sharkey talks to himself, "Francis, get a hold of yourself, this is a dream."  Sharkey is shown Nelson and Chip in the Control Room--he sees this on the missile room wall--an image made possible by Patrick. Nelson, from the control room sees Mickey in the nose but Chip cannot and he tells Nelson this. Mickey tells Nelson only one whose ancestors came from the Old South can see him. He waves his pipe and Chip and all the men in the control room are still. "I won't permit the closing of the shaft,"  Mickey More O' Shannsey introduces himself. He also says something like "there's more gold in there than you can shake a shelish at."  Nelson calls the Master At Arms, "There's a lep..."  Mickey makes the mike vanish and then makes Chip and the crew in the control room vanish in a blast.          


Mickey slowly vanishes from the legs up. Sharkey pulls Patrick's beard--trying to get answers--and this makes Patrick vanish. Sharkey goes to Sickbay. Patrick pulls his own beard and appears in the missile room, worrying about the good cap'n out in the Flying Sub and worrying about "that good sort"--Sharkey and "his"  ship. In Sickbay, Sharkey finds a corpsman (dressed in an officer's uniform beneath his lab jacket) --played by Patrick Culliton. Sharkey tells him he saw a green leprechaun. The corpsman jokes, asking, "Aren't all leprechauns green."  Sharkey answers, "No, no they're not--his brother is red."  Mickey appears and mak a and accidentally set off the detonation timer--it will blow in one hour. Chip states they can still put the pack together even if they can't stop it from blowing them up, too. Mickey calls them, "The stubbornest mortals,"  then realizes they are mortals and that means they can all die. Mickey waves his pipe. Jensen is checking out a new cave hole and is electrified and vanishes into nothingness...dead.


ACT FOUR       

Chip and Ski fall as the cave shakes. They relate to Nelson and Sharkey what happened to them and that Jensen is dead (again!). Chip is not sure he and Ski are close enough to the complex to plant the bombs. Nelson tells him to do what he can. Sharkey would like to run his fist through what caused this. Nelson asks, "Through what...a leprechaun, a banshee (see CRY OF THE BANSHEE), a fantasy, a forcefield...?"  This gives Nelson the idea to ram the force field around the complex. We hear MONSTER FROM THE INFERNO music as they try and we see up the ceiling of the Control Room in a rare shot. Seaview hits bottom; Mickey leaves the flying sub; the forcefield on the base and telemetry on the Flying Sub are gone. Crane looks at the time, "I don't know what happened to time but we only have a few minutes left."  Mickey goes to the Control Room and finds Nelson and Sharkey on the floor. In 60 seconds his gold will be released. He moves to kill them but Patrick appears--he may not be strong but right is on his side he professes. Mickey is about to send Nelson's soul to perdition but Patrick uses his magic against Mickey's magic but the evil one merely laughs. The Flying Sub is moving now but Patterson's controls won't respond. Crane wants full auxiliary power but Patterson insists the craft won't take it. Crane frantically does it anyway. There are more blasts and the Flying Sub shakes again.



Seaview shakes. Nelson grabs Mickey's pipe from his grasp and throws it at him, causing him to vanish in smoke. The complex is closed--the MC mines? Perhaps Chip was able to plant the bombs since the blast came from the rocks. Crane calls--he and Patterson are okay as well. Nelson says, "It's the state of my own mind that bothers me."   Patrick tells them Mickey is back in his 1000 years state of sleep. He also mentions that perhaps the men--the rest of the crew--have been here all the time--who's to say the weren't. He calls it illusion, fancy magic, and makes the crew appear. He bids them goodbye and states perhaps they will meet again, vanishing. Sharkey states that except for Chip and Ski missing, nothing ever happened. Chip calls in for permission for the diving party to come aboard (is Jensen with them?). Nelson grants it and turns to Sharkey, "Agreed--nothing ever happened. I'd hate to think what would happen if we ever tried to tell this story to anyone."  They'd fall asleep? Nelson finds the magic bag of Patrick's on the floor near the map table. 


REVIEW: This one makes little sense, even in the sense of the VOYAGE third and fourth season worlds; it uses stock footage from THE MECHANICAL MAN--where a crewman dies again and Chip and Ski are trapped in an underwater cave by a forcefield (set up by the bad leprechaun?!?); crew, leprechauns, forcefields, and storms come and go, pop in and out, all with the boredom factor high. This is probably the worst episode. Still, it deserves to be seen to be believed and one must sit through it all before realizing there was nothing to sit there for! Okay, perhaps this is a bit harsh. Re-viewing it will help. There is a certain wildness about seeing the sea with a leprechaun's face superimposed over it and the nuclear defense complex (enough with the nuclear stuff already---the missiles and the defense stuff have been done enough by now). After rewatching it, going into it with my expectations low, it wasn't all that bad but is certainly one of the lesser episodes if not the worst. Lots of shaking that we've seen hundreds of times before by now, blasts, nuclear devices, and not much else. Walter Burke makes a fine leprechaun. Burke appeared with actor Tom Reese (LAND OF THE GIANTS-RESCUE-as Sergeant Geido) in 1977's Saturday morning live action mystery THE RED HAND GANG's third and last televised storyline (three episodes) as a monkey trainer who was training a monkey to rob museum. THE RED HAND GANG featured five diminutive children, aged 7 to 11, who solved crimes among the larger, adult population of an inner city on the outskirts of an old zoo and park. One of the kids was a cowardly but heroic type. Sound familiar? It was a very good action filled series with only 12 half hours aired and featured the boy who plays Albert Ingalls on LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, years before he made his debut on that series.















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