LOST IN SPACE-The Condemned of Space

Chase - Posted on 24 October 2009

LOST IN SPACE season three



Writer-Peter Packer

Director-Nathan Juran



The Robot patrols at night. It is 12 o'clock and all is well. Suddenly the sky lights up. Robot sounds out many warning, warnings. John and Don run out, both wearing new clothes. It is a comet which is on a collision course with the planet which has an eccentric orbit and has the property of being chemically unstable. Smith (in his pajamas and night cap) and Will (in new clothes) come running out. The girls (Penny with her hair straight down and LONG) stand by the door ramp. John tells all they have to prepare for immediate departure. Maureen can already feel the heat (yes, from a comet!). Judy starts packing. John and Don grab the forcefield machine and load it up the ramp. Will asks Smith to help him get the weather station equipment. Later it is T minus 50 and counting. John and Don check power and ignition. The astrogater is back in the center of the control room. John and Don are now in their silver space suits (which seem lighter in bulk than the first season ones). Robot is in magnetic lock and secure. At T minus one, John calls Maureen--harness safety go. Robot does a countdown. Debbie the Bloop closes the compartment door on her little cabin bunk. Jupiter II lifts off (the shot is the shot of the Jupiter II crashlanding but the film is run backward). Retro rockets don't allow it get away from the comet pull once in orbit. John wants to use full forward thrust to build up enough inertial drive to swing over it. Reluctant, Don does it as they both look out the viewport at the giant yellow-red burning circle!


7-6-5-4-3-2-1--credits start: the countdown moves into the Jupiter II photo moving off and away from the foreground. Then we see actual shots of the cast: John from the very end of VISIT TO A HOSTILE PLANET, Maureen from when she first exits the Jupiter landing legs in VISIT TO A HOSTILE PLANET, the same for Judy and Penny, both girls having their hair long in this episode (although Judy's hair changes from one scene to another in VISIT-see below), Don's shot is a problem--he appears in front of the forcefield generator which has the new piece on it which is colored red--and Don appears to be talking. The only time this happens is in DEADLIEST OF THE SPECIES, an episode that was filmed quite early in the third season (fourth just after SPACE PRIMEVALS and before VISIT). As Don does not appear anywhere else with the forcefield in his green shirt, the DEADLIEST episode seem the most likely place for it to come from--and perhaps it was not used. In fact, Judy's and Penny's shots do not look exactly like the clip used in the VISIT episode. Will and the Robot's claw from SPACE PRIMEVALS, and Smith's comes from KIDNAPPED IN SPACE. The whole image reduces to a dot in space, then the narrator says, "LOST IN SPACE" brought to you by as it returns to the full space picture! 



We see a nice relaxing picture of what seems to be a burning circular object--the comet. Don says, "I don't know how much longer we can last--we're burning up!"  He wants to try retros. Maureen warns Dr. Smith to stay right where he is when he complains of thirst. Robot says, "For the information of anyone who cares, my seams have begun to melt."  John yells, "Now!"  He pulls the ship up and the comet vanishes from the window which now shows only outer space. John thinks they deserve a break and the two get up. John fakes a punch to Will. Penny calls what happened to them exciting. Don calls her and Will over to the window to see a super nova. Will is hungry and Penny nods her head in disapproval. Maureen and Judy down below serve Don and John. Maureen says, "You know, I thought we'd never get this galley going again."  John says, sitting at the table, "We felt that way about the whole ship."  Judy tells them, "You were both wonderful."  Don asks, "Not heroic?"  Maureen says, "Well, let me think about that."  The kids come down the ladder. Maureen has cookies and milk for them.


In his room, Dr. Smith in his silver suit records a message, his door open. "...and as I cast these words adrift into space, I hope and pray that you, whoever you may be, ASTRAL TRAVELLER or cosmic benefactor, will find them and deliver me from the virtual captivity in which I find myself." 


The Robot arrives and Smith calls him a bumbling crackerbarrel. He goes out to send his SOS out. He climbs up to the Control Room. NOTE: Why can't we see or hear the others in the galley and why don't they see what Smith is doing. The lower deck is certainly cramped enough for them to see what is going on. Smith goes up to the Control Room and uses the airlock depressurize, inside hatch, outside hatch. Smith mentions the games of chance to the Robot. The SOS canister with the tape in it just floats there but doesn't move out. Robot tells Smith it will require a gentle push. Before Robot can stop him, Robot yells, "Warning! Warning! Do not open inner door!"  NOTE: We can hardly hear this warning (due to the loud sound effects of the door opening and Robot being sucked out) but we do hear it quite clearly in the coming attractions that are stuck on some copies of THE GALAXY GIFT. Robot is sucked out into space. An alarm goes off down below: losing pressure on the upper deck. John, Don, and the others rush up. John closes the door, saving Smith who was about to be pulled out also. Smith thanks him. Judy tells John she thought she heard the Robot warning Smith. Smith finds the Robot's claw on the floor--it fell off as he was pulled out and tried to grab on. All look at the Robot suspended in space in front of the viewport window. Maureen thinks John will be taking an awfully big chance going out after him. Will says, "We can't just leave him out there."  John suits up. Don warns about the super nova. John says, "Yea. I'm looking at it."  Robot is accelerating into it. John goes outside after Will closes the door, near a nervous Smith, who blames the airlock for behaving in the most abnormal manner. Everyone watches John float out and near the Robot, reaching out. Smith complains some more, "How could it have happened? How? What an insidious trick of fate."  Don tells him to shut up. John's line is too short and he tells Don to give it some forward thrust. Don tells him, "You don't have much time, John, that super nova's getting too close for comfort."  Don gives it the works. John grabs the Robot's remaining claw and tells Don to hit the retros to get them out of here. NOTE: This conflicts with THE DERELICT where Don tells Judy that if he did that, their tylines would "go like that."  Perhaps they now use stronger material! Maybe alien material. The retros have no effect, "Whatever's got the Robot, has us too."  The nova sends out blasts to the area, shaking and panicking everyone. John's tyline threatens to break and John is forced to let go, painfully, not wanting to. Maureen states the obvious, "Oh, why he let go."  There is another blast. The women urge John to come in now. John turns and space walks back. Don orders Will and Smith to stand by the airlock. Smith and Will go flying over to it--a shake-?--Smith almost feels responsible for "poor old Robot."  Don calls, "John! You've got to hurry! That supernova's right on top of us!"  The girls all fall toward the door, tripping. John comes in and everyone shakes as blasts increase. The girls gasp and make strange shouting sounds. At the window we see blasts of fire. John shakes over to the chair Don is sitting in and holds onto its back, telling Don to try the portside thrusters which may give them some leftback to stride and try the emergency power when that doesn't work. John orders all into their helmets--they may lose pressure at any moment. Smith shakes over to Don and John, "You mean abandon ship but we have no lifeboats..."  Don yells over blasts, "Your spacesuits your lifeboat."  Smith shakes as blasts continue and he says something like, "Hit the rest. Hit the rest."  Will gives Dad his helmet but John shakes over to the women, away from Don.



Smith and Don watch blasts occur. John yells for Don to close the viewport shutters which shield the window. All shake into each other. John wants oxygen kept to minimum output. The Jupiter II is tumbling but stops in a reddish area of space with smoke. They are deep in some space void with no power to take them through. Picking up something, they open the view shutters and see a huge spaceship. Smith calls it a dark and depressing object--"it cannot be friendly."  Jupiter II gets closer to it and gets a life signal from within. It is being pulled in magnetically. John calls, "This is the Jupiter Two, who are you?"  Will hopes the aliens will help them with spare parts. The ship makes a complete circle around the station. Will gasps, "We're gonna crash!" John offers to Don to use all the left over power to cushion the impact that way. The ship drifts to an impact out of power. "All right, hold tight!" John yells as it hits, landing ontop of the station's landing pad--the top of the structure. Maureen falls off her handhold hard and hits the floor, Judy calling, "Mom!"  John goes to her and helps her up. Smith says, "Doomed, we're doomed."  Maureen asks him to find another word, "...doomed is so final."  "The only other word I can think of is extinction," he gawks. A knocking at the door comes and Smith pulls Will to him. Don gets a laser pistol for John. Maureen watches as John puts his helmet back on and goes out, the airlock closing behind him. He opens the outer door and sees it is the Robot. They come in. All were pulled through the super nova by the pull of the alien spaceship--the Robot included. Smith puts the Robot's hand back on. Robot has no data--or very little data about the ship below. John tells Maureen he and Don are going below and chances are they won't be able to communicate--why not? They will be gone at least 30 minutes (the time left for the episode). The Robot will stand watch at the lower deck. Maureen tells John it is her female anxiety showing. John says, "Well, on you, it looks marvelous."  John and Don go down the lower hatch and climb down a ladder on the side of the hatch to the alien ship into blue misty hallways with orange floors. On blue doors are frosty windows. They looks in, rubbing some frost off and see hundreds of frozen prisoners. Cue MY FRIEND MR. NOBODY music. An empty pedestal moves at them and they hear a deep voice instructing them to step on. Don puts his gloves on the pedestal. The person on the pedestal would be assigned 210703 Alpha Blue Section. John looks around, "This must be some kind of automated prison ship."  Don adds, "With a few electrodes loose."  A tube appears on the pedestal, filling with freezing smoke. The pair follow the pedestal into a large room with many prisoners on other pedestals. The tube vanishes and Don touches his gloves, freezing his fingertips. John helps him toss the gloves away. John turns a clock timer on the pedestal of a man with a sword--some kind of deep freeze regulator. If that wasn't silly enough, John turns his back on the criminal along with Don. The sword man comes to life and attacks them. They get back but are about to be killed when a strange alien Robot--looking like the Robotoid---comes into the room via another sliding door and shoots a frost gun at the attacker. The man is frozen and the Robotoid puts him back onto the pedestal from which he came. John and Don slip out but the Robotoid comes out and ignores them as they try to get his attention. Don says, "No hear, no see, no speak."  They follow him through a room of computers, a body board on a wall board as well as many circuitry lined banks--the Warden's Office, "...Only the warden's a computer. This entire ship's been automated from stem to stern."  The auto time lapse chronometer has stopped which means the poor devils will be here forever. John suggest they look forward for the propulsion unit. Will, in the lower deck of the Jupiter, asks Robot if he can tell them more. Robot tells him there is a kindred spirit--another Robot down below. Smith comes out of his quarters and cons Will into being the one who will go down and warn Major West and his father. Will will go alone but Smith tells him he will have to accompany him, "Your mother will say I encouraged you if you go alone."  They go down, Smith ordering the Robot who is last, "Come along!"  Robot comes down and opens the door for them with a wave of his hand, proving he is as good as the Robot that is down here--Smith previously telling Will it is probably an improvement on "our model." The trio go into the room, Smith screams, seeing the criminals. Will looks, "With the clocks stopped they'll be here forever."   Robot and Will move ahead. John and Don go through another door and see a larger room with pulsating power. Don says, "Just what the doctor ordered for our ailing Jupiter."  John figures with this, there would be two backup systems to replace it. Don moves to get tools (did they put them down or find alien ones?). Robot slides--with no sound effect. He tells Will and Smith there are 9874 prisoners on board. Robot gets vibrations that Prof. Robinson and Major West came this way. Smith screams at a felon with a sword. Robot and Will move on ahead, leaving Smith to play with a Cat's Cradle which is in the hands of another felon. Smith moves the timer--wondering what harm a person who plays with a Cat's Cradle can do. He finds out when the alien wakes up, takes the cradle off Smith's fingers of both is hands, and wraps them around Smith's throat, choking him from behind. Smith screams and gags. 



Smith tells the criminal that the cradle is biting into his neck. The criminal, Phanzig, speaks with a French accent of some type. He tells Smith he is not guilty of his crime--it was a case of mistaken identity. He needs to speak to the Prison Board and needs Smith to stay on the pedestal in his place. Phanzig takes the laser gun off a crook and smashes the window. Smith waves to him as he leaves via the now opening door. Smith looks to either side, "Violence to the right of me, violence to the left of me..."   He runs off and as he does, alarms gong out. Phanzig turns a corner; Robot tells Will, "Run Will Robinson!" Phanzig shoots the laser at Robot who points his arms at him but goes. Will and Robot hide in a room as Phanzig passes but looks inside the window first. Robot tells Will they should find Prof. Robinson and Major West the sooner the better. Will reminds him, "And Dr. Smith."  Robot says, "Oh yes..."  John disassembles a device, hearing the alarms. The Robotoid comes in, behind Don and shoots him with the frost gun, then carries him out before John can stop it. The door closes, locking John inside. John bangs. Smith runs but Phanzig grabs him and forces him back to the room and onto the pedestal. He sets the timer and Smith starts to shiver. "I'm a space traveller. I have a spaceship,"  Smith quivers out. Phanzig takes him down and they talk. Smith says, "Prison walls, prison walls, how well I know the feeling"  and "Why, I'm as innocent of wrong doing...as you are, Mr. Phanzig."  They laugh. Mr. Phanzig kisses Smith on both cheeks. Will and Robot hear John yelling so Robot opens the door. Will tells him about Dr. Smith being here, too. John starts to get mad, "Doctahh...why not."  Warden questions Don, asking his number. Don tells the computer he is a space traveller. Don is attached to the body board on the wall, his arms spread over his head and to the side a bit. Robotoid reports. Don is told he is Phanzig and his number is A39BQ164Z09, his planet of birth is the planet Vera and he was sent here 200 years ago. Don tries the truth again. When this doesn't work, he yells, "Your clocks stopped years ago! You don't know what your doing or where you're going!"  The Warden warns over and over that his sentence will be doubled as the Robotoid shoots more frost over Don, making him wide eyed stiff.



Smith sits on the pedestal, thinking. Phanzig insists they fly the spaceship Jupiter to Vera. Smith tries to con him, thinking he can get a parole for him on Earth. He tells Phanzig the clocks have been broken for 200 years. Phanzig wants to set them all free. He pulls Zachary (as he calls him) off, "We're taking over this entire brig."  Robotoid leaves Don in the Warden's office--on the body board. John, Will, and the Robot find Don. Will gasps, "They made him a prisoner!"  John says, "They think he is a prisoner--the one who escaped!"  In the halls of prisoners, the prisoners are smashing clocks, setting others free. They run out but the Robotoid shoots some with his frost gun. He shoots a spear man. Smith, in the hallway, sneezes. One criminal has a hockey stick!?! John and Will get Don down and revive him. Don tells them he feels like a fugitive from the ice age. Robot yells, "Warning! Warning!"  The gang of crooks come in. Will moves to Smith and yells through the noise, "What's happening? What're you tryin' to do?!" John stops them by aiming a laser gun and Phanzig asks if he is looking for trouble. John says, "No but you are...and that goes for you, too, Smith."  John tells them that they're dying and violence will solve nothing. The criminals attack the clock; John pushes Phanzig away from it. There are blasts and everyone ducks, Will moving to John and Don near the clock. John yells, "If you destroy this clock, you'll blow up this entire ship!"  He asks them about the thousands of other men still frozen. He thinks he can fix the clock--it is broken--he asks them to give him one minute. Phanzig tells the others, "What is one minute after 200 years?"  John attempts to fix it. At first it doesn't seem to work (THIEF OF OUTER SPACE music), then BLAST OFF INTO SPACE music as the hands and dials move again. All are pardoned and will become useful citizens and are to report to Bay Z-9 for clothing and funds for a new start. Vera Castle is homeward bound. Phanzig thanks John, "You did a beautiful job."  Robotoid chases Smith--ready to freeze him and shooting his frost gun. Smith hides behind the Robinson Robot who translates to the Robotoid in a strange computer language. It tells Robot that there is only one unrehabilitated criminal type on board--Smith. Robot communicates with it and it tells him of Smith, "He will be back. They all come back."  Will tells Phanzig, "Good luck, Mister Phanzig, on your new start."  Phanzig gives him the Cat's Cradle and goes. Will has it on his hands, "Dr. Smith, look!"  He shoves it up at Smith who screams and gasps. Triumphant music as the Jupiter II lifts off the alien space station. Don tells John that new alien propulsion unit is working just fine but they don't have a star fix yet and aren't likely to until they regain their original flight path. John goes below deck to get the star charts. In his cabin, in his pajamas, Smith tells the girls, Maureen, and Will about his grisly tomb of frozen terrors and how he was responsible for getting everyone out to safety. Robot comes sliding, "Warning! Warning! Object on starboard bow."  John, bending to get the star charts near the lower deck viewport, sees the small object---the SOS canister of Smith's! He moves to Smith and says, "Smith, why don't you suit up and go on out and get. Ahh, you do know how to work that airlock, don't you?"  Smith suggest he forget it and that they assume their normal flight plan. He sneezes and the girls, Maureen, and Will say, "God Bless You." 


Narrator: NEXT WEEK, a time warp thrusts the Robinsons back into time to another era!"


A teenager on an old fashioned dial up phone says, "Aye, aye, that's what you'd call it--a flying saucer."  Dr. Smith, dressed as fireman calls to the others, "This is an ultimatum. You have five minutes to lay down your weapons and surrender--the Jupiter will be destroyed!"  A cannon is pointed at the Jupiter, ready to fire. Two farmer types, one dressed as a policeman, fire rifles at the Jupiter II and hit the scanner on top, it sparks up. The men run. John and Don fire lasers as Will, Smith, and Robot come running to the ship. The men run as lasers hit the wood. "1947,"  Don says. John says, "This car is new to them and we're 50 years out of our time."  Will is cowtied at wrists and ankles, calling out to a farm girl his own age or younger, "But I am human, I am, I am, I am."  A captain tells his men at the cannon, "Alright men, this is it, watch the recoil."  Will in farmer outfit, the Robot dressed as a scarecrow, and the girl Stacey come running. Will calls, "No, don't shoot!"  "Fire!"  Maureen, Judy and Penny are in a cabin shack. Maureen has an old fashioned phone, "Though I've seen pictures of people using them but I don't know if this'll work."  John and Don are in the Jupiter control room in seats. "Maximum acceleration full forward thrust one minute," John orders. Robot comes to them, "Warning! Warning! Vehicle velocity now equivalent to speed of light. Velocity now increasing beyond EM radiations."  Don and John fall. Jupiter II is in the rounded time warp, tilting.  




NOTE: THE GALAXY GIFT repeat had the CONDEMNED OF SPACE scenes to next week on the end of it--sometimes--and at other times it had the BLAST OFF INTO SPACE scene-cliffhanger. This is similar to FOLLOW THE LEADER which ends with both the cliffhanger into ATTACK OF THE MONSTER PLANTS and the cliffhanger into BLAST OFF INTO SPACE!!! For more details see the other two season sections under episodes mentioned. 


CLOTHES: These third season clothes are some of the best costumes ever made for a series but I still prefer the clothes in the second season.



JOHN: Light Purple Shirt with yellow undershirt, light green collar stripe, with yellow top sleeve stripes and lavender middle sleeve stripes, and light green bottom sleeve stripes. Black Belt with light purple pants and black boots.


MAUREEN: Light Purple Shirt with pink undershirt, pink cuffs, light purple pants, and light purple boots.


JUDY: Light Purple shirt, yellow undershirt, green shirt stripes, light purple tights, and light purple boots.


PENNY: Pink Shirt with Light Purple Diamond on chest, light green dress, light green tights, light green boots, all with a tinge of aqua marine blue.


WILL: Light Purple Shirt with yellow undershirt, light green collar stripe, top sleeve stripes yellow, light green bottom sleeve stripes, black belt, and light purple pants with black boots.


DON: Dark Green shirt with yellow undershirt, light purple collar stripe, top sleeve stripes light purple, bottom sleeve stripes pink, black belt, dark green pants, black boots.


SMITH: Smith doesn't wear his fatigues or utility clothing until VISIT TO A HOSTILE PLANET (air order-wise) or SPACE PRIMEVALS (production order-wise). They are as follows: Black shirt with light blue undershirt, light purple collar stripe, light purple top sleeve stripes, light blue bottom sleeve stripes, black belt, dark blue pants almost black, black boots.    


REVIEW: Wow! What a refreshing hour after having the Robinsons trapped on SEASON TWO's Planet for a whole year. Before that, they were trapped on SEASON ONE's Planet (called Priplanus in ONLY one episode-RETURN FROM OUTER SPACE). The story is not too Smith centered, certainly no more than the entire second season and most of the first and it is a good science fantasy--the old spacestation that has convicts on it and frozen terrors as well. Nathan Juran directing doesn't hurt either--he is more action oriented and his touch always means thrilling sequences. The space station is a joy of special effects model work and rivals computer effects for effectiveness. A great deal of the Jupiter flying is stock footage from other episodes (the comet is the sun from WILD ADVENTURE, the Jupiter lifting off is from BLAST OFF INTO SPACE and the unaired pilot--color footage, the blasts at the Jupiter and it coming out of the blasts into the void are also from BLAST OFF) but that is okay--we don't really seem to mind as most of this is action IN space. Having another space walk was a terrific idea and well executed, although, as usual we can tell John is floating off a ramp just under the doorway--again, not a big problem. It is also difficult to tell from this episode since it is not stressed but the Sawyer Viewmaster booklet mentioned that the planet--the second season planet--is destroyed by the comet--hope Tiabo got off it. Okay, we do have a comet that produces heat (which it shouldn't since Comets are balls of ice flying through space) and a super nova which seems to get Don saying--it is approaching them--but they are pulled past it. Super novas don't travel anywhere. They are exploding suns or stars. Also the parts with the "void" are not fully explained---or even really used to any story advancement. The following presents the Robinson's journeys in air order and then in production order. There is a star called Vega in the constellation of Lyra (Lyree of VISIT TO HADES?) and a totally separate constellation called Vela but no Vera.








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