LOST IN SPACE-The Space Primevals, Deadliest of the Species

Chase - Posted on 24 October 2009


Writer-Peter Packer

Dir-Nathan Juran

NEW MUSIC-Fred Steiner

STOCK MUSIC-various including John Williams



It is night as the Chariot moves. Explosions fill the night air of this prehistoric planet at 95 degrees. The hyper atomic explosive can detonate at 115. Smith holds it, the bomb attached to a sling. He has on a black shirt, stripes on his arms. He and Don in the Chariot are on a 31.5 heading on a barren planet. Don's hair is very short. If they don't cap this volcano, they will lose the escape window for lift off, John tells the others, who are watching the Chariot's progress on the Jupiter II's scanner screen in the control room. They may also risk flying through the ash--one spark near their stacks (?)...and Robot mentions the corrosive gas on the hull of the Jupiter (?--it can withstand radiation, why not volcanic gas?). Penny has her hair pinned up. John tells them this is a very ancient and unstable planet and the Jupiter II is in the path of the lava flow. Will hopes Don and Dr. Smith have enough explosive to cap that volcano but good (explode a volcano to stop it? Huh?). Lightning strikes. The Chariot shakes wildly. Don orders Smith to come up front and tells him when he reports that the explosive is 102 by now, "Cool it!"  Smith asks, "How can I be cool?"  "Not you, the explosive!"  Don yells. They are less than a mile away (and would probably be killed if it were a real life volcano) but John tells the others they have got to turn back and calls for them to do just that. The sling and the explosive fall but Smith grabs them and falls back with them. He starts to get up but screams: at the window of the Chariot (holding on?) is an ancient caveman with a wild look in his eyes and a gleeful smile of no good on his lips!





Even though the caveman is called a bogus apparition and is gone, Smith demands Don stop the Chariot. Smith knows there will be an eruption and then another. Don says, "That's why we're here you...to reverse that!"  MAIN TITLES OF THE EPISODE TITLE. Don calls Jupiter II and John on the mike; Smith falls, trying to get outside the glass car. Then he opens the door and yells, holding the explosive outside and then falls back into the Chariot, also yelling. Don warns him to hold on. On a runaway out of control ride, Chariot bumps to a halt against a small rock ahead of it. Don gets out, wondering why the explosive is hanging out the door. Smith tells him to lower his voice--the sound waves may blow them to kingdom come. Don tells him if it hasn't yet it won't, "No thanks to you."  Smith says, "Indeed, after all my efforts to prevent disaster."  Around them it is rocky and they see the volcano, smoking, now quiet. Smith tries to get his vacuum (?) flask for coffee. Don tells him not until they blow a hole in the side of that volcano. Smith says, "Sometimes your zeal for useless work is quite boring."  Cavemen with spears are watching them from the rocks higher up by a huge rock wall. Smith complains about malarial sickness (?) while Don gets the explosive as the dawn seems to be approaching. A caveman comes ahead of the others and says, "Earthlings,"  which sounds like he is saying, "Honkeys." Smith screams, drawing Don back to him. The cave men make the explosive and Don's gun vanish. Rongah, the leader, comes out from the rock wall opening and drinks some of Smith's coffee, Smith trying for a con job. Smith tries to run away but he vanishes and reappears back near the cavemen. More are on the ridge. Three come down and take Don and Smith past smoke and a hole in the rock wall. The Jupiter II crew cannot reach Don and Smith. Judy has her hair long and with lots of curls and pinned back in a large hanging ponytail. They hear a whining static sound. Maureen wonders if it is a jamming signal or some kind of message. John asks the Robot to analyze the signals--it is a mixture of primitive and advanced communication signals and techniques. John says, "Ancient planet, ancient civilization."  Maureen asks, "On this planet?"  John says, "Oh, I'm just doodling, honey."  Jupiter II shakes from the volcano. John says, "One or two more like that and we can expect that lava flow on our doorstep in 24 hours."  Near a more leafy area with more trees (and it seeming to be night or at least more dark than before), the cavemen bring Don and Smith as others bang on their drums. Smith makes them stop. He and Don see the explosive on a red topped table...which looks manufactured. Don tries to communicate and talks slow, using hand signals. The alien talks fluently. Don yells, "Uhh, you speak, then you must understand what I'm saying!!!!" Smith cons the other cavemen with his pocket knife which is also a screwdriver, pen, bottle opener, shoehorn, spot remover, pencil, and fork. The cavemen back Smith into a smoking cauldron pot. NOTE: This scene is not unlike one in KING KONG VS. GODZILLA when the natives are being enticed and conned by the Japanese men on Faro Island, home of Kong. Smith gives them the knife and joins Don in front of Rongah, who prays and bows to a great machine inset in jungle growth and rocks. Aliens all bow down. Don tells Smith, speaking of his endeavors to get out of the situation, "That's what I like about you, Smith, your loyalty."  Introducing himself as servant of the Great Protineus, Rongah speaks through the power of the Great Protineus. Torches are about. He has understood them from the beginning. Smith says, "When in Rome..."  he bows down with the cavemen...to the machine. Rongah tells him to rise. We see that one of the cavemen is wearing UNDERWEAR! Don and Smith's presence endangers the aliens--their temporary forms are the early stages of evolution which must remain free of contamination from other life. Smith tells him he never even catches colds. The two are to be quarantined. The ground shakes from the volcano. Don tries to get through to Rongah again but the alien cave leader just tells him from the depths of the volcano will come their life form--it must burn free! Smith runs, following Don's lead. They grab the wire but Rongah uses his spear which has a light on the end of it to hold them back from the detonator and explosive. Ropes appear around them, tying them back to back. Rongah says, "The strangers will make no further attempts to escape--if they do, they will be instantly destroyed."  They put Don and Smith into a cave, Smith complaining, "Bound, entombed, consigned to a living death!"  The volcano shakes them violently, moving the ground almost vertically. Smith thinks it is the cavemen setting off their explosive. Don yells, "It's not the explosive! It's the volcano!"  Smith yells, "Volcano! We'll be buried alive! Help! Help! Helllpp." 



The Space Pod flies over the terrian (stock of the Red Rock Canyon area in California?) as John watches at the window. He calls Maureen. It is early morning. The volcano, he tells his wife, is quiet and he figures the next time it blows, it'll be the biggie. John heads back for explosives. Will and Maureen wonder near the window. We see outside the Jupiter II window--and see only rocks. John turns the Pod around. Will goes outside to the Robot who tells him worrying is a characteristic trait (which he probably picked up from Dr. Smith). His diodes do not have any color as they have had in the past. In the background we see mostly rocks and big ones but one tree is seen. Robot has found another path with his sensors and scanning--a path which leads to Don and Smith. When Will tells him, "Let's go,"  Robot asks if he has been granted maternal consent for a trip which may be fraught with many dangers. Will tells Robot he is starting to sound like Dr. Smith. Robot tells him, "His timidity can be infectious."  Will tells him to tighten his belt and they go. Don realizes the explosive is between his own back and Smith's. Smith was up all night--his muscles are not what they were. Don says, "Were they ever?"  Smith asks for food. The ropes vanish and stone cups of food appear with stone spoons. A voice tells them they will remain free of their bonds as long as they do not cause trouble. Smith eats and claims it is delicious. He goes to a guard at the small opening of the boulder that blocks the cave they are trapped in and uses his watch piece to entice the guard to let them out. The guard grabs it and runs off---Smith angry--it was his grandfather's genuine gold watch. When Don disapproves of Smith trying to worm only his own way out, Smith tells him, sounding sincere, that he tried to get them both out, "I did it for both of us."  Smith holds the vial of explosives while Don digs a hole. Will and Robot find Chariot covered with prehistoric leaves and vines. Robot scratches his head in examining it. Judy claims, "Will wouldn't worry us,"  to Maureen back in the Control Room of the Jupiter 2. John comes in and it told that Will and the Robot are gone. Will calls--he can't explain it but the Chariot looks kind of prehistoric now. He is four miles due south of transmission station two. NOTE: If the Robinson's have a transmission station numbered TWO, then they may have been on this planet for a longer time than one might think. John tells Maureen and Judy that when he flew over the area there was no Chariot. Maureen asks him about such an ancient civilization that he mentioned before, existing here."  John doesn't know but if they are here and near that volcano, they are in just as much danger. He will call back. He leaves. Smith hands Don down a vial into a hole. Don tells Smith to come down. Smith stalls but comes down, Don avoiding the stalling techniques. They the low rumble of the volcano. They move down a dark ridge, Smith complaining about the "bowels of the Earth."  The temperature is rising. Don talks about survival and requires assistance from Smith. They hear sounds from Protineus (sound effects from the opening of FANTASTIC VOYAGE--sounds which were used for the Jupiter II control room in THE RELUCTANT STOWAWAY, THE DERELICT, and ISLAND IN THE SKY). The machine refines crude aliens so Don hopes to jam up the machine with the explosive--they are under it. Rongah hears them via a large gramophone-like ear device and says, "Earthlings,"  but it sounds like, "Honkeys."  John flies Space Pod down in a blue sky with white clouds. He gets out and passes rocks, following Chariot tracks. Don plants the explosives and he and Smith run, "Run!" It blows and shakes the entire cave, dropping dust and rocks. The hole caves in. "Run Smith!" Don gets separated from Smith, Smith thinking it is on purpose, calling Don, "a cold, cruel man."  Rongah listens, "Earthlings die. Earthlings die."  Smith stands in the dank cave chambers, "Alone. I'm alone. Oh the pain, the pain."


ACT THREE                          

Don yells for Smith to help him, "Smith! Give me your hand! Quickly!" He fell into a hole with a deep cavern (or bottomless?) beneath but is holding on for which Smith calls him clumsy. Smith pulls on his hand, trying to get him up. Don pulls, almost pulling Smith down with him. Smith yells, "I can't hold on much longer!"  Don tells him, "Then let go. Save yourself Smith--let go!"  Smith yells he can't--he's afraid. He heaves, telling the Major he is not cooperating. Finally, he is able to heave Don out of the hole and up to the relative safety of the cavern above. Don huffs, "Let's get out of here."  They find the other hole above them, sealed up by a boulder on top of it. Smith says, "Doomed. We're doomed."  He feels a draft from somewhere. Don puts his lighter on, noting they are short on oxygen. Smith goes into a trance and starts to go into a praise of the Great Protineus and those who trespass upon him and how they forfeit survival. He didn't realize he said something. We hear music that sounds somewhat new. John finally meets up with Will at the Chariot, where the son tells the father about what has happened with the other two, the Robot at the cavemen sight. They go to the wall and pass hanging vines, trees and rocks to the ridge and go through the hole. Robot has war paint on and dances with the natives.  Will says, "Gosh, they've made him prehistoric, like themselves."  He and John hide by a skinny tree and some thick bushes.  Will taps code with a rock or coconut on a tree to get the Robot to keep them busy.  Robot acknowledges, "Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom, boom, boom, boom."  Only one of the Robot's diodes is red now. Will wonders, "Why are they having all these FUN AND GAMES?"  John tells Will if he doesn't get back soon, to go back to the Chariot and go back to the Jupiter II.


Don and Smith lay down, their backs against the rock wall. Smith talks of death. Don calls Smith, "DOCTOR Smith,"  trying to give him hope.


"Yes,"  Smith doesn't realize this at first but says, "Did you call me, DOCTOR Smith?" 


Don says, "Yeah, thank you. You saved my life and well, I've been thinking..."


"I've been doing a little thinking myself, Major. Don."


Don says, "I don't know how much longer we can last, Dr. Smith."


Smith says, "Please, call me Zachary."


"I haven't exactly been friendly to you in the past, sure you've been incompetent, lazy, mean, selfish, cowardly..."


Smith nods, "Go no further, Major..."


Don says, "No. No, don't get me wrong, that--that's all changed now. The only thing that matters is we're friends."


Smith: Thank you but despite your bullying, evil tempered, childish ways and your snide comments on my character, now I can only think of you with great, great affection."


Smith asks if they can shake hands. They do and Smith asks him to borrow Don's pocket knife. Don says, "Sure Zac."  Smith gawks, "Please, Zachary, not Zac,"  puffing out last breaths. Don smiles, "Sure Zachary."


Smith writes, "On this day, my dear friend, Major Don West and I swore eternal friendship."


John sneaks to the boulder door trap, having already moved past Rongah and Protineus, unseen. He also passes a metal totem pole with faces drawn on it and a tree. Robot tells Will his tracks are killing him. John is about to try to move the boulder but a giant somewhat golden lizard roars, towering nearby.



John fires his laser pistol twice at the giant lizard--a dino of this planet?--and it slithers away, roaring. Rongah alerts the cavemen but Robot uses his electric blasts on long range to keep them away from John who was moving trees away from the cave boulder entrance. Don thought he heard Will. Smith tells him it is wishful thinking. Will gets up on a platform or table. Rongah goes to Protineus and the leafy doors over the machine, move open. Rongah speaks to John and tells him Protineus wishes to speak to him through him. John goes to them and tries to explain. Rongah is only interested in proving Protineus is stronger than the Robot, since he claims, they have pitted the Robot against Protineus. John says of the Robot, "He's not our guardian and we don't worship him, he's  machine, not an idol."  Robot makes a flaming cup appear. Protineus blows it away. Robot makes it appear again and then acts as if he made it vanish when it was really Protineus, "Wallah."  Will claps. Robot takes an egg from a caveman's ear. Protineus makes it blow up. Rongah calls himself Protineus, "I, the Great Protineus, the erector of our destiny."  John says, "I hope they don't always believe that."  Robot starts to do a vanishing act with one of the cavemen, making his feet vanish first and then waving his claws over the rest of the man's body, slowly making him vanish upward. While this happens, John sneaks back to the cave and moves the boulder door and goes inside. He calls Don and Smith, then tries to move the thick rock over the hole they are trapped under. He can't, "Stand back under there, I'm gonna explode it."  He does and the blast comes down a bit to them but they hid. Robot makes the caveman, who is completely gone, reappear. John goes down to Smith and Don, "You two don't look as if you're in any shape for a fight but Will is up there."  Smith tells him, "Anything my friend Don can do, I can do, too."  Protineus makes the Robot shrink down to tiny size after a blast. Will runs to Rongah and tells him to help them cap the volcano, telling him to let them all go, "Please let us all go. If you were as powerful as you say you are, you'd know that you're in as much danger from that erupting volcano as we are. Please return him to normal and let us all go." The volcano shakes them all violently this time. John, Smith, and Don come running out of the cave. Will looks around and yells at Protineus and Rongah, "That volcano's gotta be capped!"   John yells, "Will! Will!"  They run to Will. Blasts continue. The cavemen panic. Rongah calls to Protineus but ultimately asks for help from John, who orders Don to put out the fire that's started when a torch toppled. Will helps John with the detonator. John takes the explosive and he and Will go out the ridge rock area to the volcano wall. John goes through the blowhole to the center of the crater (the music mix being extremely well done). He climbs up and leans down, lowering the explosive via wire down. Blasts are below curtesy of Irwin Allen's 1960 THE LOST WORLD. John lowers it completely into the pit and then runs back toward Will, who calls, "Careful, dad!"  He and Will (mud on John's boots) run behind the rock and detonate, "Take cover."  The wall of the volcano blows up and careens down in a pile of dust. NOTE: While this sequence is exciting, none of it matches up: not the rock wall John climbs up and out the other side, the pit below, nor the exploding wall of the volcano. And it doesn't really make sense--how could blowing the side of a volcano---even if you could get close enough to one that is ready to blow up---stop it?!?! Will looks at the bursting down wall (which is really just a hillside coming down onto a plain), "Now we can take off as scheduled."  They go back where the Robot is blown back to normal size. Chariot is normal also--after a blast from the machine. Will says, "Gosh, Robot, how did it feel to be one of THE LITTLE PEOPLE?"  Robot answers in Irish slang which makes Don laugh. Protineus, Rongah translates, has had time and cause to pause and reflect--machines are not supposed to be the destiny of those it guides, merely be a servant, not a ruler, this they have learned from the Robinson men. Rongah blasts into a golden man with a discus and looks like a statue. The aliens all bow down but vanish. Then Rongah and Protineus do also. Will calls Rongah, "Rangus,"  when he says, "Gosh, Rangus disappears and the aliens, too."  NOTE: Will sounds like he has a cold or something. John suggests they disappear also--meaning they should go. Don asks if Smith is coming. Smith orders him to fetch the Chariot. Don tells him he will walk just like the rest of them or get left behind, calling him, "Zac."  Don goes and Smith says, "Zac indeed."  Robot follows Don and the others. Smith gets up, "Wait for me, you disreputable dunce!" 



Will comes running out of a cave, stopped by Smith, "William, William, what did you find?"  Will is breathless, "Wait'll you see what's in there--I'm gonna go and get dad and bring him back!"


Some kind of Bernard Herrmann music, possibly from JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH or JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS starts out as a cyborg gets up from a giant vein like machine as Narrator says,

"Next Week dead androids come to life in Dr. Smith's image!"


A cyborg runs at Smith, "Ahhh! Oh no!"  Robot is there also.

Robot is on his back and grabs a cyborg guard-gladiator and yells to Will, "Got ya! Run Will Robinson! Run!"  Action Music from BLAST OFF INTO SPACE starts. Will runs.


Don is fighting a Samurai Cyborg with Smith's face while John fights a gladiator, then the Samurai. John tosses a bomb at the Samurai before it can kill Don with a sword. A cyborg with white face smashes a rock toward Smith, "NOOO!"  Smith ducks and the rock is smashed on a larger rock behind Smith. Another moves at Robot and Smith, "Stay away from me! Stay away from me!"  It wrestles hand to hand with Robot and tosses him. John has a net, ready to toss it over a Cyborg with white face but it moves at Don near a control panel outside the Jupiter II, "Get him away from that switch or he'll me! Now!"  John throws the net over it and Don moves the switch and the electric runs threw the net and makes the cyborg vanish. Smith moves to Will who falls onto a sliding conveyor belt moving into a machine. Will yells, "Dr. Smith no! Let go! I've gotto go!"  Smith yells, "William! Oh good heavens, William, get off this thing! Get off this thing at once!"  A Civil War cyborg comes at John; Don throws a bomb at a cyborg ready to kill John. Will sees many Cyborgs dressed in white--all with Dr. Smith's face on them come to line up in front of him in a cave! JOHN WILLIAMS MUSIC STARTS NOW: Robot tosses a machine and it blows up. John fights Musketeers with Smith faces on them, both he and they holding swords.   


"Space Destructors on Lost In Space here on this channel!"


REVIEW: Despite the terrible volcano science---the "science" of volcanoes being ALL wrong here, this episode is enjoyable. It is directed by Nathan Juran, thus there is a lot of action, most of it coming from the volcano. The planet sets here are fine, looking quite bare at times and prehistoric at other times. The inclusion of the dino was welcome but it is warded off too easily. Most of the silly stuff with Smith was kept to a minimum and he seems to actually be more of an ally. In air order and production order, HUNTER'S MOON comes before this episode, so the planet may or may not be the same planet from that episode. Since Will mentions a transmission station number two in this episode, it seems the Robinsons have been here for some time. The exterior outside wall set was also used in WELCOME STRANGER and THE OASIS. This episode also marks a great spot of characterization between Smith and Don, something which is somewhat forgotten by the end by both. In the cave, the music suggests that Don and Smith may have been affected by Protineus to act as they were--let's face it, to show affection for each other, they would have had to have been acted on by an outside and alien force! Music from THE DERELICT is heard during this touching scene.  Lots of errors here: why would the gas from a volcano damage the Jupiter's exterior? It can withstand outer space. Capping a volcano would only cause greater pressure--and John doesn't seem to cap it but blow up a side wall of it--which also wouldn't stop it. All in all, though, the sets, the action, and the scene between Don and Smith save this episode, which is still head and shoulders above most second season entries.        

Unseen scenes: In production order and air order, HUNTER'S MOON comes before this episode. The Robinsons are either on HUNTER'S MOON planet in THE SPACE PRIMEVALS or have lifted off and landed on a new planet before THE SPACE PRIMEVALS begins. Will mentions a transmission station number two which seems to suggest the Robinsons have been on THE SPACE PRIMEVALS planet for longer than just this episode. Since Will, John, the Robot, and Penny discuss the Jupiter's leaving this planet, it can be assumed the Jupiter II does not remain on this world for very long after the last scene of THE SPACE PRIMEVALS. However, SPACE DESTRUCTORS is next in air order so perhaps they remain on the planet for that whole episode and do not lift off until the next story WHICH WE SEE the ship do in THE HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE. In Production Order the next episode is DEADLIEST OF THE SPECIES which begins with the Robinsons already in outer space, thus production order-wise, the Jupiter II left THE SPACE PRIMEVALS planet first, then flew a bit and encountered the rock planet of DEADLIEST OF THE SPECIES. Whew!  























Writer: Robert Hamner

Dir: Don Richardson



The spaceship Jupiter II is in space. Don reports an energizing module malfunction--short a deviation of 5 paraseconds per astro cycle. They will have to set down and dismantle it. They are in the Zeta star system. Robot looks out a porthole. When Will asks him what he sees, he says, "Only loneliness."  They pick something up on radar--an alien rocket on a collision course. An alien calls them a warning but it in an alien language (sounds like a tape played backwards or on slow speed). John orders Robot to computranslate. It is from the Zeta civilization. They are not to approach the space capsule--it is in isolation but it is also being electromagnetically drawn to the hull of the Jupiter 2. It is at three o'clock as John yells--it's closing. It circles back and follows the Jupiter II flight path. John asks Robot to find a habitable planet. Meanwhile, a golden pointed alien space station flies. A green faced, pointy earred, bald alien watches the Jupiter II on a tv screen. He wears an amulet and has on a black tunic. He also has a gold cumberbun. He calls about ZLE-Alpha 784, "This is a CODE RED emergency."  Jupiter II flies (space wind sound effect). Robot tells them the third planet in quadrant 4 is habitable for humans. The back door in the Control Room is up a bit. Robot tells them the capsule is not dangerous. The Jupiter II heads down to the planet. The alien calls his comrades or workers, "Solar System 14-S-3, Planet 23.6 Gamma Range. If the alien creatures refuse to cooperate--destroy them. I repeat--if they refuse to cooperate, THEY MUST BE DESTROYED!!!"





The Jupiter II sets down on a flat alien rocky ground of the planet. Rocks are blue, trees are numerous (six), and bushes are red. We see smoke from the ship's landing. John tells Don, "Allright you strip the astrogator, I'll get the cosmic energizer."  John allows Will and the Robot to get rock samples as Robot tells him it is safe. Will notes volcanic rock. They hear the capsule crashland. Robot tries to stop Will from going to it, "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!" Robot lies about it being just space junk. Will goes but leaves a shovel behind. A female voice calls the Robot back to the capsule and then stops the Robot from following Will to tell him the truth--he lied to Will to protect the capsule for some reason. Don and John have everything disassembled outside and need to draw cosmic energy using a kind of pole to pole system. Robot shovels dirt from the capsule door hatch. The alien green leader has two robot men--men in silver outfits and large bubble head covers and deep robotic voices read the creatures at the Jupiter, "3 male, 3 female. Lower primate, Galaxy 9H3."  The alien programs the robot men for free determination but then tells them if the humans refuse to help--destroy them. The thing in the capsule can now breathe better. It asks Robot to carry it out. Robot tries to leave the voice but a blue-white ray from the capsule hits him. The aliens go out to John and Don. John greets them, "I'm John Robinson, we're travellers from the planet Earth."  John asks Don to see if any of the others know about this lost capsule, wanting to settle this peacefully. John asks about how long the capsule was, stalling until Don can run up the ramp, warm Judy and Penny who were coming down the ramp to get inside, and get the forcefield device into position. Don, at the Control Room window, picks up a mike, "John, I'm going to activate the forcefield--run!"  John runs, Don closes the shutters across the viewport. John dives and a spiraling projectile shot by the aliens from a cannon like device flies out. He gets inside but the projectile blows up near the Jupiter. The aliens shoot more and more. Smith shakes near the freezing tubes, "We'll be killed all of us!"  As John thinks they'll be safe enough behind the forcefield, Penny alerts him, "Oh, but we're not all here--Will and the Robot, they're still out there somewhere!"  Don figures if the aliens increase their ionic power they'll blast through the screens. Penny, then Judy asks what they can do. John, in a burst of anger, says, "I'll tell you what we'll do!"  Don stops him--if they lower the screens to fire lasers, the aliens could blast the ship into a million pieces. They can only hope Will will sit tight just as they must. They shake. Will is behind a rock watching the aliens fire at the Jupiter II. The Robot comes up behind him and avoids all of Will's questions about where he has been. He tells Will he is programmed for truthfulness. Penny looks through the scope in the Control Room and calls John over, "Hey Dad come here."  They see the pair. The aliens read Will and the Robot who come out of hiding, "Read the creatures."  Titanium Robot form. Robot corrects them, "I am a computer oriented mechanism programmed for truthfulness."  Robot points them in the direction of the capsule. John orders Don to raise the forcefield screen as he watches Will and the Robot make their move as the aliens move off. As the aliens return, John orders it on when Will and the Robot are safely inside it, avoiding the next blast fired. Later, the aliens have stopped. Will thinks maybe they are like Indians, "You know, never fighting at night."  John thinks it more likely they use solarized energy and need the sun. Will, Don, and John work on a cannon of their own and move it toward the door. Smith is in the hallway past one of the new "hall-closet" doors, behind him is a galaxy picture and no rounded window. It is 9:28. John passes out guard duty in two hours shifts. Smith's starts in four hours. "Oh woe is me," he says and moves off. John looks outside one of the slightly open shutters. Later, the Robot sneaks out of the hallway on the upper deck and moves past Dr. Smith who is sleeping. He turns off the forcefield and goes out and closes the door. He goes to the female robot, knowing she is evil.



Robot must put the rest of the female robot back together. She has personality indicators that told her they would be good together. The aliens chasing her are from the Bureau of Intergalactic Law Enforcement. She has a box hooked up to her, a red button is a self destructor, green is her rotor power unit to her sensory system. She tells him if he thinks she is evil, he can destroy her. He doesn't. She knows together they could rule the universe. NOTE: In this scene, the Robot's head unit squeaks a bit. The alien leader calls his agents and tells them the forcefield is off. They attack and blasts hit the ship. It is now morning. John comes out from the door and turns on the forcefield. Don, Judy, Penny, and Will come running out of the door from the hall, coughing and yelling. They put the fire out. Don says, "One thing about you Smith is you're consistent."  The cannon device John was working on fell over. John orders the girls to go below and strap in. Will is to get the lasers and the Robot to build a barricade. John opens the door slightly. Smith looks out a porthole. Don and John move the cannon on wires to the door. John orders Don to use the portable mechanism they've set up from it to raise the forcefield screen. Don does and John fires at each alien. Will can't find the Robot, realizing he is not on board. Smith blames the Robot for turning off the forcefield but Will defends the Robot, telling Dr. Smith he shouldn't go saying things behind his back. Smith tells Will to find him and he will tell it to him directly. Don and John move out and fire at the aliens again and the aliens back off. Don says, "Round one for us."  John tells him they only drove them off, they'll return, probably with reinforcements. The trigger on the weapon is much too tight. Don thinks it is the module springs. As the two go to fix that, Will sneaks off the ramp and moves past trees and leaves. We hear Chariot music from ISLAND IN THE SKY and THE HUNGRY SEA. He goes to the cave and finds the Robot dio circuitizering the female Robot which activates her more powerfully. She needs the subatomic energizer like the one the Robot tells her is on the Jupiter II to give her full strength. Dirt falls near Will and he comes out. Will has told no one about his coming here, they are still friends. Robot will let him go and shakes his hand. The Female Robot comes out to stop him, "He has to die."  Robot computes a plan and goes to ask John and Don for the energizer. He will make a new life for himself and offers the safe return of Will Robinson in exchange for the energizer. Don tells them they need it to be able to take off before the aliens come back. John gives the energizer to the Robot but he and Don follow the Robot, hiding each time he turns around to check if he is being followed. In one scene, the Robot's shadow seems to vanish! Don and John follow the Robot's tracks but he has hidden on them. He emerges, pointing the energizer at them. If they wish to see Will Robinson again, they will go back, "If you wish to see Will Robinson alive again, you will go back!"  John says, "We can't go back! Not without Will or that energizer!"  Robot yells, "You have no choice! Go back!"



Robot opens a boulder door. Will has his arms folded (and looks as if he got a haircut). The Robot has his own life to live, if Will returns, the Robot cannot be responsible for his life, "You are only a little boy,"  he tells Will. The Robot mentions his control turbo mechanism and tells Will that everyone has someone but him. Robot tells him to go or he will forget that they were once friends. Will walks back, doodling with a knife-stick on a rock. John and Don work on the subenergizer or the forcefield or both. The aliens come. Will hides at a rock. The leader appears and stops his "rash" guards. They are computer oriented beings. He talks to John and Don, asking for help in finding the capsule. On it was superior robot-a female who was evil incarnate contaminating everything and everyone she comes into contact with. She nearly destroyed an entire world. Her parts could not be destroyed so they disassembled her and put her in a prison inside a capsule and orbited it in outer space for all time. Will jumps over the rock and off it. The leader wants to find it before it spreads death and destruction from one end of the universe to the other. The female robot makes the Robot use the energizer on her. He doesn't want her to energize him. He must think. She blasts a rock, proving her power. She will rule forever, the most powerful creatures in the universe. Will returns to tell Robot about how evil she is. She makes people bad like her and uses them to go about the universe hurting and destroying. She tells Robot there is only him she cares about. Will says, "Tell him about all the other times you've said that."  Robot asks if there were other robots. The female robot tells him Will must be killed. Will grabs the energizer and runs out. The female robot tells Robot to kill him and all the humans. She wants all her power and wants him to destroy them all for her.



Will is running for his life from both robots. The alien agents get a direction--Z14 or 214. Will trips and drops the energizer, rolls, and sees the female robot get the energizer (HEY, HOW DOES SHE PICK IT UP? SHE CAN'T SEEM TO BEND?). Will leans back against a rock. She blasts behind it. He hides behind it. Robot stops her, "Let Will Robinson live!"  She shoots Robot and he goes out, "NOW Will Robinson, I will destroy you!"  The leader and the aliens arrive. She pretends to want to go along with them but shoots them. They fall backward and we hear a pop sound as if they vanish--die off screen. John and Don usher Will away. Control Room--Maureen and the girls are with the others as John tells them his plan to find the monster female robot. They will use radar to find her but will keep out of her range. She could have killed them all this afternoon but she experienced a power loss. Night--Will has the radar telescope which points him at Smith--who calls it a ridiculous contraption. He figures the female robot will destroy them "like she did those poor unfortunate creatures today."  Will gets her general position and calls dad--telling dad he and Dr. Smith are in the North West sector but the female robot is in the North West now. Smith goes to the Robot and calls him ridiculous, "We have all been placed in jeopardy of our lives because of a tawdry affair of yours!"  The planet looks barren. Smith calls the female robot a metal monstrosity. Robot wishes he wouldn't talk about her like that, he thinks she is beautiful and misses her relays. Smith says, "I think I am going to be ill. The thought of the two of them prancing around this planet like an elephantine Adam and Eve..."  Robot cries. Will tries to stop Smith. He gets something on the radar, "There's something out there--pure energy."  He drops the radar as it gets really hot. Smith asks, "William, will you ever learn not to panic whenever a device becomes defective."  Will thinks it was radiant force beams. Smith calls Robot a lead lined lothario. Will moves off. Smith continues to taunt the Robot---he is not unsympathetic to him and has a tidbit to give him--he wants him to meet a dehumidifying unit he'd like. He calls him ninny and relishes seeing a Robot cry. Smith calls him a ramshackle Romeo. Robot leaves. Smith thinks it has been a satisfying day. He lays on a rock to take a nap. The fembot returns tinkling. Smith screams as he finally realizes it is her. "William!"  Trapped, Smith tries to con her calling her silvery tinkling of computer relays quite nice. Smith was heard by her when he called her an elephantine Eve and an oversized oaf. In the morning she plans to destroy their party. Destroying the aliens today put a drain on her system but she tells Smith, she is far more durable and resistant than humans are. She shows him a hyper sonic beam at one tenth power, "You can imagine what it would do to human flesh!"  Smith has zaps all round him. He runs, "William!!!"  She taunts him, telling him she will be seeing him, "Goodbye Dr. Smith, see you tomorrow bright and early."  Smith runs past blue mountains and clay rocks.


Morning---Will asks Robot if he still hurts. They are near the ionic grid that John and Don have set up infront of the Jupiter main window between two poles. Don worries about the grid destroying the female robot but John worries about the Robot doing his part--putting his two claws, one on each pole, to the unit. In the control room, Smith eats soup. Maureen warns about his gulping. Smith tells her he will be dead before long in one final terrible moment of truth. Maureen tells him that is why John is rewiring the grid. Smith quotes someone and mentions the female being the deadliest of the species. Maureen corrects him, "It was Kipling and that's not exactly the right quote."  Smith figures that he should have known that all women would stick together. Maureen tells him that he, Judy and Penny are the second line of defense. She passes out the laser guns. Smith protests about fighting with the women, "Never!"  Maureen tells him the alternative--out there fighting with the men. He'll stay with the women. Outside, the others test the grid with the Robot doing his part. John thanks the Robot. Robot says since he brought this on them, he must do his part to help. The Jupiter II window shutters are closed but this time from the outside, they look pure silver, not like the designed ones that closed over it before in the episode. They run another test and destroy a rock. Will tells Robot he is sorry and hopes the female robot won't come and that she'll just go away, "But I don't think she will."  Robot says, "Danger!"  The female robot arrives. Will runs and Don and John come out, running to the cannon. They fire at her. Don comments, "Didn't even singe her."  She tells Robot that nothing can hurt her. She will give him one last chance for happiness with her. She tells him to move aside. Robot makes contact with one pole. She begs the robot not to but he makes contact with the other pole. The female robot on the grid blows up into a million sparks. Passing, John knocks on the old dependable Robot. Will says now they can take off as scheduled. Will puts his hand on the Robot. She was just another pretty face. Later, Will is looking for the Robot as Smith finds Will. The Robot has been missing for hours. Smith says, "Like a bad penny he'll turn up again."  Robot comes and we hear beauty music--he reconstituted her from the remains of her ionic parts. He rewired her micro mechanism, and all evil is gone. She gives Will some flowers, "I like flowers," she intones. Robot wanted to prove there is no such thing as a bad robot. Will hands Smith the flowers, practically shoving them in his face. Smith sneezes.




NARRATOR: "Next week, the Robinson family become exhibits in a fantastic space zoo!"


Penny is yelled at by a caveboy, "You...you want me to go that way. No! I didn't do anything and I'll just go back the way I came!"  She runs behind rocks as the cave boy yells. She screams, hung up in a swinging net. Farnum smiles, "Haha, be careful my boy, he'll tear you asunder."  Don, Judy behind him, tells him, "That Medieval armor's no match against this."  He pulls his laser pistol but the Knight hits it away. Don uses his chisel hammer to hit the thing but it causes a blast. Judy and Don are behind bars. Don grabs at the cage, "Smith you open this door."  Smith, dressed in circus gear as a showman, says, "You'll get out when I say so major, when I have collected that money. For the nonce, I am the greatest showman in the cosmos."  Will and Farnum on a desert planet, "What kind of a planet is this?" Farnum looks serious, "I believe the life expectancy here is 45 minutes."  Don holds a laser gun at Smith's head, "The show's over Smith."  A giant dragon sticks its head into a cave near Don and shoots fire as he moves up on the entrance to shoot at it.




REVIEW: Kind of a goofy one what with the Robot betraying the Robinsons. It might have worked better if it was later told that she could have taken over the Robot somehow but otherwise it is not believeable that the Robot would turn against the Robinsons and especially not Will the way he did. Smith is particularly cruel to the Robot but that fits right in line with his character (WAR OF THE ROBOTS) but his role is downplayed--thankfully. There is much more action than almost any second season episode and that is thankfully so. Less comedy, less Smith. Both good things. This one is very watchable and enjoyable with a female menace. The leader of the aliens blamed his agents for being rash but he was the one who told them to destroy the humans if they don't cooperate. It is difficult to recognize Lyle Waggoner, later of TV's WONDER WOMAN (as Major Trevor) as one of the alien agents who shoot at the Jupiter II. Ronald Gans, the alien leader, with his distinctive voice, was the frogman in THE GOLDEN MAN and his voice was used in SPACE CREATURE later in this third season. Sue England did the voice of the female robot in THE GHOST PLANET and this robot is almost exactly the same--only colored more blue than red (GHOST PLANET had the red colors on it). The alien spaceship may have come from WAR OF THE SATELLITES. Lots of hardware was seen before: the alien missile was a weapon in THE GOLDEN MAN and an infra red cannon laser in TRIP THROUGH THE ROBOT (inside the Robot), and the female robot's arms were Megazor's robot's arms in HUNTER'S MOON where the radar scope was also used by Will as it is here. The laser cannon will be seen in SPACE DESTRUCTORS. The line, "Please do not speak of it," when the Robot talks to Smith is a different take than the one seen in this episode's last week preview. 









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