Chase - Posted on 24 October 2009

There's the making of a good story in here somewhere but unfortunately it's lost in there someplace. The actors are grand, David is especially good, and Tate is very good as Donna AGAIN and Martha makes us really believe in the Hath and her reactions, even the very very sad Hath death as a Hath that she helped dies to save her from some kind of quicksand like mud and only so that Martha can rejoin her friends. When the Doc, I believe told her to stay put. It's very tragic that Martha talks this Hath into "feeling the wind on the surface" and then it dies there...thanks to her and her desire to just rejoin her friends. Then she seems to forget that Hath death, almost as if that scene were added on later. That scene has dialog from the Hath point of view as seen or heard on the DVD. It's not a happy moment for Martha and Freema is very very good in it but it's just too sad for a DW.

Once you get over the idea that she's not really the Doctor's biological daughter, one can enjoy parts of this story. The actress playing Jenny is quite good, too however her last few scenes are really smaltzy and goofy as is some of the science in all of this. Jenny doesn't regenerate but she does. Is it the terraforming thing? Is it a Time Lord thing? Is it what? On top of that we have the really poor science of the war being seven And the machine produces fully clothed clones (thank goodness!) somehow. Maybe there's  a shelf in there with war clothing...oh, and possibly guns, too? Where did the ship come from? The humans? Who built the city? Were the Hath on the ship too or were they originally from this planet? We don't get many answers and perhaps we're not meant too or maybe that would have taken too long. The action is fine and all that and the dialog not too bad until Jenny's leaving scene...her taking off in the ship was really poor but we've already established that. Oh and the Doc has red socks on. I also like that he is proven wrong here as Donna says. RTD also "raised the stakes" as he always says by telling us before this ep aired that the "the Doctor can change" and making us think that Jenny would be coming with him but the truth is the Doctor doesn't change all that much after this...he just accepted Jenny as we knew he eventually would and he didn't shoot the Capt. Nutjob as Donna called him. As we knew he wouldn't. both he and Jenny go in separate ways. 

The talk of the Doc's family and with Donna is nice. Martha's farewell was nice. The time paradox thing a bit WTF but it makes a sort of sense in  a way. I used to give this a 1/10 or a 0/5 but I"m not so sure now. I guess it could be a 2/5 or a 3/5 now. I don't really feel one way or the other about this story, it just makes me sad somehow, maybe due to that Hath death. And the Doc's lonliness and he doesn't yet find out about his "daughter". I still feel that the gimmicky previews of this fools us into thinking it was his real daugther somehow come back. It's one hellva machine that can have her fully formed, saying sentences, knowing all about war and language and stuff. But not her own body or that she has two hearts. So she has the Doc's DNA and some memories but not many? WTF?

In any event, this ep was  a  sort of throwaway dissapointment for me, a bit like a TV Comic or an Annual story from yesteryears gone by or a thing that really isn't a part of DW, is. Somehow I wish it weren't. Something just didn't feel right. Not that it wasn't enjoyable. Oh yeah and the Guy from SKINS' first two seasons is in this and they seem to be trying to make him look ugly or something but with those eyes I doubt he can ever look ugly. Still if I had my choice of SKINS' males it would either be Nick Hoult (NOW WOULDN'T HE MAKE A GREAT NEW MASTER!?) or the guy who plays Maxie (yeah, the blond allright!) 

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