Chase - Posted on 25 October 2009

MIDNIGHT is a 5/5er a 10/10er. It's just about perfect. Yes, it's similar to a number of TWILIGHT ZONES (the SHELTER, MONSTERS ARE DUE ON MAPLE STREET, NIGHTMARE AT 30,000 FEET, TO SERVE MAN, and many others as well as one or two OUTER LIMITS-JOYRIDE for one) but to be honest, it works better here because of the continuing character of the Doctor. He's the one that the others always turn to for help against aliens and for once, too, the Doctor on his own works here, too. Here, they turn against him for his smartness isn't smart at all...it's his downfall or near downfall. Luckily for him, the two minorities on the shuttle (and this reminds me of a very poor STAR TREK Galielo Seven shuttle) figure it out and yet again another sacrifices her life for his. Not to say that this doesn't work brilliantlly, it does but it's also a downer as the alien life form is evil. It might have lost that panic feeling had it been more willing to listen to the Doctor but it seemed to want blood, making it all the more scary. Poor Sky. And since she's a lebian, she gets to be the one turned into the villain. :)

The music is also very like the GREAT music from TWLIGHT ZONE.  It's very well done and David Tennant and the woman who plays SKY (she's equally good in the upsetting drama AFTERLIFE, a super supernatural series) are terrific. In fact, this might be the most perfectly cast DOCTOR WHO ever and the actors are just brilliant. It's hard to imagine that RTd saw the dailies from this and was worried (at least I think that was what he was discussing in his book) and worried. He shouldn't have been. The actors are all fantastic. David Troughton though again sounds like The Second Doctor (and Sean Pertwee, Jon's son, sounds like the Third in movies he's been in).  And RTD is correct; Colin Morgan (MERLIN) is beautiful and a good actor to boot. The sets are well done and the CGI fantstic and beyond that not much is needed of either as this is an actor's script and all of them perform admirably.

That sense of panic and rising fear grips you early on and never lets go. We, the audience, do not know what is going on for a few moments as the Doctor is taken over and his know it all ness is gone. It's great seeing him upset, scared, and helpless and ready to be killed...it wards off all the cliches and makes this truly gripping. Of course, we know he's not going to be killed but...the resolution has nothing to do with his cleverness. It's too bad we couldn't see the others' reactions at the end of this as they are boarding the rescue ship off the damaged ship. I do like Donna's reactions and the Doc's reactions though at the end. Will the planet listen to the Doctor and build elsewhere? Or will they just hope for the best? A most downer of an ep but at least two people had the sense and hope. The repeating must have been difficult to do but it sooo works.

The truth is the Doctor was wrong from the start. They should have thrown Sky off from the moment she was possessed and THAT is what is scary. A great ep! RTD should be proud of this one.        

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