Chase - Posted on 25 October 2009

3/5 or 7/10. Of all the ways this could have ended, this was probably the best despite the frustrating ending of Donna's man not being able to call out to her as he sees her just seconds before he teleports. I really hope Donna's last scene ever on the show is to find that man and have that family for real. She deserves it and so did we. River was not annoying at all and she could have been. No one dies, well kind of no one dies but the crew are dead. Moffat really fools us all into thinking this was great but honestly it was just passable. Dr. Lux being the only survivor of the original crew was surprising. Why wasn't this as good as part one. It doesn't make sense. Where were the 4400 (or however many there were) bodies ? Kept as engrams? What does that mean? It makes little to no sense that the physical bodies were still around somehow and on the computer.   BIG WTF?

Anyhow if River is with THIS Doctor (I kept picturing her with the midget Doctor from LAST OF THE TIME LORDS) then the last David Tennant story is going to have to have her leave him to go to the Library. How could he do that to her? He's a bast$(*#$. In any event, this story, this part was just okay, not great. If Moffat is to give us a handy helping of this all the time, I'm not going to like it. I'd like the story to make some sense.

Donna's story once she gets into the otherworld wasn't very interesting but at least it moved fast and that was the point I guess. It was also signposted what would happen but to be honest and fair, it happened in a surprising way. I didn't expect her hubby to be a real person. And the ending seems tagged on and the finale ending of River shutting the lights was creepy and warming all the same. Are those her make believe children? Or Donna's?

Also not sure about the Doc clicking his fingers to open the doors. It seems kinda...stupid. Which, if you think about it, this 44 minutes was. Engaging and action filled...not really. Oh and the Doctor at the trap door in the floor and that escape was really really stupid. Some of the effects as everyone runs from the Vashta are amazing though.

So what were they alluding to with the name thing. Was that the Doc's name? We don't know what it is. Does he tell her when he had sex with her? Or some other reason? We never find out. Ohhhh, it's so mysterious and frankly that's one mystery too far...i don't care. 

And Donna's children vanishing that way was as disturbing as the Hath dying for Martha. Both scenes make me very sad and that's not what DW should do but maybe it should sometimes? Bah. Neither of those scenes were fun. It has that same gut wrenching feel that ALL of Torchwood season 3 had and it's awful.


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