Chase - Posted on 28 October 2009

Good God. What unwonderful nonsense. This is retarded from the word ALLONSEY. Okay, some good things: David Morrisey tries real hard and for the first few minutes he'd make a good Doctor on the lines of Colin Baker and I mean that. I can also see him as an action Doctor the likes of Pertwee and never has it been seen that Tennant looks like a wimp but next to this Doctor he does look like the less action hero and more foppish dandy who can't even duck from a swinging rope but does anyway. The end scene is rather good with Jackson's goodbye to the Doctor and the Doctor saying his companions break his heart. Oh, it's all about him then is it? I suppose the ones that died broke your hearts too and the ones you kicked out. AND...that's about it. Oh, wait, there IS something about Cybermen in the snow that's just ...rather glorious. And that's..about all that's good...

The Shades are a rather good idea but badly done. Animals that are cyber are pretty cool actually and in the lurid graveyard scene (was that even needed?) the CyberShades almost seem scary, dare I say it.

The rest is totally retarded. There's no feeling, no emotion, no urgency. Even the rescue of the children and Jackson's son is a mess...did ANYONE feel any sense of danger or warmth or care? It really sucked. I guess RTD thought he was doing a Xmas story and so decided it's people watching this that are full of...egg nog and food and are just leaving this crap on in the background while they open presents so it didn't matter one bit.

Oh and we have several dud sequences that stick a pin in further expectations. The Next Doctor ...uhm, isn't. kay that was  a surprise. The Fob Watch doesn't do much of anything. Okay. Wow, that was surprising. The TARDIS is a which later stands up against a Cybership that can't even see what's behind it! WTF?

Okay enough: this is just retarded. This script, the dialog, all of it. There's not anything really to recommend sitting through this more than once except maybe torturing terrorists.

and that F'in music just sucks. It is the same thing over and over and over again and then it changes to music we heard in other Cyberman/Rose stories. It's run its course. Please get a new musician as much as I love Murray Gold. Let someone write one or two other scores for God's sake!

The action isn't. And what's with Miss Hartigan? She shows NO mercy to anyone, thinks the Cybermen are trustworthy, asks them to show mercy when she KNOWS they won't, and then later can't stand the sight of old trick the Doctor used in THE AGE OF STEEL. Then Jackson makes everyone thank the Doctor beause he's never been thanked before. The entire mushy hokey thing is enough to make one want to vomit or go to sleep or both! it's coy and hammy and so poor...I can't believe I sat through this a second time.

Okay the effects, the town, the lighting, etc are pretty good and the first two and a half minutes of the Doctor's arrival depict a GREAT feeling of Christmas and the past and with very nice music and the little cheeky boy is funny...and then there's a sense of action rising...and then the Doctors both say ALLONSEY and it's all, ALL downhill from there. Speaking of effects: the CyberKing rises from the Thames in similar fashion to the Nessie from TERROR OF THE ZYGONS---one looks like a Transformer with brilliant effects and the other a puppet. Guess which story I prefer? At least Nessie was done with SOME conviction. And DO we REALLY want to see the past having a story like this? A giant robot attacking the town? Why isn't the remembered by anyone? I'ts not bad enough that RTD wants to screw up the feel of the "present" "UNIT type" stories in the present of the show, now he wants to shake up and unthrill the past. Can't he just do a small story with Cybermen on the docks? Or rising from the water? Or coming out of a cave where it has taken children to try to rebuild its ship or give it companionship? No, he has to do these huge Earth shattering stories over and over and over again and again and it reeks. It's so ...annoying!  

Some people drool over the fact that they show the other Doctor including the 8th. Oh fine, I thought that was cool too that there was some connection to the TV MOVIE and the OLD SHOW. It certainly wasn't connected to the quality of the old show or even the TV MOVIE which at least had SOME sense of urgency. Not the chases here, not the threats, not the punch Rosita (Is she a lame character or what? is she a prostitute?) throws, not Jackson's poorly acted little boy (who can't run while the tons of other kids run)...none of it rings any bells as interesting, exciting, different, or entertaining in any way whatsoever.

And the whole thing about children working in a mine in the Industrial Rev while a woman oversees the entire operation and with metal like guards IS stolen from some movie that was on TV recently. It was a British movie and it has a little girl at the heart of a revolt of the children. The entire look of that movie was stolen by this.

So the big reveal: Jackson is not the Doctor is supposed to thrill us? It didn't. Please make this show better again somebody. Unfortunately things only get worse. This sucked.    

Uhm, one more thing, mame. Since when do Cybermen NOT have brains inside? How did the Jackie Cyberwoman and the Torchwood Lady do what they did and feel what they felt? WTF?

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