The Witch Hunters

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Idiom - Posted on 30 October 2009

The Witch Hunters by Steve Lyons is a book following the exploits of the First doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara in the town of Salem during the infamous witch trials. This is an excellent book and one that I would thoroughly recommend. It manages to successfully maintain an accurate characterisation of the time-travellers while building on and developing their characters. Even the Doctor is given the opportunity to lay certain ghosts to rest. This is done within the context of an intelligently-written story which manages to educate, entertain and build a good level of suspense. It is true to the programme of the period, drawing on the little amount of back story and history that the programme had already managed to develop during its first series, such as the fragile relationship between the Doctor and his two abductees, and the telepathy which Susan had demonstrated during the Sensorites.  Even the fast-return button makes an appearance. It is well-paced with dialogue true to the characters.

I won’t include spoilers but would encourage you to read this as an example of an intelligent Doctor Who novel.

I don't remember much about this novel but I read it a long time ago, it seems. The lasting impression I have when ever it is mentioned is of an enjoyable read! 

This is one of my favourite Dr Who novels   - it ties together two of my favourite interests - the Salem Witch Trials with Doctor Who, so was a real treat to read.  I really enjoy how the book closely follows a lot of the established facts of the witchcraft trials, and it explores the symptoms of hysteria just as well as any other book on the subject. For some reason, it is also very fitting that this is a 1st doctor adventure.


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