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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Attack!, Edge of Doom, The Death Clock

Chase - Posted on 31 October 2009


Writer-William Welch

Dir-Jerry Hopper



The fleet tracks a UFO; on Seaview Patterson picks up its readings. The UFO fires a huge blast at the fleet and we see a mushroom cloud (to the viewer it's not really obvious that the UFO destroyed the fleet as these scenes are a bit disjointed). Ski and Nelson take off in the Flying Sub; Ski using a probe device. The saucer was seen diving in the ocean here from observation posts. Nelson submerges the Flying Sub and Ski gets a radiation reading. The UFO base is not on land--it must be some kind of aliens' own observation post. The Flying Sub lights go out and the probe is dead. As Nelson checks the instrument panel, Ski sees fire under the water and alerts Nelson to it! It gets closer and redder as it moves toward them.



Flying Sub is lost. Sharkey checks sonar--no malfunction evident. Crane orders Seaview to the last Flying Sub position. Seaview encounters the wall of flame undersea. They see it out the window. They try to surface but shake. Nevertheless, Seaview rises. 3 to 4 hours are needed to effect repairs. All are sweating. Sharkey asks about Kowalski and the Admiral. Crane tells him they can't look for them yet. Nelson is on a total black floor and he sees Ski not far from him. He wakes the younger man up. Ski panics and Nelson slaps him. They hear a voice--an alien leader (called Komal in the press info but his name is not clearly obvious in the aired episode) who appear to be standing on the ceiling but he tells them who is to say who is on the ceiling and who is on the floor. He has degravitized the room. He makes it right by restoring gravity and Nelson and Ski fall to the real floor (nicely done effects). Nelson asks, "What kind of a madhouse is this?"  Ski attacks the alien but the oddly dressed being uses his medallion to knock Ski and Nelson out, then to fire a laser beam at Ski, who vanishes in a negative glow.



Missile Room-Sharkey and men find a man, a stowaway with no wallet or ID at all. Sharkey will take him to the Master at Arms for fingerprint processing. 30 more minutes to repairs. Sharkey and two men bring Robek, the stowaway, to Crane and Chip in the Control Room. He claims he is here to help: a base is 20 miles from where they are now. There are alien spaceships of war waiting. He knows this because he is one of the aliens and tells them so. In 12 hours, Earth will be destroyed. We hear FANTASTIC VOYAGE sound effects. Komal returns to the dark room Nelson is in. This time he enters via a strange light door. He wakes Nelson up. Too much gravity had held the Admiral down. The alien questions him. Seaview dives but can't go too deep. Sharkey reports Robek hasn't got any fingerprints. When Komal returns to Nelson's cell again, Nelson plays dead. The alien asks, "See here, you haven't died on me, have you?"  Nelson chokes him down and tries to get out the door by breaking a beam. He does just as the alien fires blasts from the medallion. Nelson stops short at the fantastic sight of an alien flying saucer bay with power core and lined up flying saucers, glowing with unbelievable power. The alien leader blasts a rock near Nelson. The forest is supposedly the forest used in LAND OF THE GIANTS the first episodes of which were being filmed at the same time as ATTACK! One of the crew members told of how they had to film ATTACK! around the Spindrift mock up without the camera catching it. Sharkey finds a guard at the Circuitry Room knocked out and the room on fire. He calls fire detail and for once, the fire detail wear protective masks. Robek is gone from the brig. Komal is very tired from chasing Nelson and breathing heavily. There is too much light behind the aliens as two more aliens arrive (in blue and purple outfits!) to help with the search. Missile Room--Patterson and a man search the tubes. Crane's room--Chip, Sharkey and Crane talk but Robek is there suddenly. Crane will talk to him and listen to him. Robek asks if Chip and Sharkey can be trusted. Chip makes a face at that. Robek was making an evaluation of them---should they be saved or destroyed like some noxious weeds. Sharkey gets mad at that and wants to punch Robek. Robek's telepathic powers read their minds--he decides they are worthy of saving and are essentially people of peace. Chip grimaces, "Mighty nice of you."  Robek suggests a trap near the Reactor Room as that is where the saboteur will attack next. He's right and Chip and Sharkey catch the real saboteur---who Sharkey gasps out his name, "Kowalski!"



In Sickbay, Ski can't remember anything about what happened to him and the Admiral. Doc tells Sharkey that is enough with trying to make him remember. Doc tried hypnosis. Robek tells him it is a mind drug. Doc sarcastically asks if Robek has made his diagnosis--which he has. Nelson is surprised by a purple dressed alien guard (the guards and Komal appear to be wearing costumes culled from an uneasy mix of LOST IN SPACE alien wear and THE TIME TUNNEL historical wear-making a bizarre and welcome change to the way aliens dress on VOYAGE). Nelson fights the guard but the leader and two other aliens arrive and use blasts. Nelson throws a rock at them and rushes off. Robek tells Crane that, "There are many in our galaxy that believe in peace."  Crane accepts Robek's help and the good alien begins drawing a map of the complex base. Chip calls--they've detected the Flying Sub. Crane goes down to the Control Room. Robek continues on the map but a gun at the door of the cabin shoots him in the back--someone was pointing the gun in at him! One of the alien minions gives the leader some water from a canteen (?!). He is thirsty and tired. He gets an idea--to use water to tempt Nelson out of hiding. This scene is almost always cut in syndication--at least in America. The leader pours some water out onto the sand. Nelson watches, dry. Crane wants to scuba dive to the Flying Sub with Robek. Doc has a corpsman check Ski and prepare an injection. Crane finds Robek dead--and the alien body slips to the floor of the cabin. The map is gone. Ski wakes up and attacks Doc and the corpsman. We see the far wall of Sickbay--a rare shot and the fight from behind it and its shelves. The fight is also briefly viewed from above--another rarity. Doc calls Crane who runs to Sickbay right into Ski pulling a gun on him. Ski smiles as Crane tries to reason with him, "I'm gonna kill  you. I can't talk to you--you're a dead man."  Del Monroe is particularly fine in these scenes. Good acting. Sharkey comes in inadvertently and he fights with Ski. Ski could have shot Crane during this new fight but didn't. Ski throws Sharkey; Crane gets Ski but is knocked down. Ski knocks Sharkey down next to him and is about to kill them both but he wavers. Then Ski passes out. Crane etches the sheet of drawing pad that was under Robek's map and sees it. Luckily, Crane comments, Robek had a heavy drawing hand. He and Sharkey dive to the Flying Sub. Sharkey gets the power on. The lift off and now observe radio silence. Flying Sub lifts off past weeds and then encounters the wall of fire. Flying Sub surfaces and leap frogs the fire under Crane's deft control. Then he splashes it down. The base is on a ridge and a crevice ledge (cue short but effective Flying Sub stock footage from THE SILENT SABOTEURS and AND FIVE OF US ARE LEFT). Flying Sub goes to a small opening 800 feet below sea level but find air above. They break out a raft and row to shore of the base. Above are clouds in an elaborately controlled environment underground and undersea! Nelson falls out of the jungle at their feet. They check him. They have lost their bearings. Sharkey looks around and sees the flying spaceship bay--UFOs and a power core. Crane joins him and says, "It looks like Robek was telling the truth."  Komal arrives and with three men. "You'll see it from within--as my prisoners."



Seaview: Pat tries to contact Ski but Doc tells him he is in a deep sleep. Doc tells Pat that Robek is the unlucky one--he's dead. Pat wonders if it is true but Doc says he examined the body. Pat finds Robek is gone--no body. He quietly tells Chip in the Control Room. Corpsmen search. Chip thinks about taking drastic steps to stop the aliens. The alien leader shows Nelson his defense installation--it is impregnable and has unlimited attack potential. Nelson tells him we'll best you but the leader Komal insists that there is only futility in resistance. The government tracked Seaview and will attack the base but only Seaview will be destroyed; then the aliens will retaliate and every major city will be destroyed--ten minutes to go. Robek frees Crane and Sharkey. His wound, he says, was not fatal. He absorbed and dissolved the bullet in his system--finally. It took some time but he was able to do it. His physiology is different from Earthlings. Pat picks up bombers on radar and we see about four planes. Chip says, "Just hold on and pray."  Robek uses his device to knock down Nelson's guards. Nelson reprograms the complex to explode. Robek shows little emotions throughout this whole adventure. They all get out into the jungle (is the base an open one?). Seaview shakes as planes bomb it. The crash doors won't close. They close them manually. Pat says, "We're gonna be killed by our own people."  Chip looks up, "One more attack oughtta do it."  Planes attack and blast a huge chunk of the water.



Robek holds off chasing guards and warriors but is shot down. Nelson, Crane, and Sharkey go into the raft as guards fire at them. The water blasts up but they get away. The leader of the aliens orders the launch of attacking spaceships and as it is signaled, the complex blows up with him and his aides in it. Sharkey tells Nelson and Crane that Ski will be okay. Nelson wonders about his report to Washington DC--who would believe it? 


REVIEW: I recall a lot of up and down to this one. It seemed to have a forest that was very similar to LAND OF THE GIANTS forest (and in fact one of the actors admitted they had to work around the Spindrift set since LAND OF THE GIANTS had already started filming). This alien base was actually an air pocket under the sea (very strange but fascinating and most likely impossible but who's to say?). Kevin Hagen, who is good in anything, wears a weird costume, as do all the aliens. The costumes seem like left overs from the TIME TUNNEL historicals and LOST IN SPACE futuristics and as such make the aliens look very war like--which they were. I didn't really trust Robek much, since almost every alien in the past on the series, was evil minded and wanted invasion (the sole exception being THE SKY IS FALLING). Robek turns out to be a good guy after all. He was killed by a taken over Kowalski.  I do recall the base as Sharkey sees the landing bay--complete with marvelous looking flying saucers--a matte painting perhaps--and very impressive. However, when all is said and done, this is still just another aliens attack episode--although this is the first time the aliens' real form is human--if memory serves me right. I also remember the ups and downs of the cell Nelson and Ski were in--they were on the ceiling, then Robek was--it was some sort of degravitized cell. Ski, at one point, was thought killed by Robek's force lazer. The music used was pretty good and most of it new. Robek was a good character and would have made a good alien envoy--a recurring character maybe.
























Writer-William Welch

Dir-J. Addiss


NIMR--outside: then inside: two guards are told to wait outside a room as the Pentagon calls Nelson on a coded message. Since he is told Seaview may be attacked on this mission, Nelson suggests they abort it and get the device to Pearl Harbor some other way. The Pentagon broke the enemy code and does not want them to know. They are sure Captain Crane is an imposter. Nelson cannot relieve him of command for this one mission and cannot directly question Crane. Pentagon tells Nelson, "No one knows Crane better than you do."  They figure Nelson will be able to tell if it is Crane or not. It is an official order and Nelson wants it known he does follow it under protect. He slams the phone down, "Idiots!"  He takes out a device from a secret closet and has the guards follow him out. Someone in an officer's uniform, seen from the legs down, enters the room and looks in the closet. He is hit down behind a desk by someone wearing the face of the devil--a mask of some kind.



Seaview dock: we see the infamous man rowing a rowboat on the water!  Kowalski comes aboard Seaview. Sharkey is not yet here. Chip calls the Institute gate; Nelson wants the guards to search the complex--Sharkey is on the grounds but he arrives down the control room ladder in full uniform dress. He tells them he bumped into two guys coming around a corner and needed stitches in the infirmary. He has a bandage on his face. Sharkey doesn't want to miss the mission--he was looking forward to it. Crane says, "Very well, Chip, put out to sea."  Chip calls the special sea detail. Nelson tells Chip as soon as they are out to sea, he and Chief Sharkey are to come to his cabin. Chip asks, "What was that about?"  Crane admits, "He acted as though I weren't here."  Nelson tells Chief Sharkey and Chip what the Pentagon suspects. He needs help in checking out Capt. Crane. If one of them is the fink (as Sharkey supposed) Nelson claims he has a trap that will get them to put their own neck in the noose. Chip asks, "You want us to help you break Lee Crane?"  He also asks, "Am I ordered to cooperate?"  Nelson tells him he has to and Sharkey asks the same thing. Nelson tells them if the spy is one of them, he may want to put an end to all of this by confessing. Sharkey just smiles. Chip gives Lee a new course from Admiral Nelson and was about to say something but stops. Nelson comes down and checks the Amrak computer, asking Crane about the course. They are not on the course Nelson gave him. Crane insists it is. He gets the figures he had from Chip--the figures are different, not the ones Lee saw. Nelson mocks him, "Se the correct course. If you need help don't hesitate to ask for it, call me in my cabin."  Crane turns and looks at Chip suspiciously. In his cabin, Nelson tells Sharkey to have Doc check out his stitches. Nelson is not proud of himself for what they are doing to Lee and although Sharkey tells him he has to do it, Nelson says, "I still don't like it."  Sharkey has something to try and after that...Nelson okays it but tells him to do these things one at a time, not hearing the rest. When Sharkey leaves, Nelson sits on the black couch in the room. Crane calls Chip over--he knows he plotted the right course and this wasn't it. Chip tells him, "Forget it, everybody makes mistakes. It's all over with now."   Sharkey comes to Crane and tells him he was with the Admiral--it was of a personal nature. Sharkey tells Crane the Admiral has a message: the mistake isn't necessary to enter into the logbook. Ski gets a clear flash contact (ENEMY BELOW music). Ski is not positive as it vanishes but he thought something was there. Crane rigs for silent running; both he and Ski listen on ear phones. When nothing turns up, Crane secures silent running. It could have been a thermal layer giving a false reading. An enemy sub is nearby!



Seaview: Nelson comes down to the Control Room and chastises Lee for all these maneuvers. Crane says, "Admiral, I don't believe in taking unnecessary risks."   Nelson tells him, "You should know by now that there is such a thing as being overly cautious."  Nelson brings Lee to the periscope island for a frank talk and tells him he's noticed Lee is nervous and tense. Crane tells him he is not aware of this and has no personal problem bothering him. Nelson offers to talk to him about it but Crane denies any problem. Nelson tells him the offer still stands. Sharkey goes to the Circuitry Room. The air vent flags go limp-the air is out. Chip tells Lee, who wants it straight, that the Admiral has a point--Lee has not been himself, it is more of an attitude, he's on edge, Chip says. Sharkey calls and Lee asks, "Who gave you permission to be in the Circuitry Room?"  Sharkey tells him he did. Crane denies giving any such order. Chip tells Lee that he did order Sharkey down to the Circuitry Room! Crane asks, "Have you all lost your minds?"  Sharkey lies--the repair crew, he says, can't locate the trouble. Crane goes down and Chip rolls his eyes and looks up. Crane tells Sharkey the signs have been moved and that he knows what he is doing. He tells Sharkey to get out of his way and to get his hands off him--he knows what he is doing and pushes the Chief. Sharkey tries to warn him some more and tells him a fire may start if he does what he is about to. Crane hits a switch and there is a blast, sparks, fires, and shaking. Sharkey pulls Crane out into the hallway (good action music). He puts one fire out. Then he changes the signs back to the way they were supposed to be (Crane was correct in saying the signs were moved). He calls for help with the remaining fire. Crane is on the floor in the hall, unconscious. Sharkey looks at him.      



Seaview: the fire detail with masks on, put the large fire out. Ski gives Lee oxygen but he refuses more. Nelson tells Ski to go ahead and give him some more. Ski says, "Sorry sir,"  and does it. Nelson tells him he will take care of the air being out all over the ship and checks the Circuitry Room. Nelson asks about the fire and questions Crane about the console on the right. Crane tells him about the switched signs and foolishly relies on Sharkey to back his story. When Nelson asks Sharkey, the Chief says, "This puts me in an uncomfortable spot, sir."  He tells Nelson his version of the story: a lie. Crane says, "I know those consoles with or without signs."  Lee goes back in to show Nelson and finds someone switched them back again, "I swear it."   Back in the hall, when Crane tells Sharkey he wants a word with him, Nelson says, "I'm going topside."  Crane tells Sharkey he is lying and will prove it, "And when I do, you'll regret it."  Crane orders the sub to surface to scrub the sub of smoke. Nelson belays this and goes to his cabin, telling Chip that is where he will be if Capt. Crane comes looking for him. Crane arrives and asks Chip why he hasn't given the order and why he can't. Crane tells him, "You don't debate an order, you obey them."  Chip tells him the Admiral countermanded his order. Crane says, "The Admiral, huh, where is he? I've had it up to here!"  He storms up the ladder and rushes into Nelson's cabin. Nelson says, "C'min, c'min."  He wants to surface so his men won't be breathing in this smoke for the next 12 hours. Nelson brings up the fire that  Crane started himself with his own stupidity. Crane tells him this isn't the time to settle that argument. Nelson repeats he is worried about him. Crane tells him, "You've been on my back ever since we left port and I've had a belly full of it."  Right now, he tells Harry, he is going to surface the sub and warns Nelson not to try to stop him. Nelson asks, "And if I do?"  Crane returns from the door, "Admiral Nelson, you listen to me--and listen good. I'm still captain of this ship."  Nelson tells him that can be changed. Crane yells, "Then change it! But until you formally do, kick me off, I don't want another order of mine countermanded!"  Seaview surfaces after Crane leaves and Nelson is smiling. Nelson calls Chip to his cabin and tells him he went too far with the fire but Chip had nothing to do with it. Nelson says, "Sharkey,"  and that he has a tendency to get carried away at times. Chip says, "Yes sir, he certainly does."  Nelson tells him to get Sharkey up here and that in his own opinion Capt. Crane is himself. Crane calls Pat to help put out a fire in the Arms Locker which is on top of box of explosives. The door closes on them and locks them in. They have a top secret weapon on board, somebody's trying to get their hands on it. Patterson tells him they only have their regular crew aboard. Crane says, "That's exactly what's bothering me."  Crane and Pat use explosives to open the door after putting out the fire. Crane tells Pat not to tell anyone. Crane tells Nelson who asks if that is all. Crane answers him, "A saboteur loose on the ship is quite enough."  He leaves. Nelson calls Sparks to have Mr. Morton call him on his private line. Chip is told by Nelson that he is positive Lee is himself and in the clear. Nelson will tell him himself when Captain Crane is not so upset. Besides, he doesn't want to tip off the real saboteur with a change in the captain's attitude. Sharkey goes to Nelson's cabin where Nelson tells him his imagination ran a bit too wild when he tested Crane with the Circuitry Room. He is not to test him at the expense of wrecking Seaview. Sharkey didn't mean for it to get so out of hand. Nelson asks about the Arms Locker but Sharkey denies that was a test he did. Nelson figures Crane is definitely in the clear now. They have 124 men to go. Crane calls and asks Nelson what his orders are now. Nelson asks, "Why ask me---on this ship, the captain gives the orders."  Ski gets a sub contact and torpedoes are fired at the Seaview, which shakes. Nelson, in his bathroom, falls out and is knocked out.


Crane and Chip call general quarters, men run to the Control Room and some run up the Conning Tower Ladder (why?). Nelson gets up. Compartment 10 battle stations manned and ready. All rooms report in to Chip who mentions the saboteur to Lee, not realizing Nelson hasn't told him yet. Chip tells Lee the whole thing, "The Admiral thought it was you."  Lee asks, "Me?"  This explains a lot of things to Crane. Nelson goes to the Flying Sub and sets controls. Good stock music. Crane gets an alarm that someone is in the Flying Sub. He goes down to it and finds Nelson checking it and asks him if he is setting it for a getaway. Nelson was trying to prevent anyone else from getting away and tells Lee he can't really believe it of him. Crane snaps, "You were ready to believe it of me."  Nelson asks who he's been talking to, "Chip...Chip Morton."  Crane finds the Flying Sub won't launch-proving Nelson's tale. Crane says he had to be sure. Nelson says, "We didn't seem to have much mutual trust left did we?"  Sparks is to call the enemy sub--they cannot breech the defense shield of Seaview's. Crane gives them 60 seconds to reply. If not they will fire on them. Ski gets a good fix on the sub. Lee asks Chip to send men to find Chief Sharkey. Sharkey sneaks out of the curtain and into the door to the Control Room. He chops Sparks down and closes the radio shack curtain and sabotages the radio. At the Nelson Institute of Marine Research, the real Sharkey awakens from behind Nelson's desk and unties his own hand. He tries to call out but the phone lines and the intercom lines are cut. He tries to contact Seaview via the wall closet radio. He asks Sparks to break radio silence if they are on it. Nelson finds Sparks and gets him up. Sparks says, "I've got a score to settle with somebody."  Nelson says, "We all do."  He says he is fine but Nelson insists he let Doc look at him and helps him out; Sparks is limping and dizzy. The enemy sub moves off. Jet bandits---bombers are picked up on radar: we see one fly over (color ELEVEN DAYS TO ZERO stock). Seaview dives as bombs drop. Crane calls full down elevation, hard right rudder, 180 degree turn. Nelson admires this, "We'll shake em' now."  The spy Sharkey goes to the Circuitry Room and launches the Buoy Marker (black and white stock footage from SUBMARINE SUNK HERE)! Crane asks Chip to check Sickbay on Sparks' condition. He wants Sharkey found and questioned. Sharkey is sneaking down the nose ladder to the Flying Sub bay and goes down unnoticed. Bombers continue to attack. Seaview shakes as does Sharkey in the Flying Sub. Seaview heads to the bottom.



Seaview pulls up a bit. Spy Sharkey gets up and closes the hatch. Crane runs to it and slowly opens it. He slips down slowly and jumps the spy. They fight: Sharkey kicks Crane down and jumps to the front chair. Crane pulls him out and chokes him on the ladder. He is hit and they roll on the floor and get up, continuing the fight. The action music, exclusive to the fourth season, is quite good (this music may have originated from A TIME TO DIE but may have been from one of the earlier fourth seasoners). As they fight, one of the Flying Sub pilot chairs blocks our view. Crane knocks him out. Crane sees the bandage on the spy is really the start of a mask. He pulls it off--enemy agent who had plastic surgery, his mission: get the device or destroy Seaview. Crane tells Nelson they will set course for Pearl Harbor--Defense Command. Nelson jokes, "Smoother sailing this time, I trust."  He laughs and so does Crane.


REVIEW: While it may be obvious now, as a child, I wasn't sure Sharkey was the spy--imposter. It was just...well, too obvious to be just him. I thought perhaps they were going to make it that there were two spies on board...ala THE SABOTEUR, THE TRAITOR, and NO WAY OUT (all first seasoners). Or perhaps Sharkey was brainwashed and there was another spy or brainwashed person aboard (ala THE SABOTEUR). It seemed to be too clear that Sharkey was not himself and who he said he was. That maybe could throw suspicion onto Nelson, Chip, and Crane. The old face mask pulled off gag used on the fake Sharkey was a ploy and plot device used in MAN OF MANY FACES and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE-the original (and best version). This episode had much action as well as that well placed action music used in  other episodes but used here in the final fight in the Flying Sub (which reminded me of MAN OF MANY FACES--an episode it is easy to confuse THE EDGE OF DOOM with). The devil mask at the opening epilogue was quite unexpected and I like when the radar opening freeze frames over this. Chip is used again in this episode and is involved more than privy to Nelson's tests...something which rarely if ever happened. The two, with Sharkey, have planned to prove it is the real Lee or a fake Lee. Of course, the imposter is Sharkey. One point: what happened to those attacking Seaview--did they just pull away because their spy didn't get the Flying Sub free? Who were they? How could they attack a US sub and just get away with it? This episode gave us some very good acting from Hedison as the maligned and insistent Crane. The jokes they were pulling on were not funny but it was fun to see his reaction to them, especially as Nelson seemed to be going off the deep end, hating Crane it seemed.























Writer-Sidney Marshall

Dir-Charles Rondeau


Ski and Pat are in the Reactor Room where the reactor starts running wild. Pat calls damage control and details of men come. A blast knocks all down and there are fires. Crane with no gear on, unlike the men, shuts down the rods himself while the men get Pat and Ski out of the room. Crane gets a mask hat but tears it off to close down the rods (why?). Later in Sickbay, Doc tells the others that Lee is in a deep coma--radiation shock. Ski and Pat are fine--they went back to duty. The new anti radiation unit does not yet seem to be helping. A corpsman is there with the device. Doc and Chip go to check the reactor room. Amid blue, red, and yellow lights which swirl around, Crane rises from Crane! This Crane that leaves Sickbay has an evil looking, smug face. He goes into the hall and gets a gun (weird, new music that sort of reminds one of the bionic sound effects made by THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN and THE BIONIC WOMAN). Crane goes into Nelson's cabin and points the gun, "You're a hindrance, a stumbling block. I just have to remove you."  He shoots a rising Nelson and the Admiral falls, dead.



The full scale deck of Seaview is on the surface. Crane passes Sharkey who is snubbed by him. Sharkey finds Nelson's dead body in the cabin and calls the Control Room, getting Mr. Morton. Both actors do a great bit of acting here with this touching scene. Crane puts his gun back and goes back into the other Crane's body inside Sickbay. Doc covers Nelson's body with a sheet while Chip questions Sharkey who doesn't think the Skipper could have done this. Doc calls Morton who moves to the door, "Chip."  Chip turns back, "What else can I do? I'll have to arrest Lee Crane on suspicion of murder."  This heavily dark scene is very good and well acted by all involved and includes Doc calling Morton by his first name--a rarity in the entire series. It is not overdone (as similar scenes in STAR TREK were often) and is emotional and intriguing. Crane, in Sickbay, turns in the bed, "No, couldn't."  He wakes up; the corpsman is behind him and tells him he murdered the Admiral in cold blood."  Crane goes to touch the corpsman and gets an electric shock--some kind of force field. He asks, "Who are you?"  The corpsman answers that he is from an area out of the familiar time and space continuum. Outside Sickbay is the world of tomorrow--a 4th dimensional time space change. Crane moves to the door and the lights spin again with wild music as Lee fights his way to the doors. He sees two Master at Arms guards at Nelson's cabin, his voice echoes and they don't seem to hear or see him (similar to scenes in the classic CARNIVAL OF SOULS). Crane looks at his own hand and goes into Nelson's room, seeing the funeral clothing that has been laid out for the body. He walks out and we hear a tense drum roll music. Chip asks for 5 minutes of silent prayer and meditation on the Seaview deck--at a burial ceremony for Nelson. Chip reads from the Bible with two other officers behind him. Pat and Ski grab and hold Crane who watches as Nelson's body is slid off a cart into the sea. Crane insists he is not dead, he can't be. Ski and Pat take Crane into the hall to the brig. He tries to explain, "You know I didn't kill the Admiral, don't you?"  Without getting anywhere, Crane runs off and is shot twice--in the arm. He goes into sickbay and Pat and Ski, who run to the door don't see him. The lights are in sickbay again. Crane lays on the bed. The corpsman tells Doc that Crane is in a coma. Doc turns to talk to another man to tell him about Capt. Crane--and we see that this other man is...Admiral Nelson.           



Nelson asks about the anti radiation device. Doc refers him to Mallory, the corpsman who was given an A-1 send off from the Nelson Institute biology lab. Mallory has tested the machine out. After the two men leave, Mallory puts the machine onto Crane and the lights start again. Crane rises from his body and goes past a frozen Pat and Ski who are at the door again. Suddenly they move in "their time".  The smug, evil Crane walks the halls and gets a rifle. In the Control Room, all wear black arm bands. Sharkey asks Chip about the Skipper--maybe they came to the wrong conclusion and he didn't kill the Admiral. Chip tells him, "I'm not interested in what you think, chief, I'm in command, follow my orders."  While Chip asks like a real ___$3#553@!*(, the evil Crane enters. He takes over the control room and shoots some men down (we later find out it is two men but it looks like more) and uses the gun butt to knocks others away. This looks a bit silly as he does this much too easily. Chip ordered the men to take him--and with a rifle or machine gun in his hands--it was an order that sent them to their deaths. Crane tells them to change course away from Santa Barbara. He tells them they are soon all going to die--and he doesn't care if they live or die now at this moment. Crane in sickbay gets up and finds he is not wounded (but neither is the evil Crane in the control room in the world of tomorrow). Getting shot will happen in a future time. Mallory tells Crane that the evil Crane will kill the crew at an island they are headed at. Mallory tells Crane, "And then Captain Crane in the 4th dimensional sphere in which time and space exist in a manner in which your weak mind could never comprehend, the people of this world will serve me as slaves for all eternity."  Crane yells and hits the device; Mallory falls into a corner and vanishes. Crane crumples. The lights hit again. The good Crane goes to the Control Room and cannot be heard or seen by Chip or the others. He sees his evil self while Chip tries to bluff the evil Crane, who feels masterful since he has the gun. Seaview heads at a sideways light beam-ray. Chip crumples down as do the rest of the men. Crane tries to change course as the evil Crane sneers down at him. The Control Room lights up. The good Crane falls as the evil one sneers some more in triumph.



Sharkey enters the empty control room and holds a handgun on Crane but tells him, "I can't do it."  Crane says, "Thanks Chief."  He claims to be innocent, telling Sharkey about the 4th dimension. Sharkey asks what it is. Crane isn't sure either, "It could be some sort of a different space and time that we don't know about. I think the Admiral was killed in it; the crew disappeared in it and we're living in it right now--the only thing is--it hasn't all happened yet."  Sharkey nods as Crane talks as if he doesn't believe him and is humoring him, then mentions taking him to Sickbay. Crane refers him to the windows--total blackness--no water, no light refraction, nothing. "There should be something!"  Crane also tells him that the door behind the control room leads directly to Sickbay due to this strange phenomena. Sharkey claims it leads to the corridor to Sea Deck. Crane continues to try to convince him, "There's a corpsman named Mallory, he has a machine that can throw everything into the 4th dimension."  Sharkey tells Crane he is with him. They open the back door and see a tidal wave moving at them! Sharkey suggests they try C Deck corridor up the nose ladder toward security but they see a snow capped mountain dropping an avalanche of snow and ice! It shakes them a bit as they fall off the ladder. Sharkey checks the topside exit and sees a huge fire, reporting to Crane, it makes that San Francisco thing look like a piece of kindling. As Crane tries the Flying Sub floor hatch, Sharkey warns him, "Careful, Skipper, there's no telling what's liable to come out of there."  Nothing does and this leads Crane to think they've been herded here--Mallory wants them to take the Flying Sub out. With no choice, they go down carefully. They find it ready to go--but to where they wonder. As they take it out, the lights hit again and twirl. Then there is total darkness. Crane finds himself falling into total darkness (the stuff our real nightmares are made out of). He falls and falls and lands in a forest-jungle. Mallory is there, "Welcome aboard, Captain."  He is experimenting with 125 lives--testing the powers of the machine, his machine. Crane asks why, with a machine like that, he hasn't tried to sell it to every power in the world. Mallory wants the world coming to him. Crane says, "A man who wants to play God."  Mallory asks, "Wouldn't anyone?"  He wants to know if the human mind can outwit his machine in a maze which has death behind every bush and tree, every footpath. He tells Crane to throw out his usual book of rules. There aren't any. Mallory turns and vanishes. The music sounds a bit like what would be more common place music on LAND OF THE GIANTS. Lee sees the dino-lizard (stock footage!) and runs. He sinks to the ground. Next, there are two evil Crane's. One has a handgun and is laughing uncontrollably, mad, insane. The other is the sneering, smirking, egotist Lee holding his machine gun again. Crane runs to a cliff (stock which is used in THE TIME TUNNEL-THE DEATH MERCHANT climatic fight on the bridge and over the river below--here on VOYAGE we see the river and the fall down the cliff). The two Cranes seem to be behind him. Crane jumps off the cliff toward the river and the rocks far, far below.



Crane falls into darkness again. The lights return and he lands hard in the moss and grass and weeds. A brief scene of this is filmed oddly from behind some ferns which block almost all of Crane. Chip, Ski, and Pat arrive with guns of their own. They blame him for everything, the Admiral's death, the destruction of Seaview, the two men who were buddies of Ski's who he shot down in cold blood in the control room...Ski asks Mr Morton if they can execute him right now. Chip wants to let him have his say first. Crane tries but Chip repeats his more incredulous words such as "4th dimension."  Crane continues to try to make them understand, "A corpsman named Mallory has a machine aboard Seaview...he's using it right now to move us around space and time."  Chip doesn't believe him and they aim their guns to execute him. A machine gun fire scares them off--it is Sharkey with a machine gun from the Flying Sub. They run but the three men give chase and shoot Sharkey in the shoulder. Sharkey falls but Lee helps him up and they run to the Flying Sub rear--the full scale model back with door (used in FIRES OF DEATH). They go into the back hatch. Sharkey passes out. Crane checks him and looks toward the wall--in what is a nice appearance, rather than the by now mundane pop out of thin air--Crane sees the feet and legs of Mallory already there! The camera pans up to Mallory's face. He tells Crane the cliff wasn't there--wasn't real--he surprised Mallory by taking the lesser of the two evils--the Cranes would have killed the real Lee. The 4th dimension machine created the evil Crane in what Mallory says, "What you might have become in another time, another space."   Crane disputes this, "No, he's only what your warped mind's idea of the other Lee Crane might be."   Mallory, being sedate and not raving like other villains on VOYAGE and other shows (DOCTOR WHO for one), tells him that doesn't matter, "He exists in the future, he's killed there, and will kill again."  Crane wants to know what will happen to those from the real world, the 3rd dimension, the solid sane dimension of today. Mallory opens the flying sub back door and out of it they see an island floating in the sky. The bottom looks like sand but this is due to the poor match up of top and bottom rather than it supposing to be sand. "An island in the 4th dimension floating in an endless sea of time and space, I first built my machine here."  Mallory tells Crane he has 9 minutes to live and shows Crane an attachment he put on the Flying Sub panel--a death clock, "Who's to say whether time moves forwards or backwards as death approaches."  The island will blown into atoms. Mallory answers Crane's question of won't it blow Mallory up also with, "Surely you've guessed captain, I'm not even here, I'm where it's still yesterday, on Seaview in Sickbay."  He vanishes. Crane gets Sharkey up, telling him Mallory may know about the 4th dimension but "the Flying Sub's my baby."  The clock moves back toward the final destruction in complete silence now--no music! Crane surmises the Sub was hit by an electromagnetic field from the 4th dimension, if he can jump the circuits with a T-bar, he may be able to get them going.  Sharkey tells him that is like putting a penny in a fuse box--they'll be blown sky high by 10,000 volts. With three minutes, they take off. Sharkey tells Crane, "We made it."   Crane turns to look at the Death Clock, "No, Chief, I'm afraid, we haven't."   The clock hits zero going backward. The island blows up in a good effect with lots of fire in the cloud blast. The Flying Sub has sparks thrown around it and it shakes, eventually falling from the sky!



They dip the Flying Sub out of the fall. Sharkey laments all the other men are gone with the island. Crane figures they can still save them---Sharkey is confused, "How?"  Crane wants to get back to yesterday. The water rushes at the window as Crane dives it into the sea. They splashdown and dock. The Flying Sub doors have the Jupiter II-second and third seasons' door sound effects. We hear DEADLY DOLLS music. In the control room, Crane wants to get back to Sickbay where it is yesterday. Sharkey says, "If you say so, sir."  Crane arms himself with a grenade which Sharkey warns could blow up Seaview (or at least put a hole in it). Crane says, "Then, at least, we'll die in our own world."  Wait--grenades have blown up before--THE SKY IS ON FIRE. Crane goes out and faces the tidal wave...hitting those lights again. He opens the door and tosses the grenade at the device. It blows up and Mallory appears to blow up also. Doc checks Crane--giving him a clean bill of health. Nelson doesn't doubt him physically but thinks his yarn should give them cause to doubt his mental state. Crane puts his shirt back on, "You know, Admiral, my feelings could be hurt except I never listen to a man who's been murdered and buried at sea."   Nelson laughs, "Mallory was brilliant, a genius but a bit mad at the same time."  They did not find a body--Mallory was gone. Crane says, "Wherever he is, that land of tomorrow he planned for us, will never happen."  Nelson tells Crane that Doc has seen him fit for another tour of duty. Crane moves out of Sickbay.


REVIEW: A good episode, a bit weird but great because of it.

 Chris Robinson (who played on GENERAL HOSPITAL for a long time) plays the evil corpsman-Mallory with a calm reserve that deserves awards; for the last two seasons, not to mention some in the second, the bad guys were a bit over the top and loudly declaring their plans to anyone who would listen. Mallory is slight, quiet, calm when giving his threats, and not at all campy. He was all the more scary for it and the moving around time and space was a nice touch, especially the fact that the world of tomorrow was visited by Crane--not the real future but a possible future--a alternate one. The evil Crane that killed Nelson was Mallory's warped version of Crane. The whole thing was as weird as SEALED ORDERS, more so. The island in the sky (and thereby hangs a title) was interesting and bizarre. My only complaint with this one was that the menaces on the island could have been better (the standard lizard stock was used). The two Cranes (a laughing insane one and a sneering egotist killer one) and the cliff dilemma (which used stock footage which was also used in THE TIME TUNNEL-THE DEATH MERCHANT) were good as was the trap on Seaview, herding Sharkey and Lee to the Flying Sub. The exits were blocked with what would become future Irwin Allen trademarks: disaster films--a fire above the conning tower exit, an avalanche above the nose ladder, and a tidal wave out the back door from the control room.  Very odd. This episode begins with Nelson being shot and killed, and then buried at sea! With Crane having killed him! Chris Robinson, older, played in an advertisement which aired during the repeats of this and other VOYAGE episodes---for PREVENTION-- a health magazine! Talk about surreal and ironic! Mallory's body was gone so perhaps he was going to make a reappearance on the show if it continued. This story was served up on LAND OF THE GIANTS as GRAVEYARD OF FOOLS (where it was made much better but without the Mallory type character, it didn't have as strong a villainous presence). Chris Robinson also played in the movie STANLEY (1972) in which he is a psychopathic killer who loves a snake. The entire story was quite ahead of its time and is a prelude for the much better-time-in-two-places-with-two-sets-of-the-same-people story on SPACE: 1999-ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE. Here, time splits into a future that might have been--Alphans refind Earth and the present. They also allude to the fact that if the Alphans from the Moon (present) come down to live on the Earth (refound), they would have no where to die--which sounds a bit like this episode. Odd to end the series with first this one--where Nelson is shot and killed by Crane, then to have Seaview explode with all hands in the next one, NO WAY BACK.











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