(SPOILER) Possible Weddings in "Doctor Who"?

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Troy Baker - Posted on 03 June 2009

Well this is my first post on the new site and I have a possible doozy for you.



Digital Spy reports that there will be three weddings in the Doctor Who universe. The story reports that Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, and Sarah Jane Smith are getting married.

I don't know how true this story is but Digital spy has been pretty fair about upcoming storylines.

Here is the link:



EDIT: I've also checked The Sun's website and they report a similar story.

Here's the link:




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The Sun first came out with it, we tweeted about it at the time. Digital Spy picked up on afterwards. The source is still The Sun, which means it could be all rubbish or there could be some grains of truth in there.


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I think we've heard/read that Rose was called 'Rose Smith' on some spoilers, indicating that her and the Human/Timelord hybrid that is David Tennant on Pete's World will get married, but the other weddings sound like rubbish to me!

I don't care about the Martha one so much as I do the Sarah Jane one! She hasn't even shown a liking to anyone up until now, that's a bit quick isn't it?

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The thing is that RTD really likes to do two things...

Tie things up nicely and surprise the audience.

I mean, the amount of times they've suggested they were going to do something and on paper it sounded awful, but when implemented it worked perfectly and the oddness either disappeared or enhanced the story.

I guess it's a testament to the man's skill as a writer.

So what I'm saying is, while I'm in your camp that I'm not convinced about it I'd have to say I have the utmost confidence in the man to do a superb job of it if things do go in that direction.

Plus I guess he'll want to go out with some kind of bang and while weddings aren't exactly a "BANG" for us blokes, they certainly are with a certain number of ladies.













With all due respect, RTD may like to tie things up nicely but often, he doesn't. Having Rose go off with a fake Doctor human is not tying things up nicely. Having Donna lose her memory is not tying things up nicely. And for what sounded awful on paper: was awful IMO in LAST OF THE TIME LORDS, NEXT DOCTOR, JOURNEY'S END, etc etc etc. The man's track record does not speak for itself. Had this been the end of season two or even the middle of season three I'd say yes but too much crap has "graced" our screens in DW since then including the back up a minute and redo the last few days of the extremly sigh inducing Master two (three?) parter, the Earth being moved without any problems and Daleks killing only those who don't really matter (bar Harriet Jones) to the Doctor or anyone really that we knew or careda bout in JOUNREY'S END, and the extremly hackneyed way...to me RTD is having some kind of Writer's Block and yet still writing. At this point he should pass the writer duties on to others...and fast. I mean the finale is going to smack of CRAP just like most of the recent stuff.  

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BTW - On another website message board - a source who has in the past been very very accurate and responsible, claims to have deliberately started this rumour nad spread it around the internet to see if the tabloids would pick it up!

Guess what? They did :)

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Are we going to stick with the idea of adding the word 'Spoiler' in thread titles where the 'possible news' could be seen as a spoiler?

Cheers, daveac

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Yes, please use spoiler warnings, spacing, white text, etc. when needed. I didn't have a chance to recreate the guidelines from our previous site to this site on that matter yet.


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My bad!

It's going to take me a little time to adjust to the forums.

BTW: How do you do white text here?

PS: I tried to space it down but the post automatically put back to the way you see it.

You can change the text color easily via the Rich Editor. If it does not automatically show up for you, click the "Input format" below and select the Rich Editor. The select the text you want white. Click on the "A" icon in the tool bar with the thick underline and you should see a color pallet. Choose white. As an example, the following is in white text: This is in white text now. <-- white text here.

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Thanks for the tip.

It doesn't automatically show up so I had to find it.

I also used it on the links so I could hide the story titles.

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