LOST IN SPACE-Space Destructors, The Haunted Lighthouse

Chase - Posted on 31 October 2009


Writer: Robert Hamner

Dir: Don Richardson



The Robinsons have already landed on another planet. Smith, Will, and the Robot move to a cave. Dad told them not to go too far. Smith says, "We shall never discover the wonders of the universe sitting at camp beside the Jupiter II. We must strike out boldly in all directions."  He must rest and falls. Will helps him out, finding a cave dug into the cliff. Will mentions to Smith about his "brave and fearless space explorer" speech when Smith wants to return to camp. He makes Will go into the cave to explore, Will telling him, "Okay."  He calls Smith in but Smith stays at the entrance. Will runs out and runs off to go get Dad and Don and bring them back. Smith goes in. He and Robot see body plates on a machine which is run like a conveyor belt. There are lights and computers. They go down to more computers which are bright and shiny. Robot warns Smith of this machine but Smith says, "Never fear Smith is here."  He presses buttons on the metal wall of the device, calling Robot a cautious clump. There are giant cans, smoke, metal rods which move, pistons, clay dropping out which is  turned over to the belt. It turns on a round turntable to go under two nozzles which spray it. One sprays white dust and another red dust. Then green and purple. A larger conveyor belt makes it go under a presser where it is pressed. It goes under a light and heated, steaming up it is passed into a large device and out the other side---on the other side it takes on a human torso form.







The body is passed onto through a giant vein-tunnel-funnel with a large mouth (FANTASTIC VOYAGE vein tunnel and we hear FANTASTIC VOYAGE sound effects). It comes out with a white face, non-descript features in a white shirt and pants. Smith thinks it marvelous. It moans through what looks like a stocking face. Smith says, "I am your master."  It lunges at him and throws the Robot aside. Smith runs up the steps and it follows him. He avoids it. It smashes a rock at his head, outside. He ducks, "Nooo!"  He runs and hides but it soon finds him and follows him.


At camp, Maureen tells John that lunch is nearly ready and she wouldn't want it to go to waste while he is, uhmm, tinkering with that thing. John laughs, "Darling, I never tinker."  They have a table set up with blue chairs. John has a net. Don is at a stall section and when John throws the net over a large rock, Don hits the switches and the rock vanishes in an electric blast. Will comes running and explains what he found. We hear DERELICT MUSIC from the Don and John run and find Will in the alien ship action. Smith avoids the monster and comes running and sits on a rock near a tree. They ask about the Robot but he doesn't care, calling Robot a mechanical meddler, "We're all going to be destroyed."  The cyborg thing appears, moaning. Smith explains quickly. Don asks, "You made it?"  John tells Maureen to get everyone back to the ship smoothly and slowly, not to run. She does. John distracts it away from Don and the stall device so he can toss the net over it. It almost hits the switches, which would kill John as John is holding the net and if the switches are thrown, he would get electrified. Don yells at it to get away from the switch device. Finally, John is able to attack it and toss the net over it. Don hits the switches and it vanishes under the net. In the Control Room, later, Smith won't tell what happened to the Robot. "I'm not his KEEPER," he says and calls him a pucilanimous pinhead, wanting this to cease and desist. Smith is confined to his quarters. When the others go, Smith says, "We shall see." 


Later, outside, John and Don work on papers set on the table. They mutter something about 887 million miles point 2 and 7-1 as well as  sector 484 million miles, cutting time in one half at 3.1. What does all this mean? Who knows? Smith sneaks out of the ship and slips past them. He goes right back to the cave and sees Robot on his back, calling him "dear old friend,"  seemingly worried. Then he calls him a bubble headed booby. He pulls on Robot, trying to get him up but falls back---into the machine buttons. It starts up and begins making another man-thing monster. Smith says, "Oh the pain, the pain."  We hear the build up music from MY FRIEND, MR. NOBODY. The mouth of the vein seems to have braces that were used on the shape of THE TIME TUNNEL. The cyborg goes after Smith who yells, "I'm innocent I tell you!"  It corners Smith and begins to menace him as if it will choke him.



By mistake, Smith hits another button. A conditioned reflex system goes on and is obedient to Smith--it says. The voice from the machine tells him to command, "All your orders will be obeyed."  Smith orders the cyborg to put its hands on hip and to do deep knee bends. It marches into a metal device. Smith orders it to pick up that mess of metal--the Robot. Night--Will has his hands on his belt buckle as John and Don return from looking for Smith. John asks, "Well, where could he have gone now?"  Will knows Smith has gone back to the cave but it is too dark now but Will knows Dr. Smith is in trouble--he just feels it. Don says, "...he caused the trouble and he's not on the receiving end."  They will sleep and get an early start in the morning, John says. John and Don go up the ramp. John comes back and pulls Will by the ear, "Aye, bed time!"  Will says, "N...oohhh."  Smith is at a table served by a cyborg in a chef's hat. Robot is unnerved by a cyborg guard. Smith says, "So you lugubrious lump, your friends think that they can have me incarcerated. Confine Dr. Smith to his quarters. I'll confine them to their own quarters before they know what they're about."  Robot remains quiet. He can see with his scanners. Smith calls him dear old friends and calls him obsolete scrap metal. Robot counters that his cyborgs are mindless. Smith says fiddlety fie. Smith has cochef jonjoc or something. A cyborg tells a bad joke about an intergalactic salesman, retro rocket warp, a solar  farm and the farmer's pretty daughter. Robot remarks, sarcastically, that this is sophistication. The cyborg dances to music--STROLLING THROUGH THE PARK ONE DAY. We also hear some space music. Chef stumbles in his dance. Smith tells him to toss himself onto the reject pile in with two others. Smith tells the Robot, "One more word and off goes your bubble."  There is a light torch in the back of the cave and too much furniture. Smith wants to use the controls to make a better quality product. Will opens the Jupiter II door and sneaks out, closes the door, and moves off (DEADLY GAME music). He hears lots of running feet. Four white pants run by--cyborgs. Will hides but goes to the cave eventually, "Dr. Smith, where are you?"  Dr. Smith comes out from behind a rock. Will starts to talk to him but another Smith comes out and stands along side that one and another and another! They are Cyborg Smiths! Four in all!



Smith's face smiles at a rock where the rest of his body is hidden. He laughs from behind it. Smith tells Will he should back in his bed at the Jupiter II. It is a good thing he got to Will before one of his subjects did--"the first of a hardy band of conquerors who will soon control the universe--for me---their leader."  They go down steps. Smith goes on about "invincible soldiers who will conquer the universe for me."  He will create an army for action. He begins to create another. Will says, "It's like baking a cake."  DERELICT spaceship web interior designs are used in the machine cave set. There is a Roman Smith. Smith will make perfection with his best features. The Roman Smith jumps with his sword...at Will but Dr. Smith stops it. Smith says, "The thing's a leader has to endure, William, you wouldn't believe."  Smith tells the Roman Smith to guard over the prisoner who is in the stockade. Will rolls his eyes, "Dr. Smith, what did you do to the Robot?"  He has put the Robot into protective custody. Will tells him the Robot is a friend. Smith says, "Aback and alas,"  a leader can have no friends, which includes William. Smith calls Captain Smith--a Civil War Smith to take Will prisoner, "Don't harm him."  Smith makes the Cyborg Smith Civil War captain (who has a sabre) take Will off. "Lovely, lovely, lovely, it's all going splendidly I think." 


In the stockade, Will repairs the Robot's dented diode and twisted transistor. It hurts only when he laughs. His arms squeak and are stiff. Will says, "These repairs should hold until we get back to the Jupiter. If we get back."


Day---John and Don look for Will. John and he are finished looking. John says, "First the Robot, then Smith and now Will...all missing. That cave that Will spoke about...now don't ask me how I know this but I think that cave has the key to this whole thing."  DUH!?! HOW DID HE FIGURE THAT OUT? Don wants to go get some weapons. Smith comes and says, "One moment please."  He tells them they are in his protective custody. When John protests, Smith says, "So sorry, Professor, but you are no longer in control here." Smith calls and Captain Smith appears with a sabre, rushing at John, who directs Don to get the destructor capsules from the ship. They fight, a fight which ends up on the ground. John falls on his back and has to move as the sabre is stuck down at his stomach. He gets out of the way. Smith hides under an outcropping of a large rock. Don runs out of the Jupiter, which has small rocks on either side of the ramp. John falls over a larger rock and is on his back again. Just as he is about to be killed, Don arrives and tosses a capsule at Captain Smith, who gets blown away. Don helps John up. Smith clicks his fingers and a red suited Martian Smith appears with odd space helmet on and holding a ray gun on them. Don had dropped the bag of destructor capsules and tried to reach for them. Smith tells the Major to be thankful--he could have ordered it to kill him just then. Smith talks of ruling the universe at the head of a whole cyborg army. As an Emperor. John says, "Smith---knock it off." Smith leaves. Don says, "He's really flipped out this time."  John says, "Maybe but if he can make enough of those things he might be able to pull it off."


In the cave, Smith begins to make a General Smith.


In the stockade, Will waves in a phoney way to a Roman soldier guard, "Hi!"  Robot and Will are near a red cushion couch. Robot says, "Dr. Smith must be stopped. The universe is in enough of a mess as it is without him being in charge."  Robot has a plan--let the guard destroy him so Will can get away. Will says, "Boy, is that a dumb idea. What would I do without you."  Robot asks, "Who would miss a stupid servo mechanism, one whose computers are constantly tricked and mislead by Dr. Smith."  Will says, "I don't think this is all Dr. Smith's fault. I think that machine is somehow taking him over."  Robot says, "Even so, enough is enough. If we survive this, I have finally had it with that man!"  Robot acts sick.


Smith puts in the physical characteristics and mental ability of new cyborg he is making: for instincts he puts in the cunning and ingenuity of Napoleon, the bravery of Alexander the Great, the leadership of Julius Caesar, and the ferocity of Genghis Khan.


Robot is laying on a couch as Will stops the Roman Cyborg Smith from hitting the Robot with a sword to put him out of his misery. As they try to get the Cyborg to move closer to the Robot, the Robot's arm moves up at it--and is seen. Will tells the Cyborg that it was just a nervous twitch. Robot grabs the Cyborg, who drops his sword, "Run Will Robinson, run!"


Smith is finishing putting on the strength of Hercules and almost forgets one important ingredient--his brainpower and personality (and we hear a fart sound as he turns this on). Smith watches this being made. The clay is steamed up in a machine and goes onto a belt. Will comes and tells Smith, "I just can't let you do this. I'm going back to the Jupiter and I'm bringing Dad and Don back here to stop you. You've changed, Dr. Smith, you used to do some strange things in the past but you were always my friend. Well, your different now. This machine is taking you over."  Smith put him in his protective custody to protect him, he is still his friend. Will can be Chief Advisor over his domain when he becomes ruler of the universe. Will doesn't want to be. When the boy tries to leave, Smith pulls his arm and Will ends up on the conveyor belt on his back as it moves into the machine...with Will on it! Smith tried to pull Will off but couldn't. Smith tries to reverse the machine and the process, pleading for Will to come out, "We'll be friends just the way we always were!"  Will comes out the other side and has a Smith face! Smith pleads, "Let's be chums again?"  He is upset. The Will-Smith says, "There is no further need for you--you will be destroyed!"  He reaches up to choke Smith who backs away, yelling, "No! No! No!"



Smith has never been in command here--he only did the Master Machine's bidding. It makes Smith's hand webbed and alien. Will sounds almost merciful when he fixes it by waving his own hand over it, fixing it back. He puts his hand to his head, calling himself a superior intellect, "I will conquer the universe!"  At the Jupiter, Maureen asks John if he is going to fiddle around with that forcefield while Will is out there, "..are you?"  John tells her, "Look, I don't think Smith'd hurt Will but I do know he's coming back here with an army of cyborgs..."  Maureen asks if he really believes Smith would try to conquer them, "...do you?"  John says, "In his condition, he'd try anything."  Don comes out with the guns. Maureen is told to get in the ship and keep the doors locked. Smith comes running and sits on a rock, telling them about Will, "I think he's turned into a cyborg!"  Don wants to kill Smith, "Why I oughta...!"  John stops Don and asks where Will is. Smith tells him the bottom of the gully on the other side of this hill. Don and John go, leaving Smith to declare that all he wanted to do was rule the universe. John blasts a white garbed Smith cyborg. Don blasts a whooping American Native Indian Smith. A Samurai Smith and a Roman Smith jump off a large ridge at Don and John. Don is hit down and falls over. John fights both cyborgs, knocking them down but gets a sharp stick as the cyborgs regather themselves and attack again. He runs the stick into the Roman's stomach and pushes it away. The Samurai lifts his sword over the fallen and hurt Don but John grabs up the bag of bombs and blasts it before it can strike. Don tells John not to worry about him---to go find Will. John goes to the cave. He is out of bombs he realizes as a Musketeer Smith attacks with rapier. He throws the bag and takes off the belt and fights it.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The music during this fight scene is the EARTHQUAKE MUSIC used in the beginning of THE HUNGRY SEA before the main theme song is played. THIS VERSION IN SPACE DESTRUCTORS is a much longer version, sounding the same but with added music.


John hops up on a rock and kicks the Musketeer which rolls but gets up. John jumps down from the rock and the cyborg bashes his back into the machine. More cyborgs start being made and more and more Musketeers come running out to fight John. He punches one and a second one arrives, jumping down from above. John gets the first one's sword and stabs this one in the chest. A third, a fourth, and more come. John sword fights them, stabbing each in its turn, moving them at the wall. Another comes, jumping off the rock and more come from around the bend. He runs one right through and it falls, holding its chest. Two more jump down. He fights two at one time. He jumps up on a rock and swipes at more and more from across the rock. Another after another comes. About six more come. John stabs one in the heart area. Another comes and gets stabbed in the stomach. The last one falls. John goes down the steps and sees Robot who is calling for Will Robinson. We can see that many of the devices here come from THE TIME TUNNEL sets. Will comes and tells John, "There is no longer a Will Robinson. He is just a useful cog in the all powerful vast mechanism."  John tells him not to talk like that--they will get him help. Will tells him it is they who will need the help. John grabs Will by the hand and orders Robot to destroy this place. Robot fires blasts at the machines. Will yells, "No! No! He mustn't!"  He fights and kicks so John picks him up over his shoulder and takes him out sa Robot fires at machines. Smoke and fire destroy the devices in the cave. John carries Will out of the smoking cave mouth and it is Will again, coughing in his normal voice and with his normal face. Will hugs John (gentle WELCOME STRANGER music).


Later, Smith waits for John, sitting on a rock. John comes with Smith's bags, telling him he packed all this things and he can check them if he'd like. Smith trusts the Professor. Will comes to a rock and hides, watching and listening to their exchange. Smith fears the wilderness, all alone out there. John says, "Then I suggest you find yourself a nice, warm cave somewhere."  HEY DOPE, WASN'T IT A CAVE THAT STARTED THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?!! Smith says, "But I'm the weakest person here, I'll never survive."  John says, "You'd be surprised at what a man could do when he has to." 

Smith: But I can change, really I can.


John: When could you ever change? Look Smith, I don't like this any more than you do but this time you've gone too far--alright, you nearly had us all killed but you almost sentenced my son to live endlessly as a cyborg, enslaved him to a life of mindless eternity, yes, I saw.


John tells Smith that he is greedy and too much of a liability for the safety of this organization for John to allow him to remain. Smith pleads that he can change but then says, "No, I'll never change. It's time to face up to the cold, hard facts about greedy, raptus Zachary Smith. If ever there are riches or power or enormous glory to be had--I know I'll endanger the lot of you to get my hands on them. You're a good man Professor, you're doing what you think is right to insure the safety of all the others--I shall always be a menace."  He knows it and tells him to say goodbye to the others for him. He asks of them to think kindly of him in the future, "I know I do bad things from time to time but I don't mean it and it's just that, well, I can't control myself."  John says, "All right, I'll tell them but I think they know that."  Smith tells him he is kinder, "...than I deserve considering all the trouble I've caused."  He tells John he can be most resourceful and self sufficient when he has to be. He moves off and drops the water jug he has and a can of what seems to be fuel or something. John picks it up---and yells at Smith to come back here. "Allright, let's give it one more try."  Smith tells him he will be a new man and will turn over a new leaf, "You won't be sorry, Professor."  John says, "I better not be sorry."  With a mad face, he walks Smith off back toward camp, Smith a silly face on. Will, who had been crying, stops and wipes his forehead and breathes out. NOTE: Throughout most of this scene we hear the sad music from WELCOME STRANGER, making us feel sorry for Smith.



Jupiter II flies in space toward a space station. Robot calls, "Warning! Warning! Collision, collision!"  The ship hits: Penny, Will, J-5-an alien, and Smith shake! Penny falls with a gasp. At the window of the Jupiter II is a blast of mist with sound to boot (the sound is not in the actual next week episode as it is not really a blast), seen from outside the window are Judy, Don, John, and Maureen, shaking.


NARRATOR: Next week, the sole survivor of a space colony puts the Robinson family in jeopardy!" 


J-5 grabs Penny at the mouth of a cave. She screams wildly. A lion runs out of a cave at Penny and J-5; John is sitting in a dark room with the family at dinner with a Colonel, "This light ship contains a store of emergency fuel."  The Colonel adds, "And when it's piped aboard your ship...I'm quite sure there'll be sufficient power to take you straight back home to Earth!"  The light ship shakes with everyone in a giant control area. In the Jupiter II control room, J-5 smiles and laughs, "By the time we get to my planet, we'll be flying upsidedown and around in circles."  Penny gasps and points, "Your planet?!"  She turns to run out the open hatch to the light ship gangway, "Dad!"  Smith is there and opens his arms to stop her. In dark room near an open cabinet, a girl in a silky purple-ish gown waves a giant diamond or jewel at Smith, "But you will come and see me won't you...on my planet...on our planet."  Don, Judy, and John watch in the Jupiter II as the boy, J-5 touches a circuit behind the circuitry panel and it blasts. In Will's cabin, J-5 says, "Will Robinson, just wait till you come back in here."  In a dark room with the dinner table to fall all over, Will runs from a lion which jumps out of the cabinet. Will falls over the table and runs, cornered, "Dad! Dad help!"        












Writer: Jackson Gillis

Dir: Sobey Martin


Older Music: John Williams



Wind wracks the dusty planet the Jupiter II is on, blowing leaves up into the doorway. Don takes a pack and some boxes inside, the last of the stuff from outside. Will comes in with a box. The storm is getting worse, part of a cosmic storm. Judy doesn't care as long as they lift off this dreary planet, of all the forsaken, lifeless places (gosh, she's sounding like Dr. Smith!). Maureen asks Will where Penny is. She went to get her scarf. Will didn't bring in for her because she is always losing things out there. Yesterday it was her comb. John goes to get her, liftoff in five minutes. A boy with pointed ears and strange skin grabs Penny as she enters a cave. He tells her his name is J-5 and he is the only one left over from a colony. He stole her comb yesterday and has her scarf. He wants to go with her family when they leave. His people are all gone. He says they are from another planet in the same galaxy. He thinks Penny would let him stay here to be eaten by the Zaybo, which he describes, "A great big thing that keeps chasing me,"  but to Penny it sounds like a lion when he goes on to tell her more about it. A lion roar ends Penny's doubting of this. J-5 tells her to run, he will try to stop it or hold it off. A lion runs in as she runs out.





No titles yet as John calls Penny, arriving. Penny tells him a lion is after a boy. They go into the cave. J-5 has fainted, Penny worried he is dead. John hits J-5's wrist and rubs it to get him up. They hear a roar. John gets him to Penny, "Get him out of here." Penny will take care of him. They go out and John faces a lion, pulling his gun. FREEZE FRAME accompanied by the older crash music of ISLAND IN THE SKY. FREEZE FRAME shows all the titles of THE HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE, then unfreezes the picture. John shoots and a blast occurs and the lion is gone. John runs out but J-5 runs in the cave, presumably to get Penny's scarf but he calls the Zaybo and an invisible meowing cat comes to him and he puts it under his shirt. John calls, "Let's go!"  Soon the Jupiter II in all its majesty, lifts off from the planet and it looks dark out, perhaps nightfall or the storm making it look dark. The ship tilts a bit as John, Judy, and Don work in the control room (uttering numbers like 6400 and spacial 500?). John calls Judy to help check the stabilizers control and they have to check the cleaned stabilizers or something. John feels the nova turbulence is hitting them (?). J-5 is eating in the galley. He could only eat roots and berries on the planet. Maureen, Penny, and Will are sitting. Smith comes out with his stethoscope to check J-5, wanting to give their alien friend a checkup to see if he can survive in their atmosphere (a bit late). Maureen wants to get him more to eat when he gets back. Will tells Smith they can use his room to give J-5 a check up. J-5 seems afraid of a check up but Will, who doubts J-5's "stories", thinks that he shouldn't be. Smith asks J-5 to remove his shirt, then takes his heartbeat without him doing so..and without putting the scope ends in his ears, "Good heavens, you don't have one,"  he thinks of J-5's heart. Then he finds it after Will helps him put the ends in his ears. J-5 remembers little about his home planet but recalls there was alot of money and the rocks were diamonds and rubies, all scattered about the streets. Will is impatient and wants to get the Robot to give J-5 a checkup which Smith thinks is an splendid idea. Will and Smith go, Will telling J-5, sarcastically, "And when we get back, we can listen to some more of your STORIES."  This makes J-5 angry and he takes out Zaybo from under his dull gold ripped shirt. It meows. "Will Robinson, just wait till you come back in here."  The Control Room shakes. Judy and Don are at the port stabilizers. J-5 comes up and all three of them try to get rid of him. J-5 finds the short circuit for them. John sees it and it zaps. NOTE: the door sound effect to the stabilizers opening is the first season hatch doorway, ramp control sound effect. Don asks, joking, what planet J-5 said he was from, "Cal Tech?"  Judy asks, "How on Earth did you know where to look?"  J-5 is a new crew member, John claims. John can't see why they can't bring him home to his home planet. J-5 asks, "Will you, could you?"  Don comments that as long as it is not too far out of their way and in the same galaxy. J-5 remembers the Zaybo and runs off to the lower deck. John wonders if the boy can fly a spaceship. Don smirks, "Aw come on."  WHAT IS SO FRIGGIN STRANGE ABOUT A BOY FLYING THE SHIP? Or funny? Will opens the door to his cabin with Smith standing outside. Will looks in and sees a lion right there, its mouth open wide and roaring. J-5 comes, shuts the door, then opens it and backs in, going into the room, shutting the door again. He opens the door after he has put Zaybo into a storage cabinet which has a TV on top of it. When they come back in, Smith cannot believe Will saw a lion, thinking it is just some boy's game. J-5 tells Will it was just imagination. Will says, "There's something awfully funny about you."  Before he can take this further, an emergency alarm from upper deck rings out. They go up. There is fog (?) on the viewport. Everyone is upstairs now. Don hits retros. Robot warns, "Warning! Warning! Collision! Collision!"  Everyone shakes and outside we see a blast infront of the viewport.



We hear wind sound effects. Maureen helps Judy up. They think there might be some kind of forcefield they hit. Judy thinks she heard scraping, there might be damage. The fog lifts and Maureen sees a station out in space. John says, "It's sucking us in closer in between them."  There is no power, there has been damage. The Jupiter 2 lands on the space station which has F-12 written on it. John wants to go out and make the first move. Maureen says, "Oh John, you can't do that. You don't know what sort of awful creatures might be in there."  John puts his helmet on. Maureen says, "John, be careful."  John goes to the airlock with no gloves on but his space suit is on. He opens the door to the Jupiter and pulls his gun out. There is a sound and the Jupiter is bumped. Maureen calls John who tells them it was an airlock like some kind of gangplank. A voice starts talking so all can hear, "Lost in space two years, five months, six days, departed Cape Kennedy September 18th, 1997, Jupiter II, Professor John Robinson

Commander."  John takes off his helmet and covering vest.      


Will, hearing the date and other information, says, "That's right."  Eh, Will, no it isn't.


John goes through a door to a larger area. An old man comes and doesn't really talk much but hugs John, happy to see him. He wears an orange overall worksuit and a rimmed blue cap. As he hugs John, John says, "Just a minute!"  As the computer voice still talks on and on about the Jupiter II ("Mission: exploration."), the excited man, Colonel Silas (or Cyrus) J. Fogey, tries to shut the computer off, yelling at it. Finally, it stops, perhaps from his banging. He used to listen to the baseball game tapes: one was that the Mets won against the Angels in 1984 with a score of 22. He must turn on the landing lights. Penny sees an American flag outside the round window. The station the Jupiter is on is a lighthouse ship F-12 in Galaxy 14 Y. The man finds his hat. John is the first visitor the man has had in 11 years. He was with the US Air Force. He hugs John again.


Later, in the Jupiter, Will combs his hair using a hand mirror. Will doesn't know what all the fuss is about and why they had to give Fogey some time. Don asks him if he was in space, alone for 11 years, wouldn't he want to clean up his house. "No,"  Will answers. Judy asks mom for a comb. After J-5 puts Zaybo into the metal storage box again, Penny gets J-5, telling him about an enclosed gangway walk for them all to go through to the lightship. The Robot arrives, "Your mother says hurry up."


Later, John introduces the family, Don, and J-5 to the Colonel. Smith introduces himself to the Colonel who calls him Mister Smith. Will tells J-5 this is a weather station in space, an outer space light house. Fogey shows them the control area, a huge area. Maureen's reaction, "Oh my, well."  The plan was for Earth to put one navigation aide like this lighthouse in every galaxy. Maureen says, "Mmmmm, you must have been awfully lonely."  In 3 more years, he can retire. He shows them weather plotting devices and directional signals to guide others from Earth. He also has maps somewhere. John and the Colonel will discuss the maps. Don wonders if they can help the Jupiter get back on course.


Still later, all sit at the dinner table in a dark room. Penny mentions it is like Thanksgiving, as the Colonel laid out an elegant dinner with cranberry sauce, jello, and a roast. Smith tastes the wine: Early Grand Rapids, domestic. It was left over from the lighthouse's christening. John and Fogey have good news: there is a store of emergency fuel on the lighthouse and when it is piped aboard the Jupiter 2, it is sufficient enough to take them straight back home to Earth. Will says, "We're finally going home."  Smith offers a toast to give Fogey a congressional medal. He, John, and the Colonel drink. Penny reminds them about bringing J-5 back to his home planet. Fogey tells her no---he lives too far out and in the wrong direction; there is not enough fuel to take him home. Maureen says, "J-5, you'll love Earth, really you will."  NICE SYMPATHETIC TOUCH THERE, MAUR. Don adds to his misery, "Sure, J-5, we'll ahh, we'll find a nice home for you down there."  DOWN WHERE? J-5 runs out of the room. Maureen says, "Oh dear...Penny."  Penny runs after the boy.


J-5 goes into Will's room, opens the storage bin, and takes out the Zaybo, "We'll show them, we'll show them!"  he cries and sobs.



Penny comes down the elevator. J-5 hides Zabyo under his shirt. Penny knows how she would feel if she thought she were going back to her home planet and then suddenly found out she weren't. She knows he is crying and is sensitive. She tries to tell him about Earth--how green and beautiful it is and she takes his hand. J-5 seems to calm down, "No matter what happens, Penny, promise to be my friend?"  Penny says, "Of course, silly."  When they go up to the control room, J-5 asks if the Robot will work for anybody. He looks at the computers and instruments, thinking he could figure out how to work them. Penny tells him, "Dad says you have unusual scientific aptitude."  J-5 sends Penny back into the dining room first so it doesn't look funny and he is not embarrassed. When she goes in, he takes the Zaybo out of his shirt, "Scoo, scoot."  John tells the Colonel that he and his wife would like to take a look around and they do. A few ships from other planets have passed by but never stopped and never contacted him. Smith opens a bottle of champagne. Judy thinks Fogey must have been awfully lonesome. But now it is exciting, he tells her. He tried to make things different. Every 4th Tuesday he cleaned the alarm bells. J-5 asks him if it scares him that the alarm bells might ring. Judy and Penny look as Fogey starts to hear alarm bells. He runs to the Control Bridge, followed by all but Smith and J-5. J-5 holds a glass for Smith to pour the champagne in. Penny calls J-5, "J-5, come on!"  He goes with her. In the hallway, J-5 tells her that they will just get in the way if all of them are on the bridge. He tells Penny to go on up and when she leaves, he calls the Zaybo, "Meow."  It goes up his shirt. J-5 goes back in and tells Smith about his planet.


On the bridge, the device lights up and Fogey insists it is supposed to say what is wrong. John asks him how they turn the alarm bells off. It goes off by itself which Fogey says is strange as the auto switch wasn't turned on. A light lights up now. John asks about the storm and how it has affected the lighthouse. Fogey asks, "Storm? What storm?"  John motions with his hands across space, "The cosmic storm that is sweeping the entire galaxy."  Fogey acts goofy. He takes a combination card and puts it into the computer. Behind them are long floor to ceiling windows where we can see the galaxy outside. They check the scanner. Don thinks they have time to repair the Jupiter 2 this afternoon. The dinner is probably cold by now. John asks about drift which Fogey doesn't seem to understand. He just tells John it is a stationary lightship, controlled automatically from its launching. There is a drift indicator console (a TIME TUNNEL console).


Smith eats and drinks in the dinner room. He says, "Never fear, Smith is here."  J-5 has on a gold tunic with a long slit on the chest from the neck down, a tan belt, and pants. J-5 thinks they will never get him to his planet. Smith tells him, "My dear boy Never Say Never." J-5 tells Smith that the trouble with "you Earthpeople" is you think a boy shouldn't be listened to and that they think he is just a boy. Smith thinks that is nonsense---J-5 is almost as bright as he was at the same age, "Why you're almost as bright as I was."  J-5 leaves the room but from the hallway watches, peeking through the door. A girl calls Smith from a wood cabinet behind the table. He yelps and drops his drink. In the cabinet, a girl has a jewel, sitting on top a pillow and a chest of some kind. She wants Smith to come play in her garden. She tells him she is from J-5's planet and that he is a very smart boy who can make people imagine things. She waves a jewel around to tempt Smith, who seems entranced by her. He wants to go to her planet, "our planet"  she says.


J-5 dreams up some story about Dr. Smith wanting his glasses, making Penny go to look for the glasses on board the Jupiter II. J-5 then hypnotizes Smith in the dining room, wanting Smith to tell him what the controls are. If he just tells J-5, the boy will be able to know how to work them. Smith goes outside. J-5 picks up the invisible Zaybo, which comes out of the closet. He tells the Zaybo it can stay here and do anything it wants with the rest of these people--he is going home. He runs out of the room.



On a giant monitor screen, the Robinsons, Don, and Fogey see a mass of stars moving faster. The lighthouse propulsion unit is not operational. They are headed straight for a star cluster. John nixes Maureen's idea to use the spaceship Jupiter 2's power to push the station which he says would be like trying to push an elephant with an ant. Judy says, "But we'll be drawn into those suns." Fogey tells them it is loneliness, as he holds Maureen's hands, calling John sir. John yells at him to stop calling him sir. Fogey in a tantrum yells he is not a colonel---calling him sir comes naturally. He is just the cook and handyman. The real Colonel took off in a space raft somewhere and never came back. He was pretending; he can't work the light ship. Smith is showing J-5 the right backup rocket, the left landing control, the space pressure control aboard the Jupiter II. They are done. J-5 calls Smith arrogant and stupid. We hear odd music. Penny comes up to J-5: she can't find Dr. Smith's glasses, "Besides, he never wears them."  J-5 tells her that her father wants them to get underway to go for help. Penny hits J-5's hand, "Get away from those buttons!"  Penny runs for the door but Smith grabs her. Penny says, "Dr. Smith what's wrong with you--he's gonna steal our spaceship!"  Smith holds her--he is coming along too. Robot is there also and has not had enough time to compute all the probabilities. He seems affected by J-5 also. J-5 tells Penny they are friends and they are going to be together forever. Penny cries and breaks down, sobbing. Fogey tells the others in the control room that there is no fuel to get them back to Earth. There are no maps--he accidentally burned them in the galley while cooking. He wanted to delay them so that he could smuggle himself aboard their spaceship when they left. He can't stand being alone any more. Judy says, "Oh Colonel."  This makes him yell and take off his stars, yelling, "I am not a Colonel! I am a coward!"  John yells at him to stop it--whatever he is, he will be dead like they. John sends Will for Smith and the Robot, telling him to also get J-5, they can use all the help they can get up here. When Will enters the dining room, he sees a lion attacking him. He falls over the table and runs. Penny breaks free from J-5 and Smith's grip and runs out of the Jupiter II, hearing Will's loud and desperate cries for help from dad. J-5 goes to run after her, worried for her but Smith grabs him and tells him they can go, forgetting about all the rest--they can fire the blast off button. J-5 breaks free and calls for Penny, worried about her. Inside, J-5 finds Penny coming up from under the table, lighting a candelabra, telling him she can't be hurt by something that is imaginary. J-5 made up the Zaybo, she figured out--he has a fantastic mind that can make people imagine what they are afraid of. She holds the candles between them. J-5 was alone for 5 years---he remembered nothing about his home planet. He wanted something to be on his side--something that would like him, something against the loneliness like a kitten. He calls for it. It won't answer. Penny says, "Oh J-5 don't you see? Maybe you don't need it anymore. Well, you were worried about me---maybe you'll never need it again because now there are real people and real things to think about."  Don comes in and asks what has been going on. The room shakes. Penny says, "Nothing, everything's allright."  Don says, "Oh no it's not."  They have to abandon ship and get everyone back on board the Jupiter II. J-5 tells Don it is the stabilizers--the same thing that affected the Jupiter before. It was a short circuit. The room shakes. They run for the control deck as the hall and dining room shake. They run into the control deck and shake along with the others. Don goes to controls to stabilize but J-5 goes to another and opens it as all shake and fall. He pulls a newspaper out from the control stabilizers. Colonel rolls his eyes. J-5 gives him the paper.


Later...the Colonel is in an orange jumpsuit, "I hate to say it--goodbye."  He and Don try to shake hands or salute each other. John tells him that the Colonel deserves his title. The Colonel remains modest. He hopes maybe now someone will be able to hear his weather reports now. Maureen thinks so--all he needed was a crew. J-5 is in an orange jumpsuit, saluting, readying for cast off of the Jupiter. A relief ship will be here in three years. The Colonel will send

J-5 back to his own planet or to Earth or anywhere else he wants to go. Don says, "It's time for cast off."  Judy walks with Will to the gangplank; Maureen and John go together; Penny is last. J-5 stops at the end of the gangplank and waves, happy, "Goodbye Penny, don't worry, I'll be seeing you one of these days."  She walks past the gyros, sad, either from leaving J-5 or from the fact that he betrayed her somewhat or that she and he didn't work out as planned. The signpost she passes reads Gyros and Bridge. She stops, J-5 not sure she will return his good bye, "Good-bye, J-5."  J-5 smiles at her. She turns and sadly goes into the Jupiter II doorway, shutting both the airlock door and the inner door, thinking. The Jupiter II takes off from the lighthouse in space.  

TUMBLE WEED MONSTER MUSIC FROM ISLAND IN THE SKY WITH ROBOT ATTACK MUSIC FROM SAME EPISODE--Will looks up and sees Indians. A giant orange colored cyclops roars and moves at them.


NARRATOR: "Next week, Will and Dr. Smith fall into a mysterious slumber, awakening to find they are three hundred years into the future!" 


There are strange green lights as the Space Pod with Robot, Will, and Smith encounter the ball in space. Robot warns, "Warning! Warning. We are about to enter the orbit of an unidentified planet!"  Smith gasps, "Do something!"  Will says, "I'm trying but the pod does have enough power to pull out!"  John and Don encounter the green lights and a tree blasted. Robot fires electric at the spiked monster and a machine, both blow up. Judy in a strange glittery red futuristic space suit looks, "I'm not joking Will."  Will sits against a corroded Jupiter II, listening. "I'M NOT YOUR SISTER."  There is a huge boulder which blows up. John yells, "Don!"  He pulls Don back as a boulder falls at them. The Jupiter II flies past rocks on a crash course. Don shakes inside, green lights, "I've got a feeling that someone down on that planet is letting us know that we're not welcome!"  John moves to buckle in, "All right, then prepare for emergency landing."


"Next week FLIGHT INTO THE FUTURE on LOST IN SPACE over this channel!"

















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