Another Forum Option

Administrator - Posted on 03 June 2009

Another Forum option may be to go with forum software that is not integrated into the CMS. It is not as preferable as one that is as it would be mean going to what would look like another site in its appearance, and possibly having a separate account for it as well. 

The benefit would be that it would be a full-fledge forum with all the options one would expect from one.


While I can handle the new site as is, I must admit I would prefer a full-on forum for posting.

I used to play on a Risk-clone game site that had a traditional forum built into the rest of the site, so it was still only one account.

Louis Trapani's picture

I was reading up on a method of making the forums appear and behave much like a traditional forum. It is an option perhaps, but seems a little complex initially to set up as from what I can see it is not "a one button" solution, but something that may require several modules and some tweaking to accomplish what it needs to do. Still, it may be a way to go, I still need to investigate it further.




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