Audio: World Wide Web (Lucie Miller 8th Doc 3.8) SPOILERS

Chase - Posted on 07 November 2009

WORLD WIDE WEB picks up from the first part, which was boring beyond belief. Here, the spiders are used to good effect, there are deaths that didn't seem that they would occur, and a bit of a rip off from FOREST OF THE DEAD, where it was kinda lame to begin with. Still as the spiders take over Earth, the Doc and two psuedo companions--WHO ARE NOT SAFE---drive up to a fast food place and find how the spiders have taken over EVERYONE, it seems, even TV. That said, it's quirky but the resolution seems rushed as these things always do. Paul is okay, even if he's sleep walking. Sheridan Smith has overstayed her welcome although she gets a few nice lines. The trouble is that there's nothing really that new here at all and it all gets boring fast but not as boring as the first part. The Doctor gets a few good lines but again, Paul's pretty lackluster. Lucie gets to be downloaded into the TARDIS and follow the numbers really. I must say I expected more from these 8th Doctor audios and got less. Rather like the BBC novels of the 1990s. 

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