El Maleficio and the sequel movie and Spanish novellas

Chase - Posted on 08 November 2009

A word about Spanish novellas. Most of them are conceived as mini series and some come from books but many have sci fi, horror and fantasy elements. The one discussed El Maleficio seems to be an 82 hour mini series about a man who runs an evil cult that wants to use a boy as the instrument of the devil. The boy, barely a teen, may be the instrument of the devil or actually the son of the devil. There is a follow up movie which is on dvd and the ending is shocking.

Many of these novellas contain time travel, time machines, time tunnels, the past, historical events, vampires, ghosts, swtiches of bodies and other DARK SHADOWS and DOCTOR WHO like conventions. There are also gangs, stabbings, shootings, rapes, castrations, car crashes, and serial killers. Almost nothing is held back and on screen we see alot of the violence in detail. Oh and one must not forget the aliens. There are a few with aliens and clones. One, awhile back, possibly 1990, had Menudo and a friendly alien. And a shadow monster.

One aspect of these are the location work, as it is all almost location work. It shows parts of the world seldom seen in the US or England: Spain, Mexico, the Carribean, etc. It is all quite nice to see and colorful.  

Basically being shorter soap opera stuff, there are also long, long bouts of nothing happening but talk, talk, talk. The characters you like are often off screen for far too long while annoying boring characters dominate. It's hard to sit through a lot of it.

Other stories include angels and kids who travel through time to save the present. If you can bare some of it, there are some good rewards. From time to time check some of them out if you have access, you might like them.  

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