LOST IN SPACE-The Promised Planet, the Great Vegetable Rebellion

Chase - Posted on 08 November 2009


Writer: Peter Packer

Dir: Ezra Stone

Special Dance Music: Pete Rugolo (also did TV'S THE FUGITIVE music)


Jupiter 2 flies in outer space. Maureen goes to Smith's cabin with broth and sits on a stool near his bed. He is in a nightgown and cap, in bed, sick. "Madam, I have no appetite for food."  Don is there too, "Wow, he really must be sick."  Smith claims, "Not merely sick, Major, but on the brink of the long, long journey to that UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY from which no traveller returns."  All are worried. Penny, Judy, and Will are in the room too. Will says, "Boy, Dr. Smith, you've got us really worried. After all, you're not that old."  Smith tells him he is not old at all. Smith tells Don, "Major, I want you to know that I bare you no grudge for your failure to get us home."  He tells Maureen that he forgives her husband as well and wants her to tell him so--he holds no malice in his heart for them. Smith asks Penny if she is surely crying already. Penny tells him no just that what he's saying is awfully icky. Smith says, "Oh the insensitivity of youth."  Robot calls them with a beep that they are in the star system of Alpha Centaurai. All run out but Will. Smith tells him that to think they would all leave him on his death bed for some look at some wretched star. Will tells him, "But it's Alpha Centauri, I gotta go see it too."  He runs out, noticing that Smith sat up, better. Getting out of bed for his slippers, Smith says, "Alpha Centauri indeed. Ah well, I suppose it's better than nothing. Oh the pain, the pain. Why couldn't it be Earth!" 


Control Room: John is reading something on the scanners. He tells the others when the arrive that the star system they are near has four planets and at least two of these support some kind of life. Maureen says, "Yes but not necessarily terrestrial life."   John will find that out right now, calling, "This is the space vehicle Jupiter II, John Robinson commanding."  Interstellar Relay Station 9 on planet Delta calls in, Bartholemew calling. John asks if they are terrestrial. The voice of Bart tells him that they have had an outpost for about 3 years. Will says, hearing their accent and slang sayings, "They're Americans!"  Bart reads that and says, "I read that. Really what did you expect, Jupiter 2, centipedes, lizards, six legged bald headed pygmies and antennas for ears?"  Ground control guidance is ready for them and will see to their soft landing, he tells them, adding for them to sit back and relax. Don asks John about someone named Bartholmew at Alpha Control. John didn't but he figures that they must have quite a community down there if they have been sending families all along. Maureen says, "Which makes me feel a little bit like Mrs. Rip Van Winkle."  Will points to a tunnel of lights. Smith comes running out, telling them to man the fire extinguisher. Robot calms him, telling them that the display of electronic pyrotechnics is heralding their arrival, "Enjoy, enjoy!"  John sits back, "All right everybody--relax."   The Jupiter II seems to turn on its side!





The Jupiter II legs come out of it and it lands at night in the circle pad. John secures all systems with Don. Bart welcomes them as they file out of the ship, Smith last. Bart gives the girls flowers and shakes hands with the males. Smith comes out last and gives Smith some flowers. Smith is glad to see a young person with some manners as Bart treats him nicely --at first. Bart knows about the tale of the Jupiter II and its crew but not about Dr. Smith, whom he calls Methuselah. Smith claims to be an intergalactic and environmental psychologist. Smith adds, "I came aboard at the last moment under SEALED ORDERS. I believe the Professor will attest to that."  John does, "Yes, he did come aboard at the last moment."  The main colony is on Planet Gamma but here, Delta, is for orientation, processing AND ALL THAT JAZZ. John asks who the commander is, he might know him. Maureen tells Bart that he seems awfully young to be in charge. There is a shuttle twice a week to Gamma from Delta and back and forth. There is no official chain of command. They have a  buffet supper waiting for the family but Will and Penny are supposed to go separately with Bart, as he tells them they have separate quarters for the younger arrivals, one of those regulations they have been trying to change for a year. Bart tells them if they feel better run along with Mommy and Daddy. Will tells Dad not to embarrass him and Penny, they will be okay with kids their own age. Bart adds to this, telling John it is okay if the kids go with them, "You've been out there for so long you can hardly be expected to know where it's at."  John acknowledges that, "Perhaps you're right, maybe we have been out there too long."  Edgar, a fat kid with glasses and beads and a leather jacket, wants the adults to fall in behind him. They stare. He asks, "Please."  Everyone falls in behind the second, Edgar and we hear happy music. Smith had run  in to put his flowers in some water and runs out, "Wait for me."  Bart leads Penny and Will into a series of rooms adjoining to a main larger room with a platform. When Will says gosh, Bart tells him that's a word for squaresville. He also mentions the elders, olders, and how in their spare the adults are lecturing us youngers. The Robinson kids go to the main area but notice Bart is not with them. An alarm sounds and suddenly the lights go dim and flashing strobes go on. Dancing girls dance on the platform in skin tight outfits to jazzy music. A changing voice kid calls to Will and Penny. There are many of us it says. Will is to go to Cubicle Z-7. A female voice, silent type and whispery, tells Penny that her room is Cubicle Z-8. Will tells Penny there is nothing to be afraid of as curtains open to their cubicles. Inside is a metal stool seat infront of a console and TV scanner and curtains on the wall next to it. The curtains open and reveal the dancing girl shadows on the wall and music, loud music playing as the girls dance and lights flash. The Operator starts the switchboard which began this in the formerly quiet room. The two take a test and must get 90 to pass. Questions consist of: the celestial tri star on the great sphere, a zenith, celestial bodies. The voice tells him to mark his answer on an astral position. Will gets it wrong. Will gets another question (something to do with Cannibus, Polarus, or Vegaus) wrong, having only ten seconds to answer. He yells he needs more time. A girl's voice laughs. Penny has a girl's voice questioning her on psychometry. The voice tells her to be free of her former associations and to listen to the sound, this is a FUN colony. Penny does this.


In a conference room, Smith records this: "At the prospect of hurtling through space until the end of time, I urged my fellow voyagers to be of good cheer..."


Don stops him, telling him he is tired of hearing this, every hour on the hour, Smith, on his tape, has saved their lives. Smith tells him this is as he sees it. John says, "Welp as I see it...they've fed us by auto buffet, put us to sleep by Brahm's lullaby, also automatic..."  They haven't seen sunlight or moonlight and all of their contact has been through someone named Bartholmew. Maureen tells him, "Yes, but he seemed very mature. You're worried about Will and Penny aren't you?"  John prefers to say he is puzzled, this is not how these things are usually done. Judy says, "Were usually done, Dad."   John intends to find out how they are done now. He goes to the metal pole with a radio on top and calls the Message Center which tell him there are no commanders on Delta. They will hold his call. John asks how long it will be before they call him back and they don't answer. Maureen says, "John, look, we know there's an American colony here or on planet Gamma. Now, we've been out there a long time and this is all new to us--we mustn't be suspicious."   John prefers to say he is just being curious. Don tells Smith he can continue, "Just as long as you remember there were a couple of times when we saved your life."  Smith can't recall any such thing. John leaves and goes into a radio room and calls on a prohibited frequency. A sound blasts John back and he falls into a chair in this other room. Will gets a question on his own solar system---and asks if the Red Spot is a feature of the planet Uranus. Will fails. Edgar comes into his room as Will leaves to tell his father but Edgar stops him. Edgar will be Will's guide to the Promised Land but doubts Will will make it. He refers to creepy greenhorns like Will. He also talks about those who gave him a bad education. Will tells him, "You're talking about my family!"   On Gamma, there is only one family---us, Edgar tells him. He will give Will private coaching. Will asks about Penny, "But Penny..."  Edgar tells him, "Your sister is doing okay."  John gets up and goes out another door...to see wild dancing lights and his daughter Penny dancing on the platform with the other girls, Penny in the middle!



John yells for her to get down but is ignored. An alarm sounds and the dancing and music stops. Penny comes to sit with John and has an attitude with him, telling him he is hopeless and that he "doesn't get the vibrations like I do."  John wants Penny to come with him until he can find someone, "...who can tell me what the..."  he is about to curse but stops himself, "...who can explain..."  Penny tells John that Will is probably on his way to planet Gamma by now. John wonders why he wasn't told about that. Penny says, "You don't belong here."  John answers, "You're right but you do belong to us."   Penny calls his talk sentimental gush. The alarm goes on and Penny gives into the lights and music. Spotlights drive John away as he yells. A major spotlight hits him and a door opens, John falling back through it. It closes and he can't get it open. He bangs, "Penny! Penny!"  Will moves a chair to Edgar's feet and gets a refill for him on a shake, being called "Frosh baby."   Edgar has a jawbreaker. He makes fun of Will. Will says, "I can't be any different from what I am."   Edgar tells him to tune out the senior citizens and plays with his straw, hitting Will with some of his shake. He tells Will he is smart enough. Edgar gives him a memory cone to help him. Penny comes in, dancing, "Man what a pad. It's a gas."   There is a jukebox. Penny dances some more.


John tells the others what happened and tells them there are only youngsters here. The oldsters, "Oldsters--that's us!" are useless. Smith wants to deliver his priceless recordings of his space odysseys. Don tries to stop Smith from going. John says, "Oh, let him go--every room in this place is exactly alike--six walls, six doors."  Smith happens to admire symmetry. Smith goes. "Well now that he's gone maybe we can get something done."  Maureen says, "You know this is all so bizarre--superfluous oldsters---us."   Don asks, "What if we are--what happens now? Where do we go from here?"  John calls on the radio pole about Will. Penny and Will, he is told, are in the final phase of their adjustment period. John will give them 30 minutes, then go in by force. Maureen asks, "By force? But they're all children."   John tells her, "Children that are trying to take over our children and trying to convince them that even Judy is obsolete aren't really children at all, Maureen."   Judy says, "I don't feel obsolete."   Maureen touches her hand but green gas comes out of the radio stand and freezes all of them. They are in a suspended state and the gas are memory washing fumes. Smith goes looking in curtains and finds no one. RELUCTANT STOWAWAY music. Smith goes to another room and hits a button causing an alarm to go off and the music to start again. He sees the shadows of the dancing girls. He prefers a Waltz and a two step. On the TV monitor, Smith gets three aliens, one of them is Bart. They look like aliens with large pointed ears, green skin, and long antennas sticking up from their bald heads! And large foreheads. They get a call from Central Control. Smith gasps that his space odyssey almost fell into alien hands. Bart and two others come in and block his exit. Smith asks, "Who are you?"  The aliens' have eyebrows drawn on them. Smith tries to con them but becomes more fearful. Bart has a wand and tells Smith, "If it should ever occur to you that this is an alien planet and that Barthlomew is really an alien--no Smith."  Smith will be a cheerful, friendly, all American boy. They make Smith "young" with long brown hair (a wig), a necklace, and he says "groovy."  They want him to persuade Will to drop his hangups. Smith gulps something like, "Indeed I do, I mean, I dig, I dig."   The tall one escorts Smith to Edgar's pad. Penny tells Will, who protests that they cannot go along with this, "Get lost square."   Smith dances with Penny and Edgar. Penny says, "Hey man, you really grove."  Will pushes Edgar down, off the couches and grabs Penny off the pads and leaves. Smith yells, "I don't want to lose my youth!"  He runs outside to drums (oil drums? fuel drums?). Will tells John at the area that he knew they weren't going to go along with this. John says, "You called me dad."   Will says, "Don't you start too, I've always called you dad."  "Well,"  John says, "It would be all right to call me dad if you were my son."   Will says, panicked, "Dad, I am your son--this is Penny your daughter!"  John says, "We have only one child--and her name is Judy!"  He points to her. The others follow John toward the Jupiter II. Maureen pats Will's arm as he and Penny look on in shock.



The others go up the ladder into the spaceship. Will runs to stop John, "Sorry son, no visitors."  He warmly warns him and his sister to keep back when they take off--the thrusters put out an awfully lot of heat. John pats Will on the leg. He tells Will to get home, his parents must be worried about him and his sister. John won't let Will talk to the Robot to tell them what is perfectly obvious--he is not Will's father. Penny is crying. Will gives John the memory cones and tells him to lite them up and find out what they are. John says he should be going home now. Smith watching this, almost slips that the family shouldn't leave the kids here with these...Bart grabs Smith's mouth and covers it, threatening him with death and the wand. Smith tries to persuade Penny and Will to leave the area and let those cats go, "We don't need them", shaking and not being very convincing. Will turns to him, "Dr. Smith, you don't know what you're talking about."   Will tells Bart he drops out. Penny does too, knowing she went along with it for awhile but "never would have if I had known it would have meant getting rid of my folks."   She drops out too. Drop outs are not allowed. Bart marches them on. A dark one pushes Will and Penny from behind. The Jupiter II is in space now. Robot has a confession to make. John and he were both misled by a magnetic impulse from Delta, which they now know is not Alpha Centauri. The life forms there are not terrestrial but alien. Don says, "Then we're well out of it."  Robot says, "True but Will and Penny Robinson are not."  John asks if he is in on that gag too. Robot explains, "Your memories of Will and Penny, not to mention Dr. Smith, were blanked out by an alien smoke screen."  Robot detects chemical cones and suggests that Mrs. Robinson and Miss Judy be present at the lighting and detects they are on their way up here now. Maureen asks what this is about--she could hear it on the intercom. John lites up the cone and red smoke comes out. He hears his conversation with Will. He tells Don full power. Jupiter II turns around. Bart calls them, they are being monitored and he tells them to abort their return. He threatens them and then says, "Here's some music to fly by."  The rock jazz plays out loudly, bursting from the radio console.


In the large room, two alien girls sit, looking human. Will and Penny go to Smith who is playing pool at a pool table in the center. Smith is slummin, he says and calls them punks. He tells them he is tuned in, turned on, droppin out in a big way made him into a younger. Will says, "Act your age."  Smith tells them to split but Will says, "Much as we'd like to, we're stuck here just you are. C'mon Penny."   They leave but Penny hears the alarm and the music makes her dance again. She tries to resist. Will tells her to or they will never get out of here. "Oh, I'm trying but it's so hard not to."  Will says, "Penny, don't!"   Smith dances with the girls on the pool table. Another alarm and Bart comes to Will and Penny. Smith does a backspin shot at the balls on the pool table with the stick. Bart thinks it is a pity when oldsters act like youngers. Will comments he did it to him but Bart tells him that Smith went along with it--the only way he could do that to him. Will tells Bart that they are not going to cooperate but Bart takes the two kids into a curtained room and puts on a TV screen. They see the Jupiter II going into a radiation belt. Penny says, "That's your doing, isn't it. Dad was right, you are aliens."   Bart says, "If you look at it my way--it's you who are the aliens."   Will questions him--what does he want. He wants them to cooperate. Bart says, "Yeah, we're young, see, that's all we are, we don't grow up, see, we don't grow up ever, and that's what we want, we wanna grow up, we wanna grow up, and the only way we can do it is through you and you---it's the only way!"                                        


Will asks why, if they want to grow old like the adults, do they put them down? Bart tells him because they can't make their scene. The Jupiter II glows red. Bart tells the kids, "Make em reverse course."  Will tries, telling a frantic John on the radio, "Relax pops."  He tells them to split the scene and that they are psyched out so they should turn around before they get themselves killed, "And I wouldn't want that to happen...not even to a bunch of squares like you."  Penny cries, "We just don't groove to the same vibrations. Chow man."  John agrees. Maureen protests, "John, you can't."  John will put them back on course in five minutes via order to Don. Bart tells the two they did a good job. They can relax until the big day tomorrow--the transfusions which will give the aliens Penny and Will's chemistry---their aging chemistry. When Bart goes, Penny complains to Will, "Dad agreed to change course right away--he didn't even argue."   Will tells Penny they must do something to make sure the aliens cannot monitor the Jupiter's return approach again. He has a plan. The two go out to Smith. Will cons Smith into doing a heist, "Hey man."  He wants to split it three ways but Smith drives a hard bargain. "You're a hard man,"  Will says, and Penny repeats it. Will nods that over there is a big relay station filled with transmitters and junk like that that will fetch a big price. Smith is told "Uh-uh, Smitty, we're with you all the way,"  by Will and "I dig,"  which Penny repeats, "We dig."  After Smith goes to the relay room to "case the joint", Penny watches, "I sure hope he doesn't ruin everything."  Will says, "Are you kidding? I hope he does, including their monitoring system."   Smith fools with the door but gets inside. Smith blows things up by disconnecting. A voice tells him to disconnect. He says, "Yeah, sure, I'll disconnect."  He blows up more things. Edgar and Bart come in and Edgar pushes Smith into a chair. After Bart leaves, Smith asks Bart, "You ain't uh, figured on rubbin me out?"  "We already figured Methuselah,"  Edgar turns the chair around, away from him. On the screen the Jupiter II is coming back. Robot warns, "Danger! Danger! Destruct missiles!"   John orders direct angle of descent, "We're going straight in!"  Don obeys and takes it down on a nose dive.


Bart and his people get the operation ready--"It's tomorrow, cats."  The transfusions will begin now. He tells them he thought they were really "with it" until they got Methuselah to mess with the relay station. The Jupiter II lands and its legs come out. John and Don run down the steps and across the parking lot. They go to Edgar and take him in each arm. They go out but Smith gets locked in, "I'm afraid this is all too groovy for me."  Will and Penny in the main room are strapped down to operation tables. A curtain wall is put up. Bart and men have on operating gowns and masks. A light is on him. They put the lights on John and Don, who want him to let them go. Bart asks, "Or what?"  John says, "I don't use threats on children, Barthlemew, when I ask them to do something, I expect them to comply."  He tells Bart he will learn that when he gets a little bit older. Will sits up, "They can't get any older, Dad. That's why they need us."  Edgar wriggles in Don's clutches, "All I want to be able to do is shave, see."   Smith hits a button in the relay room to find his way out but starts the alien music again. This makes the aliens dance. It also gives Don and John the chance they need to, to get Will and Penny off the tables. John carries Penny out. When the Robinsons and Don run out, the lights stop, and the aliens stop dancing. The doors all open for Smith and he runs out. A male voice tells Bart, who is on the platform now, "As time takes the Earthlings forward, it takes us back, back to our end."   Bart screams, "They'll be others!!!"  Penny, John, Don and Will run to the Jupiter II leg (CHARIOT music) and the first three go up. Smith calls for William to wait for him, "William, wait for me! Wait for me!"  He calls William how dreadful, "You were going to leave me here!"  Will says, "Well, we thought you were really groovin with them, Dr. Smith."  Smith prefers the Minuet and throws the wig and necklace. John calls down from the leg top, "Let's go!"  Will and Smith run up.


The Jupiter II is flying in space. The astrogater is spinning colors. Maureen wonders what sort of physiology they had that prevented them from growing. John says, "It could be their psychology---if their minds would grow up enough for them to accept us, maybe their bodies would too."  He says they will start their scan for the real Alpha Centauri now. Smith says, "Real Alpha Centauri indeed! From this moment on, there should be one goal and one goal only---Earth."  Robot says, "Man, what a hang up."   Everyone nods mild disapproval at this.   



"Next week, Dr. Smith and the Major face a life in prison on the planet Destructon!" 


"Next week, FUGITIVES IN SPACE on LOST SPACE right here on this channel!"



Writer: Peter Packer

Dir: Don Richardson

Music: Alexander Courage



The Jupiter II flies in space. John and Don are at the window viewport, discussing how they would save fuel if they went into orbit around a planet below that has only plants. Don asks, "What could be safer than a stew of pleasant purple meadows?"  John calls Maureen and the will soon get below for the Robot's birthday cake (which has a model of the robot under it or is supposed to be part of the cake or is a body of one of the Industro Robots!!!). It was Will's idea to give the Robot a birthday party. Judy tells Maureen when she told the Robot he almost blew his power pack with embarrassment.


Later, Will spots Smith trying to take some cake for later but stops him. Smith pretends to be arranging it. He asks, "Good heavens, William, what happened to your eye!?"  Will has a black eye. He was taking down the Robot's present when the closet door was in the way. Smith calls all this fuss ridiculous. Will asks him about the Robot's present from him, then mentions the table of the birthday celebration looks great but lacks real ferns and flowers. Penny's fakes look okay, he guesses. When Will moves on, Smith talks to himself---he has no present yet. He wants to get back into friendly relations with that bubble headed booby and by going down to the planet below, he thinks that real flowers will cause the Robot to swear his undying loyalty to "me."  Smith takes clippers up his sleeve and goes up to the Control Room to ask John and Don about the planet at the window. Don asks, "Don't you ever listen to the intercom, Smith?"  They will be in orbit about two to three hours, not landing on it. They will lock on Signus Nebula for escape course for one hour, then thrust at full power Don tells John. Huh? Smith goes to the window to look at the planet which is bigger now in view. He asks about poisonous serpents and predatory monsters. John tells him on the contrary there are only vegetation and plants but they would exhaust too much fuel on lift off if they landed. In 90 minutes they will start escape procedures. Don and John go down below for "that" party. Smith plans for the robot to be his slave forever. He goes into the Pod and manages to fly it down to the planet. Exiting the Pod door, he calls it a veritable jungle paradise, which it is. He moves through growth and hears sounds. "Mother nature, how glorious."  He clips three flowers and hears sounds like "Ohhhh," and then turns and screams when a giant carrot man walks up to him! The carrot tells him he committed a crime, he murdered plants, "Now you will pay for it--a life for a life!"  Smith tries to run, "Noooooo!"





Smith runs to a rock. The carrot calls all humans killers. Smith runs into a tree and Willaby, a purple headed five o'clock shadowed man with glasses and a lab coat. Smith thinks he is human but Willaby tells him he is not precisely human---he was spacewrecked here several 100 years ago and to save him, Tybo, the carrot man, had to give him a heart transplant...with a lettuce heart! Tybo is his best friend--he has no choice, he knows what will happen to him if he isn't. He laughs at this. The vegetable kingdom is to come into its own. Smith thinks that talking to Tybo will get him out of this and tries but just digs in deeper to trouble. Smith claims to eat the plants and vegetables for vitamins and to eat them regularly, cooked or raw. Tybo has changed his mind about killing Smith---calling him a jellyfish type. He thinks he has potential for a new life form. Smith tries to run but giant leaves spring up and block him. He yells.


On Jupiter II all blow party horns to celebrate the Robot's birthday. John has on a Mexican hat and wants more drink--punch. Don tells John he should wear that hat all the time. Penny gives the Robot a gift and others do too. Will apologizes. Robot tells him, "Do not apologize, Will Robinson, it is the thought as much as the gift that counts."   Judy asks, "Hey, where is Dr. Smith?"   Robot tells them Smith was angry after they had a few words. Robot tells them his sensors have picked up that Dr. Smith is on the planet below. They ask him why he didn't tell them before--no one asked him and his is not to ask only answer. The group go up above to contact him. Robot says, "Happy Birthday to Me."  He drinks punch (?). He drops some. In the control room, Smith answers John's calls but he is talking oddly, slowly, and in a faint voice. John tells him to cut all that...wanting to curse...all that flowery talk and get back to the ship before he gets left behind. Smith says, "Adieu Adieu."  He talks about the garden of contentment and that he will reap the fruits of their endeavors...John tells him to cut out all that...but Smith talks of the seeds of threat in his soil of contentment. John asks if he is in the Pod but Smith goes. John can't activate the Pod's return unless he's sure Smith is in it, "We may have to bring the Jupiter down."  Don snaps, "Look, he's been a pain in the neck since the first day out--complaining, lying, loafing, interfering, and now this boarder who we never wanted in the first place has found himself a home--in the soil of contentment no less--YOU WANT HIM BACK?"   John looks at Don, "Are you through?"  Don frustrates, "Yeah, I've said my piece."   John says, "We're going down."  All start to move to positions. Don snorts, "Soil of contentment."


The legs are out of the Jupiter later and all come down the ladder to the forest. Don and John will need machetes so Will gets them and gives it to them. Don doesn't think he will sound too sincere talking Smith into how much they need and missed him. John tells him then Maureen and Penny will go along to do the convincing. Don doesn't think Smith will come back, no, "We'll have to carry nature boy on a pine needle stretcher."   They go and cut through the thick jungle growth in the pretty forest. They all stop as they hear the screams and yells, light ones but there all the same. Maureen stops, "John, you don't suppose..."    John stops her, "No, please, please..."   Penny states, "You were going to say that maybe the plants feel pain when they're hurt. Oh I don't think that it's so silly, mom, plant life isn't so different from human life, maybe there's something in this atmosphere that lets us hear them when they're hurt."   John comments, "Well that's a fine and sensitive theory, Penny,"  but he goes on to tell her that they have to cut through the thick undergrowth between them and the Pod, they have no choice. They continue. They walk past a large tree and rock. Tybo waits and hears them scream. A large net (like a fishing net) has fallen on them! They howl and yell.



Tybo shows himself to them and suggests they stop struggling. John makes them stop struggling but when they find out Tybo means to keep them prisoner, they start struggling again. At the ship, Judy looks out the Jupiter II viewport as Will is with her. It only was one mile and it has been one hour. Judy figures if Dr. Smith wasn't at the Pod, "And he probably wasn't," that they must have gone looking for him. Will thinks Dad would have called in that case. He gets a machete to go look for them. Judy disagrees with leaving. Will says, "I can go by myself if you'd rather not..."   Judy says, "Oh no, I'll go with you."   Will will leave a taped message on the ship's tape machine while Judy goes down the steps of the leg to the Robot. Will hears Judy call for him, urgently. Robot has on camouflage which Will tells her he doesn't need, "This isn't jungle warfare."   Robot says, "Correction, this is indeed jungle warfare."  Judy didn't put the plants on the Robot. He was making the rounds of his usual guard duties when he stopped and the plants and vines grew on him. Will moves the plants and vines off Robot and hears sounds, thinking he is hurting Robot but Robot tells him it is not him. They realize the plants have feelings and they are in the domain of the vegetable kingdom, "We are at war with the plant world."  Judy mentions Dr. Smith--he didn't sound like he was at war with the plant world. Robot calls Smith a two timer. Will tells them, "We'd better not stop to rest, any of us."   They move on. Later, in the jungle, they hear Smith's flowery voice. They find him but he is on a tree, holding it and has vines on him and leaves sticking out of his sleeves. They call him a nature kook. Will tells Robot to take Dr. Smith back to the Jupiter II. Robot asks if he has permission to exert force if necessary. Will hesitates, "Weelll, okay but be gentle with him--he looks kinda sick."   When Judy and Will leave to find the others, Robot tells Smith, "Let's move it!"  Smith calls him a brutish product of the mineral world. Robot says, "Personally I would like to leave you right where you are."   Robot gets him to move off the tree and he comes back to his normal Smith. Smith abhors nature, it always makes him sneeze. Smith has to keep moving or he may take root. Bushes appear at his feet when he stops moving. He listens to Robot.


Judy and Will cut through the jungle. Will and Judy hear the hollering and feel sorry for them; Judy thinking perhaps that is what the plants want--for both of the humans to feel sorry for the plants and to give up and leave. Judy and Will get caught in vines that move up on them quickly but Willaby arrives and tells them, "All this is Tybo's..."   He talks to the plants and eats a red banana. By talking to plants, which he says people don't do enough of, he gets the vines to release them. They introduce themselves to Willaby who introduces himself to them and they shake hands. Judy introduces Will as her brother. Tybo is calling Willaby, "Here boy."   Will and Judy follow Willaby past red plants and giant flowers toward Tybo's. There is a green and red colored hot house. Penny, inside it, falls. Don yells, "Penny!"  They go to her. John says, "Well, whatever it is that carrot has in store for us, we're getting out of here now! Get your machete, Don!" They move toward the exit of the hothouse and an electric barrier stops them. They test it with the machetes--a forcefield which causes a blast on contact. Tybo arrives and wants to change them into towering oaks--he has plans to make them into something else--as their future life forms. Tybo leaves and Willaby watches them. Don says, "Look what's standing guard over us."  Willaby feels bad for them, he really does, he says but is afraid of what Tybo would do to him. He does tell them about Tybo's hydro static system beneath the green house but Tybo would feel offended if they tried to get out that way. After Willaby leaves, John says, "Well offended or not, that's exactly what we intend to do."  John and Don dig. Maureen comes to them, "John look!"  There are flowers all around Penny's head.





John moves to pull the flowers off her but Maureen stops him, "Oh John, don't, it might not be the right thing to do."  John agrees--it could be Penny who feels the pain. The temperature and humidity have something to do with the changes. John pulls a wire on the machinery and it starts to snow. They have to get to Tybo's water supply. Don and John go back to digging. Don hits something and they find a trap door of some kind. They open it and go down, John first telling Maureen to bang on the coils if she sees Tybo returning. Don saw a place like this when he learned about hydraulics in school. They look for a shut off valve and turn a pressure valve which makes steam come out at them and smoke. Will and Judy see a break in a branch and wonder if it is Willaby or Dad ahead. They move forward but fall right down into a mulch pit, Judy screaming a bit. They try to climb out after landing on the soft bottom but a lettuce like monster comes at them. Judy screams. The two try to avoid it and climb out but can't. In the forest, Smith stops, against Robot's orders. Smith complains about his delicate back and tells Robot to let it happen. He will make a good orchid or a papaya tree. Robot tells him he has excellent horticultural taste. Smith tells him, "It's all your fault. Who would have thought that plucking a posy for your birthday would end in such tragedy?"  Robot is happy to hear this and calls Smith buddy and will carry him bodily as he would a motherless child if he had to. Smith gives Robot a direct order---to get the others and leave him be. Robot goes to leave but tells him to keep moving. Smith is mad at him, "Be gone!"  Robot goes but plants appear at Smith's feet and he decides to follow the Robot's order and keep moving. More vines comes at him. Judy and Will run around a rock that is the center piece of the pit but the monster follows them, growling softly like a lettuce monster should. Will has recovered his machete and swipes at it. It corners them and backs them up to the rock wall they fell down. It comes at them and Will points his machete at it. Judy calls up, "Help! Help! Help!"   Robot drops a vine down to them and Judy climbs up as Will fights the monster with the machete. Will comes up and thanks the Robot who says, "I am glad to be of service to you and Miss Judy, Will Robinson."  Robot tells him about Dr. Smith who might be a begonia at his own will by now. Will orders the Robot to take Dr. Smith back to the ship and that this order cannot be countermanded. Will tells Judy to be careful--there might be thousands of these mulch pits on this planet. In the hydraulic underground chamber, Don tells John that everything looks the same after they shut off the steam. They find a lid that looks like the main shut off switch. John wonders if it will shut off or switch the water or turn off all the oxygen in the atmosphere, "Kill us all?"  Maureen bangs. John and Don run through a room to the steps and go up. It is still snowing. They cover the trap door as Maureen warns, "Hurry, he's coming."  The snow stops falling. Tybo knows they are up to something with their animal kingdom tricks. He was planning to make Penny a golden rod but the best he can do now is a mustard. John tells him they are just trying to preserve what they are. Don is laughing a bit to the left and trying to cover it up. Tybo tells them they will feel a momentary discomfort. John holds Maureen as Tybo plans the change now. It gets hot. Tybo then needs moisture, "Moisture, moisture, I must have moisture."  He goes and gets water from a tank and uses a hose from it to spray water on himself (it looks like a gasoline tank). Don doesn't know which he prefers--coming to a slow boil or solidifying into an ice cube. They open the trap door again. John says, "Maureen, take care of Penny."  He is going to go down but stops as Will and Judy come running. John yells at them to stop and they fall backward a bit just before the forcefield. John tells them if they can't get through this by dawn to take the ship out of here. Will tells Dad that the Robot is not far from here, he can blast through this. Maureen says, "It's worth a try."   Maureen is laughing and Don (Mark) is saying something he shouldn't be. The power has stopped circulating water. Tybo must use the backup system reservoir. Judy and Will go to Smith and Willaby----Smith is a mansize stalk of celery!



Smith calls it Kismet, "Kismet, my boy,"  he says to Will. He wanted to be a calilily or a rose "howsomeever"  he is content this way. Judy says, "I don't see anything to be happy about in being an oversized celery, Dr. Smith."   Smith says, "Careful Judy, slanderous attacks on the vegetable kingdom..."   Will tells Willaby, "Willaby, you're gonna have to stop nibbling on Dr. Smith--he says it jars him."   Will appeals to Willaby's sense of kinship with fellow animal kingdom members. Willaby thinks nibbling is fine as long as he doesn't swallow the seeds. Smith draws moisture. Will tells Judy, "Stay with Dr. Smith."   Smith sings, "Do you tend Dr. Smith with his coat so gay, do you tend Dr. Smith at the break of day, when he's so far away."   Will takes Robot to talk to Tybo and tries. Robot warns that Tybo is even more dangerous to younger members of the animal kingdom, they are more susceptible to his changes. Robot is tired, all this back and forth. Maureen and John show they care for Will. Tybo tells them they are all heart and sympathy...but only for each other. It is easier to change puddy like members of the animal kingdom like Dr. Smith. It will great to change someone like Will...a vegetable whizz. Huh?  It is great to change one life form to another. Will asks, "Why can't you be what you are and let us be what e are?"  They eat vegetables, that's why! SOMething about admiring a water bug. Will says, "You've got to change Dr. Smith back--you've got to let us all go!"   Tybo comes close, ready to change Will into a sapling or a willow or maybe a silver birch. Maureen says, "John."   John yells, "Run Will, run!"  RUN JOE RUN! Oh, opps, sorry there. Tybo manages to spray Will with a can but Will runs off. It doesn't matter---he will take root wherever he falls. Robot is out of power--all this running back and forth. John says, "Allright, Tybo, I guess you win."  Tybo says, "There was never any doubt of it."  Maureen asks, "What're we gonna do?"   John goes down to the underground installation again. Judy asks Willaby, "How does he do it, Willaby, how does Tybo change people in plants, how?"  Willaby is just a nurse but he has instruments--a shunt, a needle shunt which can put a sick plant out of its misery. Sometimes Tybo changes things back when they don't work out. ADDAMS FAMILY music starts. Judy talks to Willaby. Smith says, "A celery is as a celery does."  Judy begs Willaby, "After all, you are one of us."  Judy talks about vegetables withering, scaring Smith into wanting to be changed back. One drop. Judy is to put one drop of it on Smith's stalk head. Willaby says if something goes wrong, they can do a study of Smith's remains. Smith comments about their "murderous animal experiments."  Judy goes on about gales, storms, floods, drought, that Smith can be blown away. Smith finally lets Judy do it, one drop on the top of his head. Smith says, "Oh dear."  Maureen tells a running Will, "Will, you must keep moving, you'll take root if you don't!"  Don yells, "You've got to keep going, Will, you've got to keep moving."  Will moves vines that are tied to him, which tied him back to back with the Robot. Don tells Maureen they have to stall Tybo until John gets back from the power station. Don engages Tybo in talk. Don is to be a teakwood tree. Tybo asks where the other one is, the other stout one. Tybo wonders about human resistance something Don goes on about. Smith, green, wants moisture, water but cannot find any. Maureen calls, "Penny!"  There is a glare and John comes up the steps coughing as a flare up below hits. Smith is off the stalk, his hands free now and he runs, calling for moisture, "I need moisture!"  He runs. Penny's flowers are off her head, gone. Don and John help Penny and Maureen and they move toward the exit. There are blasts and the ground shakes. The forcefield is broken. Maureen calls, "C'mon, we'll get Will!"  They run out. Smith runs by Judy and Willaby. Smith is blasted back to normal as he runs. Judy thinks, "How marvelous! Let's get back to the greenhouse."  John finds Tybo on the ground, dying of thirst and lack of water. He gives him water. Tybo asks why. "It's a human instinct not to let anyone or anything die of thirst."  Judy comes running and John tells her to help her mother, "Help your mother back to the ship. She's got the children." Willaby must help Tybo and must see to it he gets back to normal. John says, "I was thinking perhaps you'd like to come with us."  Willaby says, "Thanks for the offer."  He stays on the planet. Willaby tells Smith to Tybo, Smith is already dead. Smith and Willaby help Tybo stand up. Robot asks Smith, "Old buddy boy,"  for help. His power systems need to regain themselves. Smith calls him an old booby, "Come along!"       


"Next week, the space family Robinson is marooned on the deadly junk planet!"


"Next week, JUNKYARD OF SPACE on LOST IN SPACE, in color, right here on this channel!"












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