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Remarkably there are very few THE TIME TUNNEL fanzines or even short stories when compared to the other three Irwin Allen shows. More have been popping up recently but that doesn't go anywhere near to making up the count. One very early TTT story was a chapter-serialized crossover---many TTT fan stories are crossovers (and there have been crossovers with LOST IN SPACE, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, VOYAGERS, DOCTOR WHO-circa Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor--about Tony and Doug finding home base, and V).


The first and most likely earliest published fan fiction tale is probably MOMENTS-PATTERNS OF THE UNIVERSE by Patrick L. Garrison. Parts I and II through part eight were thoroughly well presented and written. Part nine was still well written; however the presentation of having four tightly squeezed together columns didn't help. By the time the hastily written epilogue (done in half poem format) it is quite obvious that the writer has lost interest in the project. This often happens to any fan fiction writer. The tale is a cross over with the original DARK SHADOWS TV soap opera circa the time period 1897. In 1969 (a year after the TV series present time period) Ray, Ann, and Kirk appear and have to deal with the Angelique, DARK SHADOW'S resident witch, from her most vengeful time period 1795--wanting to be sent to 1897. Jerry also appears. Tony and Doug also get sent to a 1969 strange parallel Collinsport, Maine in some other universe where Sam Morse and Thomas Edison were never born. The horse and buggy persisted in 1969. As for DARK SHADOWS characters--there is Barnabus, Edward, Quentin II, the evil time traversing Count Petofi aka Victor Fenn Gibbons, Magda Ricosi (the funniest character ever on DS and a gypsy), evil sun creature Ra--master of Laura Collins, and Sandor-Magda's husband. Apparently in the rushed ending, it is stated Barnabus in 1969 our time, our universe visited Arizona Tic Toc labs to help and bit Ann. 1897 was DS's most ambitious and longest storyline ever and this story does it justice--also adding in the parallel bit that DS also did so well. Added to this are the implications that the tunnel took up Angelique and one of her creature-demons...well, you have quite a time hopping story which ends on a rather upbeat note if in a terribly put together final chapter.     


THE TIME TUNNEL-A TIME FOR LOVE-more current by Steve Nottingham-Steve writes a rather good introduction for this ambitious ending to the series story and he also writes fondly in the end article THE TIME TUNNEL REMEMBERED. Story location: Giza in Upper Egypt-6th dynasty of the old kingdom. Tony falls in love with Aysha and well...read the story. Doug has a chance to get home and there is, of course a villain and a pyramid.


VISITING TIME-by Rudy Gelin-this story, inventive as it is, cannot be really enjoyed too much by myself as I have never really liked V: THE SERIES at all. The first two mini series were enough--good but not good enough to me for a series. As Doug and Tony are plunged into the battle of the Resistance against the reptilian Visitors, the entire story becomes more a V tale than a TIME TUNNEL one. It starts out by using the Titanic following the New England story. FANTASTIC TELEVISION once reported that following the encounter in TOWN OF TERROR, Doug and Tony appeared on the decks of the Titanic from RENDEZVOUS WITH YESTERDAY, caught in some kind of circular time warp trap. This is imaginative; however it was only done this way to reintroduce RENDEZVOUS WITH YESTERDAY's repeating the following week. This was also used in LOST IN SPACE's THE GALAXY GIFT---the cliffhanger to BLAST OFF INTO SPACE was shown since BLAST would be repeated the following week! Anyhow, Rudy uses this neatly in his tale. There are practically no scenes which take place in 1968 or 1969 but the story has a very good reason for this...which I won't reveal. All the trappings of V are here: Red Gas, clones, interrogation, etc. Also-most of the main characters: Ham Tyler--who figures as villainous to Tony and Doug, Julie Parrish, Mike Donovan, Elizabeth, etc. If you like V, you'll like this story. If you like THE TIME TUNNEL, well, there are a few surprises but that is all. Takes place in late 20th Century---1979 or early to mid 1980s.     


TRAVELERS' RETURN-by Leah McGrew-the writer of this begins by telling us that the TicToc Lab is in New Mexico--and we can ignore this mistake (it's in Arizona but it might have been in both) since the story is a solid one. The Fourth Doctor (DOCTOR WHO) lands his TARDIS in the time tunnel and comes out to meet Ann, Ray, and Kirk, chiding them for messing around in the vortex. Tony and Doug land and save a woman (named Kelly) from three attackers. She gives them information that tells them it is January 1981. The Doctor gets an older Tony Newman to help him when he follows them to Jan. 1981. The attackers are temporal slave traders--time travelers of Kgnashkir--who the Doctor has met some time in his own future or past when he was in a different face and body! The aliens tell the Doctor that another Time Lord helped them restart their time shuttles. At the end, the Doctor stabilizes the time tunnel and Tony and Doug get home and shut down the tunnel. The Time Lords may have time looped the Earth if they found out TicToc was messing with the vortex. Doug moves to England to become UNIT's scientific advisor in 1976, a job he held until just before the organization's near demise in 1978. Doug had a heart attack just after Christmas 1980 and was still in the hospital when he should have met Tony when the older Tony met their younger selves and the Fourth Doctor. This story originally appeared in STARSHIP BRITANNICA THREE.


LIFT OFF FROM OBLIVION-is part two of a serialized zine story by Trevor Douglas mixing LOST IN SPACE with Voyage, Time Tunnel, and Giants all in separate sections. The very end of Part one had the Tic Toc people getting the Robot by mistake. Part two details an encounter with the Time Tunnel, Ann, Ray, Kirk, Tony, and Doug. The tunnel takes the Robot back by mistake. There is also something to do with Cosmonium.             


A TIME TO EVERY PURPOSE-Tony and Doug land in Atlantis just before it is about to sink into the sea. When the tunnel saves Doug from being crushed in a fissure in the ground, one Greek-like girl, Seria, thinks he is a god. Tony gets back but since they couldn't transfer Doug--who was unconscious at the time, Tony goes back to save Doug. An interesting point is that the two have increasing memory loss--difficulty recalling their previous experiences. Doug's annoyance at their situation and the stupidity of the past is conveyed well and in fact, this story is very well written despite a few, uh, character liberties. Jiggs makes an appearance. 

WITCH HUNT-perhaps the earliest TIME TUNNEL fan tale--by Gregory Lemieux-1983---Doug, Tony, and a girl named Janice Carter (who seems to be a medical doctor) who is from the present also are caught up in the Salem witch trials and hunts. Jan apparently traveled to an island about to be decimated by an atomic bomb (Japan? I don't have part one to the tale; it is three parts) before coming to the 17th century in Massachusetts. Some of the other characters include Judge Proctor, the hateful Roberts, the villagers, the accusing children--Elizabeth Miller-the youngest and the one who tells the truth, Theresa Clark-the oldest and the liar, a sick boy named Don Franklin, a child named Lisa Mullens (daughter of Henry Mullins) who saw Jan fall from the sky, and kindly Dr. Thomas Smith. Jerry makes an appearance. The date of one of the days is March 22, 1693 but the three time travelers arrived a day or so before. Ray, Ann, and Kirk also mention a power split try that occurred in DEVIL'S ISLAND. The boy is saved with some devices Jan brought to the doctor--Dr. Thomas Smith.
















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