Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 155

Administrator - Posted on 04 July 2009

"Life depends on change, and renewal."

Outpost Gallifrey Presents:
Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 155
Running Time: 1:32:48

Review of the first Patrick Troughton story, Power of the Daleks, news, Mike Doran joins us for a Who Party 14 Toronto Report, and feedback including a review of Prisoner of the Daleks by Dave (Skaroth), and feedback (Jordan, Steve Lee, Samantha (Romana II), and Companion2B (Sarah)).

Hosted by Ken Deep, James Naughton and Louis Trapani.

Brought to you by the Gallifreyan Embassy and presented by Outpost Gallifrey.

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Doctor_No1's picture

thanks Guy's for the plug I'm 'dead chuffed' and by the way the Rememberance of the Daleks DVD special is the same one included in the Davros box set *cheat*

Editor Of the TARDIS Newsroom and 'Who' fanatic
Louis Trapani's picture

Thank you David. I believe the Davros box set R1 release date has been postponed without a new one being set. So, we haven't received the Remembrance of the Daleks Special Edition DVD in North America yet.

Wow. You listened to this episode so quickly that you caught your mention before I had a chance to tweet you about it. 




Louis Trapani's picture

It turns out that I was mistaken with the Torchwood: Children of Earth website. The desktop images are not being blocked outside the UK. When I first saw the thumbnails on the webpage which "Access Denied" labeled across them, I simply thought they were UK exclusives without reading the captions below. As it turns out, they are restricting access to those galleries until each episode is transmitted.

However the video is still locked down to the UK.

Troy Baker's picture

I just checked the BBC America website and found new wallpapers for the 'Torchwood: Children of Earth' series. These are different from the ones pictured above.

There are currently four available with two more to come soon. Here is a link to the page with the wallpapers:

 (too bad it's not a full desktop theme)

And since I'm already there I'll add this link to thier 'Torchwood' homepage;


Enjoy! Smile

Mr. Magister's picture

Hi James, Louis and Ken

I have been listening to your podcast for 2 years now and find the new website wonderful.  Thanks for all of your time and effort to give us the scoop on all things Whovian.

I enjoyed your review of Power of the Daleks - it has spurred me to seek out the audio version and sit back and let my imagination fill in all the gaps between the telesnaps.

I also enjoyed your discussion about Jamie as one of Dr. Who's best companions.  Fraser Hines never seems to put in a bad performance and his both innocence to all things technological coupled with a rough and tumble attitude make him a very fun companion to watch.  I especially thought it was fun while watching the Kroton's in the scene where Jamie was aiding the resident scientist in making acid - it had the makings of a Monty Python or Saturday Night Live Sketch.  Furthermore, when Fraser returned to the program in 'The Two Doctors' his energy for the show hadn't skipped a beat and hope that if indeed he is invited to return to the current Dr. Who - he would put in an equally impressive performance.  You mentioned how popular Jamie is vs. the other companions....please check out the current Hurt/Heal: The Companions string that several of us are voting each day on who our favorite and least favorite companions are.  You can find it in the General section of the Forums.

Thanks again, and I look forward to Episode 156.

Mr. Magister

Mr. Magister

Louis Trapani's picture

Thanks Mr. Magister! We appreciate your feedback. The HURT/HEAL: The Companions has proven to be a very popular thread with many having fun with it.

There's going to be a bit of delay with episode 156 due to scheduling conflicts recording it. Just a heads up.


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