Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 249 - 'A Good Man Goes to War' Reviewed

Administrator - Posted on 07 June 2011

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 249
Running Time: 2:07:54

We review Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War live over the net with live listener feedback (Kobo4747, Terry Lightfoot, Mark Goodacre, Mattheous, Darth Skeptical, Russel Hale).

Hosted by Louis Trapani ( @LouisTrapani ) James Naughton ( @JamesNaughton ), Ken Deep ( @kendeep ). and Dave Cooper ( @daveac )

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A Good Man Goes to War - Doctor Who, Season 6, Pt. 1 A Good Man Goes to War

Doctor Who, Season 6, Pt. 1 - Doctor WhoDoctor Who, Season 6, Pt. 1

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Why is the Doctor,since the Water of Mars,been allowed to break the laws of time(crossing his own time lines,changing future events) with no apparent repercussions?

Who's going to stop The Doctor other than himself?  Previously the Time Lords would step in under extreme circumstances but now they're (supposedly) all gone.  No Time Lords = no enforcers.

Thanks for sharing the link to Amazon. I missed this episode, and was glad to be able to see it. I have some thoughts to share on this episode and the season in general.

The Dr. is supposed to be moral center of the show, but he's become a loose cannon that the others are constantly reigning in. The scene where he jeered at the leader as Commander Run-Away made me sick to my stomach. He sounded like a plain old school yard bully.  And what's with all the shooting? He used to be against weapons, using cleverness and humanity instead. Now he feels more like an inter-galactic John Wayne. Violence is becoming the default much too often.

Who are these folks who have gone to such lengths to try and defeat the Dr? How can he really be so ignorant of their feelings for him? Somehow I missed the background, and spent the episode wondering where they came from.

I hope we've seen the last of gangers for a while. It's beginning to feel like a particularly badly scripted soap opera. He's dead -- no he's alive -- no, that's his identical twin --  she's real, he's not real -- if I can't tell who's real I begin to stop identifying and caring. That card has been played more than enough, thanks very much.

All in all, I think this season has had wonderful highs, great acting, and some super cool ideas, but the writing just isn't up to the best. The only episode that didn't leave me feeling disappointed was The Dr's Wife, and there wonderful dialogue tipped the scale.  The cast is great, but the writer needs help. So far I've not been inpressed with Moffat on his own.


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