Doctor Who: Podshock 257 - 'Closing Time' Reviewed

Administrator - Posted on 28 September 2011

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 257
Running Time: 1:43:37

We review Doctor Who: Closing Time live over the net with live listener feedback.

Hosted by Louis Trapani ( @LouisTrapani ) and Dave Cooper ( @daveac )

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Doctor Who: Podshock an international Doctor Who podcast premiering in 2005 by the Gallifreyan Embassy and produced by Art Trap Productions.

Blue Box Bill's picture

Hello all...

There was some discussion in your review of Closing Time about Lynda Baron who portrayed Val in the episode, but as I recall nothing was said about her contributions to the Whoniverse, and if you did and I was asleep with my eyes wide open as I was listening on my iPod and working on my car, there's a scary thought, well then please forgive me for reiterating what everyone may already know.

Lynda Baron also appeared in Classic Who as Captain Wrack (no pun intended) in the 1983 story entitled Enlightenment, and years earlier, in 1966, she recorded the original song "The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon" for the soundtrack of the serial, The Gunfighters.

Always nice to see a familiar face in Doctor Who. What I mean by that is it is fun to see an actor return to the show, sometimes decades later, which is to say that the longevity of the program makes it possible for an actor to appear numerous times with different aspects of the Doctor. That's truly unique.

The same can be true in the reverse, when we discover that an actor appeared in an episode before the one in which we saw them for the first time. Sometimes it's a real challenge to place the face, as it were, which I make every effort to do without visiting sites like 'cause that's like cheating, unless of course I'm totally stumped.

For me the most recent occurrence of this was realizing that the actor who portrayed Joinson Dastari in The Two Doctors and Morix in The Leisure Hive, also portrayed Johnny Ringo in The Gunfighters... none other than Laurence Payne.

Happy Travels!

Louis Trapani's picture

Thanks Bill,

Of course I didn't realize her Doctor Who heritage at the time we recorded our review otherwise it would had been mentioned. Afterwards though, I did indeed discover she had been in Doctor Who a few times before, most noteably as Captain Wrack.


Lynda Baron as Captain Wrack in Enlightenment.

I will try to make a point of mentioning it on the upcoming live show. With series long rich history, any time there is an experienced performer on as a guest star, we should check to see if they had been on the series before. I hadn't seen any of Lynda Baron past apperences on Doctor Who any time recently, so she was not immediately recognizable when I saw her in Closing Time.

Thanks again. That is good to know about Laurence Payne as well.


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