Doctor Who: Podshock 264 - 2011 Christmas Special 'The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe' Reviewed

Administrator - Posted on 03 January 2012

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 264
Running Time: 1:14:53

We review the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas special, 'The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe' with your live feedback. Hosted by Louis Trapani and Dave Cooper.

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Doctor Who: Podshock an international Doctor Who podcast premiering in 2005 by the Gallifreyan Embassy and produced by Art Trap Productions.

Blue Box Bill's picture

Sometimes I think we're just too literal. Or maybe we see patterns that just aren't there. That was one Time Lord's take on humans, wasn't it?
There's been a lot of debate and discussion about the Doctor wishing for help with the dire situation in which he found himself at the onset of The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. For the record, we didn't see or hear the Doctor wish for help, did we? Presuming that he made a wish, did he wish that Madge Arwell would turn up to help him, or did he wish for help and it turned up in the form of Madge Arwell. There's a difference.
In response to Madge asking the Doctor how she was supposed to let him know if there was anything he could ever do for her the Doctor replied, "I don't know, make a wish, that usually works." I didn't take him literally. I took his answer to be not unlike the way we wish during a sporting event as we cheer for our team.
Take the World Series for instance, very few in attendance share a personal relationship with a single member of their favorite team, let alone the entire team, but that doesn't stop them wishing for a miracle as the player with the lowest batting average in the league makes his way to the plate in the bottom of the ninth with his team four runs down, three men on and two men out.
Madge didn't have a personal relationship with the Doctor, not at first, but that didn't stop the Doctor from encouraging her to make a wish. If we miss this aspect of the Doctor's character then we fail to see some of his most endearing qualities, specifically, how he engenders faith, hope, and courage in others. Often the most extraordinary feats are performed by the most ordinary people and all because the Doctor inspired the worst batter to hit a home run.

And while we're considering patterns that aren't there, did anyone see and hear the similarities I saw between Lilly and Ace? Holly Earl could easily pass for a junior Ace were we to ever travel back in time to an earlier point in the life of Ace.

 Happy Travels!

Good points as always. Wow, I hadn't noticed the similarities between Ace and Lilly until now. Interesting. 

It would be interesting to see the Doctor run into a past companion before he originally met them and not give anything away of their future relationship. Of course we have seen him do that to with Amy, but as a one-off it would be interesting to see him encounter a previous companion when they were much younger (using a different actor/actress of course).


The wardrobe again?!This sucks. I am sure it is fashioned after the hit movie.


Blue Box Bill's picture

Okay, so it's fashioned after the hit move. And? It's a story telling device, a portal. It gets you from here to there, but there isn't Narnia and that's where the similarity ends.

Doctor Who is unique in its premise. That it borrows from pop culture, literature, art, etc. seems inevitable. If it didn't it would exist in a vacuum, devoid of reality. Take away the wardrobe, Vincent van Gogh, A Christmas Carol, minotaurs, angel statues and pirates and you've erased more than 6 episodes simply because they aren't totally original?

I like the Doctor's ongoing brushes with reality. In addition to "keeping it real" they open the door to his sometimes naivé take on human behavior. More often than not, his observations as well as the predicaments in which he finds himself are downright hilarious, but not so without legitimate touchstones.

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