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Three Decades Celebrating Doctor Who

1985 was a very different time. The year marks the birth of the Gallifreyan Embassy, but let’s take a TARDIS ride back to see what else was going on at the time.

One of the original "banners" for the clubOne of the original "banners" for the club

Speaking of time, it was the year that we discovered the wreak of the RMS Titanic after it was lost in way back in 1912.

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It Was 25 Years Ago Today, The Gallifreyan Embassy Began…

It was a quarter of century ago today, as hard as it is for me believe, is when the Gallifreyan Embassy began. Unbeknownst at the time, it was the day after the Discovery Channel was launched. It was also the day after the launch of the space shuttle Discovery (STS-51-G) which marked the first Arab and Muslim in space (payload specialist Sultan bin Salman bin Adulaziz Al Saud). Yes, it was 1985. Ronald Reagan was in the White House, Commodore launches the Amiga personal computer while NeXT is founded by Steve Jobs after leaving Apple Computer.

Just two weeks before we went Back to the Future in the theaters, the Gallifreyan Embassy of Long Island officially began.

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Louis with Jon Pertwee (1985) 2 of 2

Louis with Jon Pertwee (1985) 2 of 2

I don't know why I am looking so serious here with the late great Jon Pertwee (right)... I don't think I knew the photo was being taken at this exact moment (I would have moved closer to Jon). October 1985 at Whovent85. Photo by Louis Trapani

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Louis with Jon Pertwee (1985) 1 of 2

Louis with Jon Pertwee (1985) 1 of 2

Jon Pertwee (right) was always a blast to meet in person. Warm, hilarious, fun, and real all sum up the man. He is greatly missed. Photo taken October 1985 at Whovent85. Photo by Louis Trapani

The Two Doctors

The Two Doctors

Fans were always in for a treat and a real blast when Colin Baker (left) and Jon Pertwee (right) appeared together. They got on famously together. Here Jon joins the current Doctor at the time, Colin in October 1985 at Whovent85. Photo by Louis Trapani.

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