Video: Doctor Who 2010 Series Promo with Matt Smith as The Doctor

Administrator - Posted on 02 January 2010

Coming in the spring of 2010, a new series of Doctor Who, now with the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) at the controls of the TARDIS. Here is a BBC preview promo video of the next series (season 31 or series 5 or series 1 (again) or simply the 2010 series):

Thanks to Ken Deep and "fixingherhair"

Bullitt33's picture

Curiousor & curiousor I am. I can't wait to see this new Matty boy in action.  Save me Moffat, please save me!

So River Song back (already leaked) Daleks back (inevitable) but the Weeping Angels from Blink? Hmm.. they should be worth seeing again. Suddenly the spring seems a long, long way away

Louis Trapani's picture

I am looking forward to seeing Matt Smith in action as the Doctor. A new Doctor is always an exciting time on Doctor Who.

Not only will we have a new Doctor, but a new companion, new executive producer & lead writer, and a beginning of a new era in the series.


ssaattbb's picture

Charcoal (grey) Daleks... the original models, as it were!  And yet... a white Dalek, too.  

Can't wait!!!

A little disheartening to see the Daleks.  But as long as the story takes place outside of New York, then we can breathe a little easier.

Obviously we haven't seen the story yet, but I'm kinda leary of seeing the Weeping Angels again.  Blink was such a great story, so why can't they just leave a good thing alone?  I'm afraid they're now going to suck just like when the Ood got revisited...But if they dare touch the Clockwork Men from The Girl in the Fireplace, then we're definitely gonna have a problem.


Troy Baker's picture

About 8 seconds in we see what looks like the sonic screwdriver throwing out sparks. Wasn't there a story earlier about Matt Smith getting burned from the sparks in one of the on-line papers?

Louis Trapani's picture

Yes, the tabloids reported on the shooting of this scene where it appeared that Matt Smith was injured by the effect. Perhaps some sparks caught his hand. It wasn't enough for him to stop working though. But the press eager for any Matt Smith story as the new Doctor ran with it.


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